Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Battle Field (2)

Syuok- puhak! 

The arrow flew with an eerie sound! 

Hwang Seong-gil reflexively rolled his body, but another arrow hit his right shoulder. 


He was struck by an arrow. 

It wasn’t just one or two! 

The ghost! Monsters he had never heard of! As well as arrows! This was an absurd situation. 

A dream? It had to be. 

It was a situation he couldn’t understand, so Hwang Seong-gil was sure it was a dream. The situation was so ridiculous that it couldn’t be real. 

But it felt real. 

Blood was flowing from his shoulder and thigh where the arrows were embedded. 

The pain wasn’t a joke. He never felt terrible pain like this in a dream. 

Anyway, he started to run away again. However, he couldn’t even move a few steps before stopping. 

The ghost was right in front of him! The ghost was staring at him furiously. 


Hwang Seong-gil felt like all the air was gone from his lungs as he sat down. 

In fact, he hadn’t been afraid since he was young. He wasn’t afraid of things ranging from a ship or even a knife. It was the same for pain. He could somehow endure the two arrows. 

However, there was only one thing he was afraid of in this world. It was none other than ghosts. 

He didn’t know the reason. Ghosts were just scary. Even as a grown man, he had never seen a ghost movie. 

But now a ghost was right in front of him. 

She was also one of the most frightening, a virgin ghost! 

The wild hair! The bloody eyes filled with resentment! The long fingernails at the end of her arms. 

“Ooh! H-help me!” 

This was a nightmare. Please let the dream end quickly. 

His body was stiff like a frog encountering a snake. He wanted to escape but his feet wouldn’t move. 

The ghost approached with both hands stretched out. 

Chwaack! Chwack! Chwaaaak! 

The razor sharp nails dug into his body. 


The pain wasn’t the problem. The fear was more terrible than the pain. 

“Aaack! Ack! Help me!” 

Hwang Seong-gil would rather just die. 

However, the ghost didn’t let go of him of his neck. The mocking eyes just stared at him as he struggled on the floor. 



The rat head monsters also struck down with their clubs. 

Bam bam! Bam bam bam – 

His flesh and blood flew everywhere. Hwang Seong-gil’s body became a wreck due to the ruthlessly flying clubs. 


However, he was still alive. 

Jil jil jil. 

Her white hands moved through his hair. The ratians surrounded him. 

“Sob sob…!” 

Hwang Seong-gil started sobbing. He was captured by a ghost. And escorted by monsters. 


The ghost threw him. Kang-jun stood in front of him with a frosty expression. 

“S-spare me. Please!” 

Hwang Seong-gil howled. Kang-jun had a grim expression on his face. 


In fact, he didn’t want to kill Hwang Seong-gil. There were many people who used threats in the world but they didn’t all deserve to die. 

However, he had to unconditionally kill Hwang Seong-gil once the battle field was opened.

This was the condition to win in the battle field. And Hwang Seong-gil was already completely terrified. 

He needed to move before Hwang Seong-gil’s spirit recovered. At this moment, Hwang Seong-gil didn’t look much tougher than Cho Sang-jin. 

Kang-jun was strong in the battle field. He couldn’t accept any surrender or retaliation. Kang-jun had opened the battle field, so he needed to kill Hwang Seong-gil. It wasn’t pleasant. 

‘I need to finish it this time.’ 

Kang-jun’s eyes shone eerily. Hwang Seong-gil’s fear had already reached the peak thanks to Hayun and the ratians. Now he just needed to give the finishing touches. 

“I will kill you.” 

“Aaaaah! Please spare me!” 

“I want you to remember this moment. Especially if you don’t want to die.” 

Kang-jun made a fist. 

Bam! Bam bam! 


Hwang Seong-gil let out a horrifying scream. 

[You have won the battle in the battle field.] 

[18 black magic energy has been gained.] 

18 points. 

This amount usually corresponded to half a dozen people. 

He used one point to open the field. Eight points to summon Hayun and the ratians. It was a total of nine points and he gained 18 points, making a profit of nine points. 


Meanwhile, the dark world disappeared. 

Hwang Seong-gil’s nightmare seemed to last for a long time, but only two minutes had passed inside the battle field. And in reality, not even one second had passed. 

However, the memory of what happen in the battle field still remained in Hwang Seong-gil’s mind. 


Hwang Seong-gil gave a frightened scream and flopped down. 

‘T-this is?’ 

He was sure that Kang-jun, the ghost and the monsters killed him. Yet now he was alive. 

A dream? Was it just a dream? 


He could still feel the terrible pain through his entire body. 


Kang-jun laughed at him. 


Hwang Seong-gil’s heart sank. 

It was the same eyes that he saw in that strange space. 

A devil who controlled ghosts and monsters! That’s right. Kang-jun looked like a devil to Hwang Seong-gil. 

Teol teol teol. 

His body trembled. He didn’t dare meet Kang-jun’s eyes. 

Chagrin? Fury? He couldn’t think of anything. Emotions rose inside him. 

“S-spare me. I-I didn’t recognize who you were.” 

Hwang Seong-gil lay flat on the ground. 

Lee Bong-cheol watched with a startled expression. 

Kang-jun absorbed his energy, but he would never guess that it was due to Kang-jun’s power. He just thought it was strange that there was no more energy in his body. 

“Boss Hwang! What are you doing? Are you sane?” 


Hwang Seong-gil’s subordinates were watching with priceless expressions. 

However, Hwang Seong-gil didn’t have any room to worry about them. Kang-jun was his main priority. 

“P-please spare me! Sob!” 

Kang-jun just laughed. 

“Don’t forget that moment.” 

Hwang Seong-gil trembled. 

“Yes, I will never forget.” 

He didn’t know what was going on. But he couldn’t forget that moment. 

Hwang Seong-gil felt like he had been thrown into hell. He felt even more afraid of Kang-jun. He just wanted to escape this place as quickly as possible. 

And Kang-jun gave him just what he wanted. 

He needed Hwang Seong-gil to organize the situation. Kang-jun didn’t want to waste more time in futile arguing. He was only interested in making 1.5 million won today. 

“Then I will go now.” 

Hwang Seong-gil carefully said. Then Kang-jun glared at him.

“Go after cleaning this up.” 

“Cleaning? Ah, yes yes! Don’t worry about it.” 

Hwang Seong-gil remembered why he came here in the first place. 

Seuk seuk. Sak sak. 

In an instant. Kang-jun’s store was neatly emptied. Hwang Seong-gil then glared at Lee Bong-cheol. 

Lee Bong-cheol awkwardly stood in front of Kang-jun and said. 

“I-I’m really sorry. Yesterday I saw that the socks were selling well and was blinded by greed.” 

Lee Bong-cheol had excellent instincts. Kang-jun raised a hand. 

“I hope something so annoying will never happen again?” 

“I-it won’t.” 

Hwang Seong-gil started sweating. He bowed a few times before fleeing with his subordinates. 

‘Then shall I get started?’ 

Kang-jun displayed his socks and immediately started selling.

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