Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 28

Demonic Dragon’s Ring (1)

Around one hour after he started selling the socks, the owner of the stall appeared and bowed to him. 

“Boss-nim! I’m really sorry in many ways for today. Bong-cheol and I are deeply reflecting. Please keep the contract until the end. I will give you 30,000 won a day.” 

“I’ll think about it.” 

“Heheh! Please tell me if you ever feel any discomfort.” 

His tone was completely subservient compared to before. Maybe it was due to Hwang Seong-gil. 

Lee Bong-cheol and Oh Young-sik were both visibly struggling. 

Didn’t they covet this spot? They brought a gang to bully him into giving up the location. 

In fact, customers gathered in front of Kang-jun like they were spellbound. However, Kang-jun only intended to sell socks here for eight days. 

This wasn’t a good place to trade. He needed to use the skill Draw In Customers at a location with a better floating population. Towards the centre of the market, the floating population increased by more than 10 times. 

It would be better to find a stall in that location, even if it was much more expensive. He would be able to earn a few hundred million won a month. 

Of course, he needed to work to collect that money. Kang-jun was climbing up step by step to the top. 

“Now, selling socks! Durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear. Come and look just once!” 

The sale of the socks went smoothly. He steadily used the Draw In Customers as well as Art of Communication whenever there was a critical hit. 

He sold all 10 boxes by the time it was 9 p.m. He made 1.53 million won in a day. His goal had been to achieve 1.5 million won. 

Kang-jun had an enthusiastic smile on his face. Up to now, it had been so hard to earn money. He was poor and ignored. Kang-jun had been miserable and barely had enough for one meal a day. 

Kang-jun now gripped bills of won in his hand. He would earn more. Much more money. He would be the owner of money. 

The next day, Kang-jun also sold socks at the market. 

And finally, the time came to return to the world of Hwanmong. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to sign a contract for Room 401. 

10 p.m.

Kang-jun paid a visit to Room 413 before falling asleep. The door opened and revealed Hayun. 

“Omo! What is happening this time?” 

Hayun behaved like an ordinary woman. Kang-jun laughed. 

“This is the time. Watch over me very well tonight.” 

Kang-jun let Hayun know in advance to look after him. 

“It is finally that day?” 


“I also want to visit that world.” 

“I will call you if necessary. And starting from tomorrow, you will be able to head down to the PC Room on the 3rd floor.” 

Hayun could remain a human on the 4th floor but that didn’t last once she headed down to the PC Room. Kang-jun thought that today would be enough to occupy the entire Dafeng building. 

“Really? Huhuhut, you promise? Then I will be like an expensive watch.” 

“Expensive watch?” 

“Sang-min told me that it is a game trending among the citizens these days.” 

Hayun told me. 

Playing a game? A naive innocent expression. A slender figure that stimulated the protective instincts. She really was a very beautiful human. It wasn’t easy to recall the appearance of a virgin ghost with sharp nails from a few days ago. 

They returned back to Room 406. 

Kang-jun lay on the bed to try and fell aslepp. Hayun sat in the chair to watch over him. 


“Not yet.” 

“Should I be your lap pillow and sing you a lullaby?” 

“Ah, no. That’s okay.” 

A lullaby from a ghost! And lying on the lap of a ghost? 

It was vaguely creepy. But sleep was running away from him. 

Hayun shot him a look and said. 

“Don’t be so prejudiced. There is nothing wrong with ghosts.” 

“Then sing me a lullaby.” 

“In the shadow of the mother island…” 

Curiously, he really did fall asleep. The moment that Kang-jun fell asleep. 

[The door to Hwanmong is open.] 

[You have entered the world of Hwanmong.] 

Kang-jun stood in the middle of his Room 406 base. 

His hand was holding the Solid Wooden Stick and his health had recovered. 

[Resource Status] 

Money – 55 nodes. 

Essence of Earth – 1 

Information about his resources and current summoning status also appeared. 

[Stage 1 Barrack] 

-Capacity 3/10 

[Ratian archer summoning: 1%] 

[A giant ratian is scheduled to be summoned] 

The three ratians that Kang-jun summoned last time were waiting in the corridor in front of Room 406. 

Kang-jun checked his current status. 

Lee Kang-jun 

Lv.5 (Exp 43.00%) 

[War] Beginner 

Health: 170/170. 

Black Magic Energy: 100/200 

Strength: 8 

Agility: 9 

Intelligence: 6 

Good Luck: 6 

Charisma: 8 

‘I have some money so I should summon more ratians.’ 

