Divine Card Creator

Chapter 13 - The Strange Card Face

Chapter 13: The Strange Card Face

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“It seems feasible.”

Lu Ming thought over the plan.

Had anyone ever used this method before?

He had no idea.

But he believed that the factory did not care.

Because there would be thousands of students doing internships at one time. Their final profit would be a very impressive number.

Nobody would care that the Energy Stones that had been dug out from a certain corner of the mine were slightly lesser than the rest. Nobody had an actual idea of how many Energy Ores there were in the entire mountain!

It was normal for students to skive.

Of course.

Lu Ming chose this internship for another very important reason—safety!

After all, this was organized by the college. The college could disregard everything but the safety of students. If anything happened, the college would have to bear the responsibility!

This was good news for Lu Ming who was just getting started.

In that case… there was only one problem left.

Cultivation speed!

Lu Ming’s cultivation speed was too slow!

Even if he had an abundance of energy, how much could he improve in the seven days?

He had to know…

During those ten days, apart from sleeping and eating, he spent all his time cultivating and creating three hundred Fruit Ninja Cards. However, he only managed to increase his energy level by twelve points!

Therefore, in those seven days…

He could work himself to death but he would only have another twelve more points.

His energy level was at sixty points, he could only increased to a maximum of seventy-two points. To him, it was not enough.

“I need a faster cultivation speed.”

Lu Ming frowned.

What will affect the cultivation rate?


The process of creating cards was the process of cultivation.

The energy in his body would flow into the lines on the card’s surface through the Card Creating Pen. One had to control its speed and flow. This was the process of cultivation!

Undoubtedly, if the cards had a higher difficulty level, the cultivation speed would be faster!

Therefore, when the Card Creator was cultivating, they would choose the card with the highest degree of difficulty still within their means, so that they could increase their energy level as soon as possible!

This was a very important point.

Lu Ming took a mental count of his cards. He only had the Energy Card and the Fruit Ninja.

His pool of cards was too shabby!

Needless to say, the difficulty level of the Energy Card was too low!

The design plan of the Energy Card, its every line and every node, was the hard work of various masters. They made countless designs and they combined all their designs into the most concise and succinct version!

It could be said that there was no difficulty at all!

This type of classic card only existed for the sole purpose of enhancing one’s foundation.

He still had a Fruit Ninja…

Lu Ming sighed. It was slightly better than the Energy Card.

Since the Fruit Ninja was still very popular nowadays and it would bring in a significant amount of profit, hence Lu Ming continue to use it to cultivate.

But for the internship…

It would never do.

“It seems like I have to prepare a new card.”

Lu Ming thought to himself.

There were five days to the internship. He had enough time to choose a suitable card.

High difficulty level!

Within his means…

Lu Ming began his search on the Internet.

There was a cards library on the academic forum whereby the experts had ready-made cards. Lu Ming only needed to purchase it online like how he used to do in the past, and chose a card based on his requirements.

It was very convenient.

His energy level was sixty points. He would naturally choose the most suitable card which had a slightly more complicated lines between fifty-eight to sixty points…

He found it!

Lu Ming found a card quickly.

Brutal Charge, as the name suggested, used the energy to form a raging fierce bull. It would charge toward the target, causing a certain impact.

Card creating requirements: sixty points.

“It turned out to be this ability.”

Lu Ming was somewhat surprised.

The damage of this ability was very low. It was even lower than the Fireball which only required fifty points of energy.

Well, the advantages would be…

The raging fierce bull had a fast speed. It might cause considerable dizziness if it collided into someone in high speed. That was to say, the enemy might be dumbstruck after colliding with the raging bull.

Of course.

Practicality was not high.

After all, novices, only had one ability from the start.

After fidgeting with it for a long time and releasing the ability, the opponent would only be momentarily dumbstruck from the collision. As a remote ability, one might not be able to escape from the enemy within that short time frame.

He heard someone specially prepared a weapon, but when he brandished the knife and rushed forward, the enemy had already sobered up.

It happened to be a close combat.

It was a long story.

So… the ability was not as practical as the exploding fireball.

However, Lu Ming did not choose it because of its effect, but because of its sixty points of energy. It was the cut-off point between the basic ability and complicated lines. To form the fierce beast, its lines were more complicated and difficult than the average lines!

“Let’s buy it first.”

Lu Ming made his decision.

It was not safe to find someone to cast the Brutal Charge and for him to seal it. After all, very few people would learn this ability. Therefore, Lu Ming chose to buy the design plan directly.

Eight thousand yuan.

Card Creators Association certified.

The price was acceptable to Lu Ming.

“Design plan copyright.”

Lu Ming was full of emotions.

Other people could get their design plans to be certified by the Card Creators Association. Anyone who used the design plan would have to pay a sum for that! It was equivalent to lots of income!

