Divine Card Creator

Chapter 26 - One Hundred Million!

Chapter 26: One Hundred Million!

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Lu Ming was puzzled.

What could he say?

What could they do with a certificate?

He knew that the school was stingy but he never thought that it would be to this extent!

Just a piece of paper?

“What’s on your mind?”

Teacher An glared at him. “This is good stuff! You can exchange this for one-time professional guidance from any teacher. You can even get the principal to guide you.”


Lu Ming’s eyes lit up.

Professional guidance!

Any teacher in the school!

Compared to the cards that he used, he could tell that the certificate was much more valuable.

At the thought of this, he put the certificate aside with satisfaction.

Late at night.

After settling everything and following up with the mining events, Lu Ming felt more at ease now that he returned to the shop.

After all…

This was his home.

This was the place he was the most familiar with in this world.

“It’s over,” he silently concluded in his mind.

This was a habit he developed over the years as a programmer.

He had no other choice. Back then, he had to write lots of reports for every project, every module and even every function, showing them to his ignorant boss. He had to give detailed analyses of the demands and structural design…

Even if he did not need to write reports now, he would naturally come up with a report in his mind.

First of all.

His energy level had exceeded three hundred points!


Lu Ming had substantially increased his capability.

One must know that the recovery and surging rates of energy were related to one’s cultivation. The stronger the cultivation, the better you would naturally be in other aspects.

Secondly, his card creating skill had improved tremendously.

He had created more than one hundred “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Cards. Every card and every line was of a high difficulty level and he had drawn them to perfection. Right now, he had a strong foundation in drawing basic lines!

The battle experience was very valuable as well.

Of course, the only pity was those cards in the chamber. However, Lu Ming knew very well that those items did not belong to him.

He could not take them and he did not dare to take them.

“I shall rest now.”

Lu Ming went to sleep after finishing his summary.

He had gone through a lot today. After madly creating cards for seven days, he needed a good sleep right now. Otherwise, it would be very wrong if he had a sudden death.

Early next morning.

Lu Ming woke up feeling energized. He received a strange message from Zhang Xiaopang—the school spent the entire night searching for the missing students.

“Missing students?”

Lu Ming was confused.

He thought that all the students were alive.

Teacher An counted the number of people at that time, how could it be possible that someone had disappeared?

Wait a minute…

It suddenly dawned on Lu Ming that all the students were alive, but the items in the chamber were “missing”?

The school was actually after those items!

After all, Fu Hongming tried to get them at all costs. He even used a Teleport Card to teleport them. Those items must be priceless. It was impossible that the school would give them up.

“Did they find them?”

Lu Ming knew it very well.

“Of course.” Zhang Xiaopang smirked. “Teacher An went with them on the search. I heard that they dug them out that night.”

“You’re very well informed.”

Lu Ming was somewhat surprised.

He knew that Zhang Xiaopeng had been getting along well in school, but he did not expect him to know such news.

“Of course.”

Zhang Xiaopang felt pleased with himself.

“Oh, right.”

Zhang Xiaopang suddenly thought of something. “You have to wait if you want to create cards. I will not be around these few days. I am going to take the advanced studies for professional Illusionist knowledge.”


Lu Ming was surprised.

“I exchanged it with the certificate.”

It was rare that Zhang Xiaopang was so serious. “I will definitely catch up with you.”


Lu Ming coughed. “All of us are boys. What’s there to catch up!”

Zhang Xiaopang was speechless.


Lu Ming hung up the cell phone.

He did not expect that Zhang Xiaopang would be so motivated and would strive to improve himself.

It was not easy.

Lu Ming was filled with emotions.

In fact, other than him, he believed that after this internship, most of the students who had been through the ordeal would start to work hard on cultivating, which was a good thing.

It was only through having first-hand experience of the harsh world that they would start to work hard!

“I am indeed too weak!”

Lu Ming was very dissatisfied with his capabilities.

Although he had successfully gotten rid of Fu Hongming, saving everyone from danger was far from enough!!!

Come to think of it, if he was stronger, he would be able to have those items in the chamber. They would not end up with the school.

That was the reason why he found it a pity.

The card!

It was taken away by the school!!!

Lu Ming felt a heartache.

He felt as if he had missed a one in a hundred million chance.

This feeling was similar to when he took the subway and he saw a beauty that he was interested in. However, she left soon after and he had yet to get her contact number.

Moreover, he heard from his boss that he had managed to hit on her…

That was exactly what he felt: Heartache.

“I have to become stronger as soon as possible.”