Having more troops would be nice. He would be able to summon them in the punishment field and battle field. 

Currently he had summoned three ratians. There were two more scheduled to be summoned. 

He placed three more in reserve. It cost 50 nodes. 

[A ratian archer is scheduled to be summoned] 

[A giant ratian is scheduled to be summoned] 

[A giant ratian is scheduled to be summoned] 

After they were all summoned to the barrack, Kang-jun would be able to command eight troops. It would just take a bit of time to summon them. 

Meanwhile, Kang-jun decided to occupy the PC Room on the 3rd floor. 

“Let’s go! 3rd floor!” 

“Yes, Lord. Kekekeke!” 

“Kikikik! We will follow your words.” 

Kang-jun took the lead with the Solid Wooden Stick while the two ratian infantry followed behind. The ratian archer was bringing up the rear. 

[Rainbow PC Room] 

-Invasion is possible 

[Would you like to invade? Yes/No] 

The question appeared as soon as he headed down the stairs to the 3rd floor. 

‘Yes! Invade.’ 

Kang-jun expected it and replied without any hesitation. 

[Attack and destroy the door to the Rainbow PC Room.] 

[Rainbow PC Room Door: 100%] 

“Attack that door!” 

Kang-jun instantly commanded. 

“Keket! Attack!” 

“Kikiki! Break down the door!” 

It wasn’t a joke to say that the PC room used up the entire 3rd floor. 

Kang-jun wielded the Solid Wooden Stick and triggered Aura of Earth. 

Kwang kwang kwang! 

The ratian infantry and archers also diligently attacked the door. 

Sometimes the door would open with a gust of wind and dramatically reduce the health of the ratian infantry. 

Every time, Kang-jun would have the ratian infantry return to the barrack. It was because the health of the ratians would spontaneously recover in the barrack. Then they would join the attack again once their health was full. 

Fortunately, Kang-jun received almost no damage thanks to the defense of Aura of Earth. 

So after a while? 

Before he knew it, an additional ratian archer was summoned and joined in. Following that, a giant ratian was called. 

[Rainbow PC Room Door: 0%] 

[The Rainbow PC room door has been destroyed.] 

[You have occupied the Rainbow PC Room.] 

‘Oh! Finally!’ 

The Rainbow PC Room was occupied. People would call him crazy in reality but it was possible in the world of Hwanmong. 


Then a scroll appeared beyond the door. 

Kang-jun instantly looked at it. 

[Inferior PC Room knowledge has been acquired.] 

[The power of the management skills inside the PC Room will increase.] 

Last time it was the goshiwon but now he had acquired knowledge about the PC Room. In the future, it would be easier for Kang-jun to earn money in the goshiwon or PC Room.

Kang-jun exited and continued to the 2nd floor. 

[The Iris coffee shop has been occupied.] 

[Star Star Karaoke has been occupied.] 

The door destruction speed was much faster thanks to the giant ratian. He took over the 2nd floor a lot quicker than the 3rd floor. 

[Inferior coffee shop knowledge has been acquired.] 

[Inferior karaoke knowledge has been acquired.] 

He obtained some loot on the 2nd floor. Of course, there was knowledge. 

Coffee shop and karaoke. 

Kang-jun felt somewhat proud. This knowledge would be useful some day. 

He continued to the 1st floor. 

[The Tasty Soondae House has been occupied.] 

[Dafeng Real Estate Office has been occupied.] 

He also succeeded in the occupation of the 1st floor. The relevant industry knowledge was acquired. 

Finally, it was time for the basement. 

At this time, the summoning of all his troops to the barrack was completed. 

Two ratian infantry.

Three ratian archers. 

Three giant ratians. 

The total of eight troops marched vigorously behind Kang-jun to the door of the karaoke bar in the basement of the Dafeng building.

“Attack that door!” 

“Kuooh! As you command.” 

“Kekekeket! Yes, Lord.” 

The three giant ratians rushed without mercy to the door. 

The ratian infantry wielded their clubs while the ratian archers leisurely fired their bows from the back. 

Kwang kwang kwang kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwang! 

Papapak! Syuok! Papapak! 

The karaoke bar door didn’t have significant durability so it was quickly destroyed. 

[Roma Salon has been occupied.] 

[Inferior karaoke bar knowledge has been acquired.] 

‘It is finished!’ 

Kang-jun cheered. He had succeeded in occupying all of the Dafeng building

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