Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 38 - Crazy

Chapter 38: Crazy

Deacon Fu cultivation is at the peak level of Spirit Refinement Realm, which is four levels higher than Yi Tianyun. Therefore, fighting him head on is undoubtedly very difficult. From the perspective of the aura and cultivation alone, the difference between them is really too big.

“Good, I didn’t expect to encounter another boss right after killing a boss. Rewards from killing definitely will be good!”When he saw the name of Deacon Fu was golden, his heart was filled in excitement, but he knows that with his current power, the fight would not be easy. If he really fight the Deacon know, there could be a life threatening situation happened. He only has one life, would he dare to fight knowing the consequences?

Even though he has the effect of Frost Fist, but its level has not improved, it is impossible to freeze this Deacon Fu for too long. Before that, he can’t even freeze Liang Tiancheng that long, duration must be shorter.

Although the effect of Frost Fist is powerful, that does not mean that it is invincible. If the grade is too low, it will not be able to maintain the effect for too long. Yi Tianyun comes to realization that he needs to upgrade this frost fist quickly.

“Should i fight?” Yi Tianyun squinted, constantly thinking, whether to fight Deacon Fu or not, their gap is big, but that does not mean he has no chance to win.

In order to avoid the pursuit of Deacon Fu, he shuttled between the houses, so that he could continue to pertain the distance between them. However, Deacon Fu is filled with wrath. His disciple was died, he has a great responsibility to avenge him.

“I didn’t expect this event to happen. I was too negligent, damn!”

Fu was very angry. He was originally a guest at the city. When he came back, he heard that Ma Liangpeng is dead! He immediately went after Yi Tianyun, because of his emotion, his power is fuming out of control. He completely set his focus on Yi Tianyun, he certainly wouldn’t let Yi Tianyun out of his sight.

Because Yi Tianyun keep running between the houses, fu began to feel annoyed.

“You can hide, but you can’t run from me!” Fu’s demeanor was cold, as long as Yi Tianyun didn’t get to far away, he definitely will find him.

But when he continued his chase, after a corner, suddenly he lost Yi Tianyun’s presence!

“What happened!” Deacon Fu was shocked.

Just in a turn, suddenly he can’t feel Yi Tianyun’s presence, he disappeared out of thin air, without a trace!

He quickly chase him to the last place he sense Yi Tianyun and rummages through the area. He couldn’t see any trace of Yi Tianyun, he completely disappeared.

“Cheap trick!” Deacon Fu vent his anger on the house beside him, the house collapsed from his punch, fortunately there is no one inside, or they will be crushed to death. He was so angry that his eyes turned red when he looked around: “Kid, I know you are definitely around here, here is what i can do! Jade Palace! I remember you are from the Jade Palace, I’ll go and grab the woman disciple there one by one and either kill them or hand them to other disciple to have some fun, you can stay here and regret what you did later!”

Yi Tianyun hiding in the dark using his stealth skill, his eyes are cold, This is the thing he can’t stand the most in his life, the ones he cared for is threatened! If An Ling and Qin Xue are both got caught because of him, then he will never forgive himself!

“You really leave me no choice, garbage of Wing Sect!”

Crazy Mode activated! Equip a Power Bracelet, Power Ring and Power Belt!

“Successfully activate the set attribute, the bonus effect is 50%!” After 50% of the bonus, the overall buff is equal to 100%, which is equal to the power doubled. But this is not over. He took out the power drug from his inventory, and stuffed it into his mouth. His strength quickly doubled again! And with the Crazy Mode activated the pill consumed got its effect doubled under activated Crazy Mode!

After all of that, his overall strength got strengthened six times!

He can feel it, his blood boiled, his power was brought to the extreme, and his whole body is like stretched out and he felt stronger than ever!


Suddenly a figure stand behind Deacon Fu, it is Yi Tianyun. He hid behind the Deacon Fu, a scarlet dagger in his hand, in a position to stab Deacon Fu in the chest, everything was silent. However, compared to the color of scarlet dagger, Yi Tianyun’s eyes emitted a redder aura completely full of anger!

What he hates the most is when someone threaten his loved ones. In this case, even if it means putting his life on the line, he definitely will make Deacon Fu go back on his words!

Deacon Fu immediately felt a killing intent coming from behind, and he immediately try to evade to the side quickly, but still did not make it in time, he was grazed by the scarlet dagger.


The scarlet dagger only pierced an inch of Fu body. Yi Tianyun didn’t expect this deacon to wear a thin soft armor, he failed to deal the finishing blow to Deacon Fu. Even so he still able to injure Deacon Fu a bit!

“ARGGGGH!” The severe pain, let Deacon Fu roar, he hastily grab a sword on his side, and immediately try to slash Yi Tianyun!

Yi Tianyun did not try to evade, his eyes were full of anger, and his body suddenly flashed brightly.

God armor effect, activated!

A sound of force field clashed filling the air around them

Yi Tianyun took the attack head on and then was sent flying by the impact, but not only Yi Tianyun, Fu was also sent flying and his hand almost broke due to the reflection effect!

Yi Tianyun’s situation is equally painful, he felt that his internal organs are jumbled, and suffered a slight external injury. However, he quickly took the next three health potion that he got from earlier to restore his health, the effect immediately visible, his injury recovered in the blink of an eye. “the third potion is almost a waste, because the effect is doubled under Crazy Mode, this is amazing”

Yi Tianyun did not let his guard down, he did not expect to kill this deacon even though he has a six fold enhancement buff. Deacon Fu’s strength unbelievable, and he has a top-level equipment. Even with this fact Yi Tianyun still did not receive an attack from Fu.

Then, he once again use his sneak skill, and disappear from plain sight. There is basically no cooldown time for his sneak skills. Unless the other person have an excellent sensing technique or having a better sneak skill, other can’t easily sense him.

Deacon Fu can sense him, but only when he is close.

“Damn you!” Deacon Fu felt that his hand almost broke off. The reflection effect just made his arm almost broken. Even now, even if his arm is not broken, he definitely would be cautious to attack Yi Tianyun again.

He quickly took out his potion, stuffed it into his mouth and recovered a little. Looking at his surroundings, but he saw no one. He’s already used to this sneak skill, but only when Yi Tianyun is close that he was able to sense him. he couldn’t sense him if he’s too far away.

At this point, he was overwhelmed with a little bit of fear, he didn’t expect a kid, to be this strong!

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