Daoist Master of Qing Xuan

Chapter 709 - Midas Touch

Chapter 709: Midas Touch

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Before the blush on her beautiful face could fade away, Shen Lian withdrew his finger from her soft lips. It took Gu Weiwei a while to regain her composure and look towards Shen Lian. There was nothing odd about him as he was just looking at the jug.

The fire was still burning in the stove and the empty jug was just sitting aside. Gu Weiwei did not want to waste the charcoal and said, “I will get you another jug of wine.”

It slipped her mind to ask Shen Lian why the previous jug of wine took such a short time to heat up. She was very absorbed in taking the wine as she wanted to escape from the awkward situation.

Shen Lian’s mind was preoccupied. He took some wine but he just could not recall his apprentice-sister’s name. He also failed to recollect where he came from and could not remember how did he arrive at this place.

A fragrant breeze woke up him from his deep thoughts. Gu Weiwei brought another jug of wine and placed it on the stove. This time she was watching the jug and Shen Lian but picked up nothing. Shortly after that, the wine was ready.

She pulled up her sleeves and filled up a cup for Shen Lian and another cup for herself.

The two of them sat facing each other. Under the flames, Gu Weiwei looked delicate and beautiful. She peeped at Shen Lian from time to time but she would lowered her head head swiftly everytime she peeped because he was looking at her.

Finally, she could not take it anymore and asked, “Stop looking at me and drink up.” She would be pissed if someone stared at her that way but for some reason she was not mad at Shen Lian at all.

Perhaps it was because Shen Lian’s gaze was the purest she ever seen. It was clearer than the spring water from the mountains that contained no impurities.

She lifted the cup and signaled Shen Lian to cheers.

The cup of wine was not as hot but it did not taste as good as the previous cup. Gu Weiwei thought it was odd. She grew up with wine and had a high degree of discernment when it came to the taste of wine. It made no sense for her to make a wrong judgement.

Thus, she asked, “Were you the reason why the previous jug of wine got heated up so quickly?”

Shen Lian responded, “I wanted the wine to heat up quickly and then it got heated up.”

Gu Weiwei’s eyes widened up. She was somewhat skeptical but she thought about Shen Lian’s background as a Daoist. She asked, “Do you practice celestial methods?”

Shen Lian asked back, “What are celestial methods?”

Gu Weiwei felt that he was being sincere and thus patiently explained to him, “Celestial methods are superlative abilities and with that, you can do extraordinary things. I heard that a celestial once appeared at Mount Qing Xia many years ago and the ancestors of the Baijia Town knew that celestial. He lived for over a hundred years old.”

It was as if Shen Lian recalled something. He said, “I think I am a celestial.”

Gu Weiwei laughed, “Just because you practice celestial methods does not make you a celestial. Furthermore, you only knew how to heat up wine. If this was considered as a celestial method, you would not be able to fight other true celestials.”

Shen Lian was somewhat dissatisfied. He said, “Then what are real celestials capable of?”

Gu Weiwei answered, “A teacher who came to the restaurant once said that a real celestial could take the clouds and ride on fogs, their midas touch could turn rock into gold, they would never age and would remain young forever.”

Shen Lian responded proudly, “And I was thinking how amazing were the celestials you were talking about. Well I can do everything that you mentioned.”

Gu Weiwei found the proud Shen Lian really funny. She said, “Then why don’t you try turning the rock into gold?”

Shen Lian ordered, “Get me a rock.”

Gu Weiwei pointed at the cup and said, “This cup was made of ceramic. Why don’t you turn this into a gold cup?”

Shen Lian responded, “Sure.”

He looked at the cup and said, “You…turn into gold.”

The cup still looked the same but without a sense of guilt, Shen Lian proudly said, “Apprentice-sister, this cup has turned into a gold cup.”

Gu Weiwei looked at it from all angles and it still looked the same. She held back her laughters and said, “This cup indeed turned into a gold cup.”

Shen Lian laughed, “Do you know believe that I am a celestial?”

He did not look like he was joking and thus Gu Weiwei thought that something must be wrong with Shen Lian’s brain. She thought that perhaps Shen Lian was indeed from a Daoist temple and once had an apprentice-sister who treated him really nicely. Something must have happened and that was why he became like this and forgot many things.

She had watched operas and she started to create many tragic story about Shen Lian in her mind. Her gaze started to soften and she said, “From now onwards, you will help me with work. As long as I can afford a meal, you too would have something to eat.”

She was not sure if Shen Lian heard her words as he had fallen asleep on the table.

Gu Weiwei shook her head and smiled. She brought a blanket and put it over him. She did not want to waste the unfinished wine so she took some peanuts and enjoyed it leisurely.

She drank the wine and looked at Shen Lian at the same time. She realized that he actually had nice features and he would look really handsome if he shaved his beard. She was quite a drinker and finished a jug of wine in no time. She cleaned up the jug and the cups but allowed the fire to continue burning in the stove to keep Shen Lian warm.

She was about to wash the jug and the cup but she was stunned. One of the shafts of the cups was washed away. She thought she was seeing things and tried to wash it with water and soon a gold cup appeared in her hand. It was sparkling in a beautiful shade of color.

The cup actually turned into a gold cup and Gu Weiwei thought she was dreaming. Could it be that Shen Lian was indeed a celestial who could turn a rock into gold. She had never cultivated and knew nothing about cultivation. Generally, the so-called celestial method of turning rocks into gold was just an illusion trick. The act of turning rocks into gold involved the means of creation as it altered the substance of the objects. Not all celestials were capable of doing so.

Any cultivator who found out that Shen Lian could turn rocks into gold would be extremely impressive and would sincerely beg him to teach them how to do so. It was rare to such powerful celestials even in the top celestial schools across the entire Yuan Continent.

Gu Weiwei was very shocked. She was not delighted and instead felt scared. This was because Shen Lian looked like he had forgotten many things. If someone else found out that Shen Lian could turn rocks into gold, they might come and harm him.

She immediately woke him up.

An unhappy sleepy Shen Lian said, “Apprentice-sister, I had a dream and it was a dream about the past. Why did you wake me up?”

Gu Weiwei showed him the gold cup, “The cup turned into a gold cup.”

Shen Lian responded, “Yes, didn’t you realize that earlier? I did not lie to you.”

Gu Weiwei said, “I thought you were joking. From today onwards, you should never ever tell anyone that you could turn rocks into gold.”

Shen Lian questioned, “Why?”

Gu Weiwei answered, “If you tell people that you can turn rocks into gold, they would want you to teach them. If you taught someone with ill intentions, they might use it to do something bad. But if you insist of not teaching, they might harm you or even kill you. Do you understand?”

She was very worried for him and perceived that the reason why Shen Lian became a mess and had forgotten about the past was because someone knew about his abilities and must have harmed him.

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