Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 39 - Strikes To Kill

Chapter 39: Strikes To Kill

“Kid, stop hiding, sneaky little brat, I’ll kill you!”

Deacon Fu took the sword, screamed while swinging the sword randomly like a mad man because he can’t sense Yi Tianyun’s presence, but none of them hit Yi Tianyun, instead it pierces the houses around full of holes and cause them to collapse one by one.

When he was rampaging, a spectral figure emerged from behind him, like a god of death, stabbed Fu.

But Deacon Fu saw this coming and deflect it with the sword, his reaction time is even faster than Yi Tianyun’s attack!

This is what happened if the gap in cultivation is too big. Even though Yi Tianyun six times more powerful, he won’t be able to close this gap. The difference between them is four levels. Six-fold buff is simply not enough. It takes at least ten times buff to make him stand on the same ground.

“Shadow cloak equip! Activate effect!” A black suit wrapped from the air, it gave no defensive power whatsoever, it’s unbelievably thin, but the effect is amazing – Invulnerability for five seconds!

For powerful cultivators, there’s a lot one can do in mere 5 seconds, even striking 20 times is not a problem. However, this shadow cloak, there is cooldown time, it takes a day before the next usage, Yi Tianyun decide this is the decisive moment to use it.


Yi Tianyun screamed, he took out scarlet dagger and rush forward. Now that he’s invulnerable and doesn’t need to worry about Fu’s attack, all he needs it to land an attack!


He managed to stab Yi Tianyun, he finally landed a decisive blow, but something is weird, it’s as if there’s no impact when he stab Yi Tianyun, it’s as if he stab into thin air, that’s because Yi Tianyun is invulnerable!

Yi Tianyun’s dagger is only a few inches from reaching Fu, he aimed for Fu’s neck.

Deacon Fu knew Yi Tianyun is after his neck, and he quickly dodge it with unbelievable speed.

Failing to land a hit, Yi Tianyun didn’t give up, he strikes once again!


He managed to stab Deacon Fu, but due to his leather armor it’s shallow. But still manage to broke his ribs and cause severe bleeding!

Deacon Fu sense he’s in danger and quickly run away. Then his mouth was already overflowing with blood, and his body is torn apart. If he’s a normal human, he would’ve died of blood loss.

However, Yi Tianyun anticipated this and went after him, and stabbed him again, like a ghost, persistently sticks close to him! He stopped aiming for Fu’s neck. He can’t be too greedy due to their cultivation gap. His speed was much slower than Deacon Fu. Aiming specific point like that has higher chance of failure, his attack earlier is the proof.

Therefore, he is simply slashing him anywhere possible, even if he couldn’t pierced the armor, using such monstrous power, Fu can be seriously injured!

“What a joke, down you go!” Deacon Fu screamed, a jade box appeared in his hand, suddenly opened, the next moment, countless thorns emerged, stabbing Yi Tianyun, but thanks to the effect of shadow cloak Yi Tianyun is safe!

Deacon Fu was shocked. He didn’t expect his trump card has no effect on Yi Tianyun!

“Die, old geezer!” Yi Tianyun screamed, his dagger almost pierce Fu’s back!

“Get away from me!”

Deacon Fu screamed and tried to deflect it again with his sword, but this time his speed was slower. Immediately, he felt a cold, sharp dagger piercing his back.

After stabbing, Yi Tianyun quickly hid and observe the situation.

“How can you pierce through my leather armor…” Deacon Fu looked at him incredulously. The toxin spread quickly throughout body, and he was paralyzed, unable to move a single muscle. He can’t even hold his sword.

“You really think that armor of yours can withstand my attack? I don’t think so after that many strike” Yi Tianyun now equipped his Frost fist, and his eyes are full of killing intent.

“Kill me, but Wing Sect will definitely be after you!” Deacon Fu fell to the ground, he can’t not even stand now.

“Do not worry, after I get stronger, I will personally pay your sect a visit!” Yi Tianyun’s eyes are cold.

Immediately, he activated both Crazy Mode and Luck Aura, to earn maximum rewards!

Then he punched Deacon Fu, and Deacon Fu could only watch it, unable to evade nor block the attack.

“Buggh!” A heavy punch was slammed on Deacon Fu’s face and finished him off once and for all.

『Ding, host killed Fu Yusheng, earned 100.000 exp, 5.000 gold, Torrential Pear Blossom Needle (limited to one use), 1.000 Crazy Point!』

『Ding, successfully brokethrough to Seventh Level Spirit Refinement!』

『Ding, successfully kills boss gets special rewards to increase one level and one free lucky draw chance!』

『Ding, successfully leveled up to Eighth Level Spirit Refinement!』

Yi Tianyun is speechless, he instantly leveled up by two levels, but what also surprises him is the reward, he got a lot more and much better reward when he killed Liang Tiancheng, but why killing Deacon Fu barely gave him any? he assumed that when killing somebody with a really big gap in cultivation the system doesn’t give him extraordinary rewards.

“There is too little rewards, Torrential Pear Blossom Needle? What is this?”

Yi Tianyun checked Torrential Pear Blossom Needle’s description, and was speechless.

Torrential Pear Blossom Needle’s effect: within 100 meters, everyone with the cultivation Spirit Refinement Realm or below will instantly die!

“This is insane, everyone with Spirit Refinement Realm or below will instantly die. Unfortunately, it can only be used once, but this can kill a massive amount of people. Now I don’t need to be wary of numbers ”

Although there aren’t that many rewards, but Torrential Pear Blossom Needle is exceptionally good, but if there’s an enemy at Core Condensation Realm, that item will be useless.

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