Divine Card Creator

Chapter 22 - Do You Know How Strong My Energy Shield Is?

Chapter 22: Do You Know How Strong My Energy Shield Is?

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In the mine.

Fu Hongming and Teacher An were discussing the Mystic Realm.

Lu Ming and Xia Yu thought about it and realized that their only option was to wait for the workers to reveal their true colors.

These people forged a false Mystic Realm and fooled everyone to the place. They were apparently thinking of getting the students to help them get what they wanted. Therefore, when it was time to get what they wanted, they would definitely show their true colors. By then, Lu Ming and Xia Yu would act to stop their ambush.

As long as they could hold them off until the two teachers realized that it was a trap, everything would be fine.

The only problem right now was…

The two of them alone were not enough.

“I have a friend.” Lu Ming was reminded of a guy. “He is ugly, stupid and foolish, and there is something wrong with his brain. But his ability might be of some use to us.”

“I also have a friend,” Xia Yu thought then continued, “He will believe my words.”

“Very well,” Lu Ming agreed. “Let’s get ourselves prepared.”

After speaking…

The two figures quietly blended into the students. They had to prepare themselves for the possible crisis. At the moment, those people were still talking about the Mystic Realm.


It was not that they were unaware of the minor problems, it was that they refused to admit them.

After all… It was the Mystic Realm!

Even if there was only one percent chance, they would not give up!

If the Mystic Realm was real, so what if it had other issues?

“When will the school management arrive?” Fu Hongming scratched his head and asked. “It is very stuffy here.”

“Three hours.”

Teacher An looked at the time. According to the schedule, the school would send people to pick them up almost three hours later. They would realize that something had happened and would work to rescue them.


Fu Hongming seemed simple and honest. “I hope the school management will come as soon as possible to rescue all of us.”

This was the second time that he stressed about the school management.

Right then…

Those students also seem to realize something. “If the school management is here, does it mean that the Mystic Realm will have nothing to do with us?”


Everyone came to their senses. They finally realized the problem.

Yes, that was right!

If they waited for the leaders to come, the Mystic Realm would have nothing to do with them.

These Mystic Realms would become a source of wealth for the school. It had nothing to do with the people who first discovered them or had been through disasters!

“No, I am going to the Mystic Realm.”

“Me too.”

“Even if we cannot take the treasures there, at the very least, we could cultivate there.”

The students started to get noisy.

The two teachers stared at each other. They were tempted too.

It was full of treasures…

There was no way that they could take the treasures. Even if they took them away, it was impossible to distribute them! However, there was an abundance of energy there. Perhaps, everyone would improve by leaps!

Apart from the students, the teachers would benefit as well!


It was alright to take a look.

“Bring us there.” Teacher An spoke to Fu Hongming.

“I can’t.” Fu Hongming waved his hands in fear. “It’s v-very dangerous.”

“Don’t worry.”

Teacher An waved his hands. “Both of us are three-star cultivators, we are pretty strong. Moreover, we have a lot of students with us. We will be more careful.

Besides, if it was Elder Lunar Shadow, there should not be any traps there,” An Mufeng concluded.

He had heard of the legend regarding Elder Lunar Shadow. He was kind and amiable.


Fu Hongming had no choice but to agree.

Therefore, Fu Hongming led the big group toward the direction of the exploitation site.

Sure enough.

Lu Ming and Xia Yu looked at each other and followed the group.

On the way, they encountered a lot of obstacles. The falling stones and the potholes on the ground became barricades, blocking their way. Fortunately, the students had sufficient energy.

Some of them smashed the stones while others moved the stones or fill up the holes…

Although they only had low-level abilities, there were many of them. They was strength in numbers. This applied very well in their case. Some of them who did not have applicable abilities would move the rocks manually!

Because they were very clear of one thing—the sooner they reached the Mystic Realm, the longer they would be able to stay there!

They had to reach there before the school management got here!


The students made a walking path among the rocks and stones. They even cleared all the debris of the two mine caves that were completely blocked by the falling stones.

“Here it is.”

Fu Hongming brought the students to stop in front of a gigantic wall of rocks.

They could vaguely see something.

There seemed to be some lights in the wall of rocks.

“That was…”

The students were excited.

The Mystic Realm!

It was highly possible that the Mystic Realm was behind the wall of rocks.

