Divine Card Creator

Chapter 14 - Lightning Original Card

Chapter 14: Lightning Original Card

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“What does this mean?”

Lu Ming felt puzzled.

Was he in big trouble because of the cat?

It could not be. He carefully studied the lines on the back of the card. There was no problem with it! It was exactly the same as the design plan!

This was strange.

Lu Ming felt very puzzled.

The last time when he tested it with the Fruit Ninja, there was no problem at all. Why would there be an issue now?

Moreover, the lines on the back were clear. But why would the front side of the card be in such a manner?

This was strange.

Could it be that since the front side of the card was split by the energy, it was stuck when it encountered the lightning crack, therefore it could not be spread to other parts?

It seemed to make sense, but it seemed far-fetched as well.

“I couldn’t help but feel that something is wrong.”

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

After being bitten by the brother cat, the Original Card seemed to be different.

Original Card…

Front of the card…

Split into different parts…


Lu Ming’s thoughts jumped from one to another.

He began to look for information about the card on the Internet, brushing up on some specialized knowledge, reading up on teaching materials and even rumors, regardless of whether it was high-level or low-level knowledge.

He was searching for related information.

He did not find anything about lightning crack. But he noticed that there was a high-level technique—segmented sealing.

As some of the abilities were too powerful, senior Card Creators created the segmented sealing technique. As the name suggested, it was to seal the ability in different parts and to integrate them together!

This was a very powerful technique. It was considered as a very scary skill in the high-end field.

According to rumors… It could even seal some of the banned abilities that the casters themselves were afraid to cast! Through this special method, they could release the ability by force and its power was very formidable!

Of course.

This was a territory that Lu Ming had no access to.

It was just that… It gave Lu Ming some inspiration.


This lightning crack had the effect of segmented sealing?

Segmented sealing…

Lu Ming was excited all of a sudden.



He created a Brutal Charge Card once again. This time, he activated the Attack Card, and released it directly at his Original Card!

He released the ability at the Original Card that had already sealed an ability!

If some other Card Creators were around, they would scold Lu Ming for being a maniac.

The reason was simple. The Original Card could only seal one ability. If one did not dissipate the ability in the Original Card and sealed another ability by force, it would detonate the energy in the Original Card…

It would cause harm to the Card Creator and the Original Card.


A raging fierce bull that was formed from the energy appeared. It charged toward Lu Ming. Right at the moment when it reached the Original Card, Lu Ming gritted his teeth and motivated the ability in the Original Card.



A strange energy flashed.

The lightning crack seemed to light up at this moment.

Lu Ming watched helplessly as the virtual image of the raging bull disappeared in that instant. It was exactly the same as the sealing process previously!


Lu Ming could not believe it.

He was mentally prepared that he would be hurt.

Who would have thought that nothing would happen.

It really worked!

At the thought of this, he quickly looked at the Original Card and he could not help but shiver.

On the Original Card…

Previously, only one part of the front of the card was filled with energy. But right now, two parts on the front of the card were filled with energy, while the remaining five parts were blank!

As for the back of the card…

The lines used to be simple, but they had changed.

Originally, there were sixty-eight lines. Right now it turned into one hundred and eight lines. The thickness and strokes of the lines were completely different to the previous lines.

More complicated!

More details!

“What is this situation?”

Lu Ming was amazed.

It seemed that the two Brutal Charges had integrated together?

So this card…

He was a little dazed.

He looked at the information. He did not hear of any instances where two Brutal Charges would integrate together! He had never heard of such a fusion as well!

Lu Ming felt puzzled, but he decided to create it first.

He carefully studied the one hundred and eight lines on the back of the card. Although the lines seemed more complex, there were still basic lines.

It was within his capabilities.

“I’ll give it a try.”

Lu Ming familiarized himself with the more complicated lines before he began to create the card.

It was just that…

To his surprise, he did not have enough energy. He had to rely on the Energy Stone to complete the card.

The energy in the card was as high as eighty points!


The creation was complete.

The blank card in his hands transformed.

From the looks of it, apart from the fact that the shadow of the beast on the front side of the card was more solid, there did not seem to be any difference.

“Let’s try it.”

Lu Ming took the card in his hands and threw it into the air.


The Brutal Charge appeared again.

However, surprisingly, there were two beasts now! They came charging one after another. Two ferocious bulls charged forward in an instant.

After the first bull charged forward and dissipated, the second bull followed right on its heels.



There were two loud bangs.

The power left a light mark on the security door that was sufficient to defend against a three-star attack.

The effect was amazing!


The power seemed to be enhanced…

The number of raging bulls increased from one to two, and they charged forward one after another, taking people off-guard!


Lu Ming was amazed.

Unfortunately, he did not have money to buy professional testing equipment, otherwise he would be able to have a more accurate data.

He was too poor!

