Divine Card Creator

Chapter 21 - The Strong Smell Of Blood

Chapter 21: The Strong Smell Of Blood

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“It turned out to be the Mystic Realm!”

“Hahaha, to think that we will encounter such an adventure.”

“I’ve only seen this kind of adventure in the biographies of big shots in the textbooks.”

“We are in for something big!”

“The seven days of hard work had not been in vain.”

The students were thrilled.

Mystic Realm…

Lu Ming and Xia Yu glanced at each other, they could tell that something was amiss.

Troubles were brewing!

Lu Ming looked grim.

What was a Mystic Realm?

That was in fact the ancient tombs of the alternate world!

In ancient times, some of the older generation could not afford to buy a house, therefore they went against the regulations to build a house in the suburbs… strictly speaking, it was in fact a cave dwelling for cultivation purposes! After years of evolution as well as the energy nourishment and changes on the horizon, these cave dwellings were eventually preserved and formed a unique presence—Mystic Realm!

Some of the Mystic Realms were indeed like paradise, with boundless treasures.

While some of the Mystic Realms were ancient tombs where the older generation rest in peace, these places were full of dangers.

These Mystic Realms might be full of dangers with many different traps inside of them. After all, these were the cultivators’ lairs. Right now, people would install security doors at home.

What about ancient times?

Those cultivators were not fools.

Therefore, the Mystic Realms would be equipped with all sorts of traps and ancient power.


In any case, there was something common about all Mystic Realms. After years of evolution and nourishment of energy, it had an abundance of energy and the cultivation speed was one hundred times faster than the outside world!

Furthermore, the place contained the legacy of its predecessors!


Ordinary things become extraordinary after countless years of energy nourishment.

Take for example the ancient tombs from past lives.

Those ordinary bottles and cans when unearthed had become treasures! Since there was energy in this place, whatever was inside the Mystic Realm must have been even more precious!


Whenever a new Mystic Realm was found, it created a huge sensation!

Whenever a new Mystic Realm was found, it was a golden opportunity!

Mystic Realms… were places that all cultivators dreamed of!


Unlike those excited students, Lu Ming felt that something was amiss. The reason being Fu Hongming deliberately told everyone of the so-called Mystic Realm!

What did this mean?

Lu Ming and Xia Yu glanced at each other. They knew that it meant that Fu Hongming had yet to get what he wanted!!!

This meant that…

They were still after whatever they sought!

They might even make use of the students to get it!

If these guys wanted to make it out of here alive, they might even kill all the students to silence them!

This was the most terrible scenario.

Was there really a Mystic Realm?

He did not believe it!

“Tell me this is an illusion.”

Xia Yu looked solemn.

His intuition told him that something was very wrong.

“I hope that it is an illusion as well.”

Lu Ming gave a deep sigh.

It seemed that he had to change his plans.

Instead of waiting for the group to kill them secretly, he should take the initiative to expose their true colors.

At the thought of this…

Lu Ming posed a question to Fu Hongming who was standing far away. “Are you the only three people to escape?”


Fu Hongming looked ashamed of himself. “Although I wanted to save them, everything collapsed in an instant… we could only keep running, we could not afford to stop…”

“That’s not right.”

Lu Ming shook his head. “The first skill that I picked up was to enhance my sense of perception. Therefore I can detect a strong smell of blood on all of you.”

“I’m curious.”

Lu Ming looked at them. “Since you did not have any contact with those workers, why is there such a rich smell of blood on all of you? Common folks would not be able to see it…

But I could sense it strongly!”


The mine cave quietened down all of a sudden.

The two teachers came to their senses at this moment.

Bloody smell…

Strong perception…

They became fully alert. Could it be that there was really a problem?

At the thought of this, Teacher An looked toward the three workers suspiciously. Although they felt thrilled that there was a Mystic Realm, they were not fools. They would not be duped easily.

“How do you explain that?”

Teacher An’s tone was cold.

He could not tell that there was a bloody smell, but he believed his students!


There was a dreadful silence in the mine cave.

The atmosphere was deadly and tense in the mine cave. A war might break out anytime.

Everyone fixed their gaze on the workers, hoping that they would give an explanation. After all, this concerned the Mystic Realm!

They hoped that it was indeed the Mystic Realm.

After all…

That was a golden opportunity!

This was a good chance for cultivators who ranked at the bottom to change their destiny!


Fu Hongming seemed to be put in a difficult position. “Do I really have to say it?”

“Tell us!”

Teacher An’s expression darkened. “Otherwise…”

He was getting ready for a fight.


Fu Hongming gritted his teeth, and pushed the worker next to him to the front. The worker had been keeping quiet all the while. “You can tell them yourself.”


The worker came forward shyly and bowed to everyone.


The voice…


Everyone widened their eyes in shock. It was a female?


The worker looked aggrieved. “I had… my period these past two days… I’m sorry.”


Everyone looked exasperated.


Everyone looked toward Lu Ming. How was this considered as having a strong sense of perception?

Strong smell of blood…

Come to think of it, it was indeed true!


Teacher An was between laughter and tears. What was this?

