Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 407 - An Inch of Blood for An Inch of Harem

Chapter 407: An Inch of Blood for An Inch of Harem

In the residence of the sheriff and financial officer, a new garden was added. Many beautiful flowers and plants were planted there. The faint mist floating in the early morning seemed mysterious and beautiful.

However, this garden was not for display. Ms. Fairy Dragon took a lot of effort to build it instead. Just the complex and intricate Dragon Inscription in the garden made even the master-level Paglio convinced, let alone the other magic circles and ancient runes.

The garden was a space connecting passage that could directly connect to the Rainbow Valley from the Dark Moon. This was not the water element magic’s space door which could be easily disturbed by magic and had a time limit. It was a permanent space coordinate passage in a sense.

Users could freely travel between the Rainbow Valley and the Dark Moon without restrictions just like the entrance of a room. Usually, Zola used this “door” to go to the Rainbow Valley to experiment, and then return to the Dark Moon to rest. Her life was quite fulfilling.

Of course, traps were everywhere in the Rainbow Valley. The danger was much higher than the original “treasure land” of Blue Lake Mountain Range. Besides Chen Rui who could easily access it, even Athena only visited twice with Zola’s accompany. In fact, the reason why people in the capital area could see irregular “rainbows” was entirely because Zola conducted some dangerous experiments inside which caused a strong tremor in space.

Although the auction was around the corner, Chen Rui would go to the Rainbow Valley to research ancient runes with Zola in the midst of his packed schedule. Of course, sometimes he researched some special “ancient runes”.

For example… now.

From time to time, there were exciting sounds in the ancient runes research lab. It was from the passionate man and woman who yearned for more after a bite of the apple.

“No way! Spare me…” (It was Ms. Fairy Dragon who actually begged for mercy)

“There… will break…” (a certain magic woman teacher borrowed a line from a special novel provided by her loli apprentice)

“…” (Omitting countless sound effects)

After the incoherent moan continued for a while, it turned into a high-pitched voice with continuous screams. Suddenly, the whole research room was quiet again.

However, it was not over yet.

Female, “Alright, now I’m on top!”

Male, “…”


Female, “Hey, I worked so hard just now, and even put on the glasses you want, you have to make some sound!”

Male, “…” (Huh?)

Female, “Didn’t Alice’s book say that men will moan when they are satisfied?”

Man, Argh…” (I hate dirty novels!)

Female, “Don’t pretend. If you let me feel comfortable, I can consider accompanying you with Athena.” (Hmph! I must win Athena)

Male, “… Yameteh!” (😩)

The physique of dragons was still quite strong. After a lot of actions, Zola actually devoted herself to the research energetically, while the human supported his waist and returned to the Dark Moon with a pitiful appearance.

In fact, that wretched [Dual Training] had played a great role. Both Zola and Chen Rui benefited a lot after the passionate mating.

However, Zola was getting “stronger”. Whether it was the knight riding the dragon or the dragon riding the knight, it was all joyful and painful hard work…

Walking out of the garden, Chen Rui was surprised to see that Paglio was also supporting his waist, and he looked exhausted. He even had dark circles as though he had “overworked”.

No wonder I haven’t seen Paglio or Ms. Krobelus in the past 2 days. Are both of them busy with “Dragon Egg Manufacturing”?

However, aren’t they too dedicated? He looks like he is dying.

Paglio saw Chen Rui and asked with a hoarse throat, “Hey, you are now considered an expert in ancient runes, do you really need two days and nights without rest to dispel this bullshit seal … huh?”

2 days and nights? Without rest?

Chen Rui was stupefied. He finally understood how the 2 dark circles of the poison dragon came from.

Damn, isn’t he too powerful!

By the way, dispel the seal?

Thanks to Chen Rui and Athena’s efforts, Ms. Zola finally forgave Paglio and promised to help him dispel the ancient rune seal. However, this seal was extremely complicated. Although Ms. Fairy Dragon had all the stone slabs, she couldn’t dispel the seal in a short time. Not to mention, women were very vengeful, so Master Poison Dragon would receive some unexpected “preferential treatment” from time to time. Could it be that…

According to Chen Rui’s knowledge, dispelling the seal really didn’t require such horrifying continuous sex. He had already confirmed that the poor Master Poison Dragon had been fooled again this time.

That is having sex for 2 days and nights nonstop! How can ordinary people endure this… “I remember there are such aphrodisiac runes. It seems to be a high level stuff of more than 10 yuan,” said Chen Rui vaguely. “Anyway, more than half of the rune seal on your body has been dispelled. Keep it up. Trust Zola…, uh, trust me, yes… I still have an urgent business; I have to rush to the financial officer’s office!”

