Divine Card Creator

Chapter 23 - Where Has It Been Teleported to?

Chapter 23: Where Has It Been Teleported to?

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At this very moment… in the mine.

Fu Hongming and his gang, who stood in front of them and were being pulled out of the Teleportation Nexus, had yet to come back to their senses.

What kind of retarded operation was this?

They… were pushed out of the nexus by a herd of bulls?!

Those damn raging bulls…

Fu Hongming finally understood why he had wanted to attack the front!

It was just that… he did not expect that a Brutal Charge one-star ability would be able to affect him! He never expected that the impact would be so huge!

If he had known, he would have used his own body to withstand the attack!

Should he not use the Energy Shield?!

And it was too late now!

“Wait a minute!”

Fu Hongming suddenly thought of a more terrible thing—if they had not been teleported, what had been teleported away?!

At the same time. Somewhere in the suburbs.

A complete nexus was drawn in the forest.

A girl stood next to it. She was dressed in a long dress, as beautiful as a fairy. She held a quaint book, reading it quietly and seriously.

It was a beautiful scene.

“You don’t have to come,” An old man of about fifty to sixty years old walked up to her and said.

He could easily send his trusted subordinates to get the stuff from Fu Hongming. But the young girl insisted on coming personally every time.

“Master. I am your disciple.”

The young girl smiled sweetly, closing the book in her hands. “I have recently learned Teleportation Nexus and would like to take a look at how it works. After all, I want to surpass you in the future.”

The young girl was full of confidence.

“I don’t know what to do with you.” The old man laughed involuntarily. “I wonder when they will use the Teleportation Nexus.”

Suddenly… The Teleportation Nexus lit up.

“It’s coming!”

The young girl’s eyes lit up.

She walked quickly to the Teleportation Nexus, squatting down to feel the energy running through it.

“This… This… So this is how it works… I understand now…”

The young girl was very serious.

She knew that the Teleportation Nexus that had to teleport many people would have to run for a few seconds. It gave her enough time to study it. She tried to sense the energy circles.

“So this is how it works… Over there.”

She was mesmerized. Mere seconds were enough for her to learn a lot about the nexus.

“This child…”

The old man smiled without a word.

His disciple was very serious.

However… At this time, the radiance surrounding the Teleportation Nexus disappeared. The old man’s countenance changed. He noticed that the Teleportation Nexus had not teleported Fu Hongming and the two other people!

What the hell was this…


“Get out of the way!”


The young girl half-squatted by the edge of the nexus, studying the flow of the energy. All of sudden, she could sense that there was a strong surge of energy coming from the formation, and some strange creatures seemed to be appearing.


The Earth roared.

The young girl did not have time to react.

A huge force banged into her viciously.




Loud sounds could be heard.

The beautiful picture was destroyed instantaneously.


There was a loud roar and a herd of charging bulls came trampling out of the nexus.


The old man used his powerful energy to scatter the raging bulls. But when he walked over to check the young girl, he gasped in shock. Xiaoqing had bruises all over her body. The hooves of the bulls had left many marks on her white dress.

It was a pitiful sight.

“Master… It’s painful.”

The young girl felt sad.

With that, her head fell to a side and she fainted.

“Fu Hongming!!!”

The old man’s wrath could be heard over the clouds.


At this very moment… In the mine.

Fu Hongming could only pray that the herd of bulls that was being teleported did not cause any injuries. After all, the elder was very powerful. They should not affect him.

Well… that was for sure.

“You have no idea what you have just done.”

Fu Hongming took a deep breath.

He was boiling in anger. He had been cultivating for decades. No one ever dared to play tricks on him!

Especially not… A student!

“That’s for me to say,” Teacher An said calmly.

Teacher Wang stood out from the crowd as well.

All of them had been fooled by Fu Hongming and they almost ended up dead in the mine. Things had already escalated. He wanted to know how arrogant Fu Hongming could be.

Did he want to kill Lu Ming?

He had to ask for his permission as the teacher first!


The wind was coming up again.

Teacher An struck once again. He used the three-star standard ability of a Wind Elementalist—Wind Blade Burst. Several wind blades emerged and swept against Fu Hongming.


Teacher Wang struck at the same time.

“Everyone, let’s attack!”

The students roared.

They had been stifling their anger for a long time.

Although they did not have much energy left and they were not powerful enough, they had strength in numbers! The three-star cultivators were too powerful and they could not measure up to them, but…

Even if they could not defeat three-star cultivators, they could still defeat the two-star cultivators.


The students swarmed forward.

Energy Warriors, Elementalists, Sharpshooters…

The students had all sorts of strange vocations and abilities. Fu Hongyan and company were unable to land any blows. They could only defend themselves passively!

Lu Ming was between laughter and tears.

It was too messy!

“The dice is cast.”

Zhang Xiaopang was pleased with himself.

They had interfered with the other party’s operation twice. They had completed their mission.