“Let’s go!” The students roared.


They directed all sorts of attacking abilities toward the wall of rocks.


There was a crack in the stone wall. They could see more light through the crack. The students’ attack was effective.

Although they did not have high-level attacking abilities, they had strength in numbers.


The two teachers were excited as well.

It turned out that the stone wall was not built with a strong defense ability.

This was similar to the boundaries which could only be destroyed when there was enough energy.


Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

He heard Teacher An’s words and finally understood why the three people did not go ahead to take whatever they wanted. It was because they did not have enough energy to break the stone wall!

They had insufficient energy!

This could only be done with the help of the large number of students!

Since they were not powerful enough, they had to rely on numbers, particularly when it was an alarmingly high number of students.


The students were still attacking wildly.

Some people ran out of energy and took out their Energy Cards.



Very soon.

Cracks gradually covered the walls.

Traces of light seeped through from behind the stone wall. They were close to breaking the edge of the wall.

“Come on!”


The students were excited.


Once again they all worked together to attack.


With a loud noise, the stone wall shattered and there was a burst of light. Dazzling brilliance flashed and everything in front of them became clear. The legendary Mystic Realm…

Everyone looked toward it with anticipation, but they were stunned.

Behind the wall, under the radiance light was a shabby room!

“How is it possible! How could the Mystic Realm be so small!”


“This is not the Mystic Realm!”

The students refused to believe it.

The two teacher rested their gaze on the table placed in the middle of the chamber. There were a few strange items that were flashing with lights as well as a few cards.

Those items seemed quaint and extraordinary.

Those were…


A shadow flashed.

Before they could see clearly, Fu Hongming and the two of them rushed into the chamber and took the things away.


A surge of energy floated through.

At the moment that they took those items, the solid chamber evaporated into energy and vanished.

Perhaps, it should have become dust long ago, but it retained its original form due to the items. It turned into nothing since the items were taken away.

“This is not an illusion!”

“How dare you deceive us!”

Teacher An was upset.

He did not expect that he would be set up by the few workers!

“Surround them!”

The students were enraged as well.


Fu Hongming smiled, taking a card from his pocket.

Teleport Card!

Teacher An’s countenance changed.

It was the legendary Teleport Card!

Legend had it that a very powerful teleporting ability was sealed in this card, with the ability to teleport. It was a very precious card!

And right now, Fu Hongming had one of those cards.

Damn it!

Who the hell were these guys? What cards did they get from the chamber? What was so important that they would use the Teleport Card at no cost!

Teacher An knew that they were in big trouble.

“Don’t worry.”

“After I leave, I will be sure to repay you.”

Fu Hongming had an evil grin.

These fools were trapped in the mine. After he went out, he would get someone to throw something inside and they would definitely die. By the time the school sent help…

These people would already have died.

That was right.

How could these spoiled teachers from the vocational college be his match?

“Activate the card.”

Fu Hongming passed the card to his younger sister.


Teacher An gave a mad roar.

This mine was a dead land, if Fu Hongming escaped… they would definitely die! Therefore, they had to make him stay!


Violent winds sprang up.

Teacher An gathered wind in his hands, turning them into sharp blades. He gathered all his energy as a three-star Elementalist. However, at this time, Fu Hongming had already stood at the forefront to block the attack.

Energy Shield!

He crossed his arms, the energy surging around him, and it formed an energy barrier.


The blades of wind hit against it and formed a brittle sound.

All the attacks had been blocked.

Teacher An launched a crazy attack on the three of them, but he only heard brittle jingling sounds.

They could not defeat them…

Not at all!

Teacher Wang worked with him to attack the three people. There was a slight crack on the Energy Shield. But it was impossible to break it in a short time.


The students helped out as well.

However, they had consumed a lot of energy when they destroyed the stone wall just now. They even used their Energy Cards and therefore they did not have much energy left.

The few scattered attacks were of no use at all.

At this very moment…

Fu Hongyan had already activated the card in her hands.


Teacher An felt a chill.


A crystal clear green nexus was generated at their feet. A circle of light flashed and it was filled up instantaneously. It was the radiance from the Teleport Card!


Fu Hongming was not the slightest bit worried about the solid Energy Shield.

So what if he was faced with two of the three-star cultivators?

Those guys… would die here forever.

No one would know exactly what happened here.


The green light was brighter.

