Divine Card Creator

Chapter 12 - Internship

Chapter 12: Internship

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The next day.

Lu Ming woke up and opened the shop as usual. But he heard from one of the customers that last night a shop not far from the street was broken into and they suffered heavy losses.

Lu Ming could not help but feel a strange sense of disorientation—why would this happen here?

This was the city center!

“Isn’t the police around?”

Lu Ming frowned.

“Fortunately not.”

A customer sighed. “I heard that the person was very powerful. He made a small wave and smashed the security door. Given his strength, if the police arrived, they would only end up dead at his hands.”

“Small wave?!”

Lu Ming looked at the security door of his house.

Every shop installed the same security door. It was very sturdy and secure. Ordinary cultivators would not be able to break it. However, the person was able to smash it with a small wave of his hands. The person must be very powerful.

If that guy had gone to his shop yesterday… That night he had stayed in the shop!

Lu Ming felt a chill.


This was downtown. No matter how powerful the person was, the police must answer to the people. However, by the time they arrived, the people were already dead. It was of no use anymore.

This world…

Lu Ming was in a trance.

These past few days, the crazy sales of Fruit Ninja gave him the wrong impression that this world seemed to be no different from his previous life. It took until today to realize that he was wrong.

Perhaps, this was the true face of this world?

“Boss, a Fruit Ninja Card.”

He had customers.


Lu Ming came back to his senses and went to prepare the card.

In fact, there were very few people in the shop this morning. He created the cards while he pondered about security issues, the shop that was being broken into as well as the existence of the black cat…

After all that happened, he had to make serious considerations about improving his capability.

This world was even more dangerous than he imagined!

Being powerful was the way to go!

“Become stronger!”

Lu Ming had these thoughts in mind.


A Card Creator was still considered as an auxiliary vocation. One did not have any combat capability. The reason why it was difficult to provoke a Card Creator was because they were always prepared with a stack of Battle Cards.

Therefore, no one would provoke Card Creators.


One had to have energy to use Battle Cards!

Lu Ming only had a miserable sixty points of energy. He could only cast one Battle Card! Currently, those that matched his energy levels were Fireball and other basic one-star Energy Cards.

If he encountered enemies, he had no chance of surviving at all.

“This won’t do.”

Lu Ming had a bad headache.

Card Creator…


He did a search on the Internet and he managed to find some videos on Card Creators caught in battles. He opened the file full of excitement, but was uninterested after a few seconds.

How did a Card Creator fight his battles?


They crushed the other party with the use of Battle Cards!

If one was not enough?

Two cards!

If two cards were not enough?

Three cards!

There was an impressive video that Lu Ming saw. The three-star Card Creator drove a three-star Elementalist who had strong combat capabilities to death.

Various powerful Battle Cards were used!

What? Energy was low?

How could that be possible?!

The Card Creator had a stack of Energy Cards!

Lu Ming was silent.

Although the comments left by the viewers said that the Card Creator was impressive and awesome, after watching the video, he felt that it did not seem to have anything to do with the Card Creator.

This was simply about money!

Rich people were able to splurge!

No matter how impressive it was, it had nothing to do with the vocation!

No matter what the vocation was, everyone could buy lots of Battle Cards and fight with them!

Lu Ming could not be bothered to diss them. He always felt that those rich people should call themselves a one vocation as well.


No matter how rich one is, one must have enough energy as well.

If one’s energy level is insufficient to meet the minimum requirements of the card, there is no way to activate it! No matter how many cards and Energy Cards one buys, it is useless.

So… No matter how rich one is, one’s energy level is the foundation.

“I only have sixty points of energy. Too weak,” Lu Ming analyzed in a serious manner.

According to his understanding of the one-star abilities, the lowest ability required an energy level of fifty to sixty points, the slightly stronger ability required the energy level of sixty to one hundred points, the strongest ability within the one-star abilities demanded more than one hundred points.

If he wanted to use a strong one-star Energy Card, he had to have at least one hundred points!

This was the only way to activate those cards. Even if one he depleted of energy, he could still use Energy Card to make up for it.

It was crucial to meet the minimum requirements.

Therefore, Lu Ming’s goal was very clear. He had to increase his energy level to one hundred points first.

“One hundred points…”

Lu Ming was silent.

According to Little Lu Ming’s memory, he had spent a year building the Original Card model and joined the industry to become a Card Creator. His Original Card energy level was only eighteen points.

He spent another year to increasing it to forty-eight points.

It was heinously low.

Only Heaven knew.

To break through to become a two-star Card Creator, he had to have one thousand points!

