Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 412 - Artifacts Sharing Session

Chapter 412: Artifacts Sharing Session

In the evening, in the sheriff’s house, Athena, Zola and Kia were sitting in the room chatting.

Kia looked worried, “Chen Rui hasn’t come out for 5 days. There shouldn’t be any problem right?”

“Don’t worry.” Athena comforted, “He should be fine, trust him.”

Zola also said, “It’s normal for training to be like this, even for a longer time. I remember there is a rare pseudo-dragon called hibernate dragon, which can complete a molting mutation for 100 years without eating or drinking.”

This comfort seemed to have a counterproductive effect as Kia was taken aback, “It will take 100 years?”

A voice sounded, “Unless my little Kia accompanies me tonight, or else I will be a hibernate dragon.”

“Chen Rui!” Athena and Kia’s voices sounded together.

On the other hand, Zola had a calm face as though she had spotted someone a long time ago. Her eyes showed joy, but she added, “I forgot to tell you that the hibernate dragon is bisexual, also known as a yin yang beast.”

“Pfft!” Chen Rui just drank the water handed over by Kia; hearing these words, he couldn’t help but to spew. There is actually such a weird “dragon”. Then isn’t it mating with itself?

Kia giggled and handed over a towel, “The 3 of us have just discussed that we will sleep together. You should just be your hibernate dragon.”

Chen Rui’s face was bitter. If Kia and Athena are sleeping together, we will be happy lovers, but if you add Zola, I’m afraid I can’t even enter the door.

“Dear Zola…”


“Let’s sleep together at night, okay?”


“Sleep together?”




Someone rolled his eyes and took out something, “If you agree, there is a super treasure gift.”

As soon as he finished saying, the “super treasure” appeared in Zola’s hands. Seeing this light white tulle, the fairy dragon did not feel any special fluctuations, so she could not help but to feel doubtful, “What treasure is this?”

“This is Magic Feather Tulle. You can put a drop of blood on it first.”

“Wouldn’t it be dirty?” Ms. Fairy Dragon said so, but a drop of blood already appeared on her fingertips, and it dropped on the white tulle. The moment the blood touched the white tulle, the entire Magic Feather Tulle glowed softly.

The blood and light gradually disappeared, and Magic Feather Tulle returned to its original whiteness. However, Zola’s heart had a strange feeling of blood and flesh mixing as if this white tulle was part of her body. The various powerful properties of the white tulle began to appear in her mind.

“This piece of clothing can increase movement speed by 1.2 times, restore physical strength, spirit power, and magic power by 2 times, as well as greatly increase magic resistance. It also has a passive skill called [Lightweight]. When you receive a fatal attack, it will automatically trigger [Teleportation] to escape from the danger. It can be used twice per hour. In addition to automatically repairing damage, it also has a special function of extensibility and shape change. In other words, you can change this Magic Feather Tulle into any shape and color.”

Chen Rui’s words made the 3 women’s eyes glow at the same time, and all of their eyes fell on this tulle. Let alone the extremely powerful attributes mentioned earlier, the fact that it could change its appearance and color freely was enough to attract all women.

“Right! Was the drop of blood just now for blood recognition?” After all, Zola was very knowledgeable. She immediately noticed the key question, “There are also 120% and 200% buff attributes? Is this… an artifact of epic grade? ”

The highest buff for ordinary equipment was 15%, and it might have negative attributes. The highest buff for excellent grade equipment was 30%, and generally there was no negative attribute. The maximum buff for legendary grade equipment could reach 50%. Although the higher epic grade equipment was an artifact and couldn’t be measured solely by its buff attribute, but with more than 50% up to the current 200% buff, it was an absolute feature that only an epic grade artifact could have!

She knew Chen Rui was a trio-specialized mechanic master, but she didn’t expect he was able to make artifacts!

Then isn’t he a grand master of both potion and mechanics?

Chen Rui nodded, “This is an artifact armor inherited by the grand master. Unfortunately, I can only make it according to the inheritance. I cannot create an artifact of my own design. You have already shed blood to recognize the master just now, so no one can activate the power of this Magic Feather Tulle except you.”

