Divine Card Creator

Chapter 1 - Hello, World

Chapter 1: Hello, World

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The teenager woke up in the dark. He felt a slight headache.

Before his eyes… was a completely unfamiliar sight.

Where was he?


Some memories appeared.

Lu Ming, sixteen years old, a vocational technical college student.

This was his current identity.

“I have actually transmigrated.”

Lu Ming rubbed his head while a long time to accept this fact.

“It seemed like I was dead…”

Lu Ming was in a trance.

In his previous life, he was a programmer who worked like a dog. He had worked sixteen hours a day and had had to deal with all kinds of brainless requests. He did not expect that he would drop dead in front of the computer.

He remembered that the night he died he felt exhausted to the bones…

That was because the product manager was such a blockhead. The product manager changed the requirements in the last minute as he wanted the background of their smart app to change with the user’s mood…

It was red when the user was happy.

It was a melancholy blue when they were sad.

It would turn purple when they were agitated.

He felt confused.

“If there were a knife on the table, haha…”

That was all he remembered.

In the end, he was busy late into the night and he had had a splitting headache. His most memorable dream was a good fight with the product manager early in the morning.

“There seems to be no hope.”

Lu Ming felt very regretful. A morbid thought came to his mind. The product manager might be scared stiff when he found him dead early in the morning. He might wet his pants when he patted him and realized that he was freezing cold.


Lu Ming smiled.

This could be considered as the end to his life as a programmer who worked like a dog.

Whatever happened in his previous life should come to a close.

His family?

They no longer existed.

His parents were in poor health and passed away when he was a child.



How could a programmer who worked like a dog have a girlfriend? The product manager was a hypocrite that bragged about new products or about his girlfriend every day…

Ah, the damn product manager!

He felt like getting in a good fight with him!

If he could change bodies again, he would give him a good beating!

“Wait a minute!”

Lu Ming felt that his mindset was wrong.

Since he had transmigrated and was given a new life, wouldn’t it be pointless if his ultimate goal was to return to the past and assault the product manager?


Lu Ming let out a long breath, finally calming himself down.

He should forget whatever had happened in his past life. He should be concerned with the present.

At the thought of this… Lu Ming began to scan the room.

Five square meters.

With only a small single bed.

Lu Ming frowned. The narrow space brought back bad memories. The rented place where he used to live near Renmin University of China was as small and broken down as this place.

“It can’t be…”

Lu Ming had a bad feeling all of a sudden.


Memories started flooding in.

He realized that the original owner’s memory had not been erased. He seemed to be watching a film about the owner’s life. He could look through their memories at any time.

Lu Ming!

Only sixteen years old!

Vocational technical college student!

He came from a good family. His parents were in good health. He had an older sister. He had received a good education. He seemed to be doing fairly well.

But why would he end up going to a technical college?


His older sister was too successful!

Since she started school, she had stellar performances and was always ranked first. After she started cultivation, she was unmatched, and no one could reach her level.

She was well-known in that place.

Little Lu Ming grew up in that environment. He was always compared to his sister for everything.

Of course.

This was not the point.

The point was, when Lu Ming thought of this sister, he could vaguely feel some strange emotions from Little Lu Ming. There was envy, inferiority, affection, ambiguity, admiration, and desire for violence…

Wait a minute.

Something did not seem quite right.


Lu Ming automatically lifted the mattress. Under the mattress, there was a pile of strange books. “Superior Sister Falls In Love With Me”, “My Sister Could Not Be So H”, “Overbearing Sister Forces A Kiss On Me”, “The Guide to Winning your Sister’s Affection”…

Lu Ming was confused

But when he thought about it, it seemed to be normal.

The child was…

Lu Ming comforted himself. He saw a bunch of toilet paper in the paper basket.

The young boy was…

That was what Lu Ming had in mind.

With such a beautiful and talented sister, it was normal for the boy to have all sorts of strange ideas and desires, especially during his adolescence.

Of course.

Little Lu Ming also knew that this was not right, therefore he was intent on leaving the place.

He fled all the way to a relatively distant city.

He knew that in his life he might not be able to overtake his sister as a fighter. Therefore, he simply chose to become a Card Creator, hoping that he could make a name for himself.

If he succeeded in the future, he might be able to help his older sister.

In the end…

It went without saying.

“Card Creator?”

Lu Ming had some doubts. He began to read his memory.

There was a lot of rich energy between heaven and earth in this world. Therefore, there were thousands of different kinds of cultivation vocations. Everyone could cultivate themselves and choose their favorite cultivation vocation.

But there was no doubt that although there were many cultivation vocations, there was still a huge difference between them.

Some people preferred the hot-blooded type and for every punch to bite.

This was a man’s way of being romantic.

On the contrary, some people preferred being elegant and chic and to manipulate.

This was the pursuit of profound meaning.

As for Card Creator, it was a fairly good auxiliary vocation.

In simple terms, being a Card Creator meant collecting a variety of abilities, like illusions, images, and more and sealing them in a blank card, turning it into a card for easy usage.


If one was powerful enough, one could seal everything!

“Seal everything?”

Lu Ming felt infinite power.

