Divine Card Creator

Chapter 27 - Lu Yan

Chapter 27: Lu Yan

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This card…

He looked at the card in his hands with excitement.

He knew that this was the most precious item in the mine!

The card surface was intact.

No cracks.

There were only some faint stains.

Well… needless to say, it must be brother cat’s masterpiece. Fortunately, there were only some faint stains on it. There was no lightning crack or other damages.

“The top part…”

Lu Ming used his finger to gently touch the upper right corner of the card. He could feel a different texture.


This was a certified card!

What did it being certified mean?

It had the official certification of the Card Creators Association!

One had to pay a lot of money for them to carry out a full range evaluation of the card. They would not use the card, instead they would use their own way to evaluate the effect of this card, and give their final assessment of it.

Card rating!

Card type!

Ability level!

Card name!

They would use energy code, a technology similar to laser code to engrave the information on the upper right corner of the card. When energy was surging, the information would appear.

So, under normal circumstances, one would only send very powerful cards to be certified!

After all…

The cost of certification was very high!

For example, Lu Ming would only manually paste a label on the upper right corner of the cards he created.

It would save costs.

“Let me see what this card is.”

There was a flash of energy in Lu Ming’s hands.

A virtual shadow displaying the information appeared at the upper right corner of the card, where the card had been certified.


Card Name: Lunar Shadow

Card Type: Legacy Card

Card Set: One of the seven Lunar Shadow Cards


“This is…”

Lu Ming was shocked.

A Legacy Card!

A Set Card!

There was actually such a card!

What was a Legacy Card?

In simple terms, it was a card that was used to pass something on to one’s disciples!

The person who left the legacy would pass on their experiences, everything they learned in that life. They would extract all their knowledge and commission a Card Creator to create a card of it. This was why there was the Legacy Card.

The Legacy Card was the greatest wealth of the elders. It was usually left by elders who were about to pass away for their descendants.

It was very precious!

It might contain the inspiration that the elder gained from every move and stroke!

After the succession, one could take their time to learn and reflect on the card, until becoming powerful and strong. This method was obviously much safer than empowerment and similar methods!


Lu Ming knew how precious the card in his hand was.

However, it was only one of the cards in a set!

What did it mean by a Set Card?

Due to the constraints of the card or the Card Creator’s ability, they were unable to draw all the lines successfully onto one card. Therefore, they had to use a special technique.

This technique was extremely scary!

Think about it, they had to divide thousands and thousands of lines into different parts, and to ensure that the lines would be able to function by themselves after separating into several parts, and that the card would not disintegrate if the energy was unstable. After which, they had to seal the lines into different cards and to use encryption technology!

Therefore, the difficulty level was very high!

It must be a very precious card to require such a high-end sealing technique.



Lu Ming was stunned.

It was no wonder Fu Hongming had the Teleport Card!

It was no wonder they were willing to disguise as workers and to work at the mine. They did it all for the card!


Perhaps Fu Hongming was not the mastermind.

Given Fu Hongming’s ability, he was unable to have the Teleport Card and to be privy to such confidential news. It was highly possible that he was working for other people!

Lu Ming’s thoughts jumped from one to another.

In that case… No matter what, he could not touch the card.

Because it was too dangerous!

Because it was too tricky!

Not to mention that he would need a total of seven cards to complete the set. Lu Ming did not have the time or the money to collect these cards!

Of course.

The most important point was…

He had no use for Elder Lunar Shadow’s legacy!

According to the information on the Internet, the elder seemed to be a powerful Swordsman. This vocation had absolutely nothing to do with the Card Creator!

He was a Card Creator. Even if he collected seven cards, it was useless to him. Why would he keep it with him?

Should he summon the Dragon Master with it?

“Brother cat?”

Lu Ming sneaked back into his Sea of Consciousness.


“Perhaps you want to take back the card?”

Lu Ming smiled bitterly.

The black cat shot a cold glance at him before it gnawed on the Original Card again.

Brother cat did not want the card?

Lu Ming was rendered speechless.

Obviously, the black cat did not want a card that would disappear as soon as it released its claws.

What should he do with it?

Lu Ming’s head was aching.

He did not expect that this card would be so tricky.

Sell it?

No way.

If other people knew that he had Lunar Shadow Card, he would surely die! If he was not careful, he would be courting death! There was no need for him to take such a risk!


Lu Ming shivered slightly.

The card was a headache to him, but to other people it might be useful!

For example…

His cheap elder sister!

According to the memories of little Lu Ming, the sister was indeed bullish. She was very talented. It was as if she used the modifier since a young age. She did very well in all aspects and no one was her match.

Her teacher was the legendary powerful cultivator, one of those people who would have their photos hanging on the wall of the schools!

She was extremely brilliant!

If this card was given to her… it might work.


Some people were arguing in the conference room.

“Let the children settle their own affairs.”


“We must never allow him to join!”

Someone was very firm.

He was Wu Hongfei, the organizer of the succession operation. They had paid a high price for the operation. They did not expect that there would be so much trouble.

“What if I insist?”

A cold voice resonated in the room.

The atmosphere throughout the conference room became icy cold.

On the seat at the far end of the long conference table, sat a young lady. She was dressed in a simple white training suit. She seemed to be a simple girl, but no one dared to underestimate her.

