Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 35 - Killing Spree

Chapter 35: Killing Spree

Facing numerous guards of Wind Pavilion, Yi Tianyun doesn’t show the slightest sign of fear. He grab the sword in the ground which belonged to Ma Liangpeng and glare everyone, intimidating those who approach him!

“Give up! You are aware that you just killed a Wing Sect disciple right? If you insist on making this difficult don’t blame me if you drag Jade Palace in this matter as well” Liang Tiancheng threaten Yi Tianyun.

Jade Palace is weaker than Wing Sect, if Wing Sect decided to attack Jade Palace, obviously Jade Palace will lose. He exploited the fact that Yi Tianyun is from Jade Palace to threaten him.

“Don’t you think that’s kinda unfair? So it’s fine if he kill me, but it’s a problem if i kill him?” Yi Tianyun sneered: “What is this shit, just because is a disciple of Wing Sect he thinks he can get away with anything?”

“So How about it? If you have no intention to surrender, your Jade Palace will be exterminated, waiting for Wing Sect’s judgement!” Liang Tiancheng is really pissed, how dare a kid like Yi Tianyun talk to him a Pavilion Lord just like that.

“Pavilion Lord Liang, you are not even member of third level faction you think you can speak for them?” Qin Xue said with menacing tone. She noticed there are too many weird things going on with Wing Sect. Now they even threaten Jade Palace, she’s starting to lose her patience.

Jade Palace’s strength is relatively low, but they have many disciples whom marry the disciple of third level faction. In case something happens, there will be reinforcement. But of course it’s not for some trivial matter.

After all, just because they marry to disciple of other faction obviously they can’t lend their help everytime something happened.

Therefore, although other factions are a bit arrogant, they can’t just attack Jade Palace at a whim because they have a lot of backing.

Liang Tiancheng can’t represent Wing Sect, he’s not even a member of third faction.

However, he immediately angered: “But in any case, you must go back with me to Forging Sect, otherwise don’t blame me!”

If he really go with Liang Tiancheng to Wing Sect, Yi Tianyun will definitely die. That’s what happened if you kill one of Wing Sect Disciple.

But Zi Yuwei couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t say that Rain Pavilion will side with Yi Tianyun. It’s like stepping into a minefield. She can’t just side with Yi Tianyun that easily, Rain Pavilion isn’t that strong to begin with, especially if the opponent is Wing Sect.

She has been skeptical for quite a while, Yi Tianyun has helped her so much, and if she doesn’t stand up and support Yi Tianyun now, she can’t allow herself to do that. Zi Yuwei is lost in her thought and finally decided she will support Yi Tianyun, just when she was about to say it, the elders stop her.

“Pavilion Lord Zi, don’t be hasty! We can’t help him, Wing Sect is not an opponent we can handle!”

Zi Yuwei can’t easily just help him, Yi Tianyun killed Ma Liangpeng, this is a very serious matter, it is not something that can be easily solved.

Therefore, all she can do is watch from afar. if she intervenes, it means she will be Yi Tianyun’s accomplice and bring trouble to Rain Pavilion. She can’t bear this responsibility she is forced to leave everything in Yi Tianyun’s hands. This is how reality works, as cruel as it is she has no choice, unless Yi Tianyun really deserves to bet on.

Zi Yuwei bites her lips and can only give up. As an individual she really wanted to help, but she can’t help him because of his position as Pavilion Lord. Despite that, she steeled her heart and try to set aside her position as Pavilion Lord. However, Yi Tianyun did not care. He looked at Liang Tiancheng with gaze and all of a sudden said: “This is all my doing. From now on, I am no longer a disciple of the Jade Palace! If you want me then no need to involve others!” He knows that Shi Xueyun will definitely protect him, but he does not want to drag Jade Palace to this matter, so he chose to leave Jade Palace, he’s no longer Jade Palace outer disciple as of now.

An Ling and Qin Xue’s expression changed. They don’t know what Yi Tianyun is doing. If he abandons his status as Jade Palace disciple now, Liang Tiancheng will be so glad that no one else will get in his way to capture Yi Tianyun.

“Well, what are you guys waiting for? Capture him at once!

Immediately, the three deacons jumped out from the side and rushed to Yi Tianyun without hesitation. Each of them are fourth or fifth level of Spirit Refinement Realm, which can deal with most enemies in any situation.


The snow wolf boots he equipped emitted a blue light, and his speed suddenly increased several times. It turned blue and Yi Tianyun rushed forward. Activating Crazy Mode for double damage!

In the blink of an eye, he held the sword and rushed toward the deacons like a blue comet thrust his sword and knocked out the first deacon.

Crazy Exp Mode, activate!

Crazy Damage Mode, activate!

Lucky Aura, activate!


The deacon can’t move, he’s lying on the ground, screaming, his bones arebroken! His cultivation is not higher than Tianyun, at most is the same level. But with Crazy Mode, his power doubled. They’re no match for him!


After falling on the ground, he quickly stabbed his waist. Not long after he died.

『Ding, successfully killing the deacon of Wind Pavilion, gaining 8.000 exp, third level Recovery Pill, 400 Crazy Point!』

Another deacon rushed toward Tianyun and their weapons clashed head on, but their attack is too weak, Tianyun used Ma Liangpeng’s sword easily despite the weight.

At the moment of the collision, he clenched his arm and used Wind Chasing Sword Secret Art that Ma Liangpeng used earlier, using the exact same sword but the power is doubled this time!

“Sheeeet!” layer of wind around 2 feet is formed around the sword and cut the second deacon, causing him to lose his life as well!

『Ding, successful killing the deacon of Wind Pavilion, gaining 10.000 exp, third level Recovery Pill, Violent Pill, 500 Crazy Point!』

After killing the deacon, he did not stop he increased his speed and in the blink of an eye he’s already in front of the third deacon, and stab him!

The huge wind circling the sword cause the sword to pierce his stomach easily like a tofu.

『Ding, successful killing the deacon of Wind Pavilion, gaining 10.000 exp, double exp pill (10 minutes), 500 Crazy Point!』

『Ding, congratulations to successfully breakthrough to fifth level of Spirit Refinement Realm.』

Continuously killed three deacons, gained a lot of items, and reached 5th level of Spirit Refinement Realm, this speed is beyond imagination!

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