Divine Card Creator

Chapter 29 - I Am Your Father!

Chapter 29: I Am Your Father!

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At this very moment… at a vocational college.

Everyone in the school knew about what happened at the mine.

The students learned of the tragic events that had happened during the internship. They also knew that among the second-year students, there was a group of hard-core students who fought with three-star cultivators!

Xia Yu, Sharpshooter.

Zhang Xiaopang, Illusionist.

Chang Liang, Elementalist.

Lu Ming, Card Creator.

The four of them became legends in the school.


Nobody cared!

“Are they really that powerful?”

“What do you think? Let me tell you, I saw it clearly for myself. Xia Yu released a Frostbolt and the enemy froze on the spot. Chang Liang cast a flash of light and the enemy was blinded. Zhang Xiaopang released an illusion and the enemies lost themselves in it. They could only twitch about.”

“Do you know what lose themselves means??”

“Anyway, they are very powerful!”

“What about Lu Ming?”

“Senior Lu Ming…”

The novice gave a deep sigh. “He tore down the mine.”

The student widened the eyes in surprise. “Tore it down?”

“Let me tell you, back then…”

The novice spoke quietly.


Soon, everyone knew that there was a powerful Card Creator who specialized in making demolition cards. He would demolish the places he went to and if he found someone an eyesore, he would bury the person alive.

Extremely scary!

At that very moment in the principal’s office.

A middle-aged man was sitting at his desk, looking at the report on the internship. He was the principal of the vocational technical college!

The report was very detailed.

Tent monster…

Fu Hongming…

It even reported every single word that they said.

Everyone was able to come out of the crisis unscathed due to a few students. It also proved indirectly the potential of these students. The school had to focus on these students.


These kids would be able to stand out among their peers!

It was time that their college produced talented students.

“These kids are pretty good.”

The principal was satisfied.

What did it take for one to stand out among one’s peers?



Although they could have done better for what happened at the mine, they were only one-star cultivators. It was considered very good.


Lu Ming.

“After all, he is her younger brother…”

The principal smiled.

It was just that…

At his desk, an old man with grey hair was standing there, looking at the principal who held the report, nodding while giggling.

He looked like a fool.

“Can you stop moving about while reading the report?”

The old man sighed.

“This is the style of the leader.”

The principal was unconcerned.


The old man sneered, he could not be bothered with him, but said instead, “This Morning, Xia Yu and the rest exchanged the certificate for professional guidance. I believe that after this training, their capabilities will be improved.”

“Very good.”

The principal was satisfied. “What about Lu Ming?”

“Lu Ming has been staying outside the school and he did not come to school today,” the old man replied.

“Who do you think he will choose?” The principal asked suddenly.

“His biggest problem right now is his foundation,” The old man thought before continuing, “If he wants to improve as soon as possible, he will definitely choose the teacher who is the best in drawing basic lines!”

“For example—”


The old man puffed his chest proudly.

“Hehe,” The principal sneered. “Have you forgotten that I am the strongest Card Creator in the college?”

“But your foundation is not as good as mine.”

The old man would not spare a glance at him.

He had specialized in the basic foundations for more than ten years. There were very few people who could surpass him!

There was no one in the vocational college, as well as in all of Qing Ming City who could surpass him in his strong foundation in basic lines, particularly the loser in front of him who sucked in the foundations.

“I am the strongest Card Creator in the college!”

The principal was furious.

“But your foundation is not as good as mine,” The old man sneered.

“I can impart more card creating knowledge to Lu Ming.”

The principal was unconvinced.

“But your foundation is not as good as mine,” The old man sneered.

“I will be stronger in the future, you have no room for improvement.”

The principal refused to admit defeat.

“But your foundation is not as good as mine,” The old man sneered.

The principal. “…”

“Can we not talk about this?”

The principal was speechless.

Although he was gifted, he indulged himself and had spent his time having fun when he was young and did not get into a good school. It was only later did he realize the problem and started to work hard, surpassing the old-timers to become the principal. However, basic lines had always been his weakness, especially after he became stronger.

It was not easy to change what he used to learn for his basic lines.

All the cards were based on the foundation. All the cards that he learned and all the lines that he used were closely related to the basic lines.

What were basic lines?

It was not simply the strokes that one saw on the surface.