Lu Ming was full of emotions.

When he encountered such things next time, he had to seize the opportunity!



By the way, there was also the black cat who was a fraud!

Lu Ming felt that the creature inside him might be a fake big shot! It seemed to be very powerful, but it refused to help at critical moments!

It was a black cat, yet it could not be compared to the nine-tailed fox? How could that be?

He had to think of a solution later.

Lu Ming pondered. He might not have touched the black cat’s soft spot. He had to increase his communication with the black cat, getting as familiar with it as possible, so that it would help him when needed.

Whether the black cat helped him or not was crucial. It determined how powerful his combat ability was!

At the thought of this, Lu Ming went into his Sea of Consciousness again.



He heard a familiar sound.

He had already expected that the big shot would be grinding its teeth again.

“What a good-for-nothing,” Lu Ming said to himself. He dared not say it out loud. What was the point of gnawing on a card every single day? Look, it had turned red.

Wait a minute…


Lu Ming turned green.

No way!

Could it be that his Original Card had mutated again after being gnawed at?

At the thought of this, he hurried forward to check. He was shocked to discover that his Original Card was still lying under the black cat!

Then what could it be gnawing at?

Lu Ming took a closer look and was thrilled. The one hundred million?!

That was right!

The card that the black cat was gnawing on was the priceless card in the chamber!

Wait a minute…

Lu Ming felt puzzled.

When did this card come to be in his Sea of Consciousness? No, accurately speaking, when did the black cat take the card?

Lu Ming was shocked that no one noticed it!

He had no idea at all!

The power…

“Brother cat, can I take a look at this card?” Lu Ming asked.



The black cat did not even bother to raise his head.

Well, there was no hope.

Lu Ming wanted to leave but he felt indignant.

The card that Fu Hongming tried desperately to get had ended up with him. If he could use it to improve his ability…

Lu Ming felt excited at the thought of it.

Of course.

The premise was that he must get it from the black cat.

“Brother cat?”

Lu Ming called, but the black cat was too lazy to deal with him.


Lu Ming shrugged.

It was just that… He felt that something was amiss.

After a long time, he finally remembered.

Sea of Consciousness!

This was the Sea of Consciousness!

Lu Ming widened his eyes.

Although he was a novice Card Creator and he did not really understand what the Sea of Consciousness was, at the very least he was certain about one thing—physical entities should not be able to reach the Sea of Consciousness.

Therefore, why would the card be here?

Or perhaps…

It had to do with the creature in front of him?

The black cat itself had this amazing ability and the card that was under its paws must have become special as well.

In that case…

What if it let go of the card?

Lu Ming was tempted.

Would the card be able to return to the real world?

Let’s try it out!

Lu Ming felt energized.

“Brother cat?” Lu Ming asked softly, “Can I take a look at the card? I will return it to you right away.”



The black cat continued to gnaw on the card.


Lu Ming thought about it, before saying in a serious tone, “Or perhaps you can give me a task and I will help you to complete it, and my reward will be that card?”


Lu Ming remembered those seniors who had transmigrated and said, “Or perhaps you can create a roulette and we can do a lucky draw and I can exchange for it?”

The black cat looked at him as if he was a stupid fool.

“This won’t do as well?”

Lu Ming felt very disappointed. “What’s the use of having you…”


A black shadow flashed.

Coming! Coming!

Lu Ming had some expectations that his wish would be granted.


He was slapped away by a paw.

However, just before the black cat slapped him out of the Sea of Consciousness, he saw clearly that the card left the black cat and disappeared in the Sea of Consciousness!

It had disappeared!


You have to blame yourself for slapping me!


His consciousness dissipated.

Lu Ming returned to reality. As expected, the red card had appeared.


Lu Ming was slightly excited.

After all, he had fooled brother cat into giving him the card… Wait a minute, would it take the card back? He stole a quick glance at his Sea of Consciousness with a guilty conscience.

The black cat was still squatting lazily on the mat.

It seemed to have no response.

Except that its tail kept on swinging!

The frequency was quite high.

“Brother cat is angry!”

Lu Ming was slightly terrified.

He knew how frightening the creature was. However, if brother cat was so angry, why didn’t it take the card back directly?


Or perhaps…

It could not be taken back?

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

He suddenly remembered that the black cat was also in a weak state. Therefore, it must be very energy-consuming to cross over between reality and Sea of Consciousness!

Therefore, it could only make a one-time trip for now!

“Hurry! I must make use of the time to study this card before brother cat recovers!”

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