Divine Card Creator

Chapter 30 - Integration! Integration!

Chapter 30: Integration! Integration!

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Downtown area.

Inside the shop.

Lu Ming woke up in good spirits.

After resting for two days, he had returned to his peak.

During this time, his sister gave him a call, telling him to work hard on cultivating, saying that he had done well, and she would prepare a present for him. Lu Ming thought for a long time but could not guess what it was.

Could it be his sister’s stockings? Lu Ming thought morbidly.

Of course.

It was just a joke.

He supposed his sister would not ever wear a dress or something similar in this life. In her words, she said that it would affect her from displaying her combat skills.

Well, she was very strong and violent.

Well, since his sister had already settled the issue with the Lunar Shadow Card, Lu Ming had nothing to worry about.

“It’s time to improve my capability.”

Lu Ming stretched.

Now that he had recovered mentally and physically, he had many things to do, particularly in regards to improving his capability!

What happened at the mine was indeed very dangerous. Although he had made it back alive, when he thought about it, one could encounter dangers even during an internship that was supposed to be safe. If so, what about other circumstances?

There was also the accident that happened not long ago on the neighboring street…

There was no real safe place in this world.

Lu Ming had a very thorough understanding of this sentence.

Become stronger!

Lu Ming was determined.

It just so happened that he received a huge sum of money from selling the certificate that the school gave him.


There was no other way.

Lu Ming had gone on a totally different path because of the Lightning Original Card. He also had a more suitable cultivation method!

Teacher guidance?

Not necessary!

Moreover, the teachers at their school had limited abilities. They were usually three-star cultivators. They had the lowest capability among all the teachers in high school.

Even if the teachers guided him, he might not be able to learn anything.

What could he do about it?

He was desperate too!

This was Lu Ming’s school—the vocational technical college at the crossroad at Qing Ming City. It was one notch lower than the vocational college at the five ways crossroad!

Therefore, under normal circumstances, Lu Ming would not waste his waste time in school.


Let’s not bother about the school for now.”

Anyway, the credits given by the school as compensation were more than enough for him to skip school. It is more important to improve his capability!

Lu Ming’s heart stirred slightly.

He had too many things that he wanted to do right now.

For example—

Cards integration!

He had always been very curious. Seven “Brutal Charge” would integrate to form one “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement”. Then what would seven “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” integrate to become?

He was excited at the thought of it.

Through integrating the cards, his cultivation speed would increase by leaps and bounds!

Higher difficulty level of cards!

Faster cultivation speed!

This was what Lu Ming wanted.

He had reached a faster cultivation speed with “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement”. If he integrated the cards again, perhaps it would transform and his cultivation speed would soar to another heights!

“It’s worth a try.”

Lu Ming was slightly excited.

The shop had not been opened for seven days. He decided to close it for now and to get ready the materials he needed to get the answer that he had been wanting to know.

Cards, energy. All ready.


He called upon the Original Card once again.


Lu Ming dissipated all the lines on the Original Card.

This was because the lines on the Original Card were basically seven “Brutal Charge” Cards, instead of a complete Rampaging Bulls Encirclement”. If he was to start over…

He thought about it and created a few Rampaging Bulls Encirclement Cards.

He would use one of the cards as a reference design plan in case he forgot how to draw the lines. He would integrate the other cards together.

“Come on.”

Lu Ming was ready.


One Rampaging Bulls Encirclement Card was activated and it turned into a burst of lights. When it was about to evolve into herd of bulls, it landed on Lu Ming’s Original Card.


A touch of brilliance flashed.

All the lights in the room vanished instantly.

The Original Card in Lu Ming’s hands gave off a different radiance.

The lines had appeared!

On the back of the Original Card was the familiar three hundred lines!

On the front…

Lu Ming took a look and was ecstatic. The “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” was a comprehensive ability and after it was absorbed, it only took up one part of the lightning crack on the card.

This meant that…

It could be integrated!


Lu Ming was overjoyed.