It was no use being envious of them.

Actually, he also had this plan in mind with the Fruit Ninja, however…

He did not have the copyright!

The thing with illusions was that one could get the pirated copy easily.

People did not need the design plan. They only needed to look at the contents of the illusion and they could create another illusion with a similar effect and a different content.

The design plan was totally different as well.

How could he possibly get an authentication for it?

Therefore, the Card Creators Association would never authenticate unorthodox cards.

He had no other choice.

But it was a different story for vocational abilities like Brutal Charge and Fireball. There was no way to create pirated copies of it unless one was brilliant enough to create new abilities!

He heard that no matter which vocation it was, if one created a new ability, the first thing one did was to find a Card Creator to seal it and discuss how to split the bonus…

This was a worldly place.

Lu Ming sighed.

Of course.

The most disgusting thing was…

He was denied this chance. It was too much!


There was a clear sound.

He had the design plan of the Brutal Charge.

It was very detailed, including everything from the Brutal Charge model, to the vocational characteristics, to the design plan itself, and even some explanation of complex issues.

This was the complete design plan!

Lu Ming felt very satisfied.

The Brutal Charge had a total of sixty-eight lines. It was slightly complicated. But as a one-star card, it did not adopt any techniques, it was just basic lines.

For those that were slightly complicated, Lu Ming only needed to follow according to the explanation and to practice a few times.

“Let’s give it a try.”

Lu Ming tried to create a Brutal Charge Card.

The card creating process was smooth. It was just that he found to his surprise that after completing the card, his energy level increased one point to sixty-one points.

“It should be related to the past few days of card creating.”

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

No matter how difficult the Brutal Charge was, it was impossible that his energy would increase by one point.

Sure enough.

When Lu Ming created another Brutal Charge Card, his energy level did not increase. However, when he was creating the card, he could clearly feel some differences.


The increase in energy level from one Brutal Charge Card was equivalent to three Fruit Ninja.

The effect was very powerful.

If it went according to the original plan, he might be able to increase his energy level by thirty points during the internship!

It was damn incredible.

“I wonder how effective the Brutal Charge that I created is?”

Lu Ming was a little curious.

This was the first Battle Card that he created!

Other than using it for cultivation, he could keep the card for self-defense. He had to understand its actual power.


Should he give it a try?

He was getting ready to use it in his subconscious.

He thought about it and decided that it was a waste to use it.

He pondered for a moment.

He inserted the Brutal Charge Card and the Energy Card into the Card Activator. He took the remote control and stood in front of the Activator.


Lu Ming took a deep breath.

Of course, he was not so foolish to try out the power of the Brutal Charge on himself. His real purpose was to practice the sealing function of the Original Card!


Lights were shining.

The Original Card in Lu Ming’s hands suspended in mid-air.

The Original Card only had two functions, it was to seal and dissipate.

To seal was to seal the ability into the Original Card, turning it into a card. To dissipate, was to disperse the ability in the Original Card.

It was very simple.

Needless to say, when dissipating, the card would shake and scatter.

But to seal…

It was not as easy as imagined.

One had to calculate the exact time where the ability would outburst and to place the Original Card at the exact place where the ability would burst forth. The sealing would only be completed in that one moment!

One might fail by a hair’s breadth.


For those abilities with great damages!

Any mistake and the Card Creator might die.

Lu Ming’s only experience at sealing was with the Fruit Ninja. Therefore, for his safety, he had to practice sealing.

“Let’s start.”

He placed the Original Card at the designated location before he activated the card carefully.


Brutal Charge was activated instantaneously.

At that moment, a ball of energy appeared in the air. It formed a virtual image of a fiery red raging fierce bull. It charged forward with ferocity.

It was here!

Lu Ming shivered slightly.

He could feel a strong rush of force.

Sure enough.

Although it was an attack of this level, it was impossible for him to fight against it.

Five meters!

Three meters!


The raging bull charged at Lu Ming with a ferocious momentum. But it disappeared right in front of him, leaving only a touch of light, flashing on the Original Card.

The sealing was a success!

“It’s settled!”

Lu Ming was thrilled.

However, his expression changed when he held up the Original Card.


What the hell was this?!

After sealing the ability, the front of the card should display the images rendered by the energy, while the back of the card would be the lines that evolved from the ability.

Lu Ming stared at the Original Card blankly.

The Original Card was still the Original Card.

There was nothing wrong with the lines on the back, the problem was with the front of the card!

Due to the lightning crack, the card was faintly divided into seven irregular parts. But this did not affect the card. After all, the lines on the back were complete. One only needed to ignore the lightning crack.

But right now…

The Brutal Charge pattern was only on part of the card!

The other six parts that were split by the lightning crack were blank!

This was not scientific!

That was not what happened last time!

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