Custom Made Demon King

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Fifty Cents Special Effects

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This shot echoed through the entire beach, startling all the little demons fighting each other nearby!

They stopped fighting in unison and turned their heads toward the direction of the sound. Two consecutive gunshots immediately came again, scaring them.

They had never heard such a bizarre sound…

Roy, who opened fire, was taken aback as well because he realized that the four-eyed demon that he shot in the abdomen did not die immediately. Instead, he threw his head back in severe pain and ripped off a large piece of meat from Roy’s left arm.

Roy felt so much pain that he felt he was going mad. He aimed the muzzle of his gun on the stomach of the four-eyed demon and shot two more times.

This time, the movements of the four-eyed demon finally froze. After a strong push from Roy, he fell off Roy and landed beside him as fresh blood oozed out from the three bullet holes, dyeing the sand beneath him purple-red in no time.

A bloodied Roy climbed up from the ground, gasping as he looked at the four-eyed demon. He had such tenacious vitality that he was still alive. This pissed Roy off, so he pointed his gun at the forehead of the little demon and pulled the trigger again!

This time, the four-eyed demon stayed silent…

In order to ensure that the revolver could be saved and appear, Roy had even deleted the Precision attribute. Anyway, for him, the accuracy of such a close-range attack did not matter. However, what he had not taken into account was that this four-eyed demon required four shots to die. His vitality was amazing. It was completely different from killing the demon worm in its eggshell!

There was a huge difference between the demons that hatched and those that had not.

Of course, that could also be because the firearm had insufficient power…

The soul of the four-eyed demon emerged from its corpse. This soul was much stronger than the one that Roy obtained earlier, and it was also much brighter. Roy did not rush to get the soul. He looked up, and as expected, the little demons nearby started crowding around him.

They were startled by the continuous gunshots just now and were curious to see what it was. Moreover, they saw a high-quality soul, tickling the greed in their demonic nature.

Roy’s current condition was not good. His entire upper body was covered with injuries, and his left shoulder had bite wounds. Even though the poisonous saliva of the four-eyed demon was not life-threatening, it was enough to make that half of his body numb. The left arm he had used to parry the attack revealed pale white bones.

However, Roy knew he could not let his guard down even in such a miserable state. He was worried that once he showed fatigue or panic, these little demons gathering around him would not hesitate to pounce on him and tear him into pieces. Therefore, he raised his gun, pointed it at a closer demon, and shot at him!

Bang! This shot did not hit the demon but landed on the ground near his feet. A series of sparks resulted from the friction. The little demon was shocked and quickly jumped away.

Then Roy pointed the muzzle at another little demon. This little demon was smarter. When he saw it aimed at him, he escaped before Roy pulled the trigger.

With this lesson in front of them, the little demons escaped whenever Roy pointed the muzzle at them. These little demons did not know that Roy only had one bullet left. They only felt that the thing in his hand was terrifying since it could kill a strong little demon, and none of them wanted to jump to their deaths. They all hoped the other little demons would go first.

A while later, Roy did not even need to use his gun. He merely opened his mouth to scare them with his sharp teeth, and the little demons would then escape by themselves.

Roy achieved his goal. Unfortunately, he still underestimated the demons’ greed for souls. The little demons would carefully gather again as long as he did not put away the soul of the four-eyed demon.

It gave Roy a headache. In fact, he could also feel his body instinctively hunger for the soul that was shining by his feet, causing him to salivate continuously. It should be because of Soul Devouring Addiction. Although Roy was dying to know what a soul tasted like, he knew that souls were his ticket to survival, so he could only resist his physical impulse and try to see if he could store this soul in the system.

Unexpectedly, he succeeded, and that ball of light immediately disappeared.

He noticed that the counter for Number of Souls in Possession in his main attribute area of the system had changed from zero to ‘Complete low-quality souls (1), low-quality souls about to disappear (1)’!

The complete low-quality soul was probably the soul of the four-eyed demon, but that ‘low-quality soul about to disappear’ baffled Roy for a while. If he did not guess wrong, that soul should be the first soul he obtained. What he did not expect was that after his revolver materialized, the soul had some remaining and did not disappear completely.

The difference in soul consumption for different definitions and attributes surprised Roy once again. This soul was not enough when he added the Infinite Ammunition attribute earlier…

Is this the difference between white equipment and blue and purple equipment?

Roy was regretting now. If he had known that the system could store souls, he would have first stored the demon worm’s soul in it, and he would not have needed to fight the four-eyed demon then…

As soon as the soul disappeared, the little demons gathering nearby instantly became restless. Roy raised his gun again vigilantly, but the little demons dispersed, running to other places that had fighting to see if they could get anything out of it…

Roy finally sat on the ground, relieved that his crisis was over. However, he did not have the consciousness that he had a tail and thus sat on it, causing him great pain.

Seems like I have to change my human habits after changing form. After sighing and moving his tail aside, he finally settled down to look at the revolver he had drawn.

However, Roy’s head filled with black lines once he took a good look at it.

What could he say, this gun he held was simply too strange! If he had to use one phrase to describe it, it would be fifty cents special effects!

Not one cent more! It was too fake!

It was already crooked when he was drawing it, and then because of the emergency, he had not colored it at all. He had not even defined its material. It felt like a white plastic gun in his hand. (The background color when drawing was white.) It was crudely made with plastic spikes everywhere, as though it were just taken out of a plastic mold…

Roy dared to swear that this was not as good as the BB gun he played when he was young!

However… this was where it got weird. This cheap special effects gun could actually be fired and was really powerful. This was purely because Roy defined a Firearm attribute to it. This was the first time that Roy felt that this custom system was truly extraordinary!

Using text to define the strength through the system was akin to the power of language or like the information-material conversion technology in the novels that Roy read before. Moreover, it had idiot-proof operations…

Roy could not help but to feel happy when he thought back to him fighting monsters and going on quests for equipment in his games. Now, he had gone one step further to creating his own equipment.

He now had another soul, and the quality did not seem half bad. However, Roy was not in a rush to upgrade the revolver in his hand. Instead, he summoned the system interface and began drawing again.

This time, he drew a test tube and a line in the middle to indicate the liquid level. He then chose blue to color the inside of the test tube.

A test tube filled with blue liquid appeared, and Roy defined it with the text: Antidote!

Yes, what he had to do first was to resolve his poisoned status. In order to save on consumption, he did not define too many things about the antidote and only intended to use up the soul that was about to disappear.

The poison from the four-eyed demon shouldn’t be that powerful, so it should be relieved with this, right?

Roy was about to save when he completed it, but he changed the color of the liquid to dark brown after giving it some thought.

Moreover, he added another attribute in the definition: Cola-Flavored!

After making that addition, Roy saved it satisfactorily. Unsurprisingly, the soul that was about to disappear truly did disappear, and a dark brown potion appeared in Roy’s hand.

Come, let’s drink this happy drink of all nerds! Roy lifted his hand and downed it…

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