Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 19 - Shock

 Chapter 19: Shock

Shi Xueyun once again showed her real power, even the elders especially Second Elder is trembling in fear. Even Yi Tianyun sensed the aura his aunt emitted, he just tried to calm himself down knowing full well that anger is not aimed to him.

This is all because she is too timid and tend to keep everything low-profile so Jade Palace doesn’t attract additional threat from outside, instead it encourages other faction to suppress them!

“Palace Lord, please don’t make such a rash decision, if this results in a conflict, it will be extremely unfavorable for Jade Palace!” Third Elder could not help but stand up and speak.

“It seems that you worry too much. Do you think Master Kong have that much influence? He’s just a third level blacksmith, Yi Tianyun’s level is higher than him. Do you think there is anyone else beside us here who knows what actually happened?” Shi Xueyun said solemnly.

If Yi Tianyun’s level is higher than Master Kong, those clans that usually request help from him will eventually realize, and they are sure to be inclined to come here instead of favoring Master Kong.

What’s necessary is the strong, not the weak!

“Yi Tianyun’s level is a little higher, but the gap between them is not that big, so it ‘s not like we have big advantage or anything, plus nobody else actually knows about Yi Tianyun’s capabilities in forging, so compared to Master Kong who has been a blacksmith his whole life, obviously he is more renowned.” Second Elder retorted.

“So there is no problem if my level is much higher than him?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently: “If that is the case, then I will show you once again. I will forge several spirit tools. After seeing the result, you will know the difference.”

Although these three elders kept pointing out his flaw, it is undeniably for the sake of Jade Palace. In order to reduce Shi Xueyun’s burden, what he can do for now is stand up and help.

Immediately Yi Tianyun once again put in the material into the furnace and began to forge spirit tool. He was doing the exact same steps as before except for one, after he put all the material into the furnace he put in the Immortal Fire he obtained earlier, and quickly tempered the materials.

The combustion process is a lot faster, and the extraction rate of impurities is improved!

“This, what kind of fire is this?” everyone is looking at it intensely. Blacksmith usually have some kind of special flame. They are all born with a strong fire within them, or they can absorb a special flame later on.

They didn’t expect Yi Tianyun to have this special flame!

Of course, Shi Xueyun is not an exception either, She genuinely thought it is incredible, so incredible she almost didn’t believe her eyes. They are all speculating, how is it possible for Yi Tianyun to be capable of forging weapons, not to mention spirit tools, they also did not expect him to have a special flame, which means when he challenged Master Kong earlier, he’s not even serious?

Although that’s not the case. Yi Tianyun was definitely trying his best earlier, and he obtain Immortal Fire after he finish the quest, if he obtain Immortal Fire prior to it, obviously he would use it in the challenge earlier.

And finally he finished it, he firmly held it in his own hand to confirm its quality. This sword is better than the previous one, and it is cold. At the very least it belongs to middle level!

“Middle level spirit tool?!” After they saw it, they were shocked. The price difference between lower and middle level was huge.

For the time being, regardless of the power, the price difference is about two or three times. For example, lower level spirit tool costs 30.000, and middle level spirit tool to at the very least will cost 60.000 or higher.

『Ding, congratulations to got 50 blacksmith mastery.』

After successfully forging middle level spirit tool, mastery increased by fifty points, five times the amount compared to earlier. At this rate, leveling up the blacksmith skill won’t be as difficult. It’s all thanks to Immortal Fire, not to mention when he forges using Immortal Fire, its mastery also increased just like his martial arts.

Immortal Fire also increases the success rate, success rate of forging middle level Spirit Tool at Yi Tianyun’s level originally is only 30%, due to Immortal Fire it increases the success rate to 80%, it is not 100% so fortunately, he didn’t fail this one, otherwise it would be really embarrassing.

“It’s really a middle level spirit tool, you can forge middle level spirit tool too?” They were all shocked, even though Yi Tianyun himself is as surprised as everyone else.

This is the best proof he can show everyone for now.

This time they have nothing to say, what else can you say? This strength is much more powerful than that Master Kong. To the side of the family there, a group of people have invited him to be a guest.

“Elders, how is this compared to Master Kong’s goods?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“I will prepare the materials at once…” Great Elder is convinced of Yi Tianyun’s capabilities. In the end, Shi Xueyun is absolutely right, she has faith in him, which we don’t have.

“Palace Lord, if there’s nothing else, I will excuse myself for now… I will heed your instructions later.” Second Elder sighed deeply, she can’t look down on him anymore. He managed to reach this level, her disciples are no longer qualified to compete with him.

This is the benefit of possessing additional skill like blacksmith, it gives you advantage, additional option, etc.

Third Elder also excuses herself, she has no choice but to acknowledge Yi Tianyun. However, this matter has a great impact on them. Shi Xueyun will undoubtedly be even more respected in the future. Just like what she said, Jade Palace cannot keep their heads down and remained suppressed any longer.

Because this is the case regarding Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. Spirit Sect is trying to forcefully snatch their entry permit. They think we are weak because we kept giving in to their conditions to the point where they challenged us to a duel and the one losing have to give the entry permit to the one winning! Obviously the challenge us because they don’t even see us as a threat.

Every faction has a different amount of entry permit granted to them. Jade Palace only got two. If we ended up losing in the duel against Spirit Sect earlier, there will be only one permit remaining, and it will be even more embarrassing for us.

After they left, Yi Tianyun handed the spirit sword left by Master Kong to Xiao Lian: “Sister Xiao Lian, this sword is for you.”

“This, this… Young master i can’t accept this, this is a spirit sword!” Xiao Lian hurriedly refused.

“Spirit sword is still a sword, Master Kong harasses you earlier, at the very least take this to relieve yourself from anger toward him!” Yi Tianyun laughed.

“Yi Tianyun said it is yours. This is only lower level spirit sword. As you can see he can forge middle level spirit tool. This sword is nothing for him.” Shi Xueyun persuaded Xiao Lian to take the sword.

“Well, then i’ll take you up on it, thank you young master, thank you Palace Lord!” Xiao Lian was so excited that she could get a sword. It will help her a lot. Most disciples in the palace had no spirit tool, yet she has one.

“Then I will continue to forge the rest of the materials, so when the time comes we’ll be ready.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile: “It is better to bring out all the materials, i’ll keep forging several spirit swords for my sisters here, so no one will look down on us anymore!”

Being able to forge spirit tool is just so awesome, other benefits is he can increase the mastery for his blacksmith skill, when it leveled up later on he’ll be able to forge something even better that spirit tool.

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