Custom Made Demon King

Chapter 504: Real sacrifice ritual

About ten days later, the news reached the New Horadim Church.

In a secluded room, Archangel Tyrael, who was transformed into a human image, was looking at several pieces of information on the table in front of him with the light of candlelight.

In fact, it is not just Kyle who encountered the remnants of the Zakarum Order in the small town. There are also several similar sacrifices that have occurred in the sanctuary around the world. The demon hunters under the Church of Hradim, After encountering these incidents, they discovered the seriousness for the first time, so they sent information back to the church. The information in front of Tyrael was all reports of similar events, so every time you browsed a copy, Tyrael His face became serious.

As the archangel who has recovered his memory, Tyrael has a long memory. He is very clear about what the Sakarram Church is all about. The Sakarram Church at the beginning completely represented the camp of light and justice. However, Because the soul stone of Mephisto, the king of hatred, was imprisoned, it was eventually tempted and degraded by Mephisto. Almost all of the church fell to the dark side, becoming Mephisto’s minions and lackeys, now Zacaran Mu, it is no longer the church that produced the Paladins. In the sanctuary, the Zakarum cultists have become synonymous with the Dark Order.

It is precisely because he knows that the master of the Zakarum Church is Mephisto, the king of hatred, that Tyrael pays such attention to him. He knows very well that the sudden activity of the Zakarum Church may be Mophisto. Another conspiracy by Festo.

Just a few years ago, Diablo, the King of Fear, who had gathered the power of the Seven Demon Kings, broke through and entered the high-order paradise. The archangels of the Council of Anglis were not even able to resist Diabo. Luo Shi’s offensive was like a broken bamboo, and it was Tyrael who finally defeated Diablo and sealed him in the Dark Soul Stone with the help of the Nephew’s power. When the Radium Brotherhood, the dark soul stone called Diablo was completely sealed, Massail, who had fallen to the angel of death, suddenly appeared and snatched Diablo’s soul stone from his hand.

The most embarrassing thing is that after taking Diablo’s soul stone, the archangel Marsaier swallowed the soul stone and became extremely powerful with the help of the power of the demon kings.

As a last resort, Tyrael could only use Nephitian’s power again to enter the Chaos Fortress and fought a battle with Massail. In the end, he triumphed and defeated Massail.

Massail fell from the Chaos Fortress, but in the process of his fall, the soul of Diablo that had been swallowed escaped with it. It was not until this time that Tyrael knew that Massail actually Did not fully integrate the power of Diablo and the Seven Demon Kings.

From that moment on, Tyrael understood that the Seven Demon Kings might return again. They have immortal souls, and they will be resurrected again and again as they did during the Eternal War, and then bring suffering to this world again. .

“Is Mephisto, King of Hatred, who returned first?” Tyrael muttered to himself, looking at the information in front of him with a headache, “He is instructing the Zakarram to call him back?”

But…it seems something is wrong… Tyrael carefully read the description in the information again. If Mephisto wants to return with the sacrifice ceremony, how could the ceremony fail? You should know that although the souls of the demon kings are immortal, it takes a long time to cultivate after each severe damage and fall. Now it has only been a few years since the fall of Massail, Mephisto’s soul is restored. In this state, the scale of the sacrifice ceremony does not need to be too large. In fact, his soul can be recalled from the chaos realm. Then why are the rituals mentioned in these intelligences End of failure?

When Tyrael felt puzzled, another piece of new information was sent over. Tyrael took a look and found that it was another report of a member of the Horadim Brotherhood who frustrated the sacrifice ceremony. The difference between the report is that the reporter actually recorded the scene with a photo-taking stone and sent it together.

Through this picture stone, Tyrael finally saw the scene of the scene. As a high-level archangel, he is naturally proficient in various demonic languages ​​and characters. After he carefully identified the magic circle in the picture, gradually His face became more and more surprised.

“Holy light is on! This…this ritual wants to summon, it is not Mephisto, King of Hatred!?” Tyrael’s eyes widened: “It’s…but a demon outside the territory!?”

“Come on! Come on!” Now Tyrael was finally anxious, and hurriedly shouted. After an attendant from the Horadim Brotherhood came in, he immediately said: “Inform all Horadim immediately. The members of the Brotherhood issued an emergency mobilization order to eliminate the Zakarums at all costs, telling them that the Zakarums are trying to summon a powerful extraterritorial demon! That is no less powerful than the seven demon kings, we can’t let this The conspiracy was succeeded!”

Tyrael’s order was passed on quickly, but it also stunned the entire Horadim Brotherhood. What does Tyrael mean? The new demon? The new demon king besides the seven demon kings?

Where did it come from?

Regardless of what the members of the Horadim Brotherhood think, Tyrael does not know that the Seven Demon Kings have eight such terriers, but he is really worried, because he does recognize the devil characters carved in the ritual magic circle. Out of the name [Your Majesty], for the devil, those who can use the name [Your Majesty] can only refer to the demon of the Demon King order!

