Divine Card Creator

Chapter 19 - Shocking Transformation

Chapter 19: Shocking Transformation

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“Brother Lu?”

The round head curiously asked.

“Zhang Xiaopang.”

Lu Ming deep sighed deeply.

Why? He could even meet him in a place like this!

That was right!

The little head that peeped out from inside the tent was obviously Zhang Xiaopang.

Since he had exposed this son-of-a-bitch that ran to his shop and cheated him of money last time, he had not seen him for a long time. He didn’t expect to meet him there!

In that manner!

“You’ve failed your subjects?” Lu Ming asked then sighed.


“How many subjects?”

“Six subjects.”


Lu Ming paused. He had some misgivings and said, “I remember that the Illusion Faculty only has a total of six subjects, right?”


Zhang Xiaopang was a little embarrassed.


What else could Lu Ming say?

So, he flunked the entire first-year curriculum!

“I didn’t notice you earlier.”

Lu Ming was a little curious.

Logically, it was impossible that he would completely miss Zhang Xiaopang’s tent if it was pitched at that spot.


“I added some Visual Bulwark and muting effects to this tent.”

Zhang Xiaopang coughed.

Visual Bulwark?


Lu Ming was a little puzzled. It was just a tent. Why did you add so many functionalities to it?!

At that very moment, he saw Zhang Xiaopang’s tent vibrating slightly. Instinctively, he glanced at the seam of the tent. There seemed to be a feminine and delicate figure moving inside.

Wait a minute!



“Earlier on, don’t tell me you were… ”

Lu Ming was surprised.

This was shocking and scary, okay!

While that group of novices were still in the stage of Psycholagny, he had actually reached the implementation stage!

“I am a man who does it fourteen times a day!”

Zhang Xiaopang was proud of himself.

Fourteen times…

Lu Ming counted. Fourteen multiply by three was forty-two seconds.


Wait a minute!

Lu Ming suddenly thought of something.

“So, you are the legendary tent monster that vibrates?” Lu Ming exclaimed in shock.

“It’s me.”

Zhang Xiaopang glanced at Lu Ming’s tent, that had inexplicably appeared at the place. He understood a little too. “So, that legendary tent monster that moves without a sound is you?”

“Pleasure to meet you.”

“Same here.”

The polite exchanges between the two suddenly felt a little silly. They stopped.

“That… ”

“Brother Lu, can we talk again later?”

Zhang Xiaopang felt a little cold.

Actually, he was aware that this internship would be very tough. Hence, he was fully prepared to come and console the disappointed junior girls and gain credit for himself at the same time.

He did not expect to bump into Lu Ming here.


After thinking, Lu Ming said, “After I go back, I plan to create a new card. I am short of an illusionist.”


Zhang Xiaopang agreed without any reservation. He was screaming in his heart. Brother, could you hurry up and leave?!

He was naked now. Hence, he could only extend his big head in and out of the seams at the zip of the tent. It was very embarrassing and awkward.

“Price… ” Lu Ming pondered.

“Free! With our relationship, it’s definitely free!”

Zhang Xiaopang was almost crying.

“Not bad.”

Lu Ming smiled and rubbed his dog head. He then left satisfactorily.

Small win.

Could I not subdue you?

Let’s see if you will dare to come knocking at my door and con me again!


After leaving Zhang Xiaopang, Lu Ming changed to another mine cave before continuing to create cards again.

His time today was very precious. He had attained two hundred and eighty points of energy now. It was the most critical juncture.



There were only faint sounds of a pen writing in the mine cave.

Two hundred and eighty five…

Two hundred and ninety…

Three hundred!

At the last stroke of the pen, Lu Ming felt a wave of ease.


His energy level had finally reached three hundred points!

In six days!

Lu Ming’s energy level had finally shot up from eighty-five to three hundred points! He had met the minimum requirement to integrate the “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card!

He could cast this card now.

His combat ability had improved rapidly!


Lu Ming took out all his cards.

The Energy Cards only took up a small portion, and the number of “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card was as high as one hundred cards!

Initially, he could only create one “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card in one hour. Over these few days of rampantly creating, he had also greatly improved his creation speed.

In six days, he had actually created one hundred cards!

It was unbelievable!

“With these cards, I finally have a certain level of combat ability.”

Lu Ming felt relieved.

As someone who was very particular about safety…


He was just timid.