He looked at the Original Card in his hands. The front of the card seemed to be covered by a lightning due to the lightning strike. It was strange.

In the past, he always felt that it was ugly.

But right now…

This was the first time that it looked wonderful to him.


This was far beyond his knowledge!

At least, he had never heard anything so amazing on the academic forums!

That black cat…

Lu Ming felt a jolt.

He knew that its identity was perhaps far more mysterious than he thought!

After a long time… Lu Ming finally calmed down.

In any case, this original card had metamorphosed. This was a golden opportunity, well… he could treat it as the rental given by the black cat.

“In the future… You will be named Lightning Original Card.”

Lu Ming stared at the Original Card in his hands. He felt energetic.

He was curious.

Since two Brutal Charges could integrate together, what would happen if there were more Brutal Charges?

He tried to create the card again and released it toward the Original Card. To his surprise, the third Brutal Charge was integrated into the Original Card.

Three cards!

“The Original Card was divided into seven irregular parts by lightning.”

Lu Ming thought to himself. “That is to say, one should be able to integrate a maximum number of seven cards.”

Four cards!

Five cards!

Lu Ming continued to create more cards.

Very soon…

All seven cards were being filled up.

The front of the Original Card was fully filled.


Lu Ming was thrilled.

The eighth card…

Lu Ming got ready to dodge before he motivated the Original Card.

The Original Card tried to draw it in from a far distance. However, right at the moment of failure, he took the Original Card and darted to a side, getting out of the way of the attack cast by the eighth card.

“True enough, it could only merge seven cards.”

Lu Ming knew it very well.

The Lightning Original Card could only integrate a maximum number of seven cards.

It was just that although it could integrate seven cards, it did not mean that he had to integrate seven cards. For example…

Right now…

Lu Ming noticed that he could not really decipher the lines on the Original Card.

After integrating seven Brutal Charges, the lines on the card were very complex. Three hundred lines were arranged densely on the back of the card. It had reached a new peak in terms of the complexity and fineness of the lines. Failure in drawing any of the lines would lead to the collapse of the lines.

The difficulty level was too high. It was beyond the capability of a one-star Card Creator.

Lu Ming failed at the first try.

It was too difficult.

Three hundred lines were densely arranged on the back of the small card. He could see looming energy along the lines. Given his rough drawing, there was no way that he could draw it successfully.

“I’m too anxious.”

Lu Ming was drenched in perspiration.

He was overjoyed just now, forgetting to take a look at the lines on the back.


“There aren’t any high-level techniques.”

“All of them are basic lines.”

Lu Ming confirmed once again.

All of the three hundred lines were basic lines.

Since they were much finer and accurate, one could not afford to fail. Any mistake would likely lead to failure, That was why the difficulty level was much higher.

“This is a good opportunity,” Lu Ming said.

It was unheard of to have a Base Card that had three hundred lines.

When there were more than one hundred and fifty lines, one would use card creating techniques like intersecting lines and more to draw. Otherwise, there was no way to draw it!

But as for this Original Card…

There were only simple lines!

All of the three hundred lines were basic lines!

There were no intersecting lines!

This was the scary part.

How was it possible to squeeze three hundred lines onto a small card surface without intersecting the lines?

It needed even more precision!

It required higher accuracy!


This type of card would not even be found in the top-notch teaching materials in college. In a sense, the basic lines of the card was the best among the best.

They were the most outstanding lines!

Lu Ming felt passion burning inside of him.

Although there was no chance of him going through systematic teaching in school, right now, he had the chance to work with the best lines.

“I will learn them!”

Lu Ming was determined.

This was the foundation.

Three hundred lines!

Lu Ming began to learn each individual line, studying their degree of precision and curvature. No lines were the same. He would need to control the energy that he exerted in each line.



He drew the lines stroke by stroke.

Lu Ming was totally immersed in them.



Ten times…

Three days later.

Other than sleeping, Lu Ming spent all his time learning.

His lines were getting neater and tidier.

His lines turned from rough to precise. In the end, the lines that Lu Ming drew were neat and tidy. One could not see the slightest messiness in his lines.

One stroke.

One line.

It was natural and unforced.

Another day passed.

Lu Ming woke up early in the morning. He created the card until late into the night.

80% done!

Lu Ming felt peaceful.

The card was complex and sophisticated. He had learned 80% of the lines. Once he mastered the remaining 20% of the lines, he could create the card!

A mysterious and powerful one-star card!

A card that contained far more energy than himself!


Should he thank the black cat?

Lu Ming felt that he should be respectful to the powerful living creature.


A thought came to his mind and he went into his Sea of Consciousness. He saw a long black creature sitting limp on the mat. Its mouth was grinding on something.


…seemed like…

Lu Ming walked forward and widened his eyes in shock.


Wasn’t that his Original Card?

The black cat was grinding its teeth with his Original Card!!

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