Under Master Poison Dragon’s suspicious gaze, Chen Rui’s waist no longer hurts, and his legs were no longer sore. His body and his appetite were extra well. He ran away immediately.

“Leader!” Before reaching the door, Delia’s voice sounded.

Delia handed over 2 reports, “This is a funding application report. I need to apply for 1 million black crystal coins as the first batch of funds for the Dark Demon’s activities. The other report is about the reformation of the city. According to Isabella’s opinion, many places in the city, including the central plaza and arena, need to be transformed accordingly. Surveillance facilities should be added to prevent assassinations, riots and other incidents.

Chen Rui nodded, “Everything is up to you all.”

Delia frowned, “Leader, since you let me be in charge of this work, we have to follow the procedures and do business formally. You’re the financial officer. Please approve this application report first.”

Chen Rui knew that Delia was a careful person in executing her work, so he immediately took the report, stamped a special seal with the magic ring, and accepted the reformation report.

“Okay, I will take this reformation report to the palace and show it to Princess Royal Highness.”

After the last comedic “Saving Betty” operation, Chen Rui finally explained the sequence of events to everyone. Isabella finally figured out the true relationship between Krobelus and Paglio as well as Krobelus’ reason for “surrendering” to the Dark Moon.

Before Isabella’s “death”, she controlled Obsidian’s secret department before. She was mainly responsible for intel and assassination, so she was extremely proficient in this field. She would naturally not let it go this time.

Isabella also understood that she had discovered a lot of secrets. The other party would not let her go easily. After Krobelus and Chen Rui tried their best to persuade her, she finally agreed to stay and take charge of the Dark Demon’s work. Delia took the initiative to step down to become her deputy.

As for revenge, there was no worry as no one here would let Broc go.

It was worth mentioning that Krobelus and Isabella didn’t know that the human financial officer held by Isabella was the “liar,” Charles. Other insiders also kept their mouths shut under Chen Rui’s instructions. Of course, Chen Rui “cared” most about his cheap sir nephew. He had been intimidating and bribing him for a long time.

Since Isabella planned many of the capital’s unscrupulous sanctions against the Dark Moon back then, the relationship between Shea and Isabella had always been very bad. However, as Isabella expected, when Shea heard that Isabella was recruited to be responsible for the Dark Demon, not only did she not care about the past, there were many rewards instead.

As the saying went, sometimes your enemy knew you best.

From this alone, it could be seen that Isabella was indeed the best candidate for the Dark Demon.

After Chen Rui approved the application report, Delia added after some hesitation, “Leader, are you and Isabella really clear?”

If it was an official business just now, this sentence was purely personal gossip. Chen Rui shook his head quickly, “We are really clear. Don’t you see her living alone outside now? Don’t think too much. Remember to guard Roman’s big mouth. Never reveal that matter.”

Roman was now caught by Isabella to train as the scout and assassin candidate. Perhaps it was because of his aunty’s identity or the training in the Trevante underground cave, this guy looked very honest in front of Ms. Yini, but he was more afraid of divulging the matter.

Once Isabella knew the identity of “Charles”, with the ambiguity of the 2 at that time, perhaps there would be troubles. Now that his fragile harem had finally stabilized, perhaps a playboy’s blood would be sacrificed if there were any turmoil.

“Don’t worry, leader. That guy won’t dare.” Seeing the confident smile on Delia’s face, Chen Rui was relieved and secretly mourned for Master Roman. It seems that Delia will control him for his whole life. I’m afraid his dream of the forest will really hang under this tree.

When he left the house and came to the street, he saw Kia walking over with the little loli.

“Brother Chen Rui!” When the little loli saw Chen Rui, she happily jumped over, “Am I pretty today?”

The little Loli wore a candy-colored dress with a round collar. She even had a beautiful red bow. She looked pure and lovely. She almost blinded this guy whose actual age was an uncle. (Including the previous life, he was really an uncle)

“Alice is beautiful every day.” Chen Rui praised her symbolically. Seeing the little loli pouting in dissatisfaction, he added, “Especially today, even the 2 moons in the sky are shocked and hid into the dark clouds.”

When the little loli looked at the 2 moons in the sky that were obscured by clouds, her beautiful and lovely face was so delighted, “Is Sister Zola there? I took the time to come out to learn magic from her.”

The Roco Family incident previously shocked Princess Royal Shea. Patriarch Morten united with several families to complain first in front of Shea despite being guilty.

The sir financial officer next to her only said one sentence, “Ms. Simon, who was molested by your son, is the sister of the Dark Moon’s guest, Ms. Krobelus.”

