Bu Sha

Volume 5, Chapter 8 : Declaration of War

Volume 5, Chapter 8 : Declaration of War

“Little Fireball? Little Fireball? Your master is looking for you~.”

A man trotted towards the sport fields while yelling “Little Fireball”.

The man wore a white, gold-lined Knight uniform, and inherited a head full of silver hair from his dad. What was different was this man’s hair was short. As for his eyes, he had the same blue eyes as his sister Lanski. Along with his relaxing smile, he would make the people who look at him comfortable.

Though being unable to find where his Dragon was, the man didn’t look like he cared. After all, he was only using the excuse of looking for his Dragon to be outdoors.

To him, it was sunny outside with a light, cool breeze, it would have been foolish to stay inside a building and not come out for a walk!

Of course, this was something he wouldn’t say out loud. To say it out would be the same as calling his elder brother, and more importantly, His Majesty foolish. It wouldn’t matter for him to call his brother foolish, but definitely not the Emperor.

The man smiled slightly, and then began to yell again, “Little Fireball, where art thou? Are you playing hide-and-seek with your master?”

“You’re looking for Little Fireball?”

Kaiser happened to walk by with a cart full of meat, and he kept glancing at this man. He thought,

‘Was this man really the master of the enormous Dragon aptly named ‘Little’ Fireball, or was he an escapee from an asylum?’

But, a madman probably couldn’t get his hands on a gold-lined Knight uniform easily, so Kaiser had no choice but unwillingly admit the man who was laughing like an idiot was indeed Little Fireball’s master.

As soon as Kaiser heard the Dragon calling itself Little Fireball, he already felt its master must be a little brain-damaged. At least, in the part of the brain that came up with names.

“Hmm? You know where my Little Fireball is?” The man finally withdrew his relaxed (or, in Kaiser’s words, idiotic) smile.

He curiously looked at the boy who didn’t seem to be afraid of him at all. Shouldn’t normal people revere Gold Knights?

“Yup, I do know, and I’m about to deliver some meat over there. I can lead you to it.”

Kaiser pushed the cart full of meat, and walked slowly, slacking off. Since Meinan and Purity had already rushed over, plus Auntie said, don’t go too quickly, so no one would become suspicious, didn’t she? Therefore, Kaiser’s slacking manner was fair and square.

The man became even more curious. The boy didn’t revere him at all!

As the third Prince of the Dragon Empire, and a man who had gotten to Gold rank at such a young age, the man had never had anyone who didn’t venerate him. But he was easygoing, and therefore not angry, but just curious.

The truth was, Kaiser didn’t do it on purpose. Though he may have never really respected anyone, but to avoid trouble, he would definitely pretend to be.

The main reason was he had seen some very important people lately. X-ranked criminal Mizerui, followed by Barbalis who had unknown powers, but guaranteed to be quite strong.

‘Hmm, Princess Lanski also counts as one of them.’

Then he ran into the Black Dragon King Miluo, and Dark Knight Blood Wolf, not to mention the Paladin Lancelot who kept causing them trouble again and again. Finally, they had a run-in with The Adorning Flowers, and saw their Gold Knight leader, Gladiolus…

Compared to all them, what was a gold Knight to him?

Kaiser wouldn’t even fake a smile for Lancelot, he threatened his principal, called Blood Wolf a bro, and rescued a man Gladiolus was going to kill…

“Sorcerer? Sorcerer? What’s your name? I can’t just keep calling you Sorcerer, right?” The man called Kaiser several times.

“Kaiser.” He lazily answered.

“Oh, Kaiser.” The man laughed for a while, and then finally asked when he saw Kaiser not having any response, “Why don’t you ask me what my name is?”

Kaiser rolled his eyes, “Knowing another name means having one more trouble.” Everyone who told him their names had all been big trouble!

The man seemed to feel a bit awkward, but continued to implore, “Ask me, please ask me~”

‘Damn! Does being Gold rank Knight not involve some sort of IQ test?’ Kaiser sported an agitated face, but considering the gold lines on his shirt, he forced his mouth open and said,

“What is your name then?”

Hearing Kaiser finally asked, the man was very excited. He straightened his back, pumped up his chest, and declared, “I am Cappuccino Zhuogen.”