Athena and Kia both showed envy. The effect of this dress is too powerful, and it also has the exclusivity attribute. It is just like the Demon Realm’s 7 artifacts that cannot be used by people outside the royal family.

(Except someone)

It’s too unfair. I want it too. At most, I will wear glasses the next time we have sex… The little maid bit her lip and wanted to say that something that would turn the hibernate dragon back to a human tonight, but she was embarrassed to speak up in front of Athena and Zola. While she was hesitating, the same white tulle appeared in her hand. Her eyes suddenly lit up.

“One each, don’t say that I’m being unfair.” Chen Rui handed the other one to Athena. He chuckled, “Zola, if you like this gift, then let’s all sleep together tonight.”


Not recognizing me after taking my benefits? Zola’s dazed look made Chen Rui very speechless. He gave up his wretched plan. He had to lower his standard and focus on the other 2.

“Kia, why not we and Athena…”

“Oh?” Obviously, she was imitating some lady to pretend to be dazed.

No way! The little demon girl who has always been keen on bedtime fun is also infected by the fake daze blackhearted glasses girl!

“Haih, Athena, just the 2 of us then.” Chen Rui, who had set his standard to the lowest one-to-one, suddenly shouted, “Hey, hey! If you don’t agree, don’t drop your blood to recognize the master!”

Athena glanced at him in surprise, but a drop of blood quickly dripped on the white tulle from her fingertips, and it began to glow. The female sheriff then pretended to ask, “What?”

Chen Rui was utterly shocked that his footing was almost unstable. One takes on the character of one’s company! Even my most beloved and precious Athena is taken away!

“You all!”

Without waiting for someone to brew his emotions and express his indignation, a drama with 3 women began again.

“Kia, what style should I change to? Help me design the look!”

“Me too!”

“Zola, a lady-like long dress suits you. Let me think about it. Like the v-necked one last time, but the sleeves…”

“En en, the light blue and white lady-like dress?”

“Yes. Athena, you should wear a simple and bold short skirt.”

“En en…”


Chen Rui dumbfoundedly watched the 3 women excitedly discuss how to design the appearance. The bitter original creator was obviously ignored.

The spoils-sharing session continued. Soon, the poison dragon and his wife as well as Roman and his wife appeared in the courtyard.

The exchange center added 6 types of artifacts this time. 3 types of weapons and 3 types of armor. Although a lot of materials were obtained from the auction house and trade fair a while ago, they were still not enough, especially the scarce materials needed for weapons. Chen Rui only made one long sword, Northsea, which he kept for his own use. As for the armor, he made 6 Magic Feather Tulles, and 1 heavy armor, Overlord Armor. He made 2 more of the previous “Thunderous Sound”.

Counting the cost of items such as material refining, formula purchase, blueprint purchase, refinery expenses and so on, Chen Rui’s nearly 200 million aura was not enough. Fortunately, he had stored a large amount of aura fruit that provided aura, and he finally completed the production. Currently, he only had 6 million aura left.

The Magic Feather Tulle was the ladies’ favorite. In addition to Delia and Krobelus, he also reserved one for Princess Royal Highness.

The remaining Roman and Paglio naturally couldn’t share an Overlord Armor, but Roman’s style was mainly based on speed. The most suitable equipment for him was the light armor, Mystic Jade Armor, with acceleration effects. Therefore, the Overlord Armor was given to the poison dragon, and Roman was given a “Thunderous Sound”.

The properties of this Thunderous Sound were: increases [Thunder] magic damage by 110%, increases undead damage by 180%, increases movement speed by 52%, 24% chance of double damage, and 20% chance of additional [Thunder] attack.

Compared with Chen Rui’s one, the undead damage had dropped a lot, but the [Thunder] magic damage had been greatly increased. For Roman who was proficient in the wind element, it was definitely a more practical top attribute. What attracted Roman the most was the attribute of increased movement speed. The Belphegor Royal Family was already the fastest among the 7 royal families. This treasure was simply tailor-made for him!

The most suitable candidate another Thunderous Sound should be Isabella, who was also from the Belphegor Royal Family. However, although Ms. Yini was a close friend of Krobelus, she had not really entered this circle yet, so many things had been kept secret from her. Therefore, this artifact was given to Paglio, who was the strongest in close combat. He would create another one for her if there was a suitable opportunity in the future.