Instead it was the stability, control and flow of the energy in every stroke. All these skills were needed for creating cards in the future!

Every basic line was different!

What about card creating techniques?

In general, it was a formula derived from the calculation of many basic lines.

Therefore, if one were to change a single basic line, one had to start from scratch to learn all the card creating techniques! It would be even more difficult to change the more high-level techniques!


He could only give up.

Furthermore, in his opinion, one only needed to follow the standard for the basic lines. His lines were considered as fairly good among all the Card Creators!

What was the point on spending so much time to reach excellence?

For example…

The person right in front of him.

Humph… he had practiced for many years but he was only a three-star Card Creator?!

At the thought of this, the principal suddenly remembered the anguish and resentment from the conversation just now. He felt energized and shouted, “You are just a three-star Card Creator!”

He had decided that he would rebut him using this sentence regardless of the comments the old man made.

The old man cast him weird glances before he said slowly, “But I am your father!”

“Old Man Jiang, no personal matters in school!”

The principal was enraged.

“Despite not talking about personal matters, I am still your father!” The old man said in a low voice.

“Do you believe that I will fire you?”

The principal was flustered and exasperated.

“Even if you fire me, I am still your father!” The old man sneered.

“Old Man Jiang, don’t bully me!”

The principal was in a violent rage.

“Jiang Feng, are you disacknowledging your father?”

Old Man Jiang refused to back down.

The two of them glared at each other, neither one was willing to back down.

“Hehe,” Jiang Feng sneered. “I am a good son. I won’t argue with my father. Anyway, the decision is with Lu Ming. I shall see who he chooses in the end.”

“I shall wait and see as well.”

Old Man Jiang was unconcerned.

The office was quiet again.

Jiang Feng looked at the report in his hands, he stopped when he read about Teacher An.

This teacher…

Jiang Feng frowned. He had no idea what was on his mind.

Old Man Jiang noticed that he stopped while looking at the report on Teacher An. “You should give Teacher An a little help.”

“Help him with what?”

Jiang Feng frowned. “I have given him his deserved salary. His children’s abilities are average, they have to pay a price if they want to surpass others in the starting line.”

Old Man sighed. “I am just reminded of myself in the past.”

Jiang Feng paused momentarily.

In fact… he understood as well.

Back then, if Old Man Jiang had given up on cultivating and grooming him, he would not be a principal today. Although he was naughty and mischievous and he did not go to a good school, he succeeded through working hard and surpassing the old-timers!

Although it was important to have talent, training resources were just as important!

And the price they paid…

…was that Old Man Jiang was forever a three-star cultivator.

“I understand.”

Jiang Feng looked solemn. “I will consider the matter regarding Teacher An seriously.”

“That’s good.”

Old Man Jiang was relieved.

He was afraid that his son would fire Teacher An in a pique of anger.

“In that case…

I will give Teacher An a helping hand, so you should let me have Lu Ming.”

Jiang Feng changed the topic.


Old Man Jiang was furious. “It’s best that I guide him.”

“You are too weak and you can only teach him the basics. What about the rest?” Jiang Feng roared.

“Wasn’t I the one who taught you?”

Old Man Jiang was enraged. “Did you starve?”

Jiang Feng was speechless.

He suddenly realized that Old Man Jiang was much better than him at being argumentative.

Right then…

His assistant walked inside. He coughed when he caught sight of the father and son who were quarreling. “Well… Lu Ming’s certificate has turned up.”


The father’s and son’s eyes lit up.

“Did he choose me or the old man?”

Jiang Feng asked.


The assistant hesitated. “N-neither.”

“Did he choose other Card Creators?”

Jiang Feng was confused.

“Could it be that he picked one randomly?”

Old Man Jiang was full of doubts.

After all, the both of them were the best in card creation in the college. One had the best comprehensive skills in card creation while the other was the best in the foundation.

“Not really.”

The assistant paused before smiling bitterly. “He sold the certificate.”

Jiang Feng was dumbstruck. “S-sold it?”


The assistant felt helpless as well. “He gathered all the students at the Faculty of Card Creation and auctioned your signed certificate.”

Jiang Feng was bewildered.

The college had a long history, but he had never heard of someone who would auction the certificate that was an honor given to them by the college, and could be exchanged for professional teaching and guidance!


What did this mean?!

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