“The cultivation of a Card Creator does indeed require a lot of resources.”

Little Lu Ming’s original cultivation method was to create Energy Cards and to recover naturally. He did not have many savings and he did not even dare to use Energy Stones.

Therefore, he took a very long time to increase his energy level.

When I went into a rampant craze to create cards the past few days, there was a steady stream of energy and I increased my energy level by twelve points in ten days! Therefore, if I want to increase my energy level… I need money.

No, more precisely, I need a lot of resources,” Lu Ming thought silently.

He did not have much money left. He used the money that he earned from the Fruit Ninja campaign to repay the loan. The remaining money was only sufficient for the daily operation of the shop.

Create another card?

Not really.

Little Lu Ming was ranked at the bottom among the Card Creators. In other words, he was only at the beginner level, which was similar to the disk burner stage. Lu Ming had no idea whether his visions and ideas could be realized or not.

Most importantly, Apart from Fruit Ninja, other cards would require a lot of energy!

“It is a vicious circle.”

Lu Ming was filled with emotions.

Did it mean that he really had to take things slowly?

Not necessarily.

An idea came to Lu Ming suddenly.

He opened Little Lu Ming’s cell phone and searched through it. Very soon, he found a message from the college – “Notice of internship jointly organised by the college and the crystal factory”.


This was an internship.

This was a joint activity organised by Lu Ming’s vocational college and a factory.

Duration: seven days.

According to the contents, this activity was to improve the students’ practical ability, ability to endure hardships, and for them to understand the working environment in advance. This was beneficial to their future career planning.


This was only in general.

In fact, this was to dupe the students to provide free labor.

Little Lu Ming participated in a similar program last year. It was said that the once a year internship was very rare and important, therefore he signed up or it. In the end, he realized that it was just manual work!

They had to search for Energy Stones in the ruins of the mine and give them to the factory!

Since all of the students were cultivators, regardless of whether they were after a fighting vocation or as an auxiliary vocation, they could use their own energy to detect those stones.

What was even more dishonest was… under normal circumstances, if the general staff of the factory gave the Energy Stones to the factory, they would be given a performance bonus. The more stones they submitted, the higher the bonus. This was to prevent the employees from keeping the stones for themselves.

As for internship students, the college would give them credits instead.

But it was useless!

Therefore, only new students fell for the trap and signed up for such deceptive programs. Second-year students did not even care about such notice!!


Lu Ming’s interest was piqued.

He looked at the history of the college.

Actually, the college did not organize such activities in the past.

However, the educational institutions required that all schools develop the students’ practical skills. They strongly urged all colleges to hold at least one free extra-curricular program a year.

This was originally a good idea.


One should know how things actually turned out.

The higher authorities had policies and the localities had their counter-measures.

It was meant for the students’ welfare, but it turned out to be another matter.

Lu Ming’s college was ranked as one of the lowest among the other vocational colleges. It was one of those unregistered colleges. With nobody to make sure that rules were followed, the free internship program became one of the college’s traditions after a few years.

“This program…”

Lu Ming closed his eyes.

He did not care that the internship was a fraud.

What he cared about was what he would do during the internship—mining! He would venture into energy caves and dig out all the Energy Stones that were hidden under the rocks!

Did this mean that…

He could cultivate while he was in the caves?

Of course.

The Energy Ores in the ruins of the mine were unlike the pure Energy Stones sold on the market. The purity was very low and the absorption rate was very slow.

A huge Energy Ore might only have a few hundred points of energy.

Furthermore, since the energy was scattered unevenly and different parts would have different energy levels, if one was to absorb the energy directly, the energy flow might be interrupted at any time. It was a fraud!

What would one feel like if the energy was stopped while the skill was being released?

Many people in the hospital would be able to provide a good answer to that.

Therefore, this type of Energy Ore was unsuitable for reserve use.

That was in general cases.

The Energy Ores would be processed and refined in the factory, getting rid of those impurities, and generating pure Energy Stones, which would be sold in the market.

What vocation did Lu Ming have?

Card Creator!



He did not care about them!

He only needed to ensure that every line was complete when he drew the card!

If he was unlucky, and the energy was interrupted when he was drawing one of the lines, he could use his own energy temporarily!

There was no issue at all!

Purity was very low?

Never mind.

He could purify it!

He could manually refine it!

He could turn the Energy Stones into Energy Cards!

He could then use the Energy Cards!

Therefore, he needed to prepare a lot of blank cards so that he would have an abundance of resources for the seven days!

Perhaps, it was worth a try?

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