He activated another “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card. The energy released by the card landed on the Original Card again, and in this moment…


There was a flash of light on the card.

The lines had changed!


Lu Ming looked on with surprise. He was at a loss for words.

The lines had evolved.

The energy requirement of the card seemed to have increased. Two parts of the lightning crack on the front of the card were being filled up.

However, to his surprise, the changes seemed to be different from what he imagined.

There was only a small part of the three hundred lines of the original Rampaging Bulls Encirclement that were changed. There were still a total of three hundred lines!

The number of lines did not change!


Lu Ming sensed carefully.

The energy requirement had doubled. It would require twice the energy to use the card. Nothing more.

“What does this mean?”

Lu Ming was a little puzzled.


Did it mean that this integration was purely an add-on to the original?

“Wait a minute…”

Lu Ming rubbed his head, reorganizing his thoughts.

He could see the lines of the Original Card clearly. For example, the lines for Rampaging Bulls Encirclement Card had been separated into three parts.

The first part was the energy module, it had an energy level of three hundred points.

The second part was the function module. It could gather seven bulls.

The third part was the attack module. It would direct the attack.

And now what?

What was the effect of the integration?


Three hundred points had been changed to six hundred points, and seven bulls had been changed to fourteen bulls. It was simple and violent. That was why there was no significant changes in the lines. There were only some fine changes in it!

Must be freaking kidding me?!

“Let me think for a while…”

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

He remembered that this was not what happened during the first integration!

At that time, with the continuous integration of “Brutal Charge”, the lines continued to evolve, and finally they became the three hundred lines of the “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement”!

Why did they not change now?


The lines for “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card had been optimized to the limit?

Or perhaps, the three hundred lines were too powerful. No matter how many bulls there were, it could easily change the outcome by making small changes to the lines?

Or perhaps…

This was the best outcome!

The card had the simplest finalized lines. There was no need for it to get more complicated.


Herds of bulls…

Lu Ming was deep in his thoughts.

He touched the lines on the cards gently.

“Perhaps the lines are really at their best.”

“Or perhaps it could keep fine-tuning to become stronger.”

“However, the energy that the three hundred lines can withstand is limited! Once the amount of energy that needs to be absorbed or the number of bulls gathered exceed the limit…”

“What will happen then?”

Lu Ming felt energized.

Let’s continue!


Another “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Card was activated.


The lines changed slightly, but it was still a total of three hundred lines.


Lu Ming was in awe.

The energy requirement had changed from three hundred points to nine hundred points, while the number of bulls increased from seven to twenty. This was the most cruel form of line optimization!




Lu Ming kept activating the cards and the lines kept changing.

Twenty seven bulls…

Thirty five bulls…

The bulls kept increasing, testing Lu Ming’s limits.

Everything remained constant except that the total number of bulls kept increasing. Just when Lu Ming felt like giving up, the seventh card was integrated once again.


There was a flash of light.

The lines on the Original Card were totally transformed.


A surge of energy burst through.

Lu Ming widened his eyes and looked at the lines that were newly formed on the back of the card.

It had changed!

All of the lines had changed!

The seven “Rampaging Bulls Encirclement” Cards seemed to have reached the limit of the three hundred lines, and they transformed into brand new lines.

There were only one hundred lines!

However, the lines were intertwined in the most bizarre ways.

This was…

Lu Ming widened his eyes.

Sure enough, when the energy requirement of the herd of bulls exceeded the limit of the three hundred lines, the Lightning Original Card evolved and finally optimized again!

The one hundred lines were intertwined and they appeared neatly on the card. It looked clean and tidy.

It was no longer complex and revolving!

It no longer seemed like maze-like routes!

There was no longer the need to draw an energy line carefully to the end, for fear that it would overlap with other lines.

The lines were intersected!

This was the real card creating technique!

In general, one had to master the card creating techniques to be a real Card Creator!

Of course.

This was all on the back of the Original Card.

On the front…

Lu Ming took a look and was dumbfounded.

What the hell was that?

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