That was right. Under normal circumstances, no one would have thought that there would be a woman among all the workers! After all, the factory usually recruited men to work as mine cave workers.

“I’m sorry.”

Fu Hongming explained to everyone. “This is my younger sister Fu Hongyan. We have worked in this mine for many years. I can take hardships. The work is nothing to me. But I don’t want anything to happen to my younger sister. Therefore, I usually tell her not to speak. I did not expect that it would cause a misunderstanding.”

“It’s okay.”

Teacher An apologized. “We have been thinking too much.”

“It’s not right.”

Lu Ming still had his doubts. “Other than her, the two of you also reek of blood.”


Everyone was stunned. There was more to it?

“Oh! Brother, the two of you have blood on your back.

Fu Hongyan was alarmed.

“Is there blood?”

Fu Hongming turned around. Everyone noticed that there was a slash of blood on his back. It was the same with the other worker.


Some of the female students were scared stiff.

“Hey, when did this happen?”

Fu Hongming scratched his head. “I may have been grazed by the falling stones when we ran for our lives. We could only think about escaping… It was really frightening.”

“There was no blood just now.”

Fu Hongyan felt worried for her brother.

“The blood could have just oozed out.”

Fu Hongming had an honest smile on his face. “Don’t worry. I have thick skin. I will be fine in a while.”

So, that was the case.

Everyone finally knew what was going on.

“I’m sorry. I have caused trouble for all of you.”

Fu Hongming felt embarrassed.

“It’s alright. It’s just a misunderstanding.”

An Mufeng made an apology before continuing to discuss about the Mystic Realm.

“What else have you heard?”

Teacher An was somewhat excited.

He knew that…

…with the Mystic Realm…

All the responsibilities of this program would turn into rewards!

Originally, even if there were no casualties or deaths among the students, he knew that he had to take the blame for what happened. But now that they had discovered the Mystic Realm, this would be a very big credit!


Fu Hongming recalled. “The people seemed to have seen two words. Someone shouted something before dying… I think… it seems to be Lunar Radiance or Lunar Shadow…”

Lunar Radiance?

Lunar Shadow?

Teacher An was thrilled. It was indeed true!

There was indeed a senior by the name of Lunar Shadow. Qing Ming City was his hometown. There was a legend that he used to have a mansion house here…

It was just that no one had discovered it.

He never expected that after years of evolution, the place would turn into a mine!

Lunar Shadow’s mansion house…

…was right at the mine!

It was no wonder…

Teacher An was excited.

All of the students were thrilled as well.

This was the first time that they were so close to the legend.

Lu Ming who was at the center of attention just now had been ignored totally. He quietly stepped back to his spot among the students.

“Did you see it clearly?”

He looked at Xia Yu.


Xia Yu nodded slightly. “When everyone’s attention was on the female worker, the two people slashed each other.”

So brutal!

Lu Ming looked grim.

They hurt each other so that Lu Ming would no longer be suspicious of them!

They came up with their own stories and everyone believed their explanation. How could he possibly raise further doubts about them?

However, to Lu Ming, this in fact confirmed his doubts about them! He and Xia Yu had some doubts, therefore they prepared themselves in advance.

Now it seemed that the few people were indeed very suspicious!

“When did you learn to improve your sense of perception?”

Xia Yu had some doubts.

In his impression, Lu Ming was a Card Creator, it had nothing to do with increasing one’s sense of perception.

“I haven’t studied it before. I just said it randomly,” Lu Ming replied.

Xia Yu: “It seems that we have no other way.”

Xia Yu felt helpless.

The enemy was strong and crafty.

Although they wanted to fight them head-on, the enemy could not be bothered with them! Even if they started a fight, they might be stopped by the teacher. By then, it would be even more troublesome.

Therefore, they could only use the stupidest method—to wait until the enemy exposed themselves before they did anything.

“Let me think…”

“Perhaps I have a better way.”

“Give me a minute.”

Lu Ming was suddenly reminded of the big shot in his body. Perhaps there was a better solution.


He went into his Sea of Consciousness, and discovered that the big shot was gnawing at the Original Card.

“Brother cat?”

Lu Ming asked cautiously.

The black cat cast a sideways glance at Lu Ming before it lowered its head to gnaw the card.

“Brother cat.”

Lu Ming said, “it’s time for us to vent our frustrations!”

Black cat: “???”

“Hey, hey.”

Lu Ming coughed. “Brother cat, the big shot in other people lends a helping hand when the host is in danger. Are you willing to help?”

Black cat: “…”

“Do you not understand?”

Lu Ming scratched his head, trying to explain. “I am talking about… fusing together… you can lend me your energy… this will help to eventually remove the seal that is on you?”


The black cat looked blankly at him.


Lu Ming felt very disappointed, letting out a sigh. “What’s the use of having you around?”


The black cat slapped its paws and Lu Ming was sent flying, hanging on the border of his Sea of Consciousness. There was no way that he could get back in.

His consciousness dissipated.

Lu Ming had to return to reality.

“What about your good method?”

Xia Yu was waiting for him.

“It’s gone.”

Lu Ming sighed.

Xia Yu: “…”

But he had sounded very confident about it!

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