Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 411 - The Blue Lava Estate’s Plot

Chapter 411: The Blue Lava Estate’s Plot

Time flies during busy days. In the blink of an eye, it had been a week since the Bloody Vine Flower Estate Lord, General Crawford, returned to his empire. Following the successful conclusion of the auction, the exceptionally lively trade fair had come to a successful ending.

Monroe. Tevez, General Crawford’s son, came to the Dark Moon to “learn” as Crawford said.

Monroe originally had an arrogant temperament. Fortunately, Crawford repeatedly told him before he came, so he really seemed to restrain a lot. In a friendly “battle”, the young swordsmanship genius of the Dark Shadow Empire completely lost to Athena, the genius female swordsman of the Dark Moon and the current Flame Legion leader. Therefore, he joined the Flame Legion willingly to become a special consultant and participated in the training of the battle ball. Soon, he really liked this exciting sport.

Compared with the interlude of the arrival of General Crawford’s son, the people were more passionately discussing the thrilling battle between the Demon Overlord powerhouses which happened at lightning speed at the auction. This battle spread like wildfire. In fact, those busybodies who were not present were the ones who gave the lively description. The vivid plot and jazzed up battle scenes were as though they personally witnessed it.

After interrogation, the captured intermediate stage Demon Overlord at the auction was named Vanim, the elder of the Fallen Angel Capital’s elder family, Toro Family. He was ordered by Obsidian to assassinate Crawford and jeopardize the Dark Moon auction. The one who died was Sharu, the elder of the Hoorn Family.

The regent king of the Fallen Angel Empire sent people to assassinate the visiting lord of an allied empire was not a normal incident. Once it became public, it might also cause conflicts between empires, which was not good for the Dark Moon as they were in urgent need of time to develop. Shea and Chen Rui considered repeatedly and decided to temporarily conceal this incident so that they could threaten Obsidian with his misdeeds so as to prevent harm. When the time was right, the key chess piece of Vanim would play a more important role.

However, judging from the successive deployment of 2 Demon Overlord-level assassins by the capital this time, the Fallen Angel Empire’s background was indeed extraordinary. There might be many Demon Overlord-level powerhouses that Obsidian could use. This was reasonable too. Otherwise, with the power of Bloodfall, they could directly subvert an empire by force.

These Demon Overlord-level powerhouses were not subordinates who were directly under Obsidian. Instead, they were super elders like Vanim and Sharu in the major families. They wouldn’t show up easily unless the family or the empire had an urgent need.

However, due to the fundraising money, the original conflict between Obsidian and the elder families had become increasingly acute. Hence, many elder families might not listen to the command of Obsidian. Together with the deterrence and threat of this incident, Obsidian wouldn’t act rashly for the time being.

The news of the success of the Dark Moon Estate’s 2 events and the conclusion of the twin town with the Dark Shadow Empire’s Bloody Vine Flower Estate caused shock throughout the Fallen Angel Empire.

Princess Royal Shea of ​​the Dark Moon has just taken over as the lord for 8 years, and she manages a decadent estate into such a field. This is still under the condition of constant oppression and control by the capital!

During this period, some nearby small and medium estates were forced to increase taxes due to the failure of the capital’s fundraising money repayment. This caused turmoil in the estate. In desperation, the estates had no choice but to shamelessly ask the Dark Moon for help.

Shea was now considered rich and powerful. She did not refuse, but she did not give money or food without reservation. Instead, she strategically sent special personnel to publicly provide help in the name of the Dark Moon. She even sent troops to help these estates maintain order and eliminate bandits. This made them feel strongly dependent on the Dark Moon. Many people in those estates were very impressed with Princess Royal. Some even migrated to the Dark Moon secretly.

Compared with Regent Obsidian’s notorious record of delaying the fundraising funds owed to the major estates and major families, Shea, who had helped the estate by “righteousness”, looked more glorious. There was already a voice in the Fallen Angel Empire, including the capital, that was gradually expanding- Shea. Lucifer, the granddaughter of the Lord of Midnight Sun, is the true king of the Fallen Angel Empire. The glory of Midnight Sun will soon reappear in the Lucifer family.

Obsidian was extremely furious at this, but he was helpless at the moment. His most urgent matter now was to solve the big problem of fundraising. Otherwise, people’s morale would become even lower. At present, several elder families had expressed strong dissatisfaction and doubts against him. If this dissatisfaction expanded, he would lose the right to dispatch the entire elder families. Once these families fall to Shea’s side, even the position of the regent would be at stake.

Eliminate the opposing voices around me first, then I will concentrate on dealing with the Dark Moon! Obsidian gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

The Dark Moon palace’s council hall.

Shea sat on the throne in front of the table as she was listening carefully to the intel of Dark Demon commander, Isabella. Isabella was worthy of being a professional. Under her leadership, the Dark Demon had developed extremely rapidly. Not only had it removed the spies set by the capital and other forces, but the Dark Demon’s spies had also successfully infiltrated the surrounding estates.

Shea really appreciated Isabella’s talents. As for the little grudges in the past, it was just because they had their own masters. As a successful lord, she naturally wouldn’t be bothered by this.

After Shea listened to the report, she seemed to be pondering, “The Blue Lava Estate has successive mysterious incidents. A large number of estate residents are missing?

