Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 37 - Chasing

 Chapter 37: Chasing

Liang Tiancheng was sent flying so easily. Everyone was stunned. They didn’t know what just happened. Liang Tiancheng was frozen solid. He can’t do a thing and let Yi Tianyun attack. Since everyone else are a hundred meters away, they are naturally not affected by the frozen effect.

“This, how is this possible…” Liang Tiancheng was shaken by the punch, his chest was sunken by the impact of the punch. It’s clear he is on his death door.

“Nothing is impossible, you are too weak!” Yi Tianyun waved his fist, and look at Liang Tiangchen with no emotion displayed in his cold eyes.

In front of Yi Tianyun’s fists Liang Tiancheng’s eyes are full of fear, and he panicly shouted: “Spare me, I, I will make sure Wind Sect no longer pursue you…”

“What a trash!”

Yi Tianyun slammed down his fist to the ground, scared the hell out of Liang Tiancheng and he screamed in terror.

“Quick, someone, save me!” Liang Tiancheng shouted, the problem is, can anybody save him? No one in the vicinity have enough cultivation to save him, the deacons are dead, and the rest are some guards who already lost their will to fight, even if they want to rescue him, all they do is only increase the pile of corpse.

Luck Aura activate!


Yi Tianyun punched Liang Tiancheng and he bursted on the spot! Even if he is two levels higher than Yi Tianyun, he still lose, cultivation is sometimes not a key factor, but another comprehensive factor that could be a key is a weapon with extraordinary effect, or better skill.

『Ding, successful killing Liang Tiancheng, gaining 80.000 exp, 5.000 gold, Power Bracelet, Power Ring, Martial Arts Ten Thousand Sword Slash, Wind Blade, 700 Crazy Points!』

『Quest Completed: Kill Liang Tiancheng.』

『Reward: 30.000 exp, 10.000 gold, Power Belt, 5x exp card (one hour).』

『Ding, congratulations to the player ‘Yi Tianyun’, successfully brokethrough to sixth level of Spirit Refinement Realm.』

The rewards are just crazy, the exp reward  even get as high as 110,000. Immediately making him brokethrough the next level. This is really a refreshing and game-changing upgrade for Yi Tianyun, this is thanks to double exp pill that he can gain that much exp.

“Hmm most of the reward has “power” in it, let’s see…”

He checked the three items he got in the inventory, they’re an accesories set. That has a certain effect to them.

Power Bracelet Effect: Enhance your strength by 20%.

Power Ring Effect: Increases your strength by 10%.

Power Belt Effect: Enhance your strength by 20%.

“These three items increase strength attribute, this mean his power upgraded by 50%? Doesn’t this mean that the power is raised by half?” Yi Tianyun is speechless. This is a good thing, assuming that the effect is constant. If he has the power to lift thousand pounds, if equipped with the set, he can lift up to 1,500 pounds!

In addition, he also got the martial arts Ten Thousand Sword Slash, but this skill cannot be leveled up, including these power set accesories, all cannot be leveled up! Seems like the only upgradable item so far is from lottery.

Wind Blade that he just got cannot be upgraded too, but the effect is amazing, when attacking, there is a chance to release a bolt of lightning after hitting the enemy and can slow down the opponent.

When he thought that this is the end of the surprise, he heard everyone gasped upon seeing Liang Tiancheng’s condition. Unexpectedly, The Pavilion Lord of the Wind Building along with his deacon, were slaughtered by Yi Tianyun. The blood spreads around, flowing to the river, some even flow into neaby spectator.

“How can this kid be this powerful?” Zi Yuwei is dumbfounded, she thought the fight would totally go to Liang Tiancheng’s favor, she did not expect Liang Tiancheng would be killed this easily.

“He is too powerful. Cultivation of the Pavilion Lord Liang is at least 7th level of Spirit Refinement Realm. How can he be killed so easily?” An Ling said, they were all shocked, according to the latest informtion Yi Tianyun is only at 1st level of Spirit Refinement Realm, then how read original translation on can he defeat a higher level opponent if this information is accurate?

In fact, their assumption is not wrong, but that’s only accurate up to the moment Yi Tianyun enter the city for the first time. Now he is not first level of Spirit Refinement Realm, but sixth level of Spirit Refinement Realm!

“Young Master Yi, you must get out now, quickly! If you don’t leave now, reinforcement will come, then you won’t be able to escape!” Zi Yuwei said to warn Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun was stunned, and immediately smiled, quickly pull off the storage ring on his hand and threw it to An Ling. “Sisters, bring it back to Jade Palace… This is my fight, stay out of this. I will come back by myself! Go back and talk to Palace Lord… Don’t worry about me! And please help Jiu Lingyun.”

After he finished, he ran out of the city, he knew this. He killed Pavilion Lord of Wind Pavilion. The so-called Wind Sect is even more powerful than Wind Pavilion, considering what he did, there will be a lot of strong people coming to get him!

Around 9th level of Spirit Refinement Realm or maybe even elders with Core Condensate Realm will be dispatched. With his current cultivation, he won’t be able to hold his ground against them. If he return to Jade Palace, Shi Xueyun will definitely protect him no matter what, even at the cost of Jade Palace.

“Junior Brother!” An Ling, their eyes are red, but they have no choice but to hold the storage ring and prepare to go back and report the situation to Shi Xueyun.

When they were about to leave, a frightening read original translation on presence was seen from a distance, and shouted: “The kid, chase him!” The old man who rushed over, exerting a powerful aura, at least already at the peak of spirit refinement realm if not higher!

The murderous intent raises into the sky, like a demon, he chases after Yi Tianyun with a demon-like speed, closing the gap between them.

“This, this is the deacon of Wind Sect!”

“It seems there is a deacon from Wind Sect stationed in the city. But for some reason, they did not come and help…”

“This kid, he messed with Wind Sect, how is he still alive and how did he escape?”

This is the peak level of Spirit Refinement Realm, which is much stronger than everyone else that Yi Tianyun Fought before. It can be distinguished from the aura around him. It’s different from the opponent he faced so far.

“Junior Brother, run away!” An Ling shouted, they prayed in their hearts, they only hope that Yi Tianyun can escape!

Many people think that Yi Tianyun can’t create a miracle anymore. Earlier, the difference is not that big. But this is a different story. How can he deal with someone far above his level?

In the distance, Yi Tianyun felt the strong murderous aura behind him. His eyes glanced at the snow wolf boots at his foot and activating its effect, raising the speed to the extreme, and rushing out like a gust of wind.

His heart has always been calm, even though facing such adversaries.

Is he desperate? Maybe, but for sure he doesn’t feel despair. In the face of this powerful deacon, his eyes are still full of hope!

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