Divine Card Creator

Chapter 3 - New Card!

Chapter 3: New Card!

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“Let me tell you ahead of time,” Zhang Xiaopang said warningly, “The illusion that I create has a low authenticity. It is difficult to restore and can only last for ten minutes. If you cannot finish in time, I won’t refund you the money.”

Lu Ming, “??? Finish? What crap was he talking about? Wait a minute. Why was it ten minutes again?” he thought.

“Are you sure ten minutes is enough?” he continued.

Lu Ming sneered. “Of course,” he answered.

Zhang Xiaopang looked smug. “When I use it for myself, I can use it two hundred times in ten minutes.”

Two hundred times…

Lu Ming counted the time silently. He was amazed.

“Come on.”

Zhang Xiaopang was getting ready to start.

“Stop, stop, stop,” he cried. Lu Ming was speechless. “I’m not asking you to do this. I only wanted an illusion about fruits. It won’t consume too much energy.”


Zhang Xiaopang was bewildered.

Obviously he did not know why one would use fruits. He had never heard of such positions.

“Follow this.”

Lu Ming explained his idea to him while making gestures.

It turned out that Little Lu Ming had a strong foundation. Every Card Creator had good drawing skills and this meant that they were good at sketching!


Lu Ming drew out whatever he had in mind.

“Yes, all these must have a standard size… This will be at the bottom… They must not appear together. They must appear gradually. Do you understand? This has to be as fast as possible.”

Lu Ming drew out what he had in mind as he explained it to him.

Zhang Xiaopang began to build the illusion according to Lu Ming’s description. As Lu Ming had expected, it took very little energy to build the illusion.

Although Lu Ming wanted to put many things in the illusion, it would not consume a lot of energy.

Very soon… the illusion was completed.


Zhang Xiaopang was thrilled.

Although Lu Ming had complicated requirements and it took up a lot of time, the illusion did not take up a lot of energy. Instead it was cost efficient and he did not use much energy!

He had earned the eight hundred yuan easily!

“What is the full energy level right now?” Lu Ming asked.

“Thirty-two points.”

Zhang Xiaopang gave a glance at the illusion.

Although he usually created low-level illusions, the illusion that he had created just now was very basic. It was the most basic and simple illusion in his entire career.

It was already lower than the alert level of fifty points. How good could it be?

“Thirty-two points…” Lu Ming pondered.

His Original Card had forty-eight energy points. He could add something to the illusion.

“Well… Let me think about it.”

Lu Ming felt that it seemed to be lacking something. A thought came to his mind. “Xiaopang, can you make the sky in the illusion change with the user’s mood? It can be a happy red when they are delighted, a melancholy blue when they are sad, and turn purple when they are agitated…”

Zhang Xiaopang turned green.

“I quit!”

He was furious. “What a bully! It is only eight hundred yuan! What more do you want! Do you also want the weather in the illusion to change according to their mood?!”

“Can it be done?”

Lu Ming’s eyes lit up.


Zhang Xiaopang cast a death stare at him.

Lu Ming coughed. “Joking, I am just joking,” he said, before rushing to comfort him.

He simply wanted to know more about the Illusionist vocation.

Even if Zhang Xiaopang wanted to do it, he would not agree to it. He knew that everything that had to do with the energy might cause the energy level of the illusion to be higher than fifty points. He did not dare to add anything to the illusion.


The Original Card appeared again.

“Come on.”

Lu Ming got into position.

It was not easy to perform sealing. One had to determine the exact point and angle of the release of the skill, so that the Original Card would be a perfect fit. Both parties had cooperate fully.

“Uh—— Are you sure you’re okay?”

Zhang Xiaopang swept his gaze over Lu Ming. He had some slight hesitation. He heard that Lu Ming had failed to seal the card the previous time and spent a long time in the sick bay.

“Come on.”

Lu Ming put the Original Card in front of Zhang Xiaopang. “Yours is not a Fireball, it is just an illusion. What are you afraid of?”

“You’re right.”

Zhang Xiaopang let out a sigh of relief.

He directed his hands at the Original Card and released the illusion!


A glow flashed.


Lu Ming felt a rush of energy, he displayed the skills of the Original Card without hesitation.


There was a flash of light.

The sealing was complete!

The Original Card that was crystal clear shone brilliantly and images started to appear on the blank card. On the back of the dark card, there were dozens of gleaming lines.


Lu Ming was thrilled.

He had sealed the illusion successfully! This meant that in the future he could create this Illusion Card by himself! To him, this was a milestone!


