Divine Card Creator

Chapter 25 - Brother, What Have You Been Through In The Past?

Chapter 25: Brother, What Have You Been Through In The Past?

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The mine collapsed.

It was thoroughly destroyed.

Teacher An and the rest wanted to check whether Fu Hongming was dead or alive. However, the exploitation site was totally blocked. There was no way to enter.

All entrances were cut off!

After thinking about it, there was no need for confirmation.

It would be good if Fu Hongming was crushed to death, otherwise… It would be a worse fate to be buried alive.

Of course.

Those precious treasures had also been buried.

“Let’s go back.”

Teacher An led everyone to settle down near the entrance to the mine.

The terrain was wide over there and a faint breeze came in from the cracks. Teacher An guided the wind in their direction, making sure that it was well-ventilated.

Fu Hongming was dead.

The crisis in the mine had been resolved.

The students seemed to be given a new breath of life after the calamity.

Before coming for the internship, who would have thought that something like this would actually happen during an easy internship and that they would almost end up dead here?

True enough, no place was safe in this world!


As they were reminded of the ordeal they had been through, they could not help but look toward Lu Ming. They knew that it was thanks to him that they managed to stay alive!

He helped stop the teleportation and aided in the collapse of the mine cave!

When they were fooled to look for the Mystic Realm, he had already secretly combined forces with his friends to be prepared for the dangers that they might encounter!

And the herd of bulls…

They had never seen such amazing abilities!


Lu Ming had used cards!

Right then, some of them recollected that Lu Ming, who was unusually low-profile seemed to be the founder of Fruit Ninja, which was very popular previously!


This was one of his new cards?

At the thought of this, the students cast looks of admiration toward Lu Ming. Many young girls seemed to treat him like a young star.

It turned out that aside from being handsome, the senior was also outstanding!

“Senior, I like you!”

A young girl came up to Lu Ming to confess her love to him, before she ran back shyly, causing an uproar.

The young girl looked somewhat familiar.

Oh, he remembered her.

This girl resembled the inflatable figure in Zhang Xiaopang’s tent. Although he only caught a glimpse, he was certain that he had seen correctly.

He turned to check and true enough, Zhang Xiaopang seemed to be beside himself.

Wait a minute!

Something did not seem quite right.

Lu Ming connected the dots right away. “You don’t even give your classmates space!”

In general, shouldn’t these kind of dolls be modeled after celebrities? For example, they could be modeled after Fan Bingbing [1. A Chinese actress, model, television producer and singer.] or Lin Chiling [2. A Taiwanese model, actress, singer and television host.]. How dare he do this to his classmates!

“Are you sick?” Lu Ming said angrily. “Since you are classmates, why don’t you go after the real person instead of creating an inflatable doll!?”

“You know nothing.”

Zhang Xiaopang pursed his lips. “The inflatable doll is better. It won’t end up in a quarrel with you. It won’t throw tantrums. It won’t make you a cuckold and it is convenient to bring around!”

Lu Ming pondered for a moment.

These words… seemed to be full of stories!

What had Xiaopang been through in the past?

Convenient to bring around!

Lu Ming subconsciously looked at the big bag behind Zhang Xiaopang’s back. Therefore, inside the bag must be…

“Go away.” Zhang Xiaopang widened his eyes. “How dare you steal glances at Xin-er when she is sleeping!”

Lu Ming was rendered speechless.

He resisted the thought of strangling him and left.

At this very moment, everyone was resting.

After surviving that ordeal, they needed to rest. They waited quietly for the college to send people to help them.



A faint light flickered.

A gentle and bright light kept on shining on them.

Chang Liang had been trying to keep the source of light steady. He sat cross-legged on a huge boulder in order to save energy consumption.

He looked like a Buddha, especially those that came with LED lights.

“My Charging Card…”

Teacher An seemed to be talking about something.

He had charged the Charging Card for a year. Now that the energy had been depleted, it seemed that he had to start from scratch again. His heart ached for the loss.

But Lu Ming felt very curious. Why would Teacher An need a Charging Card?

