Demons Beside You

Chapter 574 - Treatment

Chapter 574: Treatment

That day, all the newspapers and media in L.A. were filled with one headline: Famous Boxer Attacked on the Street.

There were also a lot of pictures that proved how serious Tiger’s injuries were.

There was even an interview with his doctor that proved this news.

“Chen, Tiger’s loss rate increased.”

“How much is it now?”

“Seven point five to one.”

“It seems lower than expected,” Chen Zhao said.

“The highest it can be is 10:1. The current 7.5:1 is already really high,” Gaia said. “Buy?”

“Buy it. Oh, and buy one for Tiger too. Then help him do the paperwork for getting discharged and bring him to my house.”


A while later, Gaia and Tiger arrived.

Tiger had a cast on both arms. His face was covered in injuries and he had bandages all over.

“Mr. Chen.” He started crying as soon as he saw Chen Zhao.

“No need to say anything. It’s not your fault,” Chen Zhao said.

Tiger was still a bit fragile.

His emotions were extremely unstable.

Chen Zhao patted his shoulder. “It’s nothing. It’s just a tiny injury, right? I’ll let you stand on the podium again in four days.”

“Mr. Chen, can I really? I’m so badly hurt…”

“You can if I say so. You don’t trust me?”

“I do, I do…”

“In four days, beat up the opponent for me.”

“Chen, do you need me to do anything?”

Chen Zhao took out a jug of Purple Brew. “This is for you, but don’t drink it here.”

Gaia looked at the bamboo. “What’s in it?”

“Wine. But I plan on selling it to rich people, so the price is set really high.”

“How high?”

“Five hundred thousand dollars.”

“So, if I sell this, I can sell it for $500,000?”

“This is my price for now, but I have to wait until my rich friends help promote it. I’m not sure if it’ll succeed or not. You can keep it for now.”

After putting Tiger to sleep, Chen Zhao brought him into the spatial crack.

He needed to give Tiger surgery here.

His biggest injuries were his broken ribs and shattered arms.

But to Chen Zhao, he could heal these in a short period.

The surgery was a bit complex, but he would use magic to speed up the healing of the bones.

Of course, it was best if he used the demonic crystal potion as the guiding drug.

The perfect crystal potion could make someone’s broken limbs regrow.

Regular demonic crystal potions weren’t as magical, but they were still very effective, especially for speeding up recovery.

Chen Zhao used a tiny amount, but for Tiger, his injuries were still healing with a rate visible to the naked eye.

He also gave Tiger some strength potion.

The strength potion could help strengthen someone’s fitness with obvious effects, especially with recovery.

When Chen Zhao first used it, he recovered fully in three days from a gunshot wound that regular people needed more than a week to recover.

Of course, Chen Zhao used the perfect strength potion.

It was completely different from regular strength potions.

Ever since he had living experiments in the spatial crack, Chen Zhao had many subjects he could experiment on.

These test subjects gave him many good opportunities.

Chen Zhao’s medical skills were also improving rapidly.

He could test all his theories and hypotheses on these living subjects.

He didn’t care about their life or death.

Of course, he would revive them whenever possible.

Even though he had a lot of living subjects, they weren’t limitless.

He still had to save a little.

The best result for these living subjects was getting stabbed by Chen Zhao and then receiving a few stitches.

If they were unlucky, they would add another soldier to Blackie’s skeleton army.

Trigly walked over. “Master, how may I help you?”

“How are the subjects feeling?”

“Master, ever since you promised that they could leave the cell after completing ten experiments and leave this place if they don’t die in 20 experiments, they don’t feel as hopeless. They even hope that you can choose them quickly.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

Before, many subjects chose suicide because of their despair.

Chen Zhao didn’t want his subjects to all die, so he made that promise.

Of course, they couldn’t be actually freed even if they left.

Chen Zhao only allowed them to breathe fresh air, but they were still enslaved.

After asking about the situation inside the spatial crack, Chen Zhao left with Tiger.

When Gaia saw Chen Zhao walk out of the basement with Tiger, she came over immediately.

She knew that Chen Zhao’s house had many secrets.

After all, Chen Zhao let her see his supernatural power last time.

She already knew that Chen Zhao wasn’t a regular person.

Of course, she wasn’t a regular person either.

“How is he now?”

“He’s recovered already,” Chen Zhao said.

“Then, when will he wake up?”

Chen Zhao patted Tiger’s face. “Hey, wake up.”

Tiger opened his eyes blearily. “Mr. Chen… What time is it?”

“How do you feel?”

Tiger froze. Then he lifted his arms. “I think…I feel great… Mr. Chen, I recovered?”

“If you recovered, then why aren’t you training? Go swim in Mirror Lake.”

“Huh? Now?”

“Chen, he just recovered. Isn’t this too brutal?”

“Us two are going to drink. He can’t drink, so it’s not like he can watch us. It’s the best choice to go and practice now.”

Tiger was speechless, but as an athlete, he indeed couldn’t drink at will.

Usually, athletes were forbidden to intake alcohol a week before a competition.

For world-class competitions like the Olympics, they would have diet plans from one month before.

“Okay, Tiger, go swim.” Gaia didn’t pity him either.

Tiger could only jump into Mirror Lake with a sad face.

Chen Zhao took out a chunk of wyvern meat. “Come, let’s eat.”

Gaia smelled the grilled meat and immediately sensed the familiar aura.


“It’s from last time, but since you’ve activated your bloodline, you don’t have to worry anymore. Eat as much as you can. It won’t be as dramatic as the first time, but it’ll still help you.”

Hearing Chen Zhao’s words, Gaia grew braver and stuffed a chunk of meat into her mouth.”

“Tastes even better than my first time.”

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