The man finished his introduction, and kept his imposing demeanor while continuously glancing at Kaiser.

Seeing Kaiser stupefied, the man thought he was shocked by his name, since the only people with the Zhuogen last name were the Dragon Emperor and his children. Even if this man was a Sorcerer, and would therefore ignore his identity as a Gold Knight, he would at least be shocked of his identity as a Prince, right?

“Your brother… isn’t called Latte or something, right?” Kaiser’s face looked like he was saying ‘I hope not, I’m just making conversation.’

“So you know, my second elder brother is Latte.” Cappuccino said with excitement, and his face looked like he was saying ‘So you actually know the names of us three Princes.’

“Second elder brother? So you have an eldest brother? Kaiser was in shock, and after some though, asked suspiciously, “Your eldest brother is… Mocha?”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Cappuccino nodded fervently.

So coming up with bad names was actually a genetic disease. Kaiser started to feel sympathy to a certain someone who named his move “Failed Lecture — Skyfull Chaos Egg Falls”.

(Mizerui suddenly felt his body trembling: Who? Who used magic to glimpse into my heart?)

“Sigh Well, you should restrain your grief.” Kaiser sympathetically patted Cappuccino’s shoulder.

Cappuccino, who wished to see admiration or reverence, would have never imagined Kaiser’s response. His mouth began to twitch. When he finally snapped out of it, Kaiser had already walked far away, and Cappuccino hurriedly followed him.

As Kaiser walked, he chewed on the well-done meat Liola cooked, and performed the words ‘slacking on the job’ to its fullest.

Cappuccino caught up to Kaiser, and asked with shock, “Why are you eating this? Isn’t this for the Dragon? Don’t you know meat meant for Dragons are usually not fully cooked?”

Kaiser’s reaction was rather direct: he tore off a piece of meat, and stuffed it in Cappuccino’s mouth, whose face was, at first, awkward and looked like he was about to vomit, but then his taste buds started telling him the meat in his mouth was actually quite delicious.

Cappuccino finally tried chewing a couple of times, and then his face suddenly turned into the expression of ‘God! Why is this so tasty? I’m afraid that I may never have something this good again, then what will I do?!’

After finishing the meat in his mouth, Cappuccino reached up and tore off several more pieces of meat and ate them as if the meat moved his heart. He licked his fingers as he asked, “Why is this so tasty? It looks like it was simply roasted.”

“This is cooked with a very special method.” Kaiser’s eyes flashed, and began to trick this guy in front of him, who looked like an idiot,

“Do you honestly think this is ordinary meat? This is the very best meat. The animal from which this meat came had grown up in a world filled with music, and an environment where servants filled their every need. The only thing they ate were organic corns grown on the plains, and as soon as they were slaughtered, their meat was immediately delivered to us. But, what follows after is the most important part! Our cooking method is top secret, but I can tell you a bit about it, and it is ‘instant heating’. The meat is cooked thoroughly in less than 0.001 second, so no juice from the meat is lost, and the meat is not damaged by long hours of cooking, only then can such delicious meat be achieved!”

Cappuccino held his mouth wide open. He listened carefully to Kaiser’s explanation, and he thought, ‘I can’t believe Little Fireball eats better than me!’

Kaiser said triumphantly, “Had I not been well-acquainted with the chef, I wouldn’t be able to get this piece of meat, and you wouldn’t be able to eat it. Hey, such delicious meat, I’ll sell it to you for cheap, how about… 50 gold coins, it’s a steal, right? Hey, even if you’re not going to buy, you still have to pay for the few bites you had just now! At least ten gold coins!”

Cappuccino was stunned. He scratched his head, and then took off a button from his sleeve, “I didn’t bring any money with me. How about I use this to pay for it?”

Kaiser suspiciously examined the button. It looked a bit old, and it seemed to be made out of wood. But since Kaiser was someone who would take anything over nothing, he grabbed the button with a swoop, and he said, “Fine, fine, it’s my loss, but I will still take the deal.”

Cappuccino said with a smile, “That’s yours, but you have to introduce me to the chef.”

“No, thanks!”

