Divine Card Creator

Chapter 11 - The Price of Stroking the Cat

Chapter 11: The Price of Stroking the Cat

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The black cat’s roar was stunning and terrifying.

The entire Sea of Consciousness was shaking. Lu Ming’s body turned stiff and was almost torn apart.


My hands are slippery.”

At the critical moment, Lu Ming surrendered decisively.

All the hairs of the black cat were shivering. The earlier elegance was gone. Like an ancient beast, it gave Lu Ming a death stare. It was obviously furious.

Super fearsome!

“I’m wrong.”

Lu Ming conceded defeat again.

The temptation of stroking the cat…


Actually, he did it on purpose.

There was such a powerful creature which was roaming freely in his body. How could he possibly feel at ease? Hence, as per his words earlier, Lu Ming was testing its limit.

Or it could be said that…

He was probing the temperament of this cat.

The black cat had fallen into a deep sleep immediately after changing the place. This went to show that he was truly exhausted and needed to rest. Hence, it would not change its resting place at this point in time.

It did not have any energy. Nor was it in a condition to do so!


Lu Ming was definitely safe!

He had to get the information that he wanted at this point in time.


The golden eyes of the black cat was full of authority and dominance.

Its cold gaze swept across Lu Ming, as if it had seen through Lu Ming’s mind. That elegant and aloof eyes were filled with contempt.

Suddenly… its gaze shifted and landed on the Original Card in the Sea of Consciousness.

In usual times…

When it was not summoned, Lu Ming’s Original Card was naturally in this place.


The black cat opened its mouth lazily. It simply gnawed the card with one bite.


A loud and crisp sound could be heard coming from the Original Card.

Lu Ming’s expression changed greatly.

The Original Card was the foundation of his cultivation!

If the Original Card was ruined, he would really become an invalid!

At the thought of this…

He couldn’t care less about the probe anymore. He simply pounced on the black cat, hoping to snatch his Original Card back. At this juncture, the black cat’s cold gaze swept across his body.


The black cat’s opened its mouth and spat out the Original Card.


When the Original Card was spewed out, Lu Ming was immediately thrown to the ground, landing harshly.

Lu Ming did not care whether he was injured or not. He crawled up quickly and looked at the Original Card. His eyes widened instantly. The Original Card, which was originally crystal clear, was now full of scratches.

There was a scar in the shape of lighting on it. Seemingly, the card that was originally complete had been separated into pieces.

“It has cracked.”

Lu Ming’s heart ached badly.

Brother, you are a cat, okay?!

Why are you biting everywhere like a husky! You have crossed the line!

Lu Ming was very nervous.

He carefully bent the card. It was not really broken into pieces. He then carried the Original Card and turned it around to check all sides. After confirming that the Original Card could still be used, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it was not spoiled. Otherwise, he would really have to cultivate from scratch again.

This guy…

He had finally seen for himself the black cat’s capability.


The black cat’s aura swept across Lu Ming. He was overcome with a wave of cold.

This was a warning.


When the black cat beat its little claw, Lu Ming was thrown out immediately.

He was inside his own body, okay?!

His consciousness returned.

Lu Ming was back to the real world.

True enough, he did not guess wrong…

There was a flash of awareness in Lu Ming’s heart. He was right to have stroked the cat!

Although the black cat had gnawed his Original Card and chased him out, it had confirmed the guess in Lu Ming’s heart.

First, it was obviously very powerful but it only gave him a warning. It must have certain reservations.

Or rather, it had a kind-hearted nature and did not like to hurt others.

Regardless of the reason, this was a good thing.

To a certain extent, he was temporarily safe.

Second, it was really very powerful.

To Lu Ming’s knowledge, it was very difficult to destroy the Original Card!

Even if he could seal himself with ten or hundred times more energy, the Card Creator himself would be down on luck. The Original Card would not be too damaged.

As such, one could infer how strong the Original Card was.

And the black cat, who only took a bite…

This was undoubtedly scary…

With such a creature following him, Lu Ming was equivalent to having a strong and powerful trump card.

Third, and of course, this was also the most important point: “Stroking the cat feels good indeed.”

Lu Ming was filled with emotions.

He had stroked cats for his whole life but not on a cat with such a level.

Of course, feeling good was one thing. Although he had resolved his worries, the outcome was quite serious. After all, the cat was super fierce when it showed its prowess.

For example…

Lu Ming’s Original Card.


Faint lights flashed. The Original Card was suspended in the air.

Lu Ming’s face dimmed.

Before, his Original Card was crystal clear and glittery. It was very beautiful. But now… an odd crack in the shape of a lightning seemed to be imprinted on the Original Card.

Even that glittery shine did not seemed so pure and white anymore. There was a tinge of green in it.

It was very odd and mysterious.

So, this was the price of stroking the cat?

“Can this thing still be used?”

Lu Ming was very doubtful.

After thinking.

He might as well find a Fruit Ninja Card and release it to his Original Card, and use the Original Card to seal the Fruit Ninja illusion to see the effect.


Lu Ming looked at the picture displayed on the Original Card.

The lines at the back were the same!

The lines at the front were the same too!

Besides that lighting crack that had a faint green shine, giving the entire card a ghostly feel, the card did not seem affected.

“It’s normal!”

Lu Ming felt at ease then.

During the day, he had been creating cards and managing his business. At night, he was in a battle of wits and courage with the black cat. Without him noticing it, it was already past midnight.

Lu Ming moved to his own little house and fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed.

Right then…

In the house of a citizen in the outskirts.

Shan Zhu was happily playing mahjong with a few topless men.

“Bamboo Three!”

“Can’t afford to take it!”

“Haha, I won.”

Shan Zhu laughed loudly.

He felt that lady luck was shining on him.

First, he was lucky to have scavenged a pile of high-end card fragments in the wilderness. He sold everything to the shop that often helped them to manage these items. Afterwards, he sold the rejected rubbish cards to Lu Ming.


That fool!

Although he did not look as weak and timid as before, he was still very stupid.

“Shan Zhu, you have won ten times in a row, right?”

The man beside him was green with envy. “You… what stroke of luck did you have today?”


Shan Zhu was smug. “That… let me tell you. I… ”


His expression froze.

Gradually, blood oozed out from in between his brows and a hole appeared.

“Shan Zhu?”

The few people around him were shocked and terrified. Clearly, Shan Zhu was still sitting down, his eyes wide opened. However, his body was no longer breathing. It frightened the life out of them. They turned and ran.


There were flashes of blood.

The scene was completely lifeless.

A frail and lean figure gradually appeared in the darkness. He walked to Shan Zhu and searched for a sheet of paper from his body. The receipt of the sale of the card fragment was written on it.

A total of seventy-two card fragments. There were three one-star card fragments, five two-star card fragments, three-star…

The last one was twenty-one pieces of unknown card fragments.


The names of the recipients were on it.

That man stopped for a moment. He then turned and left.

A while later.

That man appeared at the shop written in the receipt and walked in in a relaxed manner. He looked for the things that he wanted to. Very quickly, he found the card fragments that he wanted.


He pieced them together.

A few unknown card fragments had been pieced together to form half a small card. It looked very extraordinary.

“I found you.”

He lifted his hand.


A frightening flow of energy appeared in his hands.

The missing parts on the card were actually slowly rebuilding themselves. It was terrifying. However, after the card gradually came together, that man looked very disappointed.

“True enough…

I was too late?”

He was full of regrets. “This card is valuable because of you. How can the level be so low? It seems that… You have really disappeared… ”

“If I had known that this would happen, would I still have fought this battle?”

There was a sigh.

His figure vanished without a trace.

As if… he had never appeared.

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