Divine Card Creator

Chapter 32 - The Man Who Occupied Two Urinals!

Chapter 32: The Man Who Occupied Two Urinals!

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Lu Ming put the pen to the card casually again.

After mastering the energy transportation technique, the one hundred lines in front of him did not pose any difficulty to him. However, he still drew them carefully.

That was because every mistake could lead to failure.

Especially the lines nodes!


Faint energy flowed in his body.

The energy in his body flowed constantly through the Card Creating Pen onto the blank card. Lu Ming controlled the energy and it flowed quietly to become different lines.

More accurate!


As for the cultivation speed…

Lu Ming sensed it with his mind and was shocked.

Sure enough, the more difficult the card, the faster the cultivation speed.

Especially when this card contained two techniques!

This was not something that a one-star Card Creator could master. It was not something that a one-star Card Creator should be learning either. But right now, Lu Ming had mastered this card.

Lu Ming’s cultivation speed had doubled!

What did he mean by doubled?

This meant that if he concentrated on cultivation, Lu Ming would be able to increase by one hundred points of energy every day!

What did one hundred points of energy mean?

One only needed one thousand points of energy to become a two-star cultivator!

Currently, Lu Ming had three hundred points of energy. He only needed to spend all his time on cultivation for seven days and he could increase his energy to one thousand points, becoming a two-star cultivator!

It was awesome!


Lu Ming could sense the rate at which the energy was depleted…


His energy level could only last for two days!

His cultivation speed right now was faster than many two-star cultivators. It was almost equivalent to having a one-star cultivator providing resources for a two-star cultivator!

There was no way that he could keep up with it.

Therefore, although he had amazing cultivation speed, he had no choice but to slow down.



Lu Ming drew the card seriously.


There was a faint glow.

The brand new card was completed.


Lu Ming sensed the card.

Energy requirement, one thousand points!

He had originally estimated it to be two thousand and one hundred points, but it was reduced to one thousand points. It could be due to the optimization of the card creating techniques. He wondered what would the effect be?

The back of the card only had dark lines.

The front of the card still carried a bleak image on it.


Lu Ming sneered, getting ready to release it.

Afterwards, he took a look at the security door and dared not test the card.

The last time he left a mark on the security door. Thankfully it was not too obvious. If he tried it out on the door this time, he supposed the market management would want to have a talk with him.

He could not possibly use the door to try out all the new cards that he made?!

“It’s time to buy a machine.”

Lu Ming’s head was aching.

A precise test equipment was a necessary equipment for the Card Creator, however the price…

“I should just go to the Card Creators Association.”

That was what Lu Ming had in mind.

For those Card Creators who did not have the resources, the Card Creators Association would charge a fee for providing their testing services, so that everyone could measure their level.

This card was supposed to function as a Cultivation Card!


Lu Ming felt that given his cultivation speed, it would not be long before his energy level reached one thousand points. Therefore, it was alright to test the power of this card in advance.

More importantly—

He wanted to know where the bulls had gone?!

He wanted to know whether this card was still an Attack Card!

What if the seven Rampaging Bulls Encirclement Cards integrated to become a non Attack Card, and he took it out in battle? He would definitely do himself in. Therefore, he had to test the card!

With this in mind, Lu Ming went to the Card Creators Association.


The receptionist at the Card Creators Association said gently, “What can I do for you?”

“I’m looking for bulls,” Lu Ming said calmly.

The receptionist was speechless.

“Oh, to test cards,” Lu Ming corrected himself.

“Sure, the one-star card testing area is over there.”

The receptionist pointed in a direction.

“I would like to go to the two-star card testing area.”

Lu Ming sighed.

He felt that the one-star testing area would not be able to do a good test on the card.

“I’m sorry.”

“The two-star testing area is very crowded today.”

The receptionist smiled. “Please show me your two-star Card Creator certification, and I will make an appointment for you.”

Lu Ming shrugged. ” I am a one-star Card Creator.”

“Then I’m sorry.”

The receptionist still maintained a smile. “You can only test in the one-star testing area. Or you can choose to come on another day when it is not so crowded.”

The card testing was charged a fixed rate according to the number of tests done. Therefore, everyone preferred to test at the two-star or three-star testing areas as they were well-equipped and the data was more accurate.

Since many one-star Card Creators loved to go to those testing areas, they were very crowded.

Under normal circumstances, no one would say anything. But if it was too crowded, they would not allow one-star Card Creators to go to those areas.

“It seems I can only do a simple test.”