Kaiser wiped the button over and over again. It was indeed made out of wood, and a pattern seemed to be carved into the button, the background of which looked like a Dragon, and the foreground had a sword going through it. According to Kaiser’s memory, this pattern closely resembled some royal insignia of some empire. Wait, Cappuccino Zhuogen… Zhuogen!

Kaiser’s body froze, and his face went dark. He asked with a trembling voice, “What’s Ms. Lanski’s relation to you?”

“Lanski is my only baby sister. You know her?” Cappuccino became even more curious. The boy in front of him even knew his only sister.

‘Just my motherf—ing luck… why would the third Prince of Dragon Empire not be at the meeting, but instead running around with his idiotic smile?’

Kaiser swore and swore in his mind, but he eventually put on his fakest smile, then turned around to look at the Prince,

“Your Highness, are you planning on looking at your Dragon? Let me take you there then?”

“Uh?” Cappuccino didn’t believe that it was possible for someone’s attitude to change that quickly. To him, Kaiser seemed as lazy as a student back from summer vacation just a moment ago, but now he suddenly seemed like a butler who had worked for him for ages.

After Cappuccino’s shock, he said, “Okay, you lead. But, I’d rather go meet the chef first.”

Kaiser’s face sank a bit, but then he piled on more smile, “What’s the point of meeting chefs? They are all fat, short, big bellied, and hairless? Your Highness, it’s best you don’t harm your own eyes.”

Cappuccino looked at Kaiser and laughed loudly, “So in other words, that chef must be tall, slender, and a head full of soft, beautiful, long hair!”

‘H-he found out!’ Kaiser’s body completely froze.

Kaiser’s shocked expression confirmed Cappuccino’s guess: that chef was definitely a beautiful woman! A tall, slender, beautiful woman who could cook was the image of his ideal girl.

[T/N: In Chinese, the word ‘he’ and ‘she’ sounds the same.]

Cappuccino knew that he would never let go of this opportunity, “Beauty, beauty, here I come.”

Kaiser had been a worried this Prince might just be acting, and in fact had already know the whole truth from Lancelot, but his expression… made it impossible for someone to guess what Cappuccino was thinking.

Cappuccino was laughing so much, his eyes narrowed, and his smile was somewhat perverted. He even occasionally started dancing. He puffed his mouth as if he were about to kiss someone, and anyone who saw him would want to give him some fierce slapping.

Even an idiot would know this guy was in heat! Kaiser looked at Cappuccino in disgust, but he then suddenly returned to normal, and Kaiser’s disgust immediately returned to a smile.

Cappuccino said directly, “If you don’t take me to the chef, I will go to the kitchen and look myself!”

Kaiser’s face suddenly changed. If someone saw Liola roasting meat with his aura, then things would be bad… of course, the bad thing about it was not to have someone finding out about aura roasted meat (Kaiser basically thought, if this guy found out aura can be used to cook delicious meat, he’d be the first person to use it!), but instead Liola’s true strength would be seen.

“No!” Kaiser said solemnly, and before Cappuccino could respond, Kaiser continued,

“Think about it, a beautiful woman is wearing an ugly apron and cooking with sweat running down her face. How could she possibly let a Prince see her like this?”

Cappuccino nodded. The woman’s love for beauty was something he understood well.

“Therefore…” Kaiser’s eyes rolled, “Let’s meet at the dance after the meeting. You give me an invitation for the dance, and I will help you deliver it to the chef.”

Cappuccino nodded, and said, “You don’t need an invitation. Just take my button with you. I will tell the people at the door to let you through. Also, come with the chef, otherwise I wouldn’t know who she is.”

Kaiser nodded seriously, thinking he could just drag Purity along, because nobody would know whether Purity knew how to cook. Besides, with Purity being a Commerce Alliance leader’s daughter, she would pair quite well with a Prince.

“Great!” Cappuccino cheered, and at the same time, his face suddenly changed, “Crap, I didn’t think I would run into my dream girl, and I actually didn’t bring my formal clothes. No, I have to go buy one right now!”

After saying so, Cappuccino ran like a wind towards the academy gate, and he turned to yell to Kaiser, “Remember! I will wait for you at tonight’s dance. See you there!”

Kaiser nodded.

