Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 408 - Auction

Chapter 408: Auction

The much anticipated Dark Moon auction would be held soon as scheduled.

However, on the day before the auction, another equally high-profile event happened unexpectedly. The new lord of the Dark Shadow Empire’s Bloody Vine Flower Estate and the third general of the empire, Crawford, led a group of friendly envoys to the Dark Moon to represent the Bloody Vine Flower Estate to pay an official visit to the Dark Moon Estate.

In the friendly meeting between the Dark Moon’s Princess Royal Shea and General Crawford, the 2 parties publicly signed the twin town magic contract and exchanged town keys that symbolized friendship. The Dark Moon Estate and the Bloody Vine Flower Estate became a place of friendship, and they carried out a series of mutual assistance cooperation such as meat seedlings, land improvement, and battle ball.

The concept of “twin town” was unprecedented in the Demon Realm, especially among estates of different empires. Those cooperation terms with great practical significance also fully demonstrated to the outside world that Crawford’s visit and the so-called “twin town” were not just a formality, but a real cooperation with the approval of Dark Shadow Empire’s empress.

To put it bluntly, the Dark Moon Estate was now supported by the Dark Shadow Empire!

This news quickly spread to the Fallen Angel Capital, and the entire capital and empire were shocked.

Regent Obsidian, who was badly battered and trapped in the “swindling of money-gathering fraud,” was in a frenzy of rage. He immediately protested against the Dark Shadow Empire through diplomats.

The Dark Shadow Empire’s answer was very simple— The Dark Shadow Empire and the Fallen Angel Empire were friendly allies. The subordinates of the 2 empires communicate and cooperate with each other. This was a positive sign for the further development of friendship between the 2 empires and should be encouraged and commended. Under the premise of mutual benefit, similar twin towns could be further added.

This high-sounding reason made Obsidian’s strong protest like a punch into the cotton. The Dark Moon’s move was wonderful because they used the estate as the “unit” to “make a friendly cooperation” with the foreign estate. The Dark Shadow Empire happened to be allies with the Fallen Angel Empire now, and their strength was above the Fallen Angel Empire. Obsidian had no choice but to swallow a bitter pill in silence this time.

Many interested people have guessed that the reason why the Dark Moon easily defeated the supporting army of the 2 major estates, Red Spirit Estate and Blue Lava Estate, was not because of individual forces or powerhouses, but because the giant Dark Shadow Empire was secretly supporting the Dark Moon!

Although Obsidian was extremely furious, soon after the Dark Moon’s deliberate instigation, the Royal Highness Regent fell back into the dunning storm that was finally suppressed, which made it worse.

Crawford, the lord of the Bloody Vine Flower Estate, visited the Dark Moon 10 years ago. At that time, Shea’s father, Grimm, the son of Lord of Midnight Sun, controlled the Dark Moon. Under the various oppression methods of Obsidian, the Dark Moon was almost pushed to the edge. It could be described by 3 words- “Barren, backward, and ruined”.

However, when he arrived at the Dark Moon after a lapse of 10 years, the bustling and lively scene he saw in front of him was completely opposite to what he remembered. Although he was mentally prepared, he was still surprised.

In particular, when Shea accompanied Crawford to visit the improved magical land which gave favorable effect and the exciting battle ball competition, it made Crawford very excited. These are exactly what the barren and lifeless Bloody Vine Flower Estate urgently needs-by all accounts, the Bloody Vine Flower Estate’s contribution of high-quality breed cattle and pigs as well as the seeds of some specialty crops seem far from insufficient, but the Dark Moon has also gained the “force” that it urgently needs, so this cooperation is indeed a great benefit to both parties.

For a while, the third general greatly admired her majesty empress’ wise determination.

The friendly visit headed by General Crawford consisted of more than 100 people. Within the friendly visit period in the Dark Moon which lasted for 5 days, he happened to observe the auction event and the follow-up trade fair that were much anticipated in the Demon Realm.

The conclusion of the twin town with the Bloody Vine Flower Estate had boosted the Dark Moon’s confidence. Presently, the Dark Moon Estate had a booming economy and a strong army internally, and there were strong aids like the Dark Shadow Empire externally. Even if the empire wanted to suppress the Dark Moon Estate, they would have scruples and fear!

It was no longer a fantasy to recreate the most famous Prosperity Land in the Demon Realm 400 years ago.

Taking advantage of the good news of the visit of the Bloody Vine Flower Estate Lord, the auction began with an unprecedented grandeur. The admission ticket soared to an unbelievably high price, but even so it was still hard to get a ticket.

In addition to the auction house, various shops in the Dark Moon City had also ushered in huge business opportunities. Even the consumption and benefits brought by outsiders participating in the subsequent trade fair were enough to make every businessman giggle to themselves.

Inside the auction house, there were no empty seats. Curtains were put down in the VIP rooms upstairs to hide the guests’ identities, and a designated person was responsible for raising a placard to indicate that the bid was valid.

The largest VIP room was not covered, but it was transformed into an open platform for all guests instead. Inside, General Crawford, the Bloody Vine Flower Estate Lord accompanied by the Dark Moon Lord, Princess Royal Shea, were particularly eye-catching, but this attention soon shifted to the stage as Shea officially announced the start of the auction.

On the auction stage, Krobelus looked gorgeous in a long silver dress. She completely overshadowed the limelight of Old Gauss beside her.

