Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Occupying Everything (4)

The girl turned her head. 

Brightly sparkling eyes. Shiny pink lips. Black hair that seemed to fall over a radiant face. 

Myeong-cheol and Sang-min’s mouths dropped open. 

‘Heok! Amazing!’ 


A goddess that seemed to come from a movie was boiling noodles in the kitchen. Time seemed to stop as they stood there blankly. 

On the other hand, Kang-jun was looking at the woman with a dumbfounded expression. 

Of course, the female was Hayun. Why was Hayun quietly boiling ramyun here? The ghost was openly revealing herself. 

Kang-jun wasn’t alone so he couldn’t talk to her. Kang-jun immediately grabbed Hayun’s hand and dragged her out of the kitchen. 

“What are you doing right now?” 

“Boiling ramyun.” 

“I already know that! Why are you crazy enough to reveal your appearance in front of others?” 

Then Hayun laughed. 

“What’s wrong? They don’t know that I’m a ghost.” 

“But you are a ghost. You should remain quiet like a ghost. Acting like this will just cause trouble.” 

Hayun looked grouchy at Kang-jun’s words as tears formed in her eyes. 

“So what if I am a ghost? Should I just stay curled up in my room if I am a ghost?” 

“It is better than being seen by others.” 

“Why? Do you think I will harm people?” 

Kang-jun couldn’t think of anything to say. 

Hayun hadn’t wanted to hurt anyone even when she was still filled with resentment. Moreover, she wasn’t a vengeful spirit anymore. Besides, she didn’t need to use the powers of a ghost unless Kang-jun was in danger. 

The boat had also sailed. Hayun was seen boiling ramyun in the kitchen. 

“I was so bored in the room. So I went to the kitchen. Is it wrong that the ramyun took a long time to boil? Huk!” 

Hayun burst into tears. Kang-jun was dumbfounded. 

“But can a ghost even eat?” 

“Ghosts are still the same. I can boil ramyun or walk like a normal person if I wanted to. Even ghosts have feelings.” 

Kang-jun sighed. He honestly couldn’t say that it was wrong. Kang-jun somehow understood the feelings of the ghost. 

“Now stop crying. Eat ramyun or take a walk if you want. Rather, you can roam around during the day?” 

“It is wrong that ghosts can only haunt people a night. We can go anywhere in broad daylight. However, we don’t have distinct forms like humans.” 

“You have a distinct form.” 

“It is only available for a limited amount of time every day. But now that doesn’t apply.” 


“Those restrictions are gone. An amazing thing.” 

“What? Then you can live like a real human?” 

“It happened the moment you accepted me.” 

It meant Hayun changed after joining Kang-jun’s household. In other words, the power of Hwanmong gave Hayun the capabilities of a human.  

“No way! So you are just like a human.” 

“Yes but it is only possible within the goshiwon.” 

“What does that mean?” 

“Goshiwon. No, I lose my form the moment I step out of the 4th floor of this building.” 

“Why is that?” 

“I don’t know. But you should clearly know.” 

“I should know?” 

Kang-jun thought about it. 


The territory that Kang-jun occupied in the Dafeng building was the 4th floor that contained the goshiwon. Hayun could live like a human in the territory that Kang-jun occupied. 

‘Is it really like that? However, this is too ridiculous!’ 

Despite the space being limited, it was still the ability for ghosts to live like a human! He wouldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t occurring in front of him.

On the one hand, Myeong-cheol and Sang-min finally leapt out of the kitchen to look for Kang-jun and Hayun. 

They exclaimed with surprise as they saw Kang-jun and Sang-min. 

“Kang-jun! What are you doing?” 

“Kang-jun hyung! Why do you have a girlfriend like that?” 

They ran towards Hayun with wide smiles. 

“Hahaha! Nice to meet you. I am the manager of the goshiwon, Kwon Myeong-cheol. I would have prepared more things for Room 413 if I knew that Kang-jun had such a pretty girlfriend. If you lack anything in the future then just tell me.” 

“Heheh! I am Sang-min. I am Kang-jun hyung’s friend…no, I am a very close dongsaeng (younger sibling). Ah, you are really pretty. I thought you were a celebrity.” 

They were two men who lost their minds. Hayun’s beauty had reduced them to this. Hayun blankly stared at both of them. 

‘Girlfriend? Me?’ 

In other words, they were sure that Hayun was Kang-jun’s girlfriend. Hayun smiled brightly and nodded. 

“Nice to meet you. I am Hayun.” 

However, Kang-jun frantically waved his hands. 

“No. What girlfriend… Don’t talk nonsense.” 

A ghost as his girlfriend. It was a big deal. Hayun was a member of his household, not his girlfriend. 

But Myeong-cheol and Sang-min didn’t believe Kang-jun’s words. Hayun had nodded. It was sufficient. 

‘She really is his girlfriend. I’m so envious!’ 

‘Wah! Amazing! Amazing!’ 

They were crazy with envy. 

‘Sob! Buying a wig is a good thing. Kang-jun managed to snag a tremendous beauty! I should buy a wig.’ 

‘Ah, I’m really envious. Envious! Okay! I should ask her to introduce some friends.’ 

Myeong-cheol and Sang-min were determined to make a good impression on Hayun so that she would set them up on blind dates. 

Meanwhile, Hayun walked back to the kitchen in order to boil the ramyun. Sang-min rushed after her. 

“Wait! A goddess like you should sit at the table while I boil it. 

“T-that’s right. Water shouldn’t land on a goddess’ hands.” 

Myeong-cheol and Sang-min volunteered to be Hayun’s slaves. 

Kang-jun thought it was ridiculous. 

What would happen if they knew Hayun’s real identity? 

‘They would definitely be stunned.’ 

It didn’t matter whether they believed it or not.

Anyway, Hayun had hidden her identity well so he decided not to worry about it. 

‘I need to eat quickly or else I will be late.’  

Today he needed to diligently make money. He had the ability to make money, so he wouldn’t keep staying at the goshiwon. He would make enough money to buy a nice house. 

That wasn’t all. He would even buy the Dafeng building. 

Kang-jun quickly ate his bowl of ramyun and headed to K. After a while, he arrived at K Traditional Market. 

However, someone was already selling socks in his location. It was the space that Kang-jun had signed a contract for. But there were still eight days left in the contract. 

‘What is this?’ 

Kang-jun immediately stepped forward.

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