Divine Card Creator

Chapter 20 - Mystic Realm!

Chapter 20: Mystic Realm!

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“What is happening?”

The students were flustered and panicking. They had never seen such a shocking scene. On the contrary, the school teachers calmed down very quickly.


“It’s just an earthquake.”

“I am your instructor, An Mufeng. Listen to my instructions now. Team up in two and take care of each other. Those who have defensive ability, please be prepared to use it at any point in time. Just in case!”

A teacher shouted loudly, “Don’t worry, everyone. When this mine cave was developed, it was reinforced. We are supposed to return to the school tonight.

The scheduled bus should arrive in a few hours’ time. When they can’t contact us, they will send someone to rescue us soon.

So… Latest… By tonight, someone will definitely come. We have to stay calm. Understand? Everyone just have to rest here for a few hours.”

The teacher called An pacified everyone, finally quietening down the terrified students.

The earthquake was not scary.

It would be the biggest problem if these students caused chaos.

“Teacher Wang, is anyone injured or dead?”

Teacher An looked at the other teacher.

“It’s not too bad.”

Teacher Wang replied, “That hilltop hovered for a long time before falling. Everyone got away from it. Some were hurt but no one is in a critical condition.”

“That’s good.”

Teacher An heaved a sigh of relief.

If someone’s life was taken, all of them had to bear the responsibility.

“Don’t know if there is a way out.”

Teacher An surveyed the surroundings. All the entrances to the mine cave had collapsed and they had no way of getting out. The air was full of interference from the Energy Stones and the cell phones had lost reception.

Sunlight could not be seen over their heads. There was only dimmed lights inside the mine cave.



Lights suddenly flickered.

After the dimmed lights in the mine cave flickered a few times, then it fell into complete darkness.

“I can’t see anything!” The students shouted in shock.

There was chaos in the dark.

“Where is the Elementalist?”

Teacher An shouted loudly, “Is there any Light Elementalist?”


A dazzling splendor of light suddenly appeared.

The entire mine cave was bright again. Everyone looked towards the source of the light. They were intrigued to discover that it was actually a bald-headed teenager. His head…

Was shining!

“You are?”

Teacher An was shocked.

This was the first time that he saw someone using his own head to cast ability.

Although in theory, when energy flowed in the body, every part of it could be used for casting. However, everyone typically choose to use their hands because it was more effective in that way. It was also easier to control.

Be it gathering energy or directing the attack, it was very convenient.


They really had not seen this before.

“My name is Chang Liang. I cultivate in Light Element Studies.”

The teenager spoke embarrassingly, “Both my hands are injured. The energy can’t flow through them. Hence, I have to think of ways to use other body parts to cast my ability.”

“You… how long can this last?” Teacher An exclaimed in amazement.

“Um… the rate of depletion is not high.”

After thinking, Chang Liang said, “As long as there is energy, it will continue to be lit up.”

“Life has been tough with you.”

Teacher An was very satisfied.

“No problem.”

Chang Liang was pleasantly surprised by the attention.

This was the first time that he was valued so greatly. Naturally, he had to perform well.


Faint lights were shining.

He, alone, had illuminated the entire world of darkness.

There was light.

Coupled with the efforts of the two teachers, the students were finally placated.

After a few days of mining, these students’ ability to take hardships had elevated. Anyway, they did not need to dig up ores now. They did not mind lying here just for a few hours.

At this very moment…

In the crowd, Lu Ming was very low-key.

His gaze landed on the exploitation site. He was very doubtful. Was the earlier movement really an earthquake?

“Did you discover anything again?”

It was unknown when Xia Yu clawed to Lu Ming’s side again.

“You can even find me under such conditions?”

Lu Ming glanced at him.

“Because you’re the calmest one.”

Xia Yu said, “As a sharpshooter, having powerful observation skills is part of our foundation. Your expression tells me that you have definitely discovered something.”

“Can you feel where the earthquake is coming from?” Lu Ming suddenly said.

“Let me try.”

Xia Yu squatted down gently and stroked the ground gently to feel it. “The source of the earthquake… seems to be at a deeper location.”

He pointed to a place.

That direction… Obviously, he was pointing at the exploitation site.

“Those workers.”

In a low voice, Lu Ming told him about that night’s matter.

“This can only prove that they are digging for something.”

Xia Yu shook his head. “Since we don’t have evidence of foul play, neither do we have any clues that they are the mastermind, no one will believe us.”

“That’s why I kept mum.” Lu Ming shrugged.

He was too weak. He was only a one-star Card Creator. It was not suitable for him to be involved in such a matter. But now…

The mine had collapsed.

Everyone was trapped here.

Lu Ming felt that it was necessary to resolve this matter.