Cappuccino was so happy, he jumped for joy. When Cappuccino disappeared from the gate, Kaiser showed his true face: a face full of disgust. At the same time, he noticed the students around him looked at him ambiguously, and then looked at the direction Cappuccino went.

“What are you looking at?! Never seen a man? If you haven’t, why don’t you look at yourselves?!”

* * *

Like Kaiser running into a Prince, Liola also seemed to be having bad luck. While he was busy cooking meat with his aura like a machine, he suddenly heard Baolilong’s anxious screams. Baolilong’s cry for “papa” made Liola frown, and he asked,

“Baolilong, what’s wrong?”

“Papa, waahhh~ bad men are bullying Baolilong, they are taking Baolilong away, papa come quick.”

Baolilong continued to cry, and didn’t respond to Liola’s inquiries about who the bad guys were. Liola ignored what Kaiser had said. He turned to run out of the little room.

Auntie was blocking the door, and she had no intention of letting Liola pass. Liola raised his head to look at Auntie, who sighed and said,

“You run into trouble even during peaceful times around the academy. Now the academy is filled with trouble, are you sure you want to go out?”

Liola slowly raised his head further. His silver eyes no longer had any sign of running away. He stared blankly into Auntie’s eyes,

“If I don’t go out, what would you have me do? Stay here forever?”

“If you can face any and all difficulties, Auntie would rather have you fly freely outside.”

Auntie smiled with her teeth showing, but then her face sank, “But if you run into trouble again and then hide, then you better stay here.”

Liola thought about everything he had done up to now: he promised Anise he would no longer run away from the real reason why they met, but while looking for peaceful days, hadn’t he always been running away ever since he left Anise? He ran to a foreign world, ran to the academy, and even ran to the Dark Street… The irony of this was the more he ran away, the more involved he became. If he would no longer run away…

… Then he should face his troubles, and defeat any who oppose him!

Liola’s silver eyes shone, and calmly yet confidently said to Auntie, “I’m going out, and I won’t be coming back again.”

Auntie was pleased and nodded, at the same time moved her body away, “Yeah, you are not the kind of person to be a chef. Go, little child, find where you belong in the sky.”

For some reason, seeing Auntie’s kind eyes, warmth crept into Liola’s heart. After nodding earnestly to Auntie, Liola walked out of the narrow room.

When he was out of the kitchen, he saw no one was around, so quickly took off his Sorcerer robe, revealing the silver-lined Knight uniform underneath. He put on his mask and threw his robe onto a nearby tree, then Liola used his fastest speed without hesitation and rushed towards Baolilong.

Considering Assassins win almost purely by speed, Liola’s full speed was beyond amazing. When he passed another person in his path, the person could only feel a breeze passing by, and therefore completely unaware someone had passed them. Liola instantly reached where Baolilong was, and also saw the situation.

A few Silver and Gold Knights surrounded Baolilong while it was in the shape of a small Dragon. One of the Gold Knight was angrily yelling at Baolilong.

Baolilong was crying, and at the same time it desperately yelled, “No! No! Baolilong doesn’t want to go with you, and Baolilong doesn’t want to change masters! No, waahhh…”

A man wearing black, gold-lined Knight uniform said furiously, “Nonsense! As a Sacred White Dragon, you must pick a person from the Dragon Empire’s Royal Family as your master, how could you pick a random outsider as your master!”

“Sigh, though I’ve heard this Sacred White Dragon was naive and childish and lack the temperament of Sacred White Dragons, but I would’ve never imagined it would have made such a grave mistake…” Another Knight shook his head and sighed.

“This is bad, this Sacred White Dragon seems like it can’t be given such important responsibilities.”

Baolilong heard everything, and although it could only understand some of it, it knew they were scolding no one but itself. More and more tears rolled out of its pink big eyes.

Other than the Knights surrounding Baolilong, Liola suddenly realized his companions were also there. But what really shocked him was that, Daylight was lying on the ground, unconscious.

Purity lay on Daylight’s chest with her shoulders twitching, and she was clearly weeping. Meinan, on the other hand, was staring at the Knights with a never-before-seen rage in his eyes.

After examining the surrounding, Liola was certain something big happened, probably those Knights found out about Baolilong’s real identity, and decided to kidnap Baolilong or force it to choose another master.

