Divine Card Creator

Chapter 18 - Exploitation Site

Chapter 18: Exploitation Site

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Time passed quietly.

Two days had passed. The students doing the internship had gone from excitement to anger, anger to numbness… In the end, they had no choice but to adapt to the lifestyle in this place.

However, the legend of the tent monster was getting more strange and mysterious.

Someone said that they saw the tent moving without a sound…

Someone said that the tent could shake by itself and its movements were exaggerating themselves…

Someone said that they could hear strange noises coming from the inside of a particular tent when they went to the bathroom late at night…

As such… They didn’t even dare to step into the mine at night.

At this very moment… In the mine.

Lu Ming was very satisfied with his cultivation speed during these few days.

In the past, people would come and mine in the middle of the night. He would intuitively pay attention more and his cultivation speed would decrease. But now, because of the rumors of the place being haunted, there were less people affecting him in his tasks.

His cultivation speed could improve again!

Initially, when he was mining, he could only increase sixteen points of energy per day. After he drew in energy from the Energy Ores directly, he could increase it by thirty points per day. Now, it had reached fifty points per day!

This was a shocking number!

At the one-star level, no one could rival this kind of cultivation speed!

Based on his previous standard when he was cultivating in the shop, he could only increase by one energy point per day.

Hence, Lu Ming believed that he would achieve a new peak when the internship ended.

It was just that…

He had encountered some problems now.

Lu Ming felt a little worried.

The factory actually sent someone down to investigate today!

Fortunately, they came in the afternoon and the waste rocks on the ground had already been dug away. Otherwise, Lu Ming’s drawing in of energy would certainly be exposed.


This would not do.

Lu Ming walked out of the tent and looked at the ores under his feet. Suddenly, he glanced towards the deeper parts of the mine. That place. It was a forbidden area in the map of the mine.

Exploitation site!

Exploitation site belonged to the areas that had not been developed!

In terms of danger, it was in fact not that dangerous. Otherwise, it would have been cordoned off.

Such a place could actually produce some small and fearsome beasts, or little monsters and other strange things.

No one had exploited this area before. The energy density was of course very high.

Lu Ming walked across the boundary line cautiously. He drew in some Energy Ores from the ground. Instantly, he could sense an enormous influx of of energy!

It was so powerful!

Lu Ming was stunned.

True enough, this was a mine that had not been completely developed. The density of these Energy Ores were more than ten times of those from outside.

“Why don’t I go in and take a look?”

Lu Ming was tempted.

In fact, he was very sure that the exploitation area was not that dangerous.

Even if he encountered those little things, he could turn around and escape. After all, this was the lowest level mine.


After thinking, he prepared the card and pitched his tent near the boundary line. Afterwards, he cautiously walked into the deeper parts of the mine and began to draw in energy.

One card…

Two cards…

The card creation process was obviously faster and smoother.

Lu Ming was thrilled.

Of course.

He was also more cautious.

As the creator of the ‘tent monster’, naturally, he was aware that some strange things might appear, thus he maintained a high level of vigilance.

One hour…

Two hours…

Lu Ming was rampantly creating cards in forbidden place.

He intended to focus on drawing in energy and creating cards there. It was better for him to deplete the Energy Cards to improve his capability after he left.

Ten cards…

Twenty cards…

Lu Ming’s creation process was becoming increasingly smoother.


Booming noises could be heard from afar.


Lu Ming was obviously stunned for a moment before he remembered something. Oh, right. The workers who worked overtime in the exploitation site also worked here. It was highly possible that they were just in front.

At this moment, the booms stopped.

“It’s not dug out yet?”

A coarse voice said, “Not yet.”

“Damn. Continue to dig deeper!”

“But… Given the current depth, we have already reached the boundary of the exploitation site. According to the rules, we can’t continue to dig anymore. It’s too dangerous… ”


There was a deafening sound.

He could hear that worker giving out a miserable cry.

“What nonsense!”

The first voice heard earlier yelled angrily, “Remember, just do whatever I tell you to. Understand?”

“Y— yes.”

“Continue to dig!”


“What rules?! Rest assured, even if this mine has become useless, you won’t be blamed! However, if you can’t dig it out. Haha, I will be the first to destroy all of you! Remember, you don’t have much time left!”




The loud noises could be heard again. He could no longer hear any other sounds.

“Inside there… ”

Lu Ming frowned a little.

Judging from this, they were not just workers!

What were they digging for?

Was this the necessary work to turn the exploitation site into a mining site?

Lu Ming did not know.

However, his acute senses told him that this situation seemed a little abnormal, especially that man’s words. They were very dangerous. There would be murders if they could not reach a consensus!

This was not something that he could intervene in!

Lu Ming left quickly.

He did not want to foolishly enter the place out of curiosity and become silenced afterwards.

That would be too stupid!

Lu Ming returned to the area outside the boundary and moved the tent to a place much further away.

The tunnels of this mine extended to many places and there were countless entrances. As long as he did not pitch the tent in front of the exploitation site entrance, they would not be able to discover him.

It was just that… Lu Ming frowned.

He realized that he could not do anything.

First, he did not even know what happened. Was the man threatening the workers just because he was supervising them? Or was this the modus operandi of the factory?

As as student, why would he poke his nose into this?

Second, he did not even know what they were digging for.

This could be part of their work process? Didn’t the teacher say that they were working hard to exploit and complete mining this area?

Perhaps they had to dig out some stuff before they could complete their mission?

That was possible.

Hence, he did not even know what to tell his teacher.

Lu Ming could not even convince himself, let alone his teacher. On the contrary, he would expose his own activities if he were to tell his teacher.

That would be too foolish!

Hence, he could not do anything.

Of course.

Most importantly, his words would not carry any weight!

No one would believe him!

“Let me think… ”

Lu Ming pondered deeply for a moment.

The only thing that he could do was to quickly improve his capability!

His cultivation speed was now very fast. If he maintained the current state, he might be able to increase to three hundred points in two days’ time. That would be enough to activate the “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card.

Improve his capability!

Reserve the card!

It would be ideal if nothing happened. However, if anything were to occur…

He would definitely have the ability to protect himself.

Lu Ming knew that this was the thing that he should do.

At the thought of this… He avoided the exploitation site, changed to another mine cave and began to create cards.

In the blink of an eye.

It was the sixth day of the internship.

Over these two days, Lu Ming had been creating cards rampantly. The factory sent an employee to inspect the mine twice but they did not manage to find anything.

They would always come in the afternoon after they finished their usual work.

Naturally, the data from the findings would be normal.

Initially, Lu Ming was a little worried but he did not care now. Anyway, he was going to leave tomorrow. So what if they were to find out?



The Card Creating Pen drew.

The standard lines of Energy Card slowly appeared.

One card…

Two cards…

Lu Ming entered his card creating mode again.

It was just that…

He did not sustain it for a long time today. He had only drawn in the energy from the Energy Ores on the mine surface for half an hour when he suddenly discovered that he could not move the tent. It seemed to have bumped into something.


Lu Ming was very wary.

Could it be the workers from the exploitation site?

The mine cave that he had chosen was already very far away from that site!


He pulled the zipper of the tent and was instantly dazed.

This was because in front of him…

Another tent actually appeared!

However, this tent was situated laterally. Hence, he did not notice it earlier.

At this moment, the person in the opposite tent seemed to have heard his movements. He unzipped the tent too. A familiar face peeped out from it.

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