Zhang Xiaopang edged over out of curiosity.


Lu Ming felt very satisfied.

“This kind of illusion is useless.”

Zhang Xiaopang was very sure that this illusion had almost no effect at all! After all, he personally made the card and it was not as useful as his Small Yellow Card.

“You know nothing.”

Lu Ming pursed his lips.

He paid him and got him to leave.


The Original Card was being summoned once again. Lu Ming began to study it seriously.

The front side…

He could see some simple patterns. This was the scenes in the illusion. They were simplified versions but seemed to contain a certain mysterious air.

The back side… contained familiar lines!

He could see the looming lines on the dark card!

This Illusion Card was very unstable. It only had thirty-two points of energy, which was one third of the Energy Card. However, the lines on the back of the card was slightly more complicated than the Energy Card.

“Is it because of the calculation?”

Lu Ming made a guess.

After thinking about it, he decided to draw the card first.

Little Lu Ming had never tried to draw a card based on the Original Card. However, Little Lu Ming had been prepared to take this step. He was familiar with all the steps.

The first step was to sense the lines.

With his eyes slightly closed, Lu Ming concentrated on the back of the card. Right then those looming lines seemed to become clearer.

“There are forty-six lines,” Lu Ming said to himself.

Although it had more lines than the Energy Card, the lines were simple. He had learned them in the past. He did not notice any unfamiliar lines.

He remembered all the lines by heart.

The second step was to draw!

Lu Ming took out an empty card and started to draw.

This feeling…

It felt like downloading a program source code on the Internet and creating a copy. The programmer could fail due to the programming environment and various variable settings, however, over here… This would never happen!

As long as one could read the lines, one could draw them!

After all, this was just the basics.


The energy flowed through his body into the lines made by the pen.

When the energy was not enough, Lu Ming would take out the Energy Stone automatically as a supplement. An Illusion Card began to take shape in his hands.


Lights flashed.

An one-star Illusion Card was completed!

“It worked!”

Lu Ming was slightly excited.

He wanted to see if with this card, he could bring some changes to his bad situation now!

He thought about it.

He ripped a white label and pasted on the upper right corner of the card. He concentrated on writing the name of the card—Fruit Ninja!


Fruit Ninja!

This was the Illusion Card that Lu Ming wanted to create!

Due to skills and financial constraints, he could only choose among those in the bottom. In this world, cultivation always came first, while entertainment had a slower development.

Therefore, he chose Fruit Ninja.

“I should test it out first.”

Energy surged in Lu Ming’s hands. He activated the card in his hand.


Lights flashed.

The Illusion Card dissipated and the world in front of him changed instantly.


How should he say it?

The illusion only consumed a total of thirty-two points of energy. It was terribly shabby. There was only a two-level restaurant that looked like it was about to collapse and a rusty knife.

There was no name on the restaurant plaque. Instead there was a time on it—00:00.

That was all there was to it.

Lu Ming looked around.

Its realism was similar to the vr that was not yet popular in his previous life.

It was illusory but it also looked slightly real.

There was a wooden sign in the right. On it were some simple rules.

1, Pick up the knife and the game starts.

2. You need to chop off every fruit bomb.

Tip: Each fruit contains a lot of energy. After the fruit lands, it will explode and force the illusion to end.


Lu Ming grabbed the knife.

Fruits were thrown down from the second floor of the restaurant, The speed was not too fast. When Lu Ming swung the knife, the fruit was chopped in half and disappeared.

The time on the plaque was moving.

One second.

Two seconds.

Very soon…

The fruits fell at a faster speed as time progressed. Lu Ming was in a hurry and a fruit landed on the ground. The illusion froze and nothing was left except the time on the plaque.



The time on the plaque kept increasing.

Twenty-one seconds!

This was Lu Ming’s score.

“Fairly okay.”

Lu Ming felt very satisfied.

Although it seemed to be very unreal, it could provide enough fun.

According to his plan, the fruits would drop at an increasing speed and in the end one could not even see the fruits with naked eye. This was the limit of this card!

It was a simple game.

It had a very simple setup.

The next issue was how he should sell the card.

Would it be easy to sell?

Of course not!

Why wasn’t there any entertainment in this world? Because of its low cultural level? Of course not.

It was because this world was really dangerous. There was not enough time to cultivate, let alone play. Over time, entertainment did not flourish here!

Therefore, if he marketed it as entertainment and relaxation, Lu Ming knew that he would not be able to sell a single card.

Unless… He tied it up with cultivation!


Lu Ming had an idea.

Of course, before that, he had to have enough stocks.

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