Daoist Master of Qing Xuan

Chapter 707 - Mortal Realm

Chapter 707: Mortal Realm

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People had been speculating the relationship between Lord of Dao Qingshui and Daoist Master Taiyi. The most common theory was that Lord of Dao Qingshui was the daughter of Daoist Master Taiyi.

After Buddha and Daoist Master Taiyi attained detachment, Lord of Dao Qingshui became the world’s greatest existence. Even if she was not related to Daoist Master Taiyi, no one would want to mess with her.

The Perfected Lord of Qingyuan Miaodao too did not want to provoke Lord of Dao Qingshui but even if he wanted to hide, he would not be able to hide from her.

Lord of Dao Qingshui said indifferently, “You have forced my successor to death. It has to be an eye for an eye.”

“We are all Daluos but you just would not take Yang Jian seriously.” The Perfected Lord of Qingyuan Miaodao was known as Yang Jian in his previous life and continued to use this name in his current life. He was the nephew of the Heavenly King and the grand-disciple of the Daoist Master. His nobility was comparable to Lord of Dao Qingshui and even if he was fearful of her, he would never bow down to her.

Moreover, it was clear that Lord of Dao Qingshui wanted to end his path of Dao. The dharma that he cultivated had seventy two lives. He then reincarnated, experienced trials, achieved perfection and gained an extra life. He was at his peak and was just about to gain his big breakthroughs in the Yuxu Celestial Method, the foundation of attaining detachment.

He would not die if he lost one life. However, he would need to spend an endless amount of time to recreate the seventy third life. By the time he managed to do so, he would have faced tons of trials and the possibility of attaining detachment would greatly decrease.

Lord of Dao Qingshui emotionlessly said, “Yes, I do not take you seriously.”

The streams of energy started to fluctuate in the void and Yang Jian was being careful about it. He then transformed into a giant with his third eye to the brow chakra opened widely to stimulate the tide of energy.

He knew that he would lose a life if he was careless. Before the infinite trials would strike, only one person could attain detachment and anyone stood a fair chance of doing so. Other rivals would be happy if they had one less competitor. In other words, someone might stab him in the back if he had the lower hand.

However, this was also his opportunity to inflict serious injuries on Lord of Dao Qingshui to rid of one competitor.

The Netherworld underwent changes again as Qing Xuan earth and star started to merge with the Netherworld. The sun of the Netherworld actually reached Qing Xuan earth and star. Endless streams of Yin energy emerged in the Netherworld while the Yang energy was dispelled to Qing Xuan earth and star.

Lu Jiuyuan let out a long sigh as his Daoist body collapsed and eventually fell apart. He merged with the Qing Xuan earth and star and became an incarnation of the laws of heaven to help Qing Xuan earth and star to absorb the Yang energy and to prevent the heaven and earth from complete destruction.

Gradually, the Qing Xuan earth and star expanded rapidly like boxes within boxes. The boxes were then taken out, causing the heaven and earth to expand and transform. The originally fragile rules were like silk being weaved into a cloth. It became thicker and thicker while the Netherworld became the other side of Qing Xuan earth and star’s Yin Mountain, the real Hades.

The order of the karmic cycle was being established while the Netherworld was being shuffled. The twenty eight hells were formed and the Senluo Hall that housed the Underworld Demon Sect continued to absorbed the Qi of the Netherworld and became the true Senluo Hall.

Ye Liuyun showed up at the Senluo Hall and his white outfit was replaced with the King of Hell’s robe. The demonic soldiers of the Netherworld who stood behind him hopped into the Yellow Springs and transformed into Messengers of Hell with the faces or horses and bulls.

The Path Master of the Evil Spirit Path was extremely delighted. He flipped and transformed into a judgment pen flew out from the void and landed in his hand.

He frowned and looked at Ye Liuyun, “Sect Master, one more thing, the Register of Life and Death.”

A book then appeared out of nowhere with a dash of Qi of Xuan that formed the characters ‘temporarily on loan’. The Qi of Xuan then dispersed as the book landed in front of Ye Liuyun.

Ye Liuyun tried to peep into the Register of the Life and Death with his divine thoughts but the book refused to allow his divine thoughts in. Obviously, it did not want to recognize him as its master.

After all, he was not the Master of the Netherworld. Even if he became the King of Hell, he only had a fraction of power to control the Netherworld.

His divine thoughts were spread throughout the Netherworld and yet he could not track down any traces of Shen Lian. More than anyone, he knew that if Shen Lian returned, this hell would only be an appendix for Shen Lian.

He knew that this was predestined by the greater beings but yet he could not accept it wholeheartedly.

The Hades was reestablished as the Qing Xuan earth and star went through a precipitous evolution. Its soulful aura was over a hundred times denser than it was previously.

At Vulture Peak, a flower appeared in the hands of Mahakashyapa. He smiled and said, “Everyone, I am heading to the mortal realm to wait for the birth of Maitreya Buddha and promote Dharma.”

“Amitabha.” The various Buddha, Bodhisattva, and Arhat responded. A sacred mountain popped out of nowhere in the extreme west of Qing Xuan earth and star. It was the Western Paradise Vulture Peak.

In the Bajing Palace, a young Daoist was seated next to the fireplace. He did some calculations with his fingers and uttered, “It’s about time to pay the mortal realm a visit.”

On earth, an unknown purple Qi swept across thirty thousand miles from the north and eventually, a Daoist temple appeared in the southwest region. There was a sheep outside of the temple and the plague of the temple said ‘Qingyang Palace’. The Dao rhythm was deep and there was nothing mortal about it.

Su Xiuqing unwittingly returned to the mountain gate of the Way of the Celestial Masters from the Netherworld. There seemed to be countless pearls that lit up the mountains and rivers as a celestial spoke to her in a gentle voice, “I am Zhang Daoling.”

After finishing his sentence, he took out a celestial talisman from his sleeve. A clueless Su Xiuqing accepted the celestial talisman and the vision disappeared. Since then, she dominated several deities with that celestial talisman and the Way of the Celestial Masters became a top Daoist sect.

On the ruins of the Taisu Palace, a girl with a black veil pointed at the ruins and the ruins transformed into a Dao palace. The soulful aura gathered like clouds and surrounded the palace. The lake further away from the palace was actually the liquid form of the soulful aura the celestial grass surrounding it was growing rapidly. Many women of the mortal realm had their memories revived and headed towards the Taisu Palace.

In the Xuantian sect, Song Qingyi appeared out of nowhere with neatly stacked clothes in front of him. Those were the clothes his honored master Lu Jiuyuan used to wear.

Wang Shidao who was standing next to him said, “You are going to inherit the honored master’s clothes and that means you are now the chief of the Xuantian Sect.”

Several strange incidents took place at every corner of the world as the the new era unfolded.

In the realm of nothingness, several storms were stirring up. The giant that Yang Jian transformed to crumbled like sand grains. He eventually returned to human size dressed in black and his breath was weak.

Countless broken lotus flowers floated around Lord of Dao Qingshui.

Yang Jian gritted his teeth and said, “Are you satisfied now?”

Lord of Dao Qingshui may look calm but there was a small split in her lower abdomen. It was apparent that she suffered a loss as she could not heal it even with her capabilities.

She responded, “I would never get hurt the next time.” Lord of Dao Qingshui disappeared into thin air as she finished her sentence.

Yang Jian felt the chills down his spine. He did not return to Yuxu Palace and instead entered the Six Realms of Samsara. He wanted to try his very best to sustain his cultivation.

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