Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 406 - Yini’s Decision! Saving Private Betty

Chapter 406: Yini’s Decision! Saving Private Betty

Chen Rui didn’t know that his beloved Athena had incredibly solved his biggest concern of Zola. He was currently walking down the street in frustration.

It was really frustrating. When he was otaku previously, he always envied the protagonist in the novel with 3 to 4 wives or even a harem. However, when he really crossovered to this world where polygamy was allowed, and he had more than one beloved woman were allowed, he realized the gap between ideal and reality. These women were not merely dolls who would only meet his physical needs, but they were partners who were sincere soulmates.

Why does the protagonist in those novels have no worries about conflicts at home?

Zola’s matter is just a trigger. Athena and Kia usually have a good relationship that is enough to make the henpecked husband, Roman, jealous, but even conflicts happen amongst closest friends. Once there is a conflict, I am naturally the only peacemaker between them. Furthermore, there is Shea and Zola now, and there may be another one in the future.

Zola is actually not wrong; I am the only one who is wrong. It is just that men are insatiable and greedy. I have disappointed them.

That’s right, I’m just a normal otaku. How would I have the halo and domineering spirit of the protagonist in the novels?

But I really disappointed them; I am unworthy of any of them.

As Chen Rui thought guiltily for a while, suddenly there was a bad omen in his heart. It turned out that he had already unknowingly walked to a secluded neighborhood, and a person behind him was approaching silently. He could feel this person’s power was quite extraordinary by just judging from the approaching skill.

Race: Sloth Royal Family (mutated)

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: B+ (A-)

Physique: B+ (A-), Strength: B+ (A-), Spirit: B+ (A-), Agility: B+ (A-).

[Analysis]: Wind attributes.

Belphegor Royal Family? The early stage of the Demon Emperor? His speed has even reached the intermediate stage of the Demon Emperor?

This data seemed to be a bit familiar. At this moment, a familiar voice sounded, “Sir financial officer, I’m sorry. For the sake of my friend, I have to mistreat you temporarily.”

Chen Rui’s mind shifted. He did not resist the assaulting force. He was immediately unable to move due to the deterrence, then he was immediately taken to another place with a sudden rush.

In fact, this deliberately weakened force was simply nothing to his current strength. Obviously, the other party’s knowledge of him still stayed at the level of the “human sheriff”.

After a while, a woman wearing a veil and a robe appeared in front of him, “I will only ask you a few questions. If you answer truthfully, I will never hurt you. Don’t try to play tricks. You can’t afford the price. Do you need me to cut off one of your fingers as a proof to make you believe me?”

Chen Rui shook his head quickly. The familiar data and voice made him recognize this veiled woman, and he muttered in his heart: Cut your ass. Return me my resurrection potion first!

But having said that, unless he had the determination to kill her, he must not expose “Charles” identity, so he could only act weak in front of this powerhouse.

“The first question, is Krobelus, the capital envoy of the previous war of lords, imprisoned in your house by a powerhouse?”

Chen Rui finally understood the true intention of the veiled lady “capturing” him, and he nodded in his heart. It seems that Ms. Betty is a true friend in her heart. Ms. Emerald Dragon’s sadness for her was not in vain.

“Yes. However…”

However, Krobelus doesn’t seem to be “imprisoned” by a certain powerhouse in my house, but she “imprisons” a certain powerhouse in my house instead. Since the appearance of Ms. Emerald Dragon, Paglio has reduced a lot of time to hang out outside; he is often sighing.

Ms. Yini directly ignored the “however” that the human wanted to say and asked, “What is the name of the powerhouse?”

Chen Rui answered honestly this time, “Paglio.”

Paglio! Isabella was shocked. As Ms. Betty’s best friend, she naturally knew the identity of Krobelus as a dragon. She also heard the name of Ms. Betty’s enemy before. There are definitely many named Paglio in the Demon Realm, but the one who can subdue Krobelus, I’m afraid that…

The poison dragon! The peak stage of Demon Overlord!

Poor Betty. She has not avenged her greatest grievance yet, and she actually fell into the hands of her enemy this time!

Ms. Yini could already imagine how Ms. Betty was tortured by her enemy. With Ms. Betty’s beauty, I’m afraid she will suffer…

In the robe, she clenched her fist tightly.

Isabella seemed to be given a new lease on life since the previous resurrection. She never wanted to return to her previous life no matter how luxurious and rich it was. She had only one wish left in her mind which was to kill her enemy, Broc, who escaped by chance last time. Perhaps, she also had a small supplementary wish which was to meet the “liar” again regardless of whether he had the so-called Snow Dallet.

Isabella’s initial intention to come to the Dark Moon was to find ways to rescue Krobelus, and then leverage her power to deal with Broc. When she heard Paglio’s name now, she was suddenly stunned. I didn’t expect that the person who captured Krobelus is actually such a terrifying enemy!

In any case, since I have come here, I have to somehow try to rescue Betty!

Isabella hesitated for a while, and finally said resolutely, “Since Krobelus is imprisoned in your house, you should be familiar with Paglio. Tell me everything honestly about the situation in the house as well as Paglio’s habits and characteristics now. I have a way to distinguish the truth from lies. If you dare to tell any lie, I will cut off one of your arms immediately!”

Soon after, the human financial officer walked out of the secluded neighborhood again while intimately holding the hand of a veiled woman wearing a robe.