Daylight, being the chivalric Knight and a good friend, would naturally never allow them to bully Baolilong. However, Daylight was a Blue Knight, and was therefore no match for these Gold and Silver Knights, thus, he could only end up defeated.

Seeing his companions injured because they were trying to protect his Dragon, Liola felt worse than when he was injured. He quickly circulated his Ki, and his agile body instantly stood in front of Baolilong’s body. He picked up Baolilong, then instantly moved away.

During all this, though a few Gold Knights were able to see him, they had no time to stop him, so they couldn’t do anything except watch him carry Baolilong back to Daylight and others.

“Li… Silver Mask!” Meinan was in shock when he saw Liola suddenly appearing before his eyes, and he had Baolilong in his hand.

After the initial shock, Meinan yelled to Liola without any hesitation, “Silver Mask! Teach these bastards a lesson! They… not only did they beat Daylight unconscious, they broke Purity’s wrist because she was controlling Mechas.”

Liola’s eyes narrowed, and he looked at Purity’s hand from the corner of his eyes. Sure enough, Purity’s right wrist was bruised and swollen like a bun, and looked like there were bone fractures.

At the same time, Purity raised her head; tears flowed out of her red eyes as she said to Liola,

“I’ll be fine, but they broke Daylight’s sword, and Flames was also severely injured. Daylight was very sad. Li-Li… dage, please avenge Daylight!”

Hearing Purity, Liola was thoroughly infuriated. A terrifying flame burned in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything else. He placed Baolilong into Meinan’s arms, and said to him,

“Meinan, use your protective shield. I will not let any physical attacks harm you.”

Though there were two Gold and five Silver opposing Knights, Meinan didn’t doubt Liola for a second, and he believed Liola would definitely right this injustice. What he must do now was to maintain the shield to protect his companions, so Liola wouldn’t have to worry about anyone but himself.

Meinan started chanting, and a light blue protective shield firmly wrapped around him and his companions.

“You? A silver Knight?” The Silver Knight standing in front laughed ridiculing Liola.

Though the man in front of him was wearing a mask, but he could judge his age was below 30, at most he was someone who barely made it to Silver rank. The Silver Knight smiled, because he was someone who had been a Silver Knight for ten years.

“Second Prince, Your Highness, would you please let me handle this arrogant Silver Knight?”

The Silver Knight turned and pleaded to Latte, who was in the center of the group of Knights, but Latte’s gaze was fixed on Liola’s mask. His face seemed strange, but after a brief moment of thought, he waved his hand and granted the Silver Knight’s request.

The Silver Knight walked towards Liola in high spirits, wondering how to beat his opponent in the most gruesome way possible but still make it appear easy. But he had no idea Latte had already known he would lose, and he was sent only to test Silver Mask’s abilities. After all, the Paladin Lancelot had said Silver Mask was the most powerful Kung Fu prodigy he had ever seen. Judging from their innate abilities, Liola had far surpassed Latte, perhaps even Lancelot himself.

When Liola saw the Silver Knight stepping up, he didn’t seem to care at all.

One-on-one duels, he dared to guarantee no one present could be a match for him. Even group fights were an Assassin’s a strong. Unless these Knights could cooperate, there was no possibility stand a chance of defeating him.

Liola knew in his heart, cooperative Knights may be able to make a formidable formation, but these Gold and Silver Knights would never be able to. The strong always fancied themselves unmatched by anyone else in the world, and why would they know how to stand in formation with others?

Liola pulled out Broken Silver. He had the urge to unsheath it, because these people injured his companions, the only friends he ever had.

The Silver Knight also unsheathed his sword, and released his pride — his Silver Aura. The edges of the aura had a slightly different color, and he thought he would be ten years away from Gold rank, at most.

Liola was finally able to control his urge. Not unsheathing Broken Silver would let him fight to his heart’s content, so he wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally killing these damn Knights.

‘Can they be even called Knights?’ Liola remembered Daylight. He… was the only true Knight!

“I, Silver Knight Kalaka hereby challenge you to a Knight’s duel.” The Silver Knight unwillingly went through the formality of a Knight’s duel with the man in front of him.

“I accept.”

