Divine Card Creator

Chapter 17 - Rumors Are Flying

Chapter 17: Rumors Are Flying

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“You’re freaking kidding me!”

“This virtual reality gaming place is just an ornament, right?!”

The students were furious. However, no one cared about them.

“How dare the school do this!”

“I want to complain to the Ministry of Education!”

“Rubbish school!”

“My cousin’s school provides many internship benefits to their students.”

Some students were enraged.

At this moment, a weak sound could be heard suddenly, “Er— do you really not research this college when you register?”


All of a sudden, the room was quiet.

After a long pause… there was a sigh.

“Let’s sleep.”

“I’ve counted. I feel exhausted after working for eight hours today. I have to work for sixteen hours tomorrow. I can definitely earn more points and buy one cultivation meal!”

“We can only be cool these few days if we earn credits.”

“Don’t learn from those few second-year good-for-nothings. We have to be successful even in this lousy college,” someone said.


Everyone was deeply convinced.

They heard that a few second-year students had also come for the internship. Initially, they thought that they specially applied for this. Unexpectedly, they came here to earn extra credits.

This was the outcome of not studying hard!

They had failed too many subjects. Thereafter, they had to come to this lousy place for an internship!

With those in a worse situation as comparisons, they felt more confident. Coupled with exhaustion from the entire day of work, they feel asleep very soon.

Right then…

The pitiful and miserable senior that they had been talking about was rampantly creating cards.


Lu Ming waved his big hands.


A “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card was created.

During the day, he was mining diligently like other students.

However, he did not hand up the ores that he mined. Instead, he created Energy Cards with them. He then made use of these Energy Cards to create the “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card.

His cultivation speed shot up!

In one day, the progress he made was shocking.

His original sixty-four points rose rapidly to eighty points. In just one day’s time, his energy level had exploded by sixteen points!

It was really scary!

“Very powerful.”

Lu Ming was amazed.

One had to know. In the past, Little Lu Ming had only increased by around ten energy points in a year!


Lu Ming was very certain that other Card Creators used such a means to level up.

However, the rate of improvement would be similar to when he previously created the Fruit Ninja Card. At most, they could only increase by a little bit of energy in one day. It was not worth it at all.

This was because the cards used for cultivation were too low-end!

Their foundation in drawing the lines was too poor!

If he was slower in creating the cards, he might not even have been able to gain enough credits for three meals a day, let alone cultivation?

But for Lu Ming?

His drawing speed had improved!

His cultivation speed had improved!

The combination of these two factors resulted in a shocking effect.

With the speed of sixteen points a day, in seven days, he might be able to increase by one hundred points! This was more than the progress Little Lu Ming had made over one or two years!


“It was not enough!”

Lu Ming was still not satisfied.

In order to avoid his classmates during the day, he created the cards cautiously. At night, everyone went back. Hence, this timing might be more suitable for him.


He could try it now?

Lu Ming was tempted.

Anyway, it was not necessary for him to earn the credits!

When he came, he had already brought along seven days’ worth of food. He even brought a mini tent. This was so that he did not need to waste his time to redeem credits!

At the thought of this… Lu Ming quietly left the dormitory and walked to the mine.

There was pin-drop silence.

Lu Ming found a mine and set up his tent. He put away his belongings and started mining. However, after creating just one card, he felt that something was amiss.

It was too slow!

During the day, he created cards cautiously and even had to avoid his classmates’ line of sight. Hence, he did not realize that this was a problem.

But now…

He discovered that the time taken to mine an Energy Ore was in fact more than that needed to create the card! This was despite that he had already improved in all areas!

Mining an Energy Ore took twenty minutes while creating an Energy Card only took ten minutes!

What kind of momentum was this?

One must be kidding!

Lu Ming stared at the Energy Ore in front of him. He suddenly had an idea.

Why mine?

Why did he have to mine them?

If he were to draw in the energy… It seemed that he only needed to come into contact with the surface of the energy. In that case, it would mean that… he did not need to mine at all?

As long as he could come into contact with them, he could naturally draw the energy into his body.

Anyway, he also had to draw them in using the same method after he mined them, right?


Lu Ming immediately grabbed a piece of Energy Ore.

Of course.

These Energy Ores were of low purity.

When Lu Ming drew it in, he could feel that the energy was intermittent.

Nevertheless, that was fine.

When the energy was occasionally interrupted, he would replenish with the energy from his body to ensure continuity, so that he could successfully complete drawing the lines.

He was very familiar with this process.

In his previous life, he had done similar jobs. Yes… seamless network connection, 4G making up for insufficient wifi. No matter what, he had to ensure that the network was smooth.

Very soon, he had finished creating the first Energy Card.


Lu Ming was thrilled.

He actually created it successfully without mining the Energy Ores!

Of course, with the successful creation, the energy in this Energy Ore had also been completely depleted. It had turned into a waste rock.