No one knew that this human financial officer who looked the same as usual… Uh, at most, hooked up a new woman, was actually “coerced” by the “new hookup” woman.

The “new hookup” woman didn’t know that she was actually tricked by the “coerced” guy.

The reason why she went with the human was because the human confessed that there were various magic circles in his house which changed every once in a while; outsiders couldn’t enter. This was consistent with the intel that Isabella found out, so she wanted to use the human to sneak into the house. Then when the alcoholic Paglio got drunk, she would rescue the poor Ms. Betty.

Therefore, in the midst of the jealous eyes of the demons along the way, the human financial officer and the mysterious beauty walked toward the financial officers and sheriff’s residence affectionately.

On the other hand, Athena had returned to the house with Ms. Fairy Dragon after resolving the Roco Family issue.

With Athena’s efforts to mediate, Delia finally shook hands with Zola to make peace. She accepted the 7 yuan runes necklace and successfully isolated the [Soul Shackles]. Although Delia still looked a little cold, there was a touch of warmth in her gaze toward Zola; not to mention Roman. She had solved their biggest problem.

The sensitive Ms. Fairy Dragon could naturally sense this, so she felt even more proud.

Ms. Zola was still unfriendly toward her old enemy, Paglio, but her attitude toward Ms. Cow had changed. The main factor was that Ms. Betty was not Chen Rui’s woman, and she had shown admirable courage in protecting her man.

At this moment, there was a sudden flash of light on Delia’s bracelet. This was a special communication bracelet which was a special facility organized by the Dark Demon. She looked at the message received and couldn’t help showing the look of anger.

That flirty leader actually hooked up with a new woman at this time!

The announcement of this news caused a sudden commotion in the yard. The gloating and jealous nephew was also shouting the slogan of knocking down his sir uncle.

Soon after, Ms. Yini, who was holding the human financial officer, finally sneaked into this house full of magic circles.

To be precise, she “sneaked in” openly from the front door because this damn house didn’t even have a back door. However, there was no guard at the door, so it could barely be considered a successful sneak into the enemy’s house.

Ms. Yini carefully took the hostage into the house. Under the lead of the hostage, she came to “the most frequented place of Ms. Krobelus”.

No doubt, they saw a group of people in that wide courtyard from a distance.

Ms. Yini, who was holding her breath, saw her best friend, Betty, at a glance. However, to her surprise, Betty was holding the guy described as Paglio intimately. This guy seems to be talking about something and is scolded by Betty. He actually lowers his head dejectedly, not daring to make a sound. Does this look like being “held” by the enemy?

It seems to be the other way round, right?

The back of the other man looked familiar, and the beautiful woman with glasses beside Athena… is actually Zola!

That’s right, Zola! Paglio!

There were too many people with the same name in the Demon Realm. Isabella didn’t think too much initially, but now when these names were connected together, she suddenly understood. It turns out that Krobelus is actually held by another enemy- the even more terrifying fairy dragon, Zola!

In fact, Paglio just said in a low voice that Chen Rui shouldn’t be like this, but he attracted a siege by the female group headed by Ms. Emerald Dragon and Ms. Fairy Dragon. As for Roman, who had become the Envy Royal Family, was naturally firmly standing on Delia’s side.

The poor poison dragon was used to worsening the situation. Today, his dragon eyes were blinded. It was rare that he found his conscience and spoke up for his flirty symbiotic contract partner (Master Poison Dragon really thought so now), but he actually was reprimanded by everyone.

In terms of power, he was weaker; In terms of numbers, he was at an absolute disadvantage. Master Paglio really hit a nerve this time.

At this moment, Zola glanced in this direction. A cold light flashed past Zola’s lens, and Isabella immediately felt her mind moving. When she was sober, she had appeared in front of everyone with Chen Rui involuntarily.

“[Space Compression]!” Although Isabella travelled with Zola, and she knew that Zola’s strength was unfathomable, she did not expect Zola to reach such a level that she could actually easily launch the lost space magic with a simple gesture.

Once Zola noticed the existence of Chen Rui and Ms. Yini, she immediately cast magic to catch the pair of “adulterer and adulteress” in front of everyone, but she was stunned, “Yini?”

As soon as she uttered this sentence, Ms. Emerald Dragon, the leader of the crusade group, was also taken aback. Krobelus looked at her a few times and said emotionally, “Yini?”

Isabella saw that the situation was different long ago, so she simply pulled off the veil. The expression on Krobelus’ face quickly changed from shocked to surprise. She hugged Isabella and yelled happily.

As Chen Rui’s gaze fell on Athena and Zola who were holding hands closely, he was dumbfounded, but his eyes lit up- It turns out that I have the protagonist’s halo too. Is my domineering spirit taking effect?

Roman, who was at the side, was also stunned. He blurted out, “Aunt… aunty?”

Dear Demon God! It’s really aunty. That… asshole leader, does he really want me, Master Roman, to call him as uncle?

Seeing this unscrupulous nephew, Isabella was also stunned, “Why are you here?”

“What the hell is going on?” Delia, who was also stunned, couldn’t help but to ask.

Chen Rui shrugged innocently, “It’s nothing. It’s just that… everyone is here.”

It’s nothing 🤷‍♂️. It’s just another woman I got 😘…

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