The veiled Isabella nodded and said, “Yes, due to the capital fundraising gap, the Blue Lava Estate Lord’s son, Chandler, unreasonably raised the taxes of the estate, causing people to lose morale. There is even a widespread famine. Chandler issued several successive orders, including prohibiting the residents of Town Lupin, where the disappearance occurred, to flee to other places and so on. This caused a strong dissatisfaction from the deputy commander of Azure Legion, Sumen. At present, Sumen has led some of the soldiers to leave Azure Legion, and the situation is very tense. However, according to the latest intel analysis, Chandler is probably controlled by someone.

Chen Rui on the side interjected, “How likely is this analysis?”

When Isabella looked coldly at Chen Rui, her eyes were filled with chills, “Are you questioning my analysis ability? Do you know how many people the Dark Demon lost in order to get intel needed by this analysis alone?”

Isabella did not live in the financial officer’s residence, nor did she know that this human was that liar. Although she knew that her close friend, Betty, had a good relationship with him, Ms. Yini had always been very cold to this past “victim” of evil voodoo after attempting to seduce him. Perhaps it was out of hostility to all humans (except someone).

“Of course not.” Chen Rui ignored Isabella’s hostility and shook his head, “It’s just that if this judgment is correct, our plan will need to be slightly changed. The next target should be placed on the Blue Lava Estate.”

Shea looked interested, “Tell me what you think first.”

“There has been such a battle in the history of our human world. The king of a small country died of illness. The confidant assisted his young son on the throne. Then a general rebelled, and the young king was unable to fight against the general, so he immediately asked for help from the neighboring country. The neighboring country’s king immediately sent troops and eliminated the rebels. However, the elimination of the rebels was only the first step. The army of the neighboring country used the excuse to counter the rebellion, but they actually wanted to occupy the entire country. As a result, the young king was captured and the country was also destroyed.”

The battle that Chen Rui mentioned was a battle during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. When Wuping Jiedushi’s Zhou Xingfeng was seriously ill, he asked his confidant subordinate to assist the 11 year-old Zhou Baoquan to command the military affairs. He also said that Hengzhou’s governor, Zhang Wenbiao would definitely turn against him in the future, so he could send Yang Shifan to crusade. After Zhou Xingfeng died, Zhang Wenbiao indeed rebelled. Zhou Baoquan ordered Yang Shifan to crusade. At the same time, he asked Jingnan and Zhao Kuangyin, Emperor Taizu of Song, for help. As a result, Zhao Kuangyin ostensibly named Zhou Baoquan as Wuping Jiedushi, but he used the excuse to settle the chaos and sent troops to occupy the land occupied by Jingnan and Zhou Baoquan in Hunan. Zhou Baoquan himself was also captured.

As Isabella’s thoughts turned, she understood. Her eyes lit up, “You mean, the Blue Lava Estate asked the Dark Moon for help?”

Shea frowned, “The Blue Lava Estate is not asking for our help right now.”

“No, we have now received a letter asking for help from the Blue Lava Estate. It is written by Chandler.” Chen Rui smiled slightly, “As for the request… He just wanted to seek help from the Dark Moon to put down the rebellion caused by the ex-Azure Legion deputy commander, Sumen.”

Although Shea’s thought did not turn as fast as these 2 conspirators, she still understood a little and said, “Our power is rising very fast now, and the outsiders are all in our favor. If we openly send troops to occupy another estate at this time, I’m afraid the gains do not make up for the losses.”

Chen Rui shook his head and said, “Who said we are going to occupy the Blue Lava Estate?”

Isabella continued, “That’s right, we are just helping Chandler out of ‘friendship’.”

Chen Rui smiled admiringly at Isabella who responded with a cold look.

“There is another intel. Sotsen, a free trainer of the Blue Lava Estate who reached the intermediate stage of Demon Emperor, lived in Town Lupin where the disappearance occurred. He was attacked and assassinated while investigating the disappearance. Judging from his death condition, the opponent’s power may have reached the peak stage of the Demon Emperor or even Demon Overlord level. Meanwhile, the disappearance incident was very sudden, even the spies that we sent could not find out the truth. Instead, several elites were injured.”

Chen Rui frowned and said, “Didn’t Chandler order the prohibition of the townspeople from leaving? Does this matter have something to do with him… or the people who control him? Also, the reason why Sumen left Azure Legion is probably because he knew some internal information or maybe he received some instruction. I need more information about this person.”

A Demon Emperor powerhouse was attacked and killed; the townspeople disappeared; Chandler may be under control… Could it be that some force shifted its focus to the Blue Lava Estate that just lost its lord after their operation failed against the Dark Moon?

Shea’s voice sounded, interrupting Chen Rui’s thoughts, “Okay, that will be the direction of our next step.”

With that said, Princess Royal Highness stood up and took a deep look at the sir financial officer, “Without further delay, you 2 should cooperate and sort out a specific plan of action for me as soon as possible.”

Isabella nodded and began to sink into thought.

Meanwhile, sir financial officer eloquently read the Princess Royal Highness’s stern warning. Just cooperate; don’t carry any crooked intention.

The financial officer immediately responded with an innocent look, but the suspicion in the eyes of the Princess Royal Highness became stronger. It was obvious that he was not worthy of trust since there was a “criminal record.”

(To be precise, he is not trustworthy at all!)

The financial officer’s gaze turned resentful, and he quietly made a secret gesture (Don’t be like this, okay? At most, I will prove the reliability of a man to Your Highness with open arms at the secret room tonight…)

Hmm… when would Isabella discover his secret? Was Chandler controlled by Bloodfall or it was another plot by Chen Rui?

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