If he did not have anything on hand, he would keep feeling that he was very weak. In particular, he was in a non-fighting vocation! Fortunately, that was a thing of the past.

“His cultivation was stronger now. The Original Card should be more powerful now.”

Lu Ming tried to summon his Original Card.


The Original Card was suspended above his hands.

It was clear that the Original Card felt and looked different now.

It had more texture.

It was more sturdy.

He could control it with more ease.

Half a month ago, he only had forty eight points of energy level. Never did he imagine that he could reach this stage within a short time frame of half a month?

Of course, there were also huge repercussions for such rapid improvement.

For example…

The mine cave behind him.

“It has become useless again.”

Lu Ming gave a deep sigh.

Casting his glance afar, he could see that all the Energy Ores that were visible to the naked eye in this long mine cave had turned into waste rocks!

Be they big or small… all of them had zero energy level!

“I’m really worried for the kids doing the internship.”

Lu Ming was filled with emotions.

After this, he brought the tent into another mine cave and continued to pitch it.

Since he had already achieved his target, he did not intend to cultivate further for the time being. The difference between three hundred and four hundred points was not great. He might as well maintain his current capability.

He planned to create some cards to prepare for emergencies.

Today’s target was one hundred Energy Cards!

“Come on.”

Lu Ming was in high spirits.

He had only four to five hours of sleep everyday but he did not feel tired at all.

Honestly, if not for his phobia of sudden death, he might not even want that four to five hours of sleep! He was wasting his energy level with every minute and second of sleep!

They were resources!




A familiar sound could be heard. Lu Ming entered the card creating mode again.

The next day.

The students woke up early.

They looked more energetic. This was because today was the last day of the internship. After today, they would be fully liberated!

“We finally got through this.”

“The last day!”

“I will rather starve for one day than work.”

Some people were as pessimistic as a corpse.

“I will be able to exchange enough for the cultivation meal.”

“Me too.”

“What the f**, you all actually did it?”

Someone exclaimed in amazement.

Everyone was aware of how fraudulent this internship was. Given such a situation, one could even exchange for advanced services… Just how crazy were these guys?!

“I mined for twenty hours everyday. This is what I have been waiting for.”

Those people were full of expectations.

“None of you redeemed the virtual reality games?”

Someone asked.

“Not yet.”

Those people shook their heads.

They were very interested but eventually rationality came first.

Was the virtual reality game realistic?


However, all these were ultimately unreal.

This was different from cards such as Fruit Ninja that could improve one’s capability. Ultimately, the virtual reality game place could only indulge your consciousness in the enjoyment of the illusion. It would not change anything.

On the other hand, one cultivation meal was enough to improve their capability marginally.

“My foundation is too poor. The cultivation meal can make up a little for it.”

“Me too.”

To each his own.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the ground suddenly shook violently at noon.


A deafening sound could be heard.

“What happened?”

“Be careful!”

The students shouted in shock.

The hills were shaking. Some gravels fell from the top of it.

The tunnels developed in the mine caves had all been reinforced. In addition, there were countless hard and sturdy Energy Stones inside the tunnel. It was extremely stable at this point in time.

Therefore, the students went to hide themselves in the mine caves.

At this moment, a huge black shadow appeared out of thin air and shrouded all the entrances of the mine cave.

Covering the sky and sun!

It was extremely scary!

That was…

The teacher looked up and his expression changed greatly. He called out to all the students to retreat. “Hurry, this is dangerous. Go inside!”


All the students sprinted into the mine cave crazily.



Clear and crisp cracking sounds could be heard.

That black shadow that dimmed the sky and sun was swaying. It finally descended.


There was a loud bang.

That black shadow had fallen from the sky.

With the naked eye, one could see the factory and dormitory situated by the hillside faraway had been instantly destroyed. The road in front of the mine cave that spiraled the hillside had also collapsed.

The earth was shaking, seemingly mourning.

The entire mine cave had been sealed.

This was…

The students looked from afar and immediately gasped a breath of cold air. That huge black shadow that had come down was actually the top of the hill!

“This is the hilltop!”

Someone shouted in shock. The mine’s hilltop had actually collapsed.

“How can that be possible?!

Everyone was scared out of their wits.

The mine had collapsed!

All the buildings at the hillside were impacted!

The factory and dormitory had been destroyed. They did not even know if the employees were still alive. Only those who were in the mine cave escaped the calamity.

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