These simple two words slowly came out of Liola’s mouth as if they were a judge’s declaration at the end of a trial. The opposing Silver Knight shivered as he heard, ‘Why did this man’s words carry such cold feelings?’

As soon as he finished, a light flashed across Liola’s eyes.

The Silver Knight saw Silver Mask standing still, but what was strange was he saw another Silver Mask right in front of him.

While he was still pondering, Broken Silver had already landed heavily on the Silver Knight’s entire body. Yes, his entire body. He could only feel he had received a severe beating throughout his body, but he could not distinguish where he was hit first or last.

Correction, he did know where he was hit last, because Liola’s palm landed heavily in his abdomen, sending his body flying off.

The direction he flew was the place where the other Knights stood, and it was headed directly at Latte. A few Knights panicked as they stepped up to try to stop the Silver Knight’s body from reaching the Prince.

When the first person tried, he immediately realized something was wrong, and he couldn’t stop the body, so he put his back against the Silver Knight, and his arms on two Knights next to him. These two Knights soon realized the same awkward situation, and helped him to stop the Silver Knight’s body. Even with all three of them, they still took a step back from the momentum.

The only word that could describe Latte’s eyes would be “terrified”.

Silver Mask didn’t even release his aura, and he already made these Silver Knights look this bad.

Could it be what Lancelot said was true? Even if he were to fight with his full power, he wasn’t confident he would win?

Liola’s eyes grew cold, and he pointed at all the Knights, “I, Silver Mask, hereby challenge all of you to a Knight’s duel!”

This shocked every Knight present. The other Gold Knight yelled furiously at Silver Mask, “A tiny little Silver Knight had the nerves to challenge a gold rank, and even challenge this many Knights at once. Are you completely ignoring a Knight’s rank?!”

Liola stood straight, and put on a strange smile, “What? Are you worried you might still lose to me with so many of you, and then wouldn’t know where to hide your shame?”

The Gold and Silver Knights could not bear with such insults, and drew their swords.

The only person who did not move was the second Prince, Latte. Knowing the person in front of him may very well surpass Lancelot in terms of strength, he would never start a fight would him. Dragon Empire Prince can never be defeated!

“No!” Latte yelled out at the Knights, “Chivalric code does not allow us to all attack one person. Let’s forget it. His Majesty is still in this academy, and I don’t want to cause any more trouble. Let’s stop here.”

The other Gold Knight’s face went pale, but still followed Latte’s orders, and angrily sheathed his sword.

At the same time, he yelled to Liola, “You are lucky this time, the magnanimous Prince has pardoned you.”

Liola found this all funny. Perhaps the Knights didn’t see Latte’s expression because they had their backs to him, but Liola saw it clearly: Latte’s terrified expression could never fool Liola. Looks like this second Prince did indeed know of his true strength.

Should he let them go? Liola was still thinking, but something strange suddenly happened.

The originally clear skies were suddenly covered with dark clouds, and lightning flashed from these clouds. Then, a few bolts of lightning struck down at the space between Liola and Latte. The Knights realized something was wrong, and all drew their swords and released their Gold and Silver Auras.

After Latte released his aura to protect himself, he yelled at Liola, “What the hell are you doing? Are you going to make a move against me, the second Prince of the Dragon Empire?”

Considering the only thing Liola knew about magic was his half-baked healing spell, Liola had no idea what was happening. He turned around to check on his companions, and he saw Meinan was completely puzzled, but the protective shield remained intact.

Liola had just as much trust in Meinan’s shield as his own Kung Fu, so he didn’t have to worry about the lightning harming his friends, and he concentrated on observing this strange phenomenon.

The crowds around also seemed to started to cause a commotion. Everyone in Aklan Academy and even the entire Aklan capital saw this shocking scene: a large pitch-black cloud gathered above Aklan Academy.

“I, the Black Dragon King Miluo hereby announce to the world, I will lead Mechas and Magicians , and declare war against the whole world!”

Everyone in the capital saw Miluo’s mountain-like body hanging in the air. The day had suddenly been turned into night. His shiny scaled rivaled the beauty of the stars, and his giant claws looked like it could easily tear the sky apart. His size, beauty, and terrifying sovereignty announced the strength of the Black Dragon King to the world, at the same time it was announcing the end of peace.

