Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 410 - VIP No. 13

Chapter 410: VIP No. 13

After the battles of the several Demon Overlords just now, the next auction bidding was still very fiery, but the atmosphere was very good. With the “help” of the ice sculpture next to Ms. Emerald Dragon, there was no longer any eye-catching buddy who was ruthless like Asmirko in the VIP box No. 4.

No doubt, the fist effect was the most useful.

In the end, the auction ended successfully. The 2 devil fruits were sold at high prices of 700 million and 770 million respectively. Among them, the cash for the second fruit was 570 million, and there were many rare materials as a trade-off.

In fact, the Dark Moon earned more than 200 million black crystal coins from the auction of these 2 devil fruits alone. This was really the daily income of 100 million gold!

This massive income was enough to make any estate jealous, but they were only jealous. The strong financial and military power, formidable powerhouse and strong support from the Dark Shadow Empire. Unless Obsidian was determined to ignore the Dark Shadow Empire’s impact and send troops to the Dark Moon directly from the capital, there would be no estate in the Fallen Angel Empire that was the opponent of the Dark Moon.

General Crawford, who received the devil fruit and saw the Dark Moon’s true strength at the same time, praised the success of this auction. Shea responded politely and decently, and her attitude of neither too humble nor overbearing was unanimously appreciated by the Dark Shadow Empire’s visiting group.

On the other hand, the dead duck dragon bragged in front of Ms. Emerald Dragon, “Little Betty, you see how great I am! I just blow that Demon Overlord assassin to dust with one breath!”

It turned out that after experiencing countless hardships and pranks, Ms. Fairy Dragon finally showed compassion and helped Master Poison Dragon completely dispel the seal of ancient runes. As Paglio once took the Eternal Potions when he was suppressed in the Demon Emperor realm, the black potion played a peculiar effect under the suppression of the seal, which was equivalent to reinforcing his foundation. After returning to the peak stage of the Demon Overlord now, his power had not retreated but advanced instead. Therefore he was so high spirited, vigorous and proud of himself.

“Oh? Very powerful?” Ms. Zola’s voice sounded at the side.



Paglio’s remaining bragging was immediately swallowed back into his stomach, and he brushed it off with a few words.

During the unbearable days when Zola lifted the seal, Master Poison Dragon, who had been badly tortured, swore secretly more than once. When my power is restored, even I have to use my favorite… Uh, my most nasty sneak attack, I must beat this madwoman severely!

However, when he really regained his power, Paglio felt the terrifying power of Ms. Fairy Dragon even more; especially when he accidentally discovered that Zola actually could use the mystery of ancient runes in battle. Damn, this is the language of God!

Could it be that this madwoman has reached the peak stage of Demon Overlord… a threshold of entering the Demi-God level? In this way, it will be even more troublesome for me!

After feeling the terrifying power of Zola, Master Poison Dragon’s original revenge plan had officially announced a termination. In addition to his misdeeds back then, he subconsciously lowered his head when he saw Ms. Fairy Dragon.

“Zola is the powerful one. She also caught that guy alive without showing up!”

Ms. Emerald Dragon also suffered from Ms. Fairy Dragon as she was on the poison dragon’s side. She was unable to get along with Zola, but she sincerely admired Zola’s power, “That kind of compound water element power can actually freeze even a Demon Overlord level’s flame!”

“It’s just a sneak attack on an intermediate stage Demon Overlord. It’s nothing great. If you want to master this power, it’s not impossible,” said Zola. Then a malicious light flashed behind her glasses.

Ms. Emerald Dragon was about to agree, but Paglio pulled her. Thinking of the pain she had suffered, she suddenly showed a vigilant look, “No need.”

“Perhaps I can teach you an exclusive compound magic to specifically restrain someone, lest he goes out to hook up since he has recovered his power now.” Zola glanced at a certain guy, “This is the secret method I have studied for many years. If it weren’t for Athena and our Governance Association’s sake, I wouldn’t teach you.”

The so-called Governance Association was formed when a big-mouthed nephew one day accidentally revealed the grand ambition of a dead duck dragon to fly over the Dark Moon with a group of female dragons. Recalling the evil deeds of deceiving money and sex, Ms. Betty was filled with righteous indignation. She united with all the female families in the house, including Ms. Yini who lived outside, to form the Governance Association.

The so-called “Governance Association” was a women’s organization that governed these men so as not to hook up outside. The purpose was to supervise each other, expose each other, and take forceful sanctions when necessary.

Since Isabella and Delia were the 2 leaders of the Dark Demon, they had knowledge of the entire movement in the Dark Moon.

When Ms. Emerald Dragon heard Zola’s words, her blue eyes suddenly showed an extremely resolute gaze, “Okay! Deal!”