It was just that…

Just as he got up, sounds of disorderly footsteps could be heard coming from afar. Three sorry figures fled out of the deeper parts of the mine cave.

“Inside… has collapsed… ”

The trio said, looking terrified.

These three people…

Lu Ming’s pupils shrank.

This was because these three people were the workers who worked overtime during the wee hours of that night!

These guys actually dared to appear on their own!

Xia Yu took a glance at Lu Ming. At the sight of Lu Ming’s expression, he instinctively grabbed the bow behind him. He was already gathering some energy in his hands.

“Who are you?”

Teacher An walked out and said, “I am An Mufeng, the instructor of the students on the internship this time.”

“Hello, Teacher An.”

“My name is Fu Hongming. We are… we are the workers from the exploitation site.”

Exploitation site…

Teacher An had a sudden realization.

He remembered now. At that time, he had even explained this to a student. He took a closer look at these three workers. They were indeed from that batch of workers.


Fu Hongming was panic-stricken. He said, “We received orders to work overtime to dig at the exploitation site. But we don’t know why the boss forced us to exploit the area although the safety test did not pass today… Thereafter, we don’t know what we touched… Something happened then.”


“The entire mine had collapsed.”

Fu Hongming wanted to cry but there were no tears.

“You were the ones who caused the mine to collapse?”

Teacher An was stunned.

“I’m sorry.”

Fu Hongming seemed to be having an emotional breakdown. “Only the three of us escaped… My colleagues… Those who were a little slower… All of them died from the collapse.”

Everyone was silent.

“Damn. This corrupted factory!”

Teacher Wang said indignantly. Everyone felt the same way too.

This kind of matter…

How could they blame the workers?

They were just following the instructions from the higher-ups. It was said that they worked overtime everyday. No one wanted this to happen.

“It’s okay.”

An Mufeng consoled. “The school will send someone here to rescue us shortly. Then, you can follow us out.”

“Thank you.”

Fu Hongming was very grateful.

Lu Ming was silent.

“What do you think?”

Xia Yu looked at him.


There was an explanation for all his suspicions.

Even Lu Ming himself felt that he had misunderstood the workers. Perhaps they were merely workers who were forced to be exploited by the corrupted boss’s.

Their character might be more despicable.

They might be more bad-tempered.


They were ultimately still workers.

“Do you still suspect them now?” Xia Yu asked.


Lu Ming did not hesitate a moment.


Xia Yu was surprised.


Lu Ming’s gaze was bright and sharp.

Under circumstances where he could not decipher the truth, he only trusted his own instincts. In particular, these guys’ tone had attitude that night…

The matter was definitely not so simple.


They had long known that the students might accidentally enter or some who did not adhere to the rules would step into the exploitation site. Hence, they made preparations beforehand.

“I believe you.”

Xia Yu lifted his bow.


Lu Ming raised his brows slightly.

He suspected these guys as he had personally come into contact with them.


Xia Yu smiled lightly. “A sharpshooter’s intuition is more accurate than you think.”


The two faced each other and smiled.

In that case, they needed to think of ways to deal with these three guys now.

These guys were very smart. Hence, their capabilities were not weak too. A battle might be caused if they were to expose them in a hasty manner. These novices would possibly become cannon fodder.

There would be countless deaths and injuries!

“You said that they wanted to dig out something.”

“Did the mine collapse because they have already gotten a hold of that thing? However, they are trapped here and cannot leave. That’s why… ”

“They needed to join us.”


“There is no then… ”

“They will leave since they have gotten the things that they want.”

“We will quietly wait for the school to rescue us and then leave this place successfully.”

“It’s mutually exclusive.” Xia Yu finished analyzing the situation calmly.

His thoughts coincided with that of Lu Ming. At present, this was the best solution.

Expose them now?

A huge battle could not be avoided then!

Groups of novice cannon fodders were the biggest problems!


“We can also expose them when the school sends someone to rescue us,” Lu Ming replied.

If the school were to carry out the rescue work, it would be a major matter. The vice-president or people of equivalent rank would definitely come. Those were the truly strong and powerful cultivators!

At that time…

These few workers would have nothing to show!

Exposing them at that time was the most correct choice.

“Yes,” Xia Yu agreed.

At this moment, Fu Hongming, who was a distance away, suddenly said, “It seems that the mine collapsed because something was dug out. I heard the few colleagues who did not escape shouting Mystic Realm or something… ”


The two teachers exclaimed in shock.

The students nearby who heard him widened their eyes in disbelief.

Mystic Realm?

You must be kidding?!

The Mystic Realm actually appeared at such a hellish place?!


It was highly possible!

Otherwise, why would the mine suddenly collapse?

Only the appearance of the Mystic Realm would cause such a movement! Only the appearance of the Mystic Realm could possibly cause the entire mine to collapse!

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