Crazy Detective

Chapter 1201 - Matching Clues

Chapter 1201: Matching Clues

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Two hours later, more news came one after another.

“Leader, this time we should have the right suspect!” Zeng Ke said, enlarging the information on the big screen and introducing it to everyone. “Lin Chaofeng, real name Lin Huiyan. She had a fengshui master change her name to Lin Chaofeng!

“Also, the Yun Hai Group was originally called the Lin Group, but the name changed later after Lin Chaofeng consulted the fengshui master!”

“Hmm…” Zhao Yu nodded slightly. “So, this Lin Chaofeng is a firm believer in fengshui?”

“That’s right!” Xiong Wendong said, cutting in. “The more you do business in the trade industry, the more you start to believe in fengshui, geomancy, and all that kind of stuff! Besides hoping for a good omen, it can also play a certain psychological factor!”

“It’s true,” Zeng Ke said. “According to the data I researched, Lin Chaofeng really cares about this aspect. Every time the company engaged in a significant project, she would find someone to check the fengshui.

“Also, she has donated huge sums of money to many temples in Fu Lai, Yue Zhou, and other places, and even cast a bronze cast of Guanyin Buddha statue in the Chen Long temple that was 24 meters high!”

“Wow… that’s some serious wealth!” Xiong Wendong murmured.

“The most critical piece of information is…” Zeng Ke said, turning to the next page of the information and continuing his introduction, “About one year ago, various ailments began to appear on Lin Chaofeng’s body. Amongst the information, there were three visits to local hospitals in Fu Lai. There was also an in-patient record in a private hospital in Xia Kou.

“If the information is correct, then she’s still living in that private hospital!”

“How’s that!” Zhao Yu and Xiong Wendong glanced at each other proudly. “Surely enough, she has an illness. Zeng Ke, what illness does she have? It must be serious.”

“Because it’s a private hospital, we have yet to check the illness she has contracted,” Zeng Ke said. “I was just about to ask you for your orders! Should I, hmm, ask about it through regular channels, or…?”

“Do you still need to ask?” Zhao Yu said. “For a person with such a high status, we must avoid alerting them unnecessarily. So, put your hacker skills to work a little! If you don’t use those skills soon, I’m afraid they’ll grow rusty. Haha…”

Zhao Yu’s request made Xiong Wendong and Gao Facai feel uneasy.

“Okay!” Zeng Ke said, agreeing. “I have completed the investigation about the ladder you mentioned as well. I hacked into all the manufacturers and checked all their past order information.

“Finally, I found that about a year ago, a manufacturer located in Yao Ming City had indeed produced a specially customized ladder truck. The highest lifting height of this truck was exactly 40 meters.

“The cost of the truck was 2 million yuan, and when the order was placed, the buyer paid in full…” Zeng Ke brought up the relevant information on the screen. “I checked the purchasing unit, and all the information listed in the registration was all false!

“But I did manage to find the delivery information. The customized ladder truck was delivered by the cargo ship directly through the pier. However, I have to contact Yao Ming’s police department tomorrow for information about receiving the cargo ship.”

“Did you see it, did you see it?” Zhao Yu asked, patting Gao Facai on the shoulders and startling him. “Old Gao!” Zhao Yu laughed and pointed at Zeng Ke. “See how capable Zeng Ke is? Where else can you find such a talented, handsome, and innocent guy?

“Hurry up and match him with your goddaughter! Another great opportunity like this won’t come again if you miss it!”

As soon as he said this, everyone in the room became speechless. Gao Facai felt awkward, while Zeng Ke blushed and had to lower the temperature of the room.

“Hehe!” Xiong Wendong said abashedly. “Officer Zhao is great at making jokes. But other than the talented and good-looking part, Lil’ Zeng has a few black spots here and there. Can you really call that pure…? Heh!”

“The h*ll, quit giggling!” Zhao Yu glared at him briefly, then pointed at the screen and said, “Now that all our thoughts have been sorted out, Lin Chaofeng is 98% the owner whom we have been searching for so desperately!

“As the saying goes, you’ll turn to any doctor you can find when you’re critically ill. Lin Chaofeng must have gotten caught in the trap by the professional scammers, so…” he paused, before continuing seriously, “We must be extra careful with the next part of the investigation!”

“Careful, uhm,” Xiong Wendong frowned. “We can’t just go up and catch them?”

“Hmph!” Zhao Yu smiled widely. “I have dealt with such super-rich people many times! If we just go up to them and investigate, there will be plenty of lawyers waiting for us, and it will be a trap!

“Moreover, all of our evidence is just indirect evidence. If they get back at us tit for tat, it won’t be beneficial for either party.

“Further adding on, Lin Chaofeng may just be a victim. Perhaps she knows nothing about the thieves stealing the corpses or even the murders!

“As such, we should hit it where it hurts the most. Our main target should be the fraud groups who have actually committed the crimes!”

“Hmm, then what do you say our next course of action should be?” Xiong Wendong asked.

“Investigate secretly, collect evidence, and find out more information about the scammers first!” Zhao Yu said. “This group should be close to Lin Chaofeng, so it is certainly not difficult to check. Once we find our target, we can get back at them with a surprise attack!

“Well, isn’t Lin Chaofeng in Xia Kou now?” Zhao Yu said again. “Ran Tao is there too! Tomorrow, I will send Miao Ying there to help out first and clear up the recent actions taken by Lin Chaofeng.

“While I will head directly to Fu Lai City to investigate the details of the Yun Hai Group and get the investigation going simultaneously. Let’s see where else they can run! Ha!”

Ah… hero…

Just as Zhao Yu finished his sentence, the phone rang again. It was now past midnight. If there was a call for Zhao Yu at this time, it had to be business-related!

Sure enough, it was a call from Cui Lizhu.

“Boss, boss, I investigated the circle of rich people today. I think… I have completed the task. Uhm…” Cui Lizhu began excitedly. “I will send the pictures to you. Can you get Zeng Ke to compare them and see if they look alike?”

As soon as she finished, Zhao Yu received the file on his mobile phone. He opened it for a look and saw that it was the exact same piece of yellow paper with the eight characters.

In the beginning, Zhao Yu thought it was the one found in the hanging coffins. But on closer inspection, it turned out the eight characters were completely different.

“Oh?” Zhao Yu was shocked for a moment and quickly asked, “Lil’ Cui, who wrote the yellow paper that you have there?”

“Isn’t it similar? I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first!” Cui Lizhu chirped. “If the writing is the same, then I advise you to check up on a company called Yun Hai Group!

“I don’t know who wrote it, but I do know that the yellow paper I sent you belongs to the chairman of the Yun Hai Group!”

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