Custom Made Demon King

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Demon Contract

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Roy had lashed out in demon language, a language that acted on the soul, allowing demons to communicate with people in any world.

However, the impact of the demon language on the fragile human soul was overbearing, so Roy’s roar caused concussions in everyone present. Their minds went blank, their bodies became unsteady, and even a couple of them started bleeding from their noses. It took them a long time to recover.

The effect was very good. After slowly regaining their senses, everyone looked at Roy in fear. No one dared make a sound. It was just silent.

From the crowd emerged a fat man who looked a little foolish. He stepped forward boldly, knelt before Roy, and said in an excited and flattering tone, “Great Demon King Satan, it is me, your servant Lucius, who has summoned you. Thank you for listening to my prayers and coming to the world!”

After arriving in this world, Roy was now feeling a mysterious force acting on his body, and this force seemed to be repelling him. While he was trying to comprehend this, he heard Lucius and stood there dumbfounded.

God’s Great Demon King Satan! Why didn’t I even know I had this name??

It took Roy a few seconds to react. These people probably only knew the basics of summoning and decided to give it a try. They had no idea what was happening in the Abyss of the Demon World, and the only demon name they knew was Satan, so they called out this name while summoning.

Unfortunately, they did not know that it was impossible to summon a true demon king with their weak magic power. Their magic formation could only reach the upper level of the Abyss where Roy was. Even if it were not Roy who responded to their summons, it would have been some other low-rank demon.

Of course, calling Roy ‘Satan’ was not too ridiculous since ‘Satan’ could also be used to refer to all demons. In essence, there was no demon king with the name Satan in the Abyss. Even if there were such a demon king, that demon would have been too busy answering all the summons since most summoners only knew this name.

There was no need for Roy to correct their misconception. He only asked impatiently, “Why did you summon me?”

Hearing this, Lucius raised his head and looked at Roy fanatically. “My Lord! Please bestow upon me power, eternal life, and let me become the ruler of the world! In return, we will serve you as our eternal master!”

Not only Lucius, but everyone wearing black cloaks all knelt toward Roy.

Roy could not believe his ears. He could not help wondering if Lucius misunderstood what a demon was? His request was power, eternal life, and becoming the ruler of the world!?

And all Lucius was willing to give in return was to serve Roy as his master?

F*ck! Something so good, even demons want it. How could I give it to you!

During the first summon, Roy had his values realigned. Not to mention that Roy was merely a low-rank demon now, even if a true demon king came, Lucius’s voracious appetite would have probably astonished them.

Actually, what Roy did not know was that his current appearance contributed to the misunderstanding. After the strengthening of the T-Virus and modifications by the system, Roy’s current body was full of a sense of strength. His muscular build, ferocious teeth and claws, and huge demon wings matched what Lucius and the others imagined Satan looked like. Since they lacked understanding about demons, they wrongly estimated Roy’s strength and misbelieved that Roy was omnipotent, thus making the ridiculous request.

To Roy’s astonishment, a contract… a demon contract appeared in front of him upon Lucius’s request!

The demon contract was a lambskin scroll shining with a black light. Roy could sense the scroll emitting the same energy as the Gate of the Abyss, and the scroll might have formed from his traversal across worlds. On the scroll was the contract written in the demon language, and even Roy could clearly understand the content of the contract. It mentioned that if Roy could meet Lucius’s wish and make a deal with him, then he could ignore the repulsion of this world and remain here until he fulfilled the contract. Otherwise, Roy would continue to be expelled by the power of the world.

The power of the world? The power of the contract? Very magical stuff! Who exactly created these rules?

However, Roy was not taken aback. Nothing more could surprise him since he had even reincarnated into a demon.

But this did not mean that he would sign the contract just to stay in this world. The terms of the contract by Lucius were just too ludicrous! Roy had only heard of demons enticing humans to sign a contract. Besides, the contract had to be signed according to his ideas.

Roy rolled his eyes and suddenly laughed.

Since Roy was a demon, his laughter naturally sounded wicked. Just as Lucius and those present were creeped out by his laughter, Roy said, “Eternal life? Even gods will ultimately perish. What makes you think you can have eternal life? Even if it were possible, do you know what price you would have to pay?”

“Wh-what price?” Lucius looked at Roy blankly.

“Give me a hundred million souls, and I will give you eternal life!” Roy directly asked for the sky.

Lucius was dumbfounded and took a deep breath. “H-how is this even possible?”

“A transaction has to be fair!” Roy sneered. “Eternal life has a price to pay! Otherwise, what do you think your dirty and greedy soul is worth?”

Looking at Lucius’s shocked expression, Roy changed his tone. “Of course, there is another offer. Give me a hundred souls, and I will give you a hundred years of life!”

When Lucius heard this, he regained his bearings. He was shocked to hear Roy’s term of a hundred million souls, and now, he immediately had the illusion that he could probably meet Roy’s term of a hundred souls.

Regardless of whether Lucius was having an illusion or not, Roy continued to induce, “So? Using this method, you can gain a hundred years of life, and then you can use these hundred years to slowly accumulate souls and complete the transaction. If a hundred years is not enough, we can make it two hundred or three hundred years until you have enough souls. Then we can make the exchange, and you get eternal life!”

“Okay, let’s use this method!” Lucius hurriedly stood up in excitement.

“Are you sure you want to use this transaction method?” Roy asked.

“Yes, let’s use this!” Lucius nodded in agreement without thinking.

All Lucius could think of was the hundred years of life he would receive. After all, a hundred years for humans was long enough. However, he had not realized that Roy had successfully induced him to change his original wish from being given eternal life to exchanging souls for life! ‘Give’ and ‘exchange’ were two completely different meanings on the demon contract!

To Roy, the difficulty of these wishes was completely different. He could not live eternally, so how could he give Lucius eternal life? Instead, prolonging Lucius’s life was more manageable. In the worst case, all he needed to do was to create another T-Virus, um… a simpler version, and then inject Lucius with the virus to fulfill the contract.

Well, zombies live for a long time too.

Are humans too greedy, or are demons too cunning? Even Roy himself was unclear now.

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