Seeing the 5 women, including even Delia, chattering about the style of the Magic Feather Tulle, the 3 men toasted and smiled in unison.

Roman relentlessly played with his new Thunderous Sound, and said, “You are such a badass, leader. You can even craft an artifact. I want to worship that grand master now.”

“Of course, I dare to confirm that Master Wukong must have the blood of dragons!” Paglio took a sip of the emerald jade wine and looked at the Overlord Armor on his body with satisfaction.

He’s obviously a monkey, okay? muttered Chen Rui. Pulling any capable people to his ancestors’ camp. Is this dead duck dragon crossover by an alien?

“Leader, I know that you and my aunty have made a plan. The Dark Moon will soon send troops to the Blue Lava Estate. May I know who will go?”

“Athena and I will lead the elite of the Flame Legion. Oh, we will also bring “Aguile”.

After analysis and thinking, Chen Rui and Isabella decided to let Athena, the legion leader, personally lead the army. As for Chen Rui, he strongly requested to accompany her, mainly because he was not assured of Athena’s safety. Her current power had reached the early stage of Great Demon King, and there was a considerable tendency to reach the intermediate stage under the hard training, but the situation of the Blue Lava Estate was currently unknown. There would probably be some unpredictable danger.

Isabella didn’t know Chen Rui’s true power. In her eyes, this financial officer was just a cunning weakling who lacked the strength. Initially, she was firmly opposed to this “burden’s” accompaniment, but Chen Rui found several reasons and insisted to go with Athena; he also involved the mysterious bodyguard, “Aguile”.

Isabella knew that “Aguile” had defeated the Red Spirit Lord Josh and beheaded the capital envoy, Rus, in the war of lords in the Town Leith wilderness. His power was even above her who was at the early stage of the Demon Emperor. It shouldn’t be a problem to have this person protect Athena and Chen Rui. The human’s “wit” may be able to solve many problems beyond the use of force, so she no longer insisted now.

Shea approved this proposal. Currently, the Dark Moon’s Flame Legion had been selecting personnel and making a series of preparations. They would probably officially set off within 3 days.

“I see. Then someone needs to play the role of Aguile at some point.” Roman’s eyes twitched and said, “Why not let me do that? I have been helping my aunty to train people all day. I can go out to catch a breath since I’m worn out.”

Sir Leader and the dead duck dragon looked at each other, and they showed suspicion at the same time. Master Roman was mad when he saw their reactions.

“Is it because you noticed there are many widows after a large number of people were killed in the war of the Blue Lava Estate?” Chen Rui directly exposed a widow fetishist with a question.

Paglio also added incisively, “He is not worn out; he is lustful.”

“Hehe, look at what you said.” Roman just smirked maliciously. As he saw Zola’s gaze looking here, he knew that Ms. Fairy Dragon’s senses were extremely keen, so he instantly changed to a righteous and awe-inspiring face, ” You 2 dirty minded guys, am I Roman. Belphegor like that?”

Chen Rui and Paglio asked in unison, “Isn’t it?”

Roman saw Zola whisper a few words to Delia. When Delia left the “Governance Association’s”

small circle of discussion and came toward him, he secretly felt things were not going well. He quickly added, “I just want to help the leader and also try the power of this artifact!”

“What is there to help?” Delia’s voice sounded.

Roman knew that Delia must have heard Ms. Fairy Dragon’s “slander talk” just now. He was afraid that things would get worse if he explained it, so he immediately glanced at his 2 bad friends.

Chen Rui showed his partner’s trump card, pretending to be dazed and directly ignoring Roman’s gaze signalling for help.

“Let me explain it.” Paglio spoke with a sense of duty, making Roman almost moved to tears. “It’s like this, Chen Rui and I decided to go to the Blue Lava Estate together. As for this guy… he just said he would stay willingly to train the Dark Demon with you.”

In an instant, Master Roman’s gaze became quite interesting. Master Poison Dragon directly ignored Roman’s dejected gaze and grinned. Who asked you to reveal the ideal life of a human… dragon with your big mouth last time?

Besides, Little Betty has strictly controlled me recently. I have long wanted to go out and breathe!

All three of them were equally pitiful😥…

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