Divine Card Creator

Chapter 28 - Damn Her Who Helps Her Brother At No Cost!

Chapter 28: Damn Her Who Helps Her Brother At No Cost!

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“Give lessons…” Lu Yan began to think seriously.

Her brother was too weak that was why this had happened—

She wanted for her brother to see the world, to mix with the powerful cultivators, and to take a look at those geniuses, so that he would have a burning passion to strive for excellence!

A Card Creator could become powerful as well!

As for taking lessons… He could have them anytime. But the Land of Legacy was a rare chance to pass.

“I don’t agree.” Lu Yan shook her head.

“Keep your promises.”

Lu Yan’s voice was cold. “Otherwise, I will make you pay for it.”


The energy surged around her, the cold light flashed across the sword as it buzzed. It was frightening. The entire conference room was icy cold.

This maniac…

Did she really dare to start a fight in here?

Fortunately, a teacher spoke up with excitement right then.

“Lu Yan.

Your teacher is on the phone.”


The teacher touched the bracelet and adjusted it to speaker mode. A familiar voice could be heard from his bracelet. “Lu Yan, stop it. Come back.”

Lu Yan stopped right then.

That was her teacher’s voice.

People of their levels would always be engaged in battles. It was a hassle to carry a cell phone around. It could no longer meet their requirements. Many of them used the smart wristbands.


The atmosphere in the conference room became warm again.

“I will remember what you said about giving lessons.”

Lu Yan gave the teacher a glance before she left.

The teacher had a bitter smile on his face. He was left with no other choice.

“Too arrogant!”

Wu Hongfei was furious. “So what if she is powerful? Does it mean that she can do as she pleases?!”

Everyone was speechless.


Those who were powerful could indeed do as they pleased!

“Wait till I get the legacy!”

Wu Hongfei clenched his teeth in anger. “I must definitely teach her a lesson.”

The others looked at him but remained silent. They would not take his words seriously. He sounded as if he could defeat her after getting the legacy…

“Don’t mind her.”

The teacher shook his head. “This is Lu Yan’s personality. She will argue even when reason is not on her side. Besides, she is not in the wrong this time. Otherwise, she would not be hailed as the devil of The First Academy. It’s your fault this time.”


Wu Hongfei felt wronged.

How did he know that there would be a freak like Lu Ming! He was very popular and had a representative work even when he was only a one-star Cultivator! Did he grow up eating cards?!

How did he know that Lu Ming was Lu Yan’s younger brother?

Of course.

The biggest problem was with those who cast their votes!

The people from The First Academy were proud and arrogant. How did Lu Ming who was being trained to be a Card Creator at training institute get their support?

It was not scientific at all!

He thought that they despised people like him.

Of course.

He did not know that Lu Yan brought her sword with her to the Faculty of Card Creation, pointing at the Fruit Ninja and told everyone that it was created by her brother.

That was all.

At this very moment… Lu Yan had went back to her apartment.

She was satisfied with the outcome today.

She did not expect that Wu Hongfei would compromise. If this continued, those seniors and elders might join in the quarrel and she would be left with nothing in the end.

She went to the conference to force them to give her some benefit.

Give lessons…

It was acceptable.

Perhaps, her weak brother would make some progress after the lessons.

At the thought of this…

She frowned, wondering when her brother would act like a man!

And… She remembered the last time she went to his place. She seemed to catch a glimpse of female clothes. That was why she left in a hurry without saying anything.

She did not know what she should say.

What could she say?

Ask about the experience of wearing female clothes?

It was crazy!

She could only pretend not to see anything and to hurry back with pent-up frustrations. When she went back, it just so happened that Wu Hongfei organized the selection of the Card Creators and that was why things ended up to be in this state.

Her brother…

She had to take him in hand!

Otherwise, when she visited him the next time, she might see something other than female clothes.


There was a flutter on her wrist and a message appeared on her wristband.

Lu Yan took a look and was surprised that she had express delivery.

She was particularly concerned about her brother—she had ordered that anything that was related to her brother to be of top priority and must be sent to her. She did not allow other people to intervene.

What could it be?

She was full of curiosity as she went to retrieve the express delivery.