Ms. Emerald Dragon had a considerable ability to grasp wealth. After trying a few times as an auctioneer, she became obsessed with this profession. Ms. Betty’s innate keen sense and accurate judgment of treasures made her perform surprising auctions talent and become the master auctioneer. Together with Old Gauss at the side who could enliven the atmosphere and avoid the awkward silence, they were the golden combination of the auction house.

More importantly, with the power of Ms. Emerald Dragon, it could deter many evil-minded people.

Seeing that almost everyone’s eyes were on her, Ms. Betty looked radiant and full of confidence, adding more charm to her temperament.

After a polite welcome speech, the auction of the first treasures began.

“The first item is an exquisite legendary grade magic ring by Master Xingxing of the Dark Moon mechanic branch, the Heart of Oak. It increases attack speed by 50%, accelerates physical recovery, reduces spirit power consumption by 30%, and absorbs magic damage by 30%. It starts with 1 million black crystal coins, and each increase in price is not less than 100,000 black crystal coins.”

The first lot had aroused the interest of many people as Master Xingxing had been in the limelight recently. Legendary grade items were already the highest mechanical achievement of the master level. This legendary grade item was small and portable, and it had very powerful functions. The increase in attack speed had reached the maximum limit of 50% of the legendary grade items. It was very suitable for the trainer who trained both magic and physical strength. When Krobelus announced the bidding price, someone immediately began to bid, “1.15 million.”

“1.2 million!”

“1.5 million!”



In the eager atmosphere, Krobelus who was holding the gavel looked very excited as the first auction item was sold. As the finale approached, the auction was about to usher in the most intense and climax moment.

When 3 transparent magic crystal shields displaying the devil fruits appeared on the stage, many fiery gazes were cast over it all of a sudden.

Compared with the royal family with near-infinite potential, ordinary demons, even demons of mutated bloodline, had the biggest potential bottleneck. This was why the 7 great royals firmly occupied the peak stage powerhouses of the Demon Realm. The higher the level, the larger the proportion of the royal family. Of course, the dragon family outside the category of ordinary demons did not belong to this category.

As long as they could consume the devil fruit, they would have the potential that was almost comparable to the royal family. The hope of breaking through the bottleneck would be greatly increased. There was also a chance to obtain additional mutated skills. The devil fruits could be said to be invaluable.

Even the visiting guest, General Crawford, the Bloody Vine Flower Estate Lord, had a brilliant light in his eyes.

Crawford was a mutated Great Demon. His strength was at the intermediate stage of the Demon Emperor now. If he could get a devil fruit, then he could very likely advance directly to the later stage of the Demon Emperor, which would also have great benefits for the advancement to Demon Overlord in the future.

At this time, Krobelus spoke up, “Dear guests, you should have seen the treasures in these 3 crystal shields. This is the most rare fruit of the Demon Realm, devil fruit! I believe I don’t need to further elaborate its function. Before bidding, I have 2 news to be announced. The first news is that just an hour before the start of the auction, we received a message from the original owner of the devil fruits, a mysterious seller. This mysterious seller claimed that in order to thank Princess Royal Shea of the Dark Moon Estate who set up the auction house which has provided him with many conveniences and great benefits, he decided to present a precious devil fruit to Princess Royal Highness as a gift!”

This news caused a sensation. I didn’t expect that the mysterious seller would actually be so generous! Everyone’s attention focused on the VIP room where Shea was.

This is an amazing and precious gift!

Shea seemed a little surprised. After a moment of silence, she stood up, and her cold voice sounded through the auction house, “Thank you very much for the kindness of the seller. The Dark Moon auction house will provide more convenience to all sellers. In my private capacity, I shall now present this devil fruit to the visiting guest, General Crawford. I hope that he can accept this gift of friendship.”

As Crawford did not expect this at all, he was surprised and delighted. He immediately stood up emotionally and saluted Shea, “Thanks to Princess Shea for your precious gift. I, Crawford. Tevez, will always remember this personal friendship!”

Although Crawford was excited, he still did not forget to use the term “personal friendship”, because he now represented not only himself, but also the entire Bloody Vine Flower Estate and even the entire Dark Shadow Empire.

Shea saluted back and nodded, “May our friendship be as everlasting as the friendship between the 2 estates.”

Crawford thought and said, “My only son, Monroe, is now at the Bloody Vine Flower Estate. He is very fond of the battle ball. He has always wanted to come to the birthplace of the battle ball, Dark Moon, to learn. I hope Princess Royal Highness can promise me this private request.”

In fact, in the cooperation between the 2 major estates, there was a clause that the Dark Moon Estate would send someone to the Bloody Vine Flower Estate to conduct battle ball training. Crawford’s request seemed redundant, but many people understood the Bloody Vine Flower Estate Lord and the third general of the Dark Shadow Empire. This represented a kind of personal friendship outside of the estate cooperation, and it also showed Crawford’s personal support for Shea.

This kind of personal support was likely to play an unpredictable role at a certain critical moment.

Shea’s eyes lit up, “Sir Monroe will receive the warmest welcome at the Dark Moon.”

This interlude reduced the devil fruits on the auction stage to 2. Although many demons showed dissatisfaction, they couldn’t say much since the decision was made by the seller.

Initially, the demand was already higher than the supply, but now when there were only 2 devil fruits left, everyone’s gaze became more and more intense.

If they knew Chen Rui could actually harvest the devil fruit, they would tear him apart🤔…

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