He recalled similar memories, erm…

Every Card Creator had an Original Card. If they released an ability into the Original Card, the Original Card would seal the ability. Thereafter, through the Card Creator’s workmanship, he would draw the ability into the card for easy usage.

“This thing…”

Lu Ming pondered for a moment. “Disk burner?”

They were of the same profession!

After all, they were from the IT industry!

Of course.

Although Card Creators did not have any fighting prowess, it was still considered a fairly good auxiliary vocation.

It was just that…

How should he say it?

After Little Lu Ming completed his vocational college and went through the professional training organized by his college, he was qualified to become a part of the menial gang.

The only card creating skills that he mastered was the one-star Energy Card.

Since the energy contained in the Energy Stone was unstable and its energy value would fluctuate, it was inconvenient to carry it around. The Card Creator could seal the energy from the Energy Stone into a blank card and turn it into an Energy Card.

One card in an hour. One could complete twenty cards in a day. The net profit of one card was five yuan, therefore one could earn one hundred yuan a day.

It was enough to cover his expenses.

He did not have to worry about the sales.

“Calm down!”

“Be sure to calm down!”

Lu Ming’s hands trembled slightly.

He vaguely remembered that he attended a training class to become a java programmer in his previous life. He did not expect that Little Lu Ming would be doing the exact same thing.

You must be freaking kidding me?!

He continued to look at the memories.

Although it was hard, Little Lu Ming led a stable life. However, one day he was in a bad shock when he knew that his genius sister was coming to visit him.

He must not embarrass himself!

He had to preserve his miserable dignity in front of his sister!

In order to prove that he had been leading a good life, Little Lu Ming did something that normal people would not have done.


He took out a loan to open a card creating shop and became a boss!

He took out a loan from the school!

He used nude photos as collateral to obtain loans!

Little Lu Ming had delicate features like his sister. He bought a wig and put on female clothes. He then took his half naked photos and used them to take out a loan from his school.

Lu Ming was even more confused.


Could it be that children from the alternate world liked to put up a show?!

In the end…

Everyone knew the outcome.

After visiting Little Lu Ming and knowing that he had been leading a good life, his sister went back home.

Nothing happened.

She didn’t even praise him for doing well.

After all, given her capabilities, in her eyes Little Lu Ming’s business was considered a very small investment. However, Little Lu Ming ended up leading a bitter life where he had to repay his loan and interest everyday.

It was just that…

Little Lu Ming was not highly-skilled. He could only sell Energy Cards. His shop did not have much business and he could not even afford to pay the interest.

“Sure enough, something went wrong.”

Lu Ming sighed.

There was only one outcome for school loans.

He did not need to think about it because he knew the outcome. It was the reason why he was able to transmigrate.

It was very simple.

Apparently Little Lu Ming was dead.

Lu Ming continued to read the boy’s memory.

Sure enough.

The school loan company looked for Little Lu Ming and demanded payment. They forced him to engage in sexual deals. As expected, they discovered that he was a boy. They gave him a round of beatings and threw him out, giving him a month to repay his debts. If he couldn’t, they would get him to serve customers who had special sexual preferences.

Little Lu Ming was frightened. After coming back, he began to work like a dog to pay off his debts!

He would create twenty two cards a day and he would only sleep two hours a day!

This only lasted for half a month.

He shortly came to a sudden death.

Lu Ming: “???”


Shouldn’t he have been beaten to death by the loan company?!

What was the point of a sudden death?!

Lu Ming felt that this world was being very cruel to him.


In his previous life, he had come to a sudden death when he was a programmer. But this boy had also died suddenly due to being overworked. Lu Ming felt cheated.

Was it the boy who had this feeling?

Or was it his own?


He had good playing cards but he did not play them well…

He had such a good sister. If he developed the habit from a young age… no… if he had cozied up to her from a young age, he might have been doing very well now.


“It was due to the boy’s self-esteem.”

Lu Ming was filled with emotions.


Little Lu Ming died because of his self-esteem.

In fact, if he told his sister or his parents about his problems, things would not have turned out that way. But, all the boys in their adolescence behave like he did.

Back then, he was…


“It was just as well.”

Lu Ming thought about it.

The young boy seemed to have been suffering for a long time.

He would never be able to hold his head high with such a sister, particularly since he felt affection for his sister. It was all the more terrible. He could not hold his head high even in his next life.

It was just as well to die.


He had left happily, while he left behind a mess for Lu Ming.

Lu Ming stood up.

He pushed open the small bedroom’s door.

The room outside was clean and tidy. There were clear and transparent display windows on the right and left hand sides of the room. There were some foreign instruments on top of them. In the neat boxes were many rows of textured cards.



It was a stark contrast to the messy bedroom at the back.


This was the shop that the young boy gave up his life for.

Lu Ming went to the entrance and opened the door to the shop. Bright sunlight came in, the whole world seemed to become alive at this moment.

Towering towers.

A bustling crowd.

A lot of cars on the roads.

The fresh air of the early morning.

Lu Ming took a deep breath, it seemed that all his troubles were gone.


This was the world that he had transmigrated to!


This was the start to his new life!

“I am here, new world.”

Lu Ming decided on a sentence to say goodbye to everything in his previous life, and to welcome the new world——

“Hello world!”

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