Divine Card Creator

Chapter 24 - You Said So!

Chapter 24: You Said So!

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There was a loud bang.

Fu Hongming was flashing with green lights. He was gaining the upper hand while the two teachers were losing the battle. They barely resisted his attacks. They had no way to retaliate!

What to do?

Everyone looked grim.

If this continued, they would definitely lose.

They had disrupted the teleportation of Fu Hongming and the rest. They had won, but why was it that they could not defeat him and could not escape from the fate of being killed?

The students also could not understand.

They were three-star cultivators. Why was it that the two of them could not defeat one person? Fu Hongming had a hidden trump card, while the two teachers did not have a single hidden trump card?!

“Teacher, use your hidden trump cards!” Some of the students shouted anxiously.

“Teacher, way to go!”

Some of the students gave the teachers’ encouragements.

Teacher An’s face turned slightly red.

Hidden trump card…

There were no hidden trump cards!

He was just a vocational college teacher at the lowest level! He only bragged and taught students. It had been very long since he engaged in a real fight.

But he must do something now!


He gritted his teeth, hurling a flash of radiance at Lu Ming.

“Lu Ming, catch it!” Teacher An hollered.


Lu Ming caught hold of it and was stunned. It was a Charging Card!

Charging Card!

This was a very special Energy Card.

It was more expensive than ordinary Energy Cards but it did not contain any energy. One could store energy inside and release it when needed.

In simple terms, this was the alternate world’s power bank!

A one-time power bank!

It was just that the Charging Card was not very popular.

This was because the market sold various levels of Energy Cards. It was convenient and fast.

Charging on your own?

It was too much work!

In the past, when people cultivated, they did not have enough energy. There was no excess energy to store. Only people who were ranked at the bottom would use things like this!

Since the energy would occasionally overflow, they had to store it temporarily.

How should he say it?

One had to take time and energy to charge the three-star card sold at the shop for a year. Therefore, the Charging Card would affect one’s cultivation progress to a certain extent.

As such…

The card was also known as one of the three losers.

“Teacher, I am surprised that you have this card!”

This was Lu Ming’s first reaction.

It turned out that the teachers who looked high and mighty did not seem to have an easy life.

But why did the teachers not use it themselves?

With the Charging Card, the teachers would have an endless amount of energy for a short period of time. They could totally… Lu Ming took a look at the situation and thought of a more depressing issue.


Teacher An did not have stronger abilities!

Wind Blade Burst…

Wind Shield…

He seemed to be only using these two abilities.

Teacher An was a three-star cultivator, yet his combat ability was worrying. His pampered days in school seemed to have caused his ability to increase at a very slow rate.

Therefore, even if he had endless energy, it was useless. He had no other skills!

Hence, he could only give it to Lu Ming to give it a try.

“So, that was the case.”

While Lu Ming was figuring it out, he was moving quickly to get ready for a fight.

Once he got hold of the Charging Card, he took out the “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card and got ready. But he hesitated when he was about to release the cards.

“How many cards?” Lu Ming asked.

He did not know how many cards he should use to be able to help Teacher An. The most important thing was, Teacher An was inside as well! If he launched an attack without any thoughts, Teacher An might be hurt!

“Use as many as you can!” Teacher An roared.


Students were indeed students. How could they hesitate at this crucial moment?

Of course they had to use all of them!


Lu Ming no longer hesitated.

Teacher, you must remember that you were the one who told me to use as many as possible.


He activated the Charging Card.


He had no idea how long Teacher An spent to fill the card with energy. It was activated and there seemed to be an invisible link connecting to Lu Ming.

Lu Ming felt like he had endless energy!

Let’s go!

Lu Ming activated the first card.


The energy in his body was emptied, but then it was filled up again.

The recovery rate of the Charging Card was as fast as the Energy Card and it had boundless energy. Lu Ming felt as if he was full of energy.

“Since this is the case… Let’s do it!”




He activated the cards in his hands one by one and they flew out one after another.


The cards dissipated in the air and turned into raging fierce bulls.

They were here!

The surrounding students no longer cared about Fu Hongyan and the other person. They had retreated to stand behind Lu Ming.


Teacher An was ready.

“Wind rise!”

The energy surged around him. He finally used his third skill, Misty Figure. He brought Teacher Wang with him and quickly hid behind the bulls.



Lu Ming used his fastest speed to activate all the remaining cards. All the cards flew out quickly. He had finally hurled ninety cards into the air!



The rampaging bulls continued to appear. It was a magnificent sight.