As a one-star cultivator, he was able to destroy the plans of a three-star cultivator successfully. This was something worth bragging about for the rest of his life! Look, Fu Hongming had been defeated by them!

In the future, no junior sister would look down on him!

He was someone who had defeated a three-star cultivator!

Lu Ming glared at him but did not say anything.

Theoretically speaking, it was two three-star cultivators against one three-star cultivator. The two teachers should not have any problems. Shouldn’t they? Still, Lu Ming felt worried.

This should have been a crushing defeat, but the fight seemed to be ongoing!

To his surprise, the two teachers and Fu Hongming were well-matched. Oh, he was wrong. In fact, they seemed to be on the losing end!

Lu Ming felt a slight panic.

They had stopped them from teleporting, if they still could not defeat them… Would it not be embarrassing?

“Hurry. Get Chang Liang to assist on the side,” Lu Ming told Xia Yu hurriedly.


Xia Yu hurried to tell him.

Chang Liang was responsible for the lighting. In this dark mine, it was equivalent to being able to control one’s vision. He was the biggest hero in this operation!

As for Zhang Xiaopang?

He was helpful the first time. But everyone was immune to his ability the second time he tried.

His ability was useless!


The lights would flicker in the mine cave, dark at times and bright other times. Whenever it was directed at Fu Hongming and his gang, Chang Liang would change the light to cause an interference.

The effect was remarkable!


Previously, Fu Hongyan and another worker were still able to hold off the attack. But right now, they were being pressed on the ground by the students and attacked madly by them. The two teachers also gained the upper hand in their fight against Fu Hongming.

“Slightly better.”

Lu Ming and the rest finally breathed a sigh of relief.

However, at this moment, a blinding green light flashed.


Fu Hongming snarled and was shrouded with green lights. He was covered with a layer of green Energy Armor.

“Energy Armor?”

Teacher An’s countenance changed.

How could that be possible?!

Fu Hongming actually mastered Energy Armor?

Energy Armor was the Energy Shield’s advanced ability!

When one mastered a basic ability and cultivated it to the highest level, the ability was then able to evolve to an upgraded version.

His power had increased tremendously!



When the wind blades fell on Fu Hongming, there was a clear sound once again.

The damn defense!

“Green… Green Hat Iron Man?” Lu Ming exclaimed.

He did not expect that Energy Warriors would have such awe-inspiring technology!

He could tell that the Energy Armor was essentially the original Energy Shield that was gathered in front of him!

He was able to use the Energy Shield flexibly to cover his entire body and ensured that he had total defense! Now that the energy was scattered throughout his body, the effect was weaker, but it was still able to reduce the damage of the wind blades by ninety percent. It was not able to hurt him.

Extremely powerful!

Perhaps this was Fu Hongming’s hidden trump card!

Teacher An and the other teacher were no match for the three-star cultivator who grew up through combats and battles!

The power…

“It’s my turn now.”

Fu Hongming had an evil grin on his face.


He stood straight up.

Teacher An knew that something was amiss right away.

Wind Shield!

A circle of wind gathered in front of Teacher An, forming a whirlpool.


Fu Hongming shattered it with a punch. The remaining force landed on An Mufeng.


Teacher An spat blood.

“Be careful!” Teacher Wang exclaimed.


Another punch.

Teacher Wang was almost blown away.

After all, they were simply Elementalists. They had no strong defense abilities. They appeared to be very vulnerable in front of Fu Hongming who was covered by Energy Armor.


The two of them had a grim look on their faces.

The power of the advanced ability was far beyond their imagination!

This time, it was really dangerous!

Wait a minute…

How did they manage to destroy the Energy Shield just now?

Yes, Lu Ming!

They were suddenly reminded that Lu Ming’s rampaging bulls were able to resist the Energy Shield!

Although the Energy Armor covered his entire body, the covered area was too big, and therefore the protection would be reduced. If they were to continue to attack…

“Lu Ming, release your ability!” Teacher An hollered.

“I can’t use it.”

Lu Ming smiled bitterly.

Teacher An panicked. Why couldn’t he perform at this critical moment?

“No energy.” Lu Ming sighed deeply.

He had lots of “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Cards. After all, he had been creating cards for seven days. He had used ten cards just now. He still had ninety cards. But Energy Cards… He had used all of them!

He had been cultivating the past few days. He had not put aside any cards. He created some cards today, but he had used all of them just now!

To activate one “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card, he would need three hundred points of energy. He had used ten cards just now, meaning that he had used up thirty pieces of one-star Energy Card!

He had no energy left?!

His goal was to prepare one hundred Energy cards. But the mine cave collapsed and there was no way to create more cards!

“Let’s pool the cards together.”

Xia Yu looked toward the students.


The surrounding students crowded around and only managed to get two Energy Cards.

They were not Card Creators. They usually purchased the Energy Cards. They only had one spare Energy Card. Most of them had used up their cards when they opened the chamber previously. They had no extra cards left.


Lu Ming looked at the two pooled cards in his hands. It was pretty miserable.

They were too poor on resources.

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