“O…Osiris? That’s how it is pronounced, right…” Tyrael repeatedly watched the picture in the shadow stone, and finally read the pronunciation of the name in the devil’s text. But after saying the pronunciation of the name, Tyrael Riel was a little confused again.

Because in his impression, he didn’t seem to have heard the name of a demon king like this…

“Perhaps, I should return to the high-level heaven…” Tyrael calculated: “There is a projection of the Book of Truth from the Garden of Eden in the high-level heaven. Maybe I can find the origin of this demon from the book of truth…”

As he thought of it, Tyrael immediately set off to return to the high-level paradise. After the battle of Massail, Tyrael’s relationship with the archangel of courage, Impress, eased. If you think about it, you should be able to see the book of truth… Bar?

However, what Tyrael didn’t know was that during the time he was on his way to high-level heaven, the world of Sanctuary had undergone tremendous changes.

According to his instructions, the Horadim Brotherhood sent a large number of people to eliminate the Zakarum followers. Naturally, many of the descendants of the Naphitian also followed suit. However, when one of the small groups of Naphitians discovered a At the gathering point of the Zakarum cultists, when they were about to take a shot, they found that they had fallen into a huge trap!

In this gathering point, tens of thousands of Zakarum cultists suddenly poured out, surrounded this small group of Nephis, and then attacked them fiercely, ultimately at the cost of huge casualties. Using the life pile, finally caught the team of Nai Fei Tianren.

In fact, this is a conspiracy by Mephisto. Mephisto knows very well that with the scattered distribution of Zakarum followers, he is unable to organize a huge summoning ritual from the chaotic world. Summoning Roy from outside, so he first asked the Zakarrams to hold rituals to confuse the Hradim church. After they paid attention to it, he let the Zakarrams set a trap and caught the team of Naphitians. people.

It feels a bit loud…

As a hybrid product of angels and demons, the Neferi, that is, the Naphiris, possess powerful soul power. Using them as sacrifices can offset the huge consumption of the sacrifice ceremony…

In the end, the Zakarumists killed the group of Nephews. With their blood and souls, plus thousands of Zakarams who died as sacrifices, they finally activated the real sacrifice call. ceremony!

The blood-red magic circle light of the sacrifice ceremony rose into the sky, and the sky of the Eastern Sanctuary also looked strange and terrible because of this light. Under the dim sky, the priest of Zakarum who presided over the ceremony looked excitedly at the high sky. The vortex of the clouds shouted: “May the sun fall to the western dust, may the light disappear, use the sacrifice as a guide, rise from hell, and let the abyss come! The king of winter! The ruler of darkness! The ruler of blood and thunder! Singer of frost and fire! Emperor of disease and war! Eternal masters of the dead! In the name of my lord Mephisto, our humble servant sings your real name here, Your Majesty Osiris! I beg you to follow The abyss is coming!”

This summoning spell is sung in a devilish language. It is the spell sung by Silas when Roy descended into the world of Devil May Cry. After Roy agreed to Mephisto’s request, he wrote this The spell was told to Mephisto, and Mephisto told the Zakarumists to use this spell to call Roy to come.

The whole world of the sanctuary is actually an egg-like world. The sanctuary is in the center, similar to the yolk, and the periphery is the chaos world like the egg white. In fact, it is the so-called purgatory space. The entire world is wrapped in an egg shell. , Forming a kind of closure effect, so the space door to be opened for this summoning ceremony is also different from the space door normally opened inside the sanctuary. It is a space-time door that opens from outside the egg shell (outside the domain).

As a result, the impact of this summoning ceremony is completely unprecedented. The entire eastern sky of the sanctuary has a vision. The blood-red light can be clearly seen hundreds of miles away. Countless hunters who have observed the vision here The demons all hurriedly rushed towards here.

But they were too late. As the priests continued to chant over and over again, the magic circle that absorbed the blood and soul of the Nephis was constantly increasing its power and outputting its magic power. Numerous hair-like magical lightning flashed in the sky. In the light of this lightning, a deep and dark fissure appeared high in the sky and began to slowly expand.

The malicious dark aura of the abyss world is revealed along with the slowly opening space crevices, making everyone who feels this breath have a creepy panic. The weak civilians have long been looking at the blood-red sky in the distance. Kneeling on the ground, holding his hands and praying non-stop.

In the end, this dark and deep space crevice expanded at high altitude into a circular plane with a diameter of ten kilometers.

Under the excited gaze of the priest Zakarum, under the gaze of countless people who were frightened and disturbed, a demon wrapped in huge wings slowly penetrated from the plane of the fissure!

The huge contrarian wings slowly opened, revealing Roy’s hideous face, the scarlet demon eyes are like electricity and light, and the semi-substantial edges of the body are flowing with mist like water, giving people a dreamlike illusion. A feeling like that, accompanied by Roy’s appearance, the surrounding air was trembling, making a whine-like scream.

It seems that the movements he comes are getting bigger every time. After all, no world would welcome such a powerful alien species as him, but unfortunately, the will of this world is simply unable to resist…

Roy, here comes…

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