The rampaging bulls almost filled up the entire mine cave. Right then, Teacher An realized what Lu Ming meant when he said ‘all’ of the cards!


There were too many bulls!

Both Teacher An and the students were dumbfounded.

The number…

“Teacher, run for your life.”

Lu Ming looked at Teacher An.

Teacher An was confused. Run for their lives?

Fu Hongming should be the one at risk?! As long as the herd of raging bulls could destroy Fu Hongming’s Energy Armor, he and Teacher Wang would be able to make use of the opportunity to kill him.

They must not let Fu Hongming get out of here alive!

Escape from what?

Students were students after all.

Teacher An sighed. It was such a good chance, how could they escape!? He should use his brain to think. What if Fu Hongming hunted them after they escaped?

“Don’t worry.”

“Leave the rest to Teacher Wang and I.”

An Mufeng looked at the rampaging bulls with confidence.

If the Energy Armor was destroyed, they would be able to take it from there.

At this very moment…



The rampaging bulls charged with great momentum.

The ground of the mine cave seemed to be trembling.

All of the raging bulls charged toward Fu Hongming. Since he was Lu Ming’s target, he had nowhere to hide.


Fu Hongming did not have the slightest hesitation.

They must be kidding!

He would not be that foolish to engage in a fight with the bulls!

However, this was a dead end. He had hidden there as it served as a good point of defense and to release the Teleportation Nexus. There was no way to retreat.


The rampaging bulls kept charging toward him.

“Where should we go?”

Fu Hongyan and the other worker were at a loss.

“Up,” Fu Hongming sneered.

He jumped up without the slightest hesitation. He climbed to the wall behind him. He then gave a hard blow to the wall, creating a spot in the wall where he could grab.

So what if they had rampaging bulls?


This kind of pure linear attack was simply the stupidest tactic of all! So what if they were powerful? The attack was useless if they were above the ground!

Sure enough.

Once Fu Hongming leaped onto the wall, the rampaging bulls could not attack him.

Fu Hongyan and the other worker saw it and hurried to climb to the nearby wall. Now that they had escaped from the rampaging bulls, they created a hole in the wall and gripped onto it.



The walls of the exploitation site were not very sturdy.



Since the rampaging bulls lost their target, they kept on charging forward and hit the walls of the mine cave.

“Stupid!” Fu Hongming mocked them.

However, as the rampaging bulls relentlessly charged at the walls, there were tremors in the ground and some of the gravel came falling from the top. They realized that things were not looking good.

This was…

“Let’s go!”

Teacher An’s countenance changed.

To hell with it!

He suddenly realized that this was an exploitation site!

This was not a mining area!

The mine cave at the mining site had been through multiple reinforcements, making it more sturdy. This made it more convenient for digging up Energy Stones. However, the structure of the walls at the exploitation site was at its most primitive state!

This area…

“Let’s go!”

The students went crazy and ran for their lives.



There were constant booms and bangs.

The rampaging bulls kept on charging and attacking.

The entire mine cave shook.

Fu Hongming laid prone against the wall, looking worried…

Let’s go!

He had just been thinking of running when there was a tremor above his head. Boulders began to fall down on him. The mine cave was collapsing due to the rampage and destruction caused by over six hundred bulls!!!



The mine shook once again.

Boulders kept falling downwards, obscuring Fu Hongming’s face.



The entire exploitation site was collapsing.

“Run! Run! Run!”

Teacher An led the students to run for their lives.

“Wind rise!”

He gathered the wind and helped the students escape out of the exploitation site. They were able to pick up their speed with the help of Teacher An. They sensed that the exploitation site was beginning to collapse.


They escaped right before the exploitation site collapsed.



Many rocks kept falling down.

They watched as the entire exploitation site collapsed completely. All the passageways of the exploitation site were completely buried. They turned to look at Lu Ming, feeling somewhat frightened.

Brother, what have you done?!

That was too terrifying!

Teacher An finally knew what Lu Ming meant when he told them to run for their lives. He did not know that the rampaging bulls could cause such an amazing effect?!

What level of attack was that?


Teacher An was still badly shaken.

If he had known that Lu Ming had so many cards, he would not have told him to use all of them!

It was too terrifying!

All of them had almost ended up being buried alive inside!

“Uh.” Lu Ming shrugged. “You said so!”

Of course, he was clear about one thing.

The impact of “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” was not that powerful. The mine’s collapse could have been due to the fact that all of the rampaging bulls trampled the ground at the same time.

What did it mean to have more than six hundred bulls stampeding at the same time?

Now he knew.

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