Custom Made Demon King

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Hell, Abyss

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Thousands of little demons poured in from the mouth of the volcano. This scene was a little shocking, but Roy realized that the little demons that arrived near the bottom earlier did not go all the way to the bottom. Instead, they were searching for something on the inner wall of the volcano.

They used their claws to tap, trying to probe the inner wall of the volcano. While Roy wondered what they were doing, a little demon screamed in surprise and then started to dig desperately at the place where he tapped.

Most importantly, the other little demons actually ran over to help!

This was such a strange scene. It was the first time Roy saw the little demons cooperating with each other!

It did not take long for these little demons to dig a black hole. The moment the hole appeared, the little demons cheered and swarmed in!

There were more holes than just one such one. Little demons made holes everywhere in the inner wall of the volcano, and the nearby demons would enter together.

Roy finally realized that the holes made by these demons were thin and weak points in the inner wall of the volcano!

There were actually countless caves of all sizes in this volcano, but every time the volcano erupted, the surging magma would fill them up. The pressure from the eruption was not too strong, so while it would fill up after every eruption, they would reappear after some digging.

This behavior of digging caves out had already been carved into the demon genes for millions of years.

After comprehending it, Roy did not give it any other thought. He followed a group of demons behind him to dig a hole and crowd into a cave.

Thousands of little demons disappeared into the caves in an orderly manner like ants returning to their nests. An explosive sound came not long after they crowded into the caves. Hot magma broke through from the bottom layer of rocks and shot up into the sky…

With great vigilance, Roy followed the little demons, marching into the cave without light. He, of course, had to guard against the sneak attacks of the other little demons in this dark environment. What was strange was that the aggression of these little demons had greatly reduced after leaving the place they hatched. They ran into the cave quickly without any thought of attacking the others.

9When the volcano erupted, a lot of magma poured into the hole they dug in the rear, blocking the hole again. However, none of the little demons were hurt by the magma. Roy thought the little demons would stop once the magma stopped pouring in, but those in front did not stop at all.

Roy could only continue moving forward because the little demon behind him would push him and growl, hurrying him once he stopped and blocked the path.

Roy did not expect the cave to be so long. He felt as though they had come a long way from the volcano.

And according to Roy’s feeling, the cave seemed to be going diagonally all the way deep into the ground.

This meant that they were moving toward the crust…

Roy was very anxious. He did not know where these little demons were heading to, but he had a premonition.

Is the place they’re heading to where demons really live?!

After an unknown period of time, strange emotional cheers suddenly traveled backward from the front. Upon hearing the cheer, the little demons in the rear became agitated and hurried along. Roy was driven by their movements and accelerated forward as well.

As expected, a bright light appeared from the front. After he walked in the cave for such a long time, Roy’s eyes had adapted to the darkness, so the light he saw dazzled him.

But in fact, the light coming from the front was not strong at all. It was dim red and accompanied by a heatwave, rolling in without stopping…

Finally, Roy reached the exit. It was the huge mouth of the cave, which made him look really small. However, Roy could not attend to sighing in relief right now. Instead, he looked on dumbfounded at the scene that unfolded before him.

It turned out to be a massive underground space where a dimly-lit world appeared. The ground was scorched black soil, the forest was twisted black, and a large river formed by lava flowed slowly. The momentum moving the river came from the dozens of waterfalls of magma from the cave walls. They flowed from a great height accompanied by green smoke and sparks, stirring the airflow of the underground world, making the air hot. The hot winds rolled the black soot up from the ground, causing the air to be pretty dirty.

There was also a range of mountains, some of which were high and low, but most of them had the same color and tone. It could be said that this was a black and red world.

Black was the black ashes, while red was the redness from the flames…

From Roy’s current perspective, he could only observe a small part of this underground world. There was a horizon in the distance that Roy could not even begin to imagine how big it was. According to Roy’s understanding, this underground world should be under the seabed, a cavity formed between the crust and the mantle. Here, the sky was a dome supported by the hardened rock, and the ground was heated up by the core, which was why it looked hot.

Roy felt sorrow from within thinking about how he would need to live in this hell-like world. However, when the skin of his demon body felt the searing air in here, his body actually jumped for joy, giving him an urge to enter this world. The contrast between his thoughts and his body made him want to laugh and cry at the same time.

The little demons behind Roy had already excitedly climbed down along the cave’s rock wall. Roy stood there blankly for a while before he finally sighed and followed suit.

Those with wings had already flown out. Hundreds of thousands of little demons that came from the hatching area poured out of the caves like ants and scattered into this underground world, but this scene felt underwhelming…

They were not the first batch of demons to enter this world, nor would they be the last. How many such demons lived in this underground world? And how many adult demons were there?

What Roy, who was climbing down along the wall of the cave, did not know was that he had only scrapped the uppermost level of the endless Abyss of the hell that was the Demon World…

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