Custom Made Demon King

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Earthquake, Volcano

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A while after drinking the cola-flavored antidote, Roy could feel the numbness on his shoulder lessening.

It works. The effect isn’t too obvious, but it really works against the poison. Roy sighed with relief, and now only the wound was left.

He originally wanted to draw something to stop the bleeding and some bandages, but he felt that it did not do the consumption of souls justice. Roy looked at the battling demons nearby. These demons would not get away unscathed even if they were to win, and Roy wanted to know how they dealt with their wounds.

In the end… he saw most of them licking their wounds until they stopped bleeding…

The beast-like behavior made Roy feel helpless, but he could only follow. He knew that too much blood loss was not good for any creature, even a demon.

Fortunately, the revolver in Roy’s hand gave the demons nearby a great deterrent, and none of them disturbed him while he licked his wounds quietly. After a while, his severely wounded left arm gradually stopped bleeding.

The strong devouring the weak continued on the beach. From time to time, the stronger demons killed their prey and swallowed the souls of these weaker demons, leaving no chance for the other demons. Seeing this, Roy extinguished the thought of taking advantage of the situation.

The importance of souls to Roy, who had the system, was self-evident. However, demons had Soul Devouring Addiction, creating many competitors for him. Whenever he thought of this situation, Roy could not help but want to sigh.

After he stopped his bleeding, Roy opened the system interface. This time, he drew some bullets for the revolver, materialized them with the consumption of the four-eyed demon’s soul, and filled them into the cheap revolver.

He did not know what else he would encounter later, so it was important for him to ensure the state of his weapon.

However, after he loaded the magazine, the situation suddenly changed again.

A sudden tremor came from the ground!

This tremor was so strong that even Roy felt dizzy while standing.

What’s happening? A big earthquake?

The tremor continued for quite a while before gradually stopping. Roy recovered and found that the little demons that were fighting frantically earlier stopped after the tremor! They suddenly gave simultaneous strange cries, as though they woke up from a dream, and started running forward desperately.

Those without wings dashed on all four; those with wings took off into the sky. They were moving forward desperately even though they did not fly high.

Seeing their actions, Roy did not say anything and immediately started to run as well. Although he did not know where to run to or why he was running away, he was clear that it was definitely not a coincidence for so many demons to be doing the same thing. Something was going to happen.

Fortunately, Roy was used to running with both feet, so his injured left arm did not affect his mobility, making Roy thank his lucky stars that he was not wounded in the leg during combat. Otherwise, it would have been troublesome.

As he followed the little demons all the way across the vast beach, the scorching green smoke and the heat gradually dissipated. The scene in front of them became clearer as well.

The destination of these little demons turned out to be a black volcano with smoke emitting from its top!

Is the volcano erupting?! Roy was uncertain. But if it’s really going to erupt, why are the little demons not fleeing from it but toward it?

No matter what Roy thought, the little demons at the forefront rushed up the volcano without looking back. They jumped between the gullies formed by the molten magma and crossed strange black stone all the way to the top. Those insect-like and bird-like demons with wings went straight for the top of the volcano and plunged into the hole on top!

Are they really flying into the volcano? Roy was shocked, but he turned back to look at the army of little demons behind him and could only force himself to run up the mountain.

He knew he lacked the instinct and the inherited memories imprinted into the bones of a demon, and he did not know what the other little demons knew. They must have their reasons for running into the volcano. After all, it’s impossible for all the little demons to court their own deaths, right? Therefore, it’s right to follow them!

As to whether or not he would perish in the flames of the volcano, it remained to be seen. He could only follow the actions of the little demons.

The altitude of the volcano was pretty high. Fortunately, the route was pretty clear, and there was no such thing as getting lost. Roy climbed along a straight line and reached the top of the volcano in no time.

For the first time, he saw the insides of a volcano. He saw a straight deep pit with smoke increasing gradually, and at the bottom of the volcano was a bright fiery color. At the bottom, there was a thin layer of magma that solidified with countless irregular cracks, and that fiery color seeped out from these cracks. It looked like countless fiery red lightning appearing at the bottom of the redness. The scene was truly spectacular!

It might be spectacular, but the meaning behind it was terrifying as well. It seemed like it would not take long for the cracked magma to buckle under the pressure and eventually form a volcanic eruption. If he did not find a way to leave as soon as possible, he would not even have a corpse left!

As he stood atop the volcano, Roy looked around and realized that this hatching place was actually an island with a blood-red ocean surrounding the island.. Going by how the previous hatching place actually extended all the way to the beach, it meant that the area covered by the volcanic eruption was rather large. The entire island seemed to be within its eruption range, and he could not avoid it unless he headed into the ocean.

And only God knew what dangerous creatures the bizarre blood-red ocean harbored.

No wonder why these little demons hurried to the volcano before it erupted. They have no other place to evacuate to…

Watching how the other little demons climbed down the inner wall of the volcano, Roy also learned how to use the sharp claws of his four limbs to climb down. However, Roy could only hold on with his injured left arm while using his right arm and feet to climb down.

He moved cautiously, ensuring that he gripped firmly every step of the way because he saw many little demons losing their footing and falling to their deaths on the thin layer of magma rocks…

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