Divine Card Creator

Chapter 2 - The Magical Card Creating Process

Chapter 2: The Magical Card Creating Process

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Qing Ming City.

A shop in the bustling city.

Lu Ming held the Card Creating Pen in his hands. He was drawing conscientiously.

There was a design plan in front of him—”One-star Energy Card Lines Creation Template”. This was the standard design plan for creating cards.

This was a Base Card.

Thirty-six strokes!

Every stroke was a basic line!

As long as he drew the lines according to the design plan, he would be able to create an Energy Card. This was the first card that all Card Creators had to learn, but it was also the only card that Lu Ming knew how to create.


He put the Card Creating Pen aside.

Lu Ming could clearly feel that the energy in his body slowly flowed into the card along with the tip of the pen, eventually turning into dark lines.

It turned out that…

…This was the process of creating a card!

“Such a familiar feeling…”

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

He had a strange feeling.

The patterns on the back of the card seemed similar to the programming language.

He could not understand the principle behind them.


If he compared the cards to programs, everything seemed to be very clear.

In his previous life, he wrote complex programs using simple programming language and right now he used lines to draw cards.

“An Energy Card is equivalent to a simple small program. It is like the small addition, subtraction, multiplication and division programs that programming beginners learn. It is very simple.

Therefore, the lines are simple and very easy to draw! Lines. They are the core of creating a card. If I learn to draw the lines, I will have mastered the basics of creating a card. At least for me. Creating cards is equivalent to programming in the alternate world!”

Lu Ming was excited.

The feeling was really great.

After integrating Little Lu Ming’s memory, he started out fairly steady. The Energy Card that he had drawn countless times gradually took shape in Lu Ming’s hands.

Very soon…

Lu Ming drew the last stroke on the back of the blank card.


A touch of brilliance flashed.

All the lines surfaced at that moment. They became partly visible. The front of the card that used to be blank had a diamond spar pattern.

That was the Energy Stone.

The blank card had become a brand new Energy Card.

“One-star Energy Card!”

Lu Ming was thrilled.

Although Little Lu Ming had many memories of successfully creating cards, this was the first time that he had succeeded by himself. This feeling, after all, was still very magical.

Of course.

He succeeded with the help of a design plan. What if he had not had a design plan?

He would then need the Original Card.

The Original Card could seal all sorts of abilities and turn them into a card. One could then draw according to the lines on the back of the Original Card, creating a new card!

This was the power of the Card Creator!

“Original Card.”

Lu Ming raised his hand.


Lights flashed.

A card appeared on his hand, It was a card that was full of energy.


Lights shimmered.

A crystal clear card rotated in front of him. There was a faint light on the card. It was sparkling. This was his Original Card, and this was the basis of the Card Creator!


One could make use of the Original Card to seal abilities.

Then, the back of the card would show lines. As long as one drew according to the lines, one could create new cards and one would become very powerful. Unfortunately…

Little Lu Ming had zero use of the Original Card.

The reason was simple—his energy level was too low!

The minimum requirements of the Original Card sealing ability were that the energy contained in the Original Card must be higher than the energy that one wanted to seal. This was the only way to succeed!

If one tried to use an Original Card that contained an energy level of one hundred to seal an energy level of two hundred…

…One would definitely die!

The energy level of Lu Ming’s Original Card was only at forty-eight points!

An Energy Card contained one hundred points. That was to say if Lu Ming did not have the design plan, he would not be able to create the Energy Card!

He only had a miserable forty-eight points of energy!

For every Energy Card that he created, he needed an Energy Stone to help him to create the card!

To put it bluntly, his work now was simple conversion. He was responsible for converting the Energy Stone into an Energy Card. That was all. His task was the most menial work. He was the top among the menial gang.

That was what he remembered.

At least from Lu Ming’s limited memory.

One time he asked a low-ranking classmate like him to cast a Fireball on him, while he tried to seal it. In the end, he had to lay in the sickbay for a month before he could get up.

He failed to seal the energy and the Fireball exploded on him.

The Fireball was one of the lowest skills, but it required fifty points of energy.

He was unable to seal it.

In simple terms, his capacity was not enough.

It was impossible to record a 8G romance action movie onto a 4G disc! He could purchase the design plan for the Fireball and make use of the Energy Stone to make up for the low energy level to draw…

But he could not afford it!

Of course, the most important thing was that the Fireball was one of the most basic skills. There was an abundance of sealed cards. Any shop would have lots of Fireball cards.

It was useless to buy them!

There were at least ten shops that sold them on his street!

Earning money?

There was simply no way of doing that.


The pitiful Little Lu Ming decided to earn money through Energy Cards.

He could mass create Energy Cards. On the one hand, he could earn some meager money and on the other hand, he could increase his level. As his energy increased, he would be able to seal more abilities and create the cards to make money.

In fact, his decision made sense.