It was a sealed document bag. It was usually used to deliver documents. She opened it to discover to her surprise that there were two cards being stacked together.

The card on top was Fruit Ninja.


Showing off?

Lu Yan curled her lips to reveal a smile.

As a student from the vocational technical college, it was indeed worth boasting to be able to create something like the Fruit Ninja. But when she removed the Fruit Ninja card, she was stunned momentarily when she saw the card that was stacked on the bottom.

This was…

Lu Yan widened her eyes in shock.

Lunar Shadow Card!

It turned out to be a Lunar Shadow Card!

There were a total of seven Lunar Shadow Cards, and one of them was with Lu Ming!

This guy…

Lu Yan took a few seconds to calm down before she broke out into laughter. Her brother had done something amazing.

She thought for a few seconds.

She took the card and dashed back to the conference room.

“What are you doing here again?”

Wu Hongfei had a headache as soon as he saw her.

“I’m sorry to ask.”

Lu Yan smiled. “Is there someone who has yet to get their card?”


Everyone looked toward Gao Tianlang. He was a Swordsman who came from a good background. Currently, he was the only person who had yet to bring the Lunar Shadow Card.

“I will get people to send it over in a few days.”

Gao Tianlang looked very calm.

“Are you sure?”

Lu Yan smiled.

She took out a card and put it gently on the table in front of her.


Lights were shining.

Among the people who gathered around the conference table, the cards in their hands gave off the same lights at the same time, causing an uproar!

This was the sign that the set of cards were sensing and reacting to each other!

Lunar Shadow!

The last Lunar Shadow Card was with Lu Yan!


Everyone could not help but exclaim.

Everyone looked incredulously at the card in Lu Yan’s hands.

“How can that be possible?!”

There was a frightened and shocked look on Gao Tianlang’s face.

In order to get this card…

He kept everyone in the dark!

This was his only Legacy Card and it was the only way for him to participate in this event.

He did not even dare to send more powerful people over to the site, for fear that he would attract the attention of others. He only sent three people who were from Qing Ming City to disguise that they went home to visit their relatives and to retrieve the card.

He even used a Teleport Card!

How could this be…

Why was the card in Lu Yan’s hand?!


“It’s not right.”

Gao Tianlang immediately called to confirm. “Where is the Lunar Shadow Card? Have they delivered it yet? Has the Teleport Card been activated?”

“The Teleport Card has been activated.”

He could hear a dazed voice on the other end. “But… a herd of bulls was sent instead…”

A herd of bulls?

Gao Tianlang was dumbstruck. What did it mean by they sent a herd of bulls?


Everyone ignored him.

He had already lost the right to participate in the event the moment he lost the card.


Lu Yan looked toward the conference room, a smile at the corner of her mouth. “So, from now on, I am also one of the leaders of this operation.”

“Right now…”

“I chose Lu Ming as my Card Creator, does anyone have any objections?”

Lu Yan swept her gaze across the entire conference room. It was in absolute silence.

What could they say?

Wu Hongfei looked exasperated.

Lu Yan…

…had joined the fight!

In order for Lu Ming, the one-star Card Creator to participate, she had landed her hands on the expensive Lunar Shadow Card and took the initiative to participate in the legacy operation!!

Was she sick?!

They all knew very well that Lu Yan’s master was very powerful and was as good as Lunar Shadow!

She did not need the legacy!

If she had the legacy, it would cause a conflict with her own legacy. Therefore, she participated in this operation solely for Lu Ming.

She wanted her brother to see the world!

She wanted her brother to learn to create cards!


“She is crazy.”

Wu Hongfei was powerless to question her.

He really did not expect that Lu Yan would be so crazy in order to help her brother.

“This is a good thing, isn’t it?”

His teacher laughed and whispered. “Lu Yan joined the operation not for the legacy. Since this is the case, you will have one less competitor.”

Wu Hongfei came back to his senses. It was right!

Lu Ming…

What a good Fruit Ninja!

Wu Hongfei felt that his loss was worthwhile. The rest of the people looked at each other and had a mysterious smile on their faces.

It was just that…

On the one hand they were happy, on the other hand, they were jealous of Lu Ming, and upset that they did not have such a sister.

Ah, she would help her brother at no cost!

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