Because her name was Lu Yan.

Because she had power and skills.


Wu Hongfei had a headache.

This was how things were.

The Land of Legacy would not be simple. Although there were countless opportunities, it was also full of crisis. There were restraints everywhere, not to mention, there were a total of seven cards!

Seven Lunar Shadow Cards, seven legacy traces!

The seven people who held the cards were qualified to compete, and every inheritor could only bring one companion with them to help them to win the fight!

They were clear about one thing—

Since Lunar Shadow legacy used cards as the carrier, the various restraints and prohibitions must be related to the cards. Therefore, they had to choose a Card Creator to bring with them!

Each person chose a Card Creator to bring with them!

As for Wu Hongfei?

In order to crack the restraints faster and to receive the legacy as soon as possible, he decided to choose a powerful Card Creator from outside the school to help him.

Therefore, he held a public event with the Card Creators Association. The chosen candidate would be recognized by both him and the Card Creators Association.


1: Well-known.

2: Must have representative works.

3: Must be recommended by someone from The First Academy.

They had to fulfill these three conditions. Therefore the screening was very strict. After all, The First Academy was worthy of the name as the first college in the world!

The watchmen at the college were all four-star cultivators!

There was nothing to worry about!

After fulfilling the three conditions, the candidates would have to go through voting, whereby the most popular candidate with the highest votes would win, and would then be able to participate in the succession operation with him!

The conditions were harsh.

At the very least, that was what he thought.


After the start of the event…

Some fool recommended a “Fruit Ninja” Card, and it just so happened that the Fruit Ninja was very popular, so…

There was no so.

The candidate who was chosen from the event turned out to be someone unknown, named Lu Ming.

Who the hell was he?

Wu Hongfei turned green instantly.

Especially when he noticed the shining ‘one-star Card Creator’ title that he had.

He freaked out.

If he really brought such a person with him, he supposed he would not be able to crack a single restraint and there was no hope for him to get the legacy!

Therefore, although this event was certified by the Card Creators Association, and the person was selected for his popularity, he still decided to break the contract!

He could not afford to take the risk.

If worst comes to worst, he would pay a large sum of money to compensate for it!

However, it was only in two days’ time and the main head started up trouble for him.

Who would have expected that the one-star Card Creator who created Fruit Ninja would be the biological younger brother of Lu Yan, the bullish and talented genius from their college!

“Lu Yan!”

Wu Hongfei took a deep breath. “Do you know how precious the Lunar Shadow Card is?”

“I know,” Lu Yan said lightly, “That’s why I wanted him to go. It is a Land of Legacy sealed with cards. A Card Creator can learn a lot from it.”

“Don’t you know the kind of person that your brother is?”


“His capability is too low! He is merely a one-star Card Creator and he is only getting started! Given his card creating abilities, he is only at the level of the training institution. How can he participate in this?”

“I won’t let him be a hindrance to me!” Wu Hongfei said gruffly.


The room was shrouded in cold light.

Energy gathered to form a frost sword. It appeared out of thin air and suspended in front of his eyebrows, waiting for the moment to strike. The surrounding temperature dipped dozens of degrees instantaneously!

The entire conference room turned silent.

There was frost on the already withered plants that were placed on the windowsill.

“Continue,” Lu Yan said calmly.

Wu Hongfei could feel the icy cold atmosphere in front of him. He dared not say anything.

“You are the one who organized the event,” Lu Yan slowly said, “You are the one who came up with the selection with the Card Creators Association. One should be required to sign the contract for an event of this scale. Are you sure you want to break the contract?”


Wu Hongfei looked grim.

Of course he wanted to break the contract!

But he would only do so after getting the legacy! By then the cast was set, all he had to do was to pay for the compensation. If he broke the contract now, he might be forced to go according to the rules!

Who the hell wanted a founder of Fruit Ninja to go with them?

For what purpose?

To chop the fruits?!

Damn, Heaven knew why they would select such a person?

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

Right then the teacher next to Wu Hongfei spoke up. “The legacy this time round is not the Card Creator legacy! This is a Swordsman legacy! The Card Creator is there solely to crack the restraints!”

“Your brother…”

“He does not have the ability to crack the restraints, that’s above his pay grade!”

“What’s the point?”

His teacher felt helpless as well.

“I just want for him to see the world.”

Lu Yan was being very frank!

“But he will destroy me!” Wu Hongfei shouted. “The path of legacy is full of restraints. Do you know the price that I paid to get this card?”

“What does that have to do with me?

Lu Yan smiled at him. “Right now, I only asked that you fulfill your promise. Child, even if you have to kneel, you still have to follow the rules that you set.”


Wu Hongfei was exasperated.

He could only look to his teacher who was by his side for help.

“I’ll tell you what.” His teacher sighed. ” I will arrange a lesson for Lu Ming, is that okay? I will get a Card Creating Master to give your brother personalized lessons on card creating for a month! I can assure you that whatever he learns will be just as good as what he will learn in the Land of Legacy. I can assure that he will have a better future, what do you think?”

He had to compromise.

There was no other way.

He could not possibly engage in a fight with Lu Yan.

Aside from the fact that it was ridiculous for a teacher to fight their student… It was another problem whether he could defeat her or not!

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