It was a pity…

He was unable to pay the interests of his debts.


Lu Ming stared at the countdown at the top right corner. “Fifteen days.”

If he did not repay the debts within fifteen days, he might really be forced to sing “Chrysanthemum Terrace” [1. Chrysanthemum Terrace is a famous Mandopop song sung by Jay Chou, that depicts melancholic and sorrowful feelings.] As for contacting his parents and older sister…


Forget it.

It would be worse if they found out the truth.

Lu Ming would never do it unless he was left with no choice.

“One hundred thousand yuan.”

Lu Ming looked at the small account book on the table.

The shop was meant to dupe his elder sister. He only rented it for two months. In addition to the cards that he bought to keep up appearances, he spent a total of twenty thousand yuan.

If he worked hard, he should be able to pay his debts.

However, the problem lay with the interest, particularly the loan’s interest. Hehe… when the debtors had come the previous time, the twenty thousand yuan that he owed them had snowballed into fifty thousand yuan.


When they came the next time, it might become one hundred thousand yuan.

“This is troublesome.”

Lu Ming sighed.

The local tyrants were indeed vicious, particularly to Lu Ming who had no fighting prowess. It was not his first option to retaliate by force.

At least not for now.


His biggest problem was finding out how he to come up with one hundred thousand yuan within fifteen days.

“Earn money…”


Lu Ming was deep in thoughts.

The only skill that he had was creating cards. Furthermore, he only had the basic Energy Card. He was not qualified to deal with other cards.

Even if he could use them, they were not worth much.

Or perhaps…

Lu Ming scanned the shop.

Back then he bought a lot of cards to keep up appearances and they had yet to be sold. Many of them were low-level Attack Cards. But he was not qualified to duplicate them.

He did not have enough energy.

In the end…

Lu Ming’s gaze rested on one of the cards.

“Illusion Card…”

There was a sparkle in Lu Ming’s eyes.

There were all sorts of cards.

Since the cards could seal all sorts of characteristics, therefore, theoretically, as long as the card could seal the energy, it could become another card!

Therefore, one card could cover almost all vocations and all abilities!

The Illusion Card was the card that was created after sealing an illusion. The Illusion Card contained a fully built illusion!

For example…

The card in front of him.

It was a one-star Illusion Card. It could be used to create an illusion cage to trap the enemy. The authenticity was low and the stability was bad. This was one of the most basic Illusion Cards.

The energy level was sixty points.

One needed to have at least sixty points of energy level to duplicate this card.

He did not intend to duplicate this card. He did not have enough energy, and even if he duplicated the card, it was worthless! There was an abundance of such lowest-level cards.

He just thought of something.

According to Little Lu Ming’s memory, the stability of the illusion was related to the energy. The more powerful the illusions were, the higher the energy they had and the higher the stability, and therefore the more powerful they would be.


What if he did not have any energy?

What if he could create a simple and basic illusion? If he only created some facilities that did not have any energy? The energy that would be needed would be so much lower!

This was basic knowledge and theory. In that case… What illusion could he create that did not require energy?

“It’s worth a try.”

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

He was not worried about finding an Illusionist. There were many illusions students from the technical college. Lu Ming felt that he could get one easily.

At the thought of this, Lu Ming took out his cell phone.

This world did not put much focus on the development of technology. But even so, due to the existence of energy, developments were still very advanced.

In general, the technology was much more advanced than in his previous life.

“Zhang Xiaopang, I have a job for you. Do you want to take it or not?” Lu Ming asked.

Zhang Xiaopang was one of his classmates.

Lu Ming chose him for a simple reason. Out of all the Illusionists that he knew, this guy was the worst and the cheapest.

“What job is it?” Zhang Xiaopang raised his voice by three octaves.

“A simple illusion. You create it while I seal it. Eight hundred yuan.” Lu Ming continued.

“Too low.” Zhang Xiaopang disagreed with the price. “The price is not enough to cover the energy consumed.”

“Alright, forget it.” Lu Ming hung up the cell phone.

The cell phone rang one second later. Zhang Xiaopang’s voice could be heard over the phone. “Bro, where are you? I will come right over. You should reimburse me for the two yuan of transport fees.”

“Scram!” Lu Ming did not treat him nicely.

If he gave in at this time, he would ask for a higher price.

“I am at the shop.” Lu Ming replied brusquely.

To him, eight hundred yuan was extra income. After all, even if he was not paid for it, he should take it as a chance to cultivate.

In that case…

He should check whether his plans could work.

Lu Ming thought about it, taking out a pen and paper and began to draft out his thoughts.

Very soon…

Zhang Xiaopang arrived panting heavily.

“What illusions do you want? Super sister or Lolita? Queen series or air stewardess?”

Zhang Xiaopang seemed to know a lot about illusions.

Lu Ming: “??? What have you people from the illusions faculty been doing as part-time jobs?!!!”

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