It’s over! Master Poison Dragon immediately rolled his eyes. My lifelong happiness and harem plans are ruined in the hands of this hateful fairy dragon!

Chen Rui did not participate in the “heated discussion” between the 3 dragons, nor did he accompany Shea back to the palace, but he was dealing with another matter.

The VIP No. 13 who bought the first devil fruit with a high price of 700 million made a strange request. He wanted to meet the person-in-charge of the auction house which was the financial officer, Chen Rui.

The VIP No.13 ignored Asmirko and calmly obtained the devil fruit after the assassination just now for 700 million black crystal coins, which left a deep impression on many people present. Now that this VIP wanted to see the person-in-charge of the auction house, Chen Rui could not help but be curious.

VIP No. 13 did not hide his face. He was a young man with handsome facial features and a courteous temperament. He was followed by 2 people, one was thin, old and listless while the other was thin and tall with a square face. There was a wisp of cold breath in his eyes.

It’s him? Chen Rui was a little surprised. This man was the young prince of the Bloody Empire, Teris. Mammon, who was the youngest son of Raizen the Great, the top powerhouse of the Demon Realm.

Teris once lobbied Master Xingxing to go to the Bloody Empire to be vice president of the Mechanic Association. Chen Rui, who was disguised as Aguile, was also there.

Teris’ comprehensive strength was the peak stage of the Great Demon King. This young prince could be described as an extraordinary talent in the world. He was proficient in military, intellectual, political and trade. Moreover, he had a generous and courteous temperament, so he had an excellent reputation in the Bloody Empire.

However, Chen Rui heard from Master Skye that the young prince might not be as kind as the rumors said, but it was difficult to survive without means in the Demon Realm, especially in the intriguing royal family. As Teris could have the fame and popularity today, coupled with his amazing intellect, he was definitely not a simple character.

Chen Rui had also seen the thin old man last time. He was from the Mammon Royal Family whose strength was the peak stage of the Demon Emperor. Chen Rui was immediately attracted to the thin and tall man who he had not met before.

Race: Wrath Royal Family. Comprehensive Strength Assessment: A+ (S-). Physique: A (S-), Strength: A+ (S), Spirit B+ (A-), Agility A (S-). [Analysis]: Fire attribute.

This man who is at the peak stage of Demon Emperor on the surface should be an early stage Demon Overlord powerhouse. His overall strength is S-, but his power has reached S. He seems to be a pure power trainer.

Although Teris did not have the sensing ability of a Demon Overlord-level, he was excellent in observation. Chen Rui was only surprised for a split second, but Teris caught him. Teris asked with interest, “This is the famous Sir Chen Rui, right? Do you know me?”

Chen Rui knew that Teris was very intelligent, so he did not deny it at the moment. He bowed slightly, “I was fortunate to have seen the picture of the Demon Realm’s top genius, Your Highness Teris, by chance. I still remember vividly, so when Your Highness Teris really appeared before my eyes, I almost thought I had seen wrongly.”

“Sir Chen Rui is being over-courteous.” Teris smiled slightly, giving a cozy feeling, which was completely different from Joseph’s vibe. “Sir Chen Rui is the one who truly deserves the title ‘genius’ by developing the Dark Moon to the present level. Speaking of it, I have already written to my father in the Bloody Empire to learn the Dark Moon’s business system and carry out corresponding reforms. Please forgive me for plagiarizing sir’s painstaking efforts.”

You also know it is plagiarism! You have already written to your father. Isn’t it meaningless to apologize now? Someone muttered agitatedly in his heart as if he had forgotten that he was also plagiarizing.

Come to think of it, when Teris came to the Dark Moon back then, one of his goals was probably observing and “pirating” some systems or facilities of the Dark Moon in addition to recruiting Master Xingxing.

Anyhow, as the Dark Moon’s reputation was gaining popularity now, there were pirated versions of these new items such as night markets and hot pots at many places in the Demon Realm. It was not surprising that Teris did this. Furthermore, Chen Rui couldn’t help but feel good because Teris as the prince took the initiative to apologize to an estate’s sheriff.

“Your Highness is too serious, I was also just copying something. I have a question, please forgive me for being rude. Since Your Highness is a royal family, what is the use of bidding the devil fruit?” Chen Rui asked deliberately to get some information.

Teris said frankly, “It’s only because I have been sick since I was a child, so my physique is weak. Coupled with my poor training aptitude, my strength has always been low. I want to use the power of the devil fruit to break through to the Demon Emperor and strengthen my physique. Of course, I am also interested in the mutated skill that the devil fruit can provide.”