It was just that… At that crucial moment, Chang Liang who had been maintaining the brightness for everyone roared loudly. There was a blinding shot of light from his eyes.


All of the people in front of Chang Liang could not see anything instantaneously.

There was a white mist everywhere!

They could not see a thing!

This was the moment!


An arrow composed entirely from energy broke through the air and fired toward Fu Hongyan.

This was Xia Yu’s first skill!



There was a low whisper.

At the same time, Fu Hongming was shrouded by light. This was Zhang Xiaopang’s illusion!

He and Xia Yu directed their abilities toward Fu Hongyan at the same time, aiming to attack her on the spiritual level and on the physical level!


Fu Hongyan faltered.

The teleportation light was about to be completed, but it was stalled slightly. She recovered very quickly and continued to direct energy into the card.

However, this single moment was enough.

There seemed to be something rushing out from the white mist.

“Something is coming this way!”

Fu Hongming was on alert.

He could not see anything, however… He could sense through his energy that it seemed to be a raging fierce bull that was formed by energy. It seemed to be Brutal Charge? And to his surprise, the direction of the attack seemed to be…

Towards the front!!!

Where the energy barrier was!

Why would they attack from the front??

One must know that the combined energies of An Mufeng and the other teacher were unable to break the Energy Shield. How was it possible that the Brutal Charge would be able to destroy their Energy Shield?

It was ridiculous!

Who gave him such confidence?

Right then…


There was a loud noise.

The rampaging fierce bulls seemed to have knocked into his Energy Shield. He could feel a huge impact from the attack.

Fu Hongming’s countenance changed.

The force…

Oh no!

It was not one raging fierce bull!

This was definitely more than one ability!

Fu Hongming could feel that there was a herd of raging fierce bulls charging toward him. There was a monstrous force coming from his hands. Its strength was beyond imagination!

“Come and help!”

He felt that his hands were trembling. There was a sudden roar.

“It’s coming!”

His companions helped him to resist it.

The three people worked together to withstand the huge impact!

Although Fu Hongming was overwhelmed by the huge impact, he knew that attack of this level was not able to hurt them.

Almost there!

He calculated the time of the Teleportation Nexus.



There was a loud bang. The Energy Shield was still intact.

At that moment.

The familiar Teleportation Nexus gave off a brilliant light – all the rampaging bulls and surging energy had disappeared! The world was thrown into total silence.

The teleportation was a success!

Fu Hongming was not surprised at all.

The white mist in front of him disappeared gradually. They could finally see clearly.


Fu Hongming raised his head and his eyes turned blank.


He widened his eyes to look at the surroundings. He was in a daze.

The two people next to him were equally dazed. They looked at their boss and the surroundings. They could not recover themselves for a long while.


How could that be possible?!

They were still in the mine!!!

“What is happening?”

Fu Hongming’s mouth felt dry.

The Teleport Card was very precious. They only had one card. They specially bought the card for this task. How could they fail!

Why would they fail?

How was it possible that the other party could stop the teleportation?

No, he could already feel the rush of energy from the success of the teleportation!

It was obviously…

Wait a minute!

Fu Hongming looked at the ground and his face dropped.

They were a few long marks on the ground!

The bulls had left them.

This was…

Just now, when a herd of rampaging bulls came charging at them, he put in his best efforts to resist them and withstand the strong impact of the bulls. He thought that he had blocked them!

But now it seemed that although he had blocked them, he was forced to retreat by one meter!


It was one meter away!

Although the Teleportation Nexus was being activated, they were not being taken away!


Lu Ming was thrilled.

They had waited half an hour for this moment!

The function of Brutal Charge was to form a raging fierce bull and to create an impact to the enemy. What about “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” that would release seven bulls at one go?

No doubt, it would greatly impact the enemy!

The force of it would cause the enemy to lose focus.

After all, the raging fierce bulls were formed from energy, they were not real bulls. Therefore, when the energy hit the enemy, the energy would surge around, causing the body to lose control.


Fu Hongming’s Energy Shield was too strong!

It had blocked all the charges and energies!

In the end, Lu Ming activated ten cards and the seventy bulls formed a large herd of rampaging bulls and all the impact was directed at the Energy Shield!

The strong impact caused the three of them, together with the Energy Shield to be pushed backwards!

The effect was amazing!

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