“It works.”

Lu Ming felt very satisfied.

His cultivation speed had increased exponentially once again!

One card…

Two cards…

Three cards…

Lu Ming began his rampant card making journey again.

Very soon…

All the Energy Ores exposed on the ground around him had turned into the waste rocks. Lu Ming had no choice but to change his position to draw in more energy.



A sound could be heard coming from afar.

“There is someone!”

Lu Ming grew solemn.

Nevertheless, after thinking, it was true. He was not the only one who cultivated late at night. Most likely, many people also wanted to make use of these seven days to get a cultivation meal.

Or rather, experience for once the legendary little lady in the virtual reality game!


To some people, this was enough of an attraction.

“I won’t be good if I bump into someone.”

After thinking, Lu Ming simply hid himself in the tent.

The tent covered quite a wide area. At the very least, there were some Energy Ores under the base of the tent, and they were enough for Lu Ming to create a few Energy Cards!

In this way, it could act as a camouflage.

When he needed to change his position, he could just move his tent a little. Would that not do?


After finding the solution, Lu Ming began to create cards again.

It was very late at night.

Some of the students who had been crazily mining were exhausted. They fell asleep in the mine.

After a long time…

Someone woke up as he needed to urinate. Sleepily, he was making his way to pee when he saw a tent moving in the dark.

His eyes widened instantly.

That’s right!

That was certainly a tent!

In the middle of the night!

In such a dark place!

In this deserted mine, moving without a sound!

“Oh my goodness!”

“There is a ghost!”

He broke out in a cold sweat, crying and running down the hill.


The tent stopped.

Lu Ming stuck his head out and looked around. He did not see anyone.

This was strange.

He muttered and continued to create the cards.

The next day.

It was the second day of the internship.

The students who stayed there felt their bodies aching all over. Just as they really wanted to complain about such fraudulent internship activities, they heard someone mention what happened yesterday.

“Have you heard… there’s a ghost at night in the mine.”

“How can that be possible?!

“It’s true. I heard that a tent is running by itself.”

“Wow, that’s so mysterious and bizarre?!”

“Really. Many people saw it. I heard that a few people who were mining late at night were so scared that they ran back and shivered under their blankets.”

Everyone was terrified.

Words spread from mouth to mouth. Very soon, it was the latest talk of the town.

Everyone was aware that a tent monster was moving in the mine late at night. It was very scary.

The students dared not go to the mine late at night anymore.

This was not because they were superstitious. The mine was basically a place where energy emerged. It was very normal for it to have reared some strange things.

When this news reached the teacher, he looked dumbstruck too.

He was aware that, occasionally, some innocuous little things such as big insects and small beasts would appear. He had seen them a few times in the past too. However, this tent monster?

What the hell was that?!

A tent… could also become a spirit?!

It was just that… Before they could investigate this matter, it had been deprioritized — the students discovered something even worse. Their credits seemed to have reduced.


“I don’t know… I feel that I spent more time mining today but I gained fewer credits?”

“Perhaps you are unlucky.”

“You’re right.”

Initially, the students thought so.


When they did the sums on the third day, the students were almost breaking down emotionally.

This was because they had worked harder today!

In order to make up for the lesser credits yesterday, a few people had even worked for sixteen hours. However, they were horrified to discover that they had earned even less!

How could this be possible?

The credits were even lesser than the first day when they had worked eight hours!

The students were having emotional meltdowns.

“Must be freaking kidding me?!”

“They are toying with us. I worked twelve hours a day and yet, this is only enough to have my fill.”

“I’m not coming to this lousy place anymore. It’s a hoax.”

“Whoever comes here is an idiot.”

The students were in utter despair.

The college and factory were too corrupted this time. They were merely taking them for granted.

This was too vicious!

At this very moment…

The employees who were responsible for counting the Energy Ores in the mine also felt strange about the statistics — the lowest record in history!

“This was strange.”

“Why was the total energy level so low?”

An employee felt very strange.

They had to know…

Although the factory was very demanding, it was not stupid. It would not be that harsh.

If a student were to work hard, besides having normal accommodation and meals, they could also exchange the credits for games and entertainment. Otherwise, what was the purpose of paying for the gaming place?

However, most of the students did not hit the quota this time!

That was a problem then.

Looking at the statistics, he discovered that there were many Energy Ores but very little total energy. Did the energy density of this mine drop again?


Tomorrow, he would go and take a look.

The teacher who received the statistics was very dissatisfied too. The energy in the Energy Ores submitted by the students was too low. He would also receive lesser bonus and benefits.


Those students must be skiving!

These lads were the poorest batch among the students that he had taught!

“I have to supervise and urge them tomorrow.”

At this very moment…

No one noticed that a tent was slowly moving in the deserted mine. All the Energy Ores had turned into waste rocks.

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