Morten and several family heads were dumbfounded. Who is Krobelus? The former capital envoy, capital high rank court consultant, and a Demon Overlord powerhouse!

The current highest guest of the Dark Moon Palace.

During the war of lords back then, it was said that Krobelus did not make a move, but she stood on the side of the Dark Moon with great righteousness instead. Otherwise, the war of lords’ outcome would be completely different with the presence of the Demon Overlord powerhouse. There were also rumors that the Blue Lava Army was wiped out by Krobelus alone.

Morten’s son, Brue, was already known to be notorious. He was actually daring and blind this time that he molested the sister of the Demon Overlord powerhouse!

In fact, Morten, who was about to faint, didn’t know that the real person his son molested was not the Demon Overlord’s sister, but a real peak stage Demon Overlord powerhouse who was far more powerful than Krobelus.

Chen Rui took the opportunity to cite all the past bad deeds of Morten and his son, then he stated that it was an important period for the development of the Dark Moon now, so this black sheep must not be allowed to damage the good image of the Dark Moon. He suggested Shea should punish them severely.

Then, Krobelus appeared in front of everyone in a timely manner. Therefore, the patriarchs who were gathered by Morten to help all fought back and denounced Morten’s guilt. In the end, most of the Roco Family’s property was confiscated; Morten and his son were exiled. A more upright nephew who served in the Flame Army inherited the rest of the industry and the Roco surname.

Morten and his son had many enemies. Now that they had lost their status, it was said that they were killed shortly after being driven out of the city. The residents all clapped their hands and cheered. The punishment of the Roco Family had the effect of giving a lesson for others. Many families had restrained their children so as not to repeat the same mistakes. In addition to the control of the Cloak Gang, the order of the Dark Moon had become a lot better. Many foreign businesses had felt this and rejoiced.

Zola, who had the pseudonym Simon, also had the title of the royal magician. The little princess, Alice, was the happiest. It was obvious that the little loli wanted to learn the “magic” to become a big chest alien quickly.

“Ms. Zola is very busy now, I’m afraid she is not free. Alice should come in the afternoon.”

The little loli was slightly disappointed, “Oh…”

The little maid on the side added calmly, “It looks like Ms. Zola is very busy every morning?”

It smells sour…

“That… right?” Chen Rui felt guilty in his heart, and he hurriedly replied, “I have to go to the palace to deliver an important report to Princess Royal Highness, so I’ll go first.”

By the way, it seems that the palace is also not a good place now…

Considering the negative consequences caused by the previous concealment, Chen Rui simply and frankly told Princess Shea about his relationship with Zola 3 days ago. When Shea heard that Zola was actually this fellow’s woman as well, her face was suddenly gloomy. Then when she heard that Zola’s power was at the peak stage of Demon Overlord, she was shocked, and said to Chen Rui deeply, “Thanks for the hard work.”

Chen Rui was very clear about the meaning of this Royal Highness’ words. Thanks for your action of “sacrificing” your body to “recruit” the peak stage Demon Overlord powerhouse.

It must be hard to hide this hard work from me.

Continue to use your “hard work” to retain this peak stage powerhouse then.

If you have the ability and the guts, try the “hard work” once again?

Although Zola was designated as the royal magician, for the next 3 days, Princess Royal Highness was exuding coldness… Uh, perhaps more like exuding the hint jealous, ignored the sir financial officer. She didn’t even go to the secret room.

When he arrived at the council hall of the palace, Chen Rui reported the reformation to Princess Royal Highness. Shea remained expressionless and coldly uttered a sentence, “You can figure out this report yourself.”

“Can I really figure it out by myself?”


“Great!” (He strode up)

“What are you doing!?”

“Figuring out the cover of the report. Your Highness said I should figure it out myself.” (Smirked)

Shea turned the report over and looked at it. It said, “Dear Shea, I miss your sweet lips and want to kiss you. I’m asking for permission to it.”

(Asshole! Playing this trick!)

“Uh mhm…”

After a while, the human financial officer bit his lower lip while holding the report, and walked out of the palace in pain.

The guards along the way showed sympathy. It seems that Sir Chen Rui was reprimanded by Princess Royal Highness again.

No one knew that the reason the sir financial officer bit his lower lip was to cover up the truth that it was bitten by a princess. Princess Royal Highness bit him so badly out of shyness that he bled.

However, after a few more scratches on his waist, she was finally calm.

Under the gazes of the guards, the human financial officer sighed in agony. It is true that the altar of the harem is only effective if it is enshrined with the corpse of pig feet. This is so-called an inch of blood for an inch of harem. Pity me.

You really think it will be so smooth as you wish? 👿…

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