Custom Made Demon King

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Does a Fixed Storyline Exist?

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With Roy’s assistance in the dark, Dracula’s plan went smoothly.

When Anna arrived at Dracula’s castle, the moon happened to be in the sky. Almost as soon as she arrived, she witnessed her brother, Viken, transform into a werewolf.

This transformation was quite tormenting. The severely swollen muscles and bones would break through the human skin, so Viken was roaring in pain throughout the entire transformation process.

Anna did not have the heart to watch, but Dracula held her chin and forced her eyes on the scene.

After the transformation finished, Viken became a sturdy werewolf and completely lost his mind. He was tied up by thick metal chains, and every time he wanted to break free of these chains, Dracula’s loyal servant Igor would bring out a long electric fork and poke him fiercely, taming him like a beast to make him obedient.

“Do you see that? Anna, if you don’t rescue him, he’ll soon become an obedient beast under this training!” Dracula whispered by Anna’s ear. “He’ll do whatever I want, no difference from an obedient dog!”

“No, please don’t!” Anna shook her head in pain.

“I can indeed save him!” Dracula said with a smile. “I have a potion that can neutralize the werewolf virus and let him return to being human. But as I’ve already said, whether or not I take this antidote out is up to you!”

“What do you want me to do?” Anna asked.

“Kill yourself!” Dracula smiled as he broached this gruesome topic. “As long as you sacrifice your life, you can save Viken. As long as you do it, I will give him the antidote!”

However, Anna did not believe him at all. “How can you guarantee that? Do you, a vampire, have credibility? How am I supposed to know that you won’t kill my brother after I die? Don’t forget. We are the last remaining descendants of the Villelis family, and you’d have no more enemies after we die…”

“No, no. I can swear to the demon!” Dracula shook his head. “Please believe me. I don’t get anything for killing the both of you. But if I let your brother go and get your soul, then there’s hope that my children can be born alive. To me, this is definitely worth making an oath!”

“You actually made a deal with a demon again?!” Anna stared at Dracula with wide eyes.

“What’s so strange about it?” Dracula spread his hands. “In your eyes, I am a vampire and a heinous demon!”

Anna’s face was full of hesitation and confusion. After a long while, she said, “I don’t believe you, unless… unless you turn Viken back first!”

Without waiting for Dracula to respond, she quickly added, “Anyway, we are both in your hands, right? If you want me to give my life up for him, then at least let me witness his transformation back before I die!”

It was now Dracula’s turn to hesitate. He thought for a while and felt that Anna was right. Now that they were both in his hands, he did not need to fear that Anna would escape. So after deliberating, he agreed to Anna’s request and waved at one of his brides, signaling her to get the antidote.

Before long, the bride brought the antidote, which was a long needle with the antidote inside.

“Inject it into him!” Dracula motioned to his bride.

The bride smiled and walked with the potion toward the chained Viken. However, before she could reach him, a huge dark shadow suddenly jumped from above and grabbed the bride’s hand holding the needle.

Dracula was startled, but after seeing the appearance of the dark shadow, he heaved a sigh of relief. “Your Excellency, why have you come?”

Roy ignored him, grabbed the needle, held it in his hands, and crushed it!

“No!” Seeing this, Anna burst out shouting.

“Your Excellency, what are you doing?!” Dracula asked in alarm.

This was something used to lure Anna into committing suicide. Without the antidote, how could Anna still produce into a noble soul?

However, Roy sneered. “Dracula, are you an idiot? I’ve been observing in the dark for a long time, and even I can see that she has the idea of perishing with you. Don’t tell me you didn’t see it?”

Right. Roy, who had flown over with Lucius, entered the castle at almost the same time as Anna. He had hidden in the dark, watched the events unfold, and immediately noticed that Anna was considering that idea!

He could tell that due to Dracula’s coercion, Anna hated Dracula to the core. Although she did not understand why Dracula was forcing her to sacrifice her life for her brother’s, she knew that she could not let Dracula succeed. Therefore, she pretended to agree, intending to get Dracula to transform her brother back first before working with her brother to fight against Dracula. Even if they both died in combat, ending the Villelis family line, she could not let Dracula have his way!

However, Dracula was so obsessed with persuading Anna to take her life that he had not even realized this and really believed her, thus taking the antidote out…

Upon noticing the change in Anna’s mentality, Roy had to stand out.

In fact, he had not been very optimistic about Dracula’s plan and was pretty nonchalant about it, letting Dracula do what he wanted. However, the human mind was extremely complex. Anna probably had the thought of sacrificing herself at the start to save her Viken, but then she hesitated, perhaps thinking that her brother could not take revenge without her. Thus, she gave birth to the idea of perishing together, wanting to fight Dracula one last time before dying.

Dracula had wanted to give Anna some hope and did not expect it to turn into despair.

Indeed, it was easy for humans to fall but difficult to become noble…

When Roy recognized that Dracula could not succeed in his plans despite his cooperative attitude, Roy decided to no longer think about it and executed another of his plans!

While Dracula was still struggling with what Roy had said, Roy turned, extended his claws, and pierced it through the werewolf Viken’s chest!

“You… what are you doing?!” This dramatic turn in events caught Dracula off guard. He never expected that Roy would kill Viken.

It did not end here. When Roy withdrew his claws and held Viken’s soul in his hands, he dashed at Dracula.

Dracula was stunned and quickly moved aside. However, he did expect that Roy’s target was not him but Anna.

Roy’s face was indifferent as he placed his bloody claws around Anna’s neck and gently pinched.

With a crack, Anna’s neck broke into an unsightly shape. Her face had a stupefied expression as she died.

“You! You!” Dracula bristled with anger. He never thought that Roy would kill Anna and Viken. He could not bear transforming into a vampire and rushing at Roy. “Damn it! I knew you never had the intention of striking a deal with me.”

He thought Roy had killed Anna and Viken because he did not want to transact with him or maybe just greedy for those two souls. This was tantamount to destroying Dracula’s plans to resurrect his vampire offspring. So on impulse and regardless of anything else, Dracula went to fight against Roy.

However, Roy completely ignored him and merely flicked his tail to sweep Dracula into the air.

Dracula’s enormous body flew out and rolled, and the landing point was exactly where Lucius was. The trembling Lucius, who was hiding in a corner, could not have expected this sudden change as Dracula slammed into him.

Dracula was not actually wrong. Roy had never thought of transacting with him. He had no interest in helping Dracula resurrect his disgusting little monsters.

But this was not the real reason why Roy killed Anna and Viken.

After hitting Dracula, Roy spread his wings, flew, and found a spot where he could hide.

In the darkness, Roy’s demon eyes glowed faintly.

Come on, let me see what happens next. Does justice triumph over evil…?

Yes, this was Roy’s ultimate goal. He wanted to know if the main theme of justice triumphing evil in these movie-like worlds existed. If so, then it was truly disadvantageous for him as a demon. After all, his demon identity was simply a natural villain and belonged to evil. If these circumstances could not be changed, then he might as well just remain in the Abyss of the Demon World and not enter such worlds anymore.

To verify this, he had to test if Van Helsing could still kill Dracula without the help of the Villelis family.

The clear night sky where the moonlight shone suddenly turned pitch dark, as though the death of the last of the Villelis family had angered God. Countless dark clouds began gathering, flashes of lightning weaved through the layers of clouds, and the roars of thunder began to rumble.

A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky and lit up the castle. At the entrance, the light of lightning reflected a dark face.

Van Helsing was finally here…

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