Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Occupying Everything (5)

“Now~! Cheap socks! Cheap! Luxury socks! Hiking socks! Baby socks! Buy it now or never!” 

Kang-jun watched as a man in his 30s sold socks. 

‘What is going on? That is obviously my spot.’ 

The fact that the man was selling the same types of socks as Kang-jun was even more absurd. Even the way the socks were displayed was similar. 

Of course, the socks weren’t very special. Kang-jun had ordered his from an internet wholesale site. In addition, his method of advertising the socks was the same. But why was he doing business in Kang-jun’s location? 

“Look here.” 

The man in his 30s, Lee Bong-cheol thought that Kang-jun was a customer and welcomed him. 

“Now, take your pick. Everything in front of you is 2,000 won! That is cheap for such luxury socks. Adult socks are 7,000 won, hiking socks…” 

“This is my place.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“This spot. I signed a contract for it.” 

Lee Bong-cheol’s expression hardened in an instant. He looked Kang-jun up and down with a look full of scorn. 

“I truly don’t know what you are saying. I have signed a one month contract for this place.” 

“One month? Perhaps it starts after my eight day contract ends?” 

“It is from today. Shall I show you?” 

Lee Bong-cheol pulled out a contract and showed it to Kang-jun. 

‘What? Isn’t this a contract?’ 

According to the contract, Lee Bong-cheol had every right to set up business here. 

‘There’s no doubt about it. It is a dual contract.’ 

Something ridiculous had happened! In that case, this problem wouldn’t be easily solved through talking to Lee Bong-cheol. Kang-jun had signed a contract with Oh Young-sik first. But now it was rented to someone else. He didn’t even receive a phone call. 

The products Kang-jun preordered from the internet arrived. 10 boxes. The total price of the socks as 600,000 won. But now he didn’t even have a place to leave the boxes. Lee Bong-cheol became angry after seeing the boxes. 

“Hey, what are these boxes? Aren’t you going away?” 

But Kang-jun had no intention of obediently leaving. 

“This double deal is obviously the fault of the owner. His phone isn’t working right now so please wait.” 

“So? Will you be responsible for screwing up my business? Eh?” 

“I won’t take responsibility for Oh Young-sik. Rather, I’m not deaf so please speak more quietly.”

Lee Bong-cheol flinched back as Kang-jun stared at him coldly. 

A height of 187cm. The short sleeves revealed muscular forearms. Tough eyes stared out from below silver hair. 

Lee Bong-cheol somehow felt numb from Kang-jun’s glare. 

It was at that moment. Two men heard the commotion and surrounded Kang-jun. 

Lee Bong-cheol’s face was triumphant as they appeared. 

“Hey bastard! Won’t you move these boxes? How long are you going to interrupt my business? If you think there is an unfair contract, go to the owner.” 


At that moment, there was a strange smile on Kang-jun’s face. He thought something was strange, but now it made sense. They clearly saw the excellent business in the last two days and aimed to steal this position. 

‘They heard about what happened.’ 

His business had gone too well. But in fact, this location originally wasn’t very good. It was a remote spot where it was hard to make even 100,000 in one day. Kang-jun wouldn’t have been able to sell the socks without the Draw In Customers skill. 

However, Lee Bong-cheol’s group thought it was the location. They schemed together with the owner of the location. 

In the meantime, Lee Bong-cheol gave him a meaningful smile and handed over a coffee from the vending machine. 

“That’s okay.” 

Kang-jun declined the coffee. Lee Bong-cheol didn’t offer twice. He just laughed while slurping the coffee. 

“What else is there to talk about?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“I know very well that Oh Young-sik is travelling overseas and won’t be back for 10 days.” 


“Just look at this situation. I’ll pay for those eight days so look for another spot.” 

“Why are you giving money to me?” 

“Huhu, don’t worry about it. I’ll get it back when Oh Young-sik returns. Instead, you will get the money if you sign these waivers giving up the contract. 

Lee Bong-cheol held out some papers with a smile. 

These documents had even been prepared in advance. It was 10,000 won a day, for a total of 80,000 won. 

“Hyung! You have resolved it nicely.” 

“Why aren’t you signing?” 

The men standing behind Kang-jun urged him on. Meanwhile, the number of people had increased to four. And they continued to create a threatening atmosphere while Kang-jun and Lee Bong-cheol talked. 

It was like they were going to stab him in the back. The words seemed to be encouraging. Of course, they were lies. They were trying to scare Kang-jun. 

‘These fools.’ 

Kang-jun didn’t panic under such intimidation. He would use these guys to fill his black magic energy! 

Just then, a familiar voice was heard. 

‘Where did I hear this before?’ 

Kang-jun turned his head for a look. 

‘What? Why is he here?’ 

It was Cho Sang-jin. 

The one who always drank at the karaoke bar in the basement of the Dafeng building. Not long ago, Kang-jun had given Cho Sang-jin a horrifying punishment. 

‘Heok! T-that guy?’ 

On the other hand, Cho Sang-jin’s complexion turned pale as he saw Kang-jun. Kang-jun’s face was similar to someone he knew. 

‘It can’t be. That guy was lame…’ 

Cho Sang-jin’s mind was troubled. The silver hair must be a wig. However, a lame foot couldn’t be fixed in just a matter of days. 

But why did he feel numb? Cho Sang-jin recoiled as he felt an ominous feeling. He was frozen in his position. 

“Where are you going, Cho Sang-jin?” 

Kang-jun pointed a finger towards him.

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