The average person prepared a Charging Card so that they could store a lot of energy and use it in a crucial moment?!

Teacher An did not seem to have any explosive abilities!

“Teacher, why do you need a Charging Card?” Lu Ming asked.

“To sell.”

Teacher An sighed. “After the Charging Card is charged with three-star energy, it can be sold as a three-star card. It can fetch a high price.”

Lu Ming felt puzzled.

Sell… Sell it to someone else?

In general, people would buy Energy Cards for cultivation. Why would the teacher do it the other way round, to use his cultivation in exchange for money?

Could it be that a college teacher didn’t have enough cash?!

“I have no choice.” Teacher An sighed. “My children are in school. They have to buy houses in the school district. The expenses are quite high and I am under immense pressure.”

“Houses… houses in the school district?”

Lu Ming felt slightly nervous.

“Yes, my children are not very talented. If they want to have better achievements, they must have a solid foundation and to win from the starting line.”

Teacher An sighed.


Lu Ming was surprised.

He did not expect that there were houses in the school district in this world.

“Did you think that I am very weak?”

Teacher An laughed suddenly. “The two of us could not defeat one person.”

Perhaps he was willing to tell him more because Lu Ming had saved them or subconsciously he treated Lu Ming as the same level as him.

“Well, no.”

Lu Ming coughed.

“I have not been cultivating for the longest time.”

Teacher An shrugged. “I am not talented. I suppose three-star is the maximum that I can reach. It doesn’t make a difference if I cultivate or not. I would rather leave the resources for my child.”

Why did he have the attitude of a state owned enterprise?

Or perhaps when one has children, one behaves in this manner?

In fact, when he thought about it, it seemed fairly normal. In college, there was not much difference between a powerful three-star cultivator and an ordinary three-star cultivator. After all, everyone was a three-star cultivator!

Under normal circumstances, no one encountered life and death situations like what happened in the mine.

“Lu Ming.”

“The future is yours. Just leave me to idle around, with no dreams and ambitions.”

Teacher An went to reassure the students again.

Lu Ming was between laughter and tears.

Since this was the atmosphere in the college, what else could he say?

It was said that the students and teachers of the key colleges were trying by all means and ways to become stronger. Many schools even tolerated a mortality rate!

It was only to become stronger!

To become the strongest!

As for vocational colleges like theirs?

It was fine as long as everyone was doing well. They could graduate when they reached two-star level.

This was indeed leading an idle life!

Lu Ming felt that his current state of mind was also influenced by the school.

As someone who had transmigrated, should he not welcome all kinds of danger, fight for precious treasures, seek to become stronger in crisis, kill whoever blocked his way, and become a legend in the end?

Why did he coop himself up at home to create cards everyday?

This was not scientific!

He must have been influenced by the school!

It had to be!

Lu Ming was certain.


He had some regrets.

Lu Ming looked toward the exploitation site.

The crisis was indeed resolved. However, the items that Fu Hongming made a special trip to take were gone as soon as they were unearthed. They had been buried under the ground once again.

Especially one of the cards!

When the chamber appeared and everyone looked at the treasures that contained immense energy, Lu Ming was the only person who was looking at the card.

Because he was a Card Creator!

And the card was in the middle!

On top of that, Fu Hongming’s gaze had never left the card. Obviously, he was here for the card!

The card was the most precious item!

It was a pity…

In the end, nobody knew what it was.

One hour later.

The school bus came and they realized that something was wrong. They sent a rescue team very soon.

Professional help came to their rescue. They used energy to smelt a path for them and to create an opening through the ruins of the mine cave, rescuing them from it.

The students were finally able to return to school.

After the collapse of the mine, the school and the factory headquarters had to work to settle the subsequent matters.

In order to reassure the students who had been through a harsh ordeal, the school compensated the students by giving them a lot of credits. Lu Ming did a mental calculation, so he could skip lessons for a long while.

The school also gave a special reward to the few of them who had helped—

They were given a certificate of award that was signed by the principal.

Lu Ming was speechless.

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