As everyone knew, Teris’ talent in training was far inferior to his intellect. He had been staying at the Great Demon King level, and he was far weaker than his elder brothers of the Demon Overlord and Demon Emperor. As a result, he almost lost the qualification to compete for the future ruler position of the Bloody Empire.

“Then I wish Your Highness a success. In fact, compared with Your Highness, me, a human, is the real weakling.” Chen Rui sighed deliberately, “Royal Highness summons me, do you have any suggestions or opinions for the auction house?”

“I dare not talk about opinion,” Teris smiled and said, “There is just one thing I want to entrust the auction house to complete. The Dark Moon’s auction house is well known throughout the Demon Realm. Countless sellers entrust various treasures for auction every time just like the devil fruit this time. What I want to ask for are a few urgently needed items. If sir has news, please let me know in advance. I’m willing to pay the seller’s desired price directly. Of course, I will pay the 20% intermediary fee to the auction house. In addition, in order to thank sir for the news, I’m willing to pay an additional 1% of the transaction price as a separate personal remuneration.”

Chen Rui was surprised. Teris’ brain is indeed flexible. He immediately thought of using the auction house resources to solve his own problems, and the 1% “rebate” is definitely a big deal. If it is the 700 million black crystal coins of the devil fruit today, that is 7 million, which is quite an astonishing remuneration.

Chen Rui’s thought quickly, and he seemed joyful. Teris noticed it, then said, “I only have one condition, that is confidentiality.”

“This is absolutely no problem. In fact, confidentiality is the most basic promise of the auction house to every customer.” Chen Rui nodded and agreed without thinking.

Teris glanced at the thin old man. The old man took out a list and gave it to Chen Rui. Chen Rui glanced at it. There were a lot of items on it, most of which were rare items. One of the items caught his attention.

The realm king fruit was the essence created in Aurora Frost. This fruit could produce a kind of territory-like illusion to derive a spiritual imprint after consumption. If it was absorbed by the user, it would help the Demon Emperor or trainers close to the Demon Emperor to realize and deepen the territory power.

Chen Rui once disguised as Lavat, the deputy head of the Blue Lava Estate Double-headed Dragon Legion, and schemed 3 realm king fruits from the Mellon Family. After consuming it, it played a key role in realizing the territory power of Megrez.

Chen Rui remembered that Lombardo, the patriarch of the Mellon Family, once said that this was a treasure that the family had guarded for hundreds of years. Lombardo claimed that his son Williams. Mellon worked in the Bloodwave Legion of the Bloody Empire, so he asked “Lavat” to take care of Williams.

Later, Chen Rui schemed the realm king fruits, which not only caused the dead Lombardo to be the scapegoat, but he also used the controlled puppet to put the blame on the Red Spirit Estate.

Even so, some mysterious people had explored the old site of the Mellon Family; the basement with Aurora Frost.

(However, Aurora Frost had been taken away by Ms. Fairy Dragon now. She said it is the best experimental material.)

If that’s the case, Lavat must be the spy sent by the Bloody Empire to the Blue Lava Estate, and the Mellon Family is actually under the Bloody Empire. Teris is the Bloody Empire’s young prince, and the realm king fruit happens to be among his urgently needed items?

Is there some connection among these clues? Or is it just a coincidence?

Teris keenly noticed that Chen Rui was a little distracted, so he asked, “Sir Chen Rui, is there any problem?”

Chen Rui had already recovered. He replied, “Your Highness, to be honest, these things are very rare. I have never even heard of some of them. I’m afraid that there will be no news in a short time.”

“Of course, otherwise I would not entrust your auction house and sir.” Teris motioned to the old man to take out a space ring, “There is a bag with a magic communication talisman in this. If you have news, please contact me as soon as possible. As for the limited number of black crystal coins, just treat it as a meeting gift for my friend, sir.”

Chen Rui explored with his consciousness, and he felt the bags of black crystal coins inside. It seems that this prince is quite generous. I seem to have encountered this “generous” style somewhere, and it is more than once?

Am I overthinking again? Anyway, he is also the prince of the strongest empire. His generosity is not a basis for suspicion. Faced with Teris who had great observation skill, Chen Rui did not hesitate, but nodded happily, “Your Highness, rest assured, I will live up to Your Highness’ ‘friendship’.”

Chen Rui’s reaction made Teris nod in satisfaction. He smiled politely, “Then, I will look forward to your good news.

Looking at the back Teris and the other 2 who were leaving, Chen Rui suddenly had a strange feeling. Although the strength data displayed by the Super System showed that Teris was the weakest of the three, it seemed that this genius prince was the most terrifying one.

Teris was most likely the mastermind of the Bloodfall. Did he have some mysterious way to conceal his actual strength from the others?

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