A giant bolt of lightning struck down, and it looked as if it was splitting the sky into two halves.

Having predicted where the lightning would hit, Liola quickly backed up, and into Meinan’s shield. At the same time, Meinan increased the strength of the shield to its highest, and forcefully stopped this lightning.

The opposing Knights didn’t have Liola’s speed allowing them to escape, nor did they have someone like Meinan who could stop the lightning.

Under the blinding column of lightning, moans of pain and screams continuously cried out, and a few of them sounded shrill. The voices themselves were trying to convey the terror and sadness of death.

Liola was an Assassin. He could clearly identify the cries people make before death. After a dozen of seconds bathed in the column of lightning, Liola was certain… no one was alive.

Miluo… had gotten stronger. The attack was almost unimaginably powerful.

Liola could completely feel the horror of this attack. This enormous power even made the Assassin tremor a little. Even if he hadn’t promised Anise not to kill, he feared he wouldn’t be able to win against Miluo, and perhaps he was had a long way to go before being able to do so.

Liola worriedly looked towards Meinan. The attack enough to kill two Gold Knights, could Meinan really stop it? But what was strange was Meinan didn’t seem strenuous or in pain, but instead he was puzzled. He seemed like he wanted to say something to Liola, but did not do so because he was concentrating on maintaining his magic.

Though Liola didn’t know what Meinan was puzzled about, but seeing Meinan didn’t seem to have any difficulties, he felt relieved.

After a while, a deep bitter voice yelled, “My son, Latte!”

Liola sensed another immense power approaching from above.

And as this power attacked, the giant lightning had disappeared. It was only then that Liola and others could see outside.

They saw the Dragon Emperor, Barbalis, and Commerce Alliance Leaders were standing not too far away. Everyone’s face was hard to look at.

The Dragon Emperor’s delicate face was filled with pain and sorrow. A man walked to Latte’s charred corpse, and picked up the necklace in disbelief, a Dragon cross necklace.

“Second elder Sovereign brother…” The man who picked up the necklace was the person whom Kaiser had just met, Cappuccino.

His face was filled with disbelief, but the necklace in his hand was solid proof of the lifeless corpse in front of him did indeed belong to the Dragon Empire’s second Prince, Latte.

Liola was in shock, because of the Dragon cross necklace, Anise’s possession. Liola finally understood how hard it felt to have the necklace leave him.

Before, even without seeing it, at most he would feel empty. But now, seeing the necklace in front of his very own eyes, every emotion Liola had ever had towards the necklace and Anise exploded.

He desperately wanted to put it back to his neck, but Liola knew deeply the situation would never allow him to do so. Liola lowered his face, held his fist tight, to the point where his nails sank into his flesh.

Then, the Dragon Emperor raised his head, and said with a hoarse voice to Miluo,

“Miluo, you have caused me many problems, and I did not voice a word of complaint. After all, it was my mistake that cost Bairui, your wife, to lose her life, but why must you take your anger out on others? Why must you kill my innocent child and a dozen Knights? Have you lost your Dragon’s pride?”

Miluo’s earthshaking laughter reverberated in the air, and stopping after a long while,

“What is Bairui to me anyway? NOTHING. When I conquer the world, EVERYTHING will be mine!”

“What an unreasonable Dragon!” The Red Leader angrily scolded.

Miluo mercilessly shot a bolt of lightning toward her, but an elegant purple light blocked the lightning attack. Everyone noticed the Dragon Emperor’s aura was also a unique color — purple.

The Dragon Emperor’s face sank, “Black Dragon King Miluo, if you don’t realize your mistake now and turn back, the Dragon Empire will issue another order to kill you!”

Miluo, however, looked down on everyone and said, “Come, everyone. You will realize my friends are far more common than you imagine. Traitors crawl amongst you. Who are your allies and who are the traitors? You will never know until you report to the devil, in hell.”

Before people even had time to respond, the Black Dragon King disappeared as quickly as he appeared. The only thing remained was the sunny skies, and a few black clouds scattered here and there.


Baolilong’s call caught Liola’s attention, but when Liola looked towards Baolilong, he realized Baolilong was not looking at him, but instead at the foreboding black clouds in the sky…

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