Lu Ming felt a little regretful.

He was certain… that his card would be two-star or higher!

If he could test it in the two-star testing area, he would be able to see the power and effect of the card more accurately. It might even be able to test the extent of damage caused by the card!

While at the one-star area…

He just had to figure it out.

But, thankfully, at the very least, he would be able to know where the hell the bulls were!

Testing area.

Lu Ming walked into the one-star testing area.

It was in fact quite large, but there were only a few Card Creators at the corners.


It was no wonder the two-star testing area was so crowded.

All of the one-star Card Creators were there so there was no way that it would not be full.



A few one-star Card Creators were testing their new cards—Fireball.

He could tell.

Most of the people chose Fireball as their new card as it was simple.


Lu Ming ignored them.

The one-star testing area was very neat and tidy.

The cells of partitions were two meters wide, it was similar to the bowling alley.

There was card release equipment at the starting point of each area and a testing panel at the end. They could release the card toward the testing panel, and it would display the various statistics of this card.

It was very simple.

“Come on.”

Lu Ming took out the card.

It was just that…

Before releasing the card, he looked at the man on his left side who was testing his card.


“Can you go over there to test the card?”

Lu Ming pointed to the few testing passageways in the distance.

The man was very angry. “Aren’t you being ridiculous? Aren’t two meters wide enough for you to test your card? Why did you crowd around here?”

He felt aggrieved.

There were only a few people in the one-star testing area!

There were many testing passageways, but very few people were testing their cards.

This person walked right up to the center and stood next to him, telling him to move out of the way. Was he sick?!

He hated this kind of person!

“This is for your own good.” Lu Ming sighed.


The man felt very wronged. “People like you are mentally sick. When you go to the bathroom, do you occupy two urinals as well?? Oh right, the bathroom is indeed empty and there are many urinals, but you insist to pee right beside me.”

Lu Ming was lost in thoughts. He only wanted the man to move slightly to the side. Why would he talk about urinals? It seemed that he was a victim of it.

“I will not move today.”

The man stayed in his place stubbornly.


Lu Ming took the initiative to move two passageways to his right.


There was no one on his right.

He wanted to clear the surrounding area as he felt that there might be a large number of bulls and he feared that it would hurt others. That was why he hoped that he could have a bigger space.

If the man was willing to move aside, he would have eight passageways to him!

Right now…

He could still do with the space.

It was ten meters wide. It should be enough.

“Let’s start.”

Lu Ming got the new card and the Energy Card ready.


The card was activated.

His target was the testing panel in front.



The energy gathered.

One thousand points of energy was depleted instantaneously and a terrifying energy seemed to be brewing.

“It’s coming!”

Lu Ming was tensed up.


There was a faint glow.

The majestic and mighty bulls appeared one after another.

They were here!

Lu Ming’s eyes lit up!

Hahaha. He knew that the bulls would not go missing?! Look, they were here. Ten bulls, twenty bulls…

Thirty bulls…

Fifty bulls…


There seemed to be quite a number of bulls.

Lu Ming scanned and realized there were one hundred raging fierce bulls!

Most importantly, the bulls seemed to have become stronger and more formidable. All of them looked sturdy and full of power. Each of them took up one meter wide of space…

They had overwhelmed the man who was testing the Fireball next to him.


One bull appeared and its hooves landed on him.

The man was dumbstruck.

“What is this?

Wow, whose bull is here?

It’s frightening.

Hell… what kind of ability is this?”

All the Card Creators at the testing area were terrified.

As the novice one-star Card Creators, they were inexperienced and none of them had seen such a scene where herds of bulls charged majestically forward.


All of the bulls were ready and they suddenly launched into a full charge.

Boom! Boom!

Herds of bulls charged ferociously toward the testing panel. Unlike the last time, the bulls were summoned at the same time, hence they charged in unison toward the testing panel…


The raging bulls charged forward crazily.

One bull!

Two bulls!

Three bulls!

Five bulls!


There was a crack on the testing panel.

Seven bulls!


The testing panel shattered with a bang.

Eight bulls!

The herd of bulls charged past the testing panel and crashed into the wall.

Ten bulls!


The wall at the testing area shattered.

Since it was the supporting wall, it was non load-bearing. The impact from the continuous collapse of the side walls of the entire testing area was huge, causing the layer of ceiling decoration to come loose.


There was a loud sound.

The suspended ceiling of the testing area came crashing down. The entire testing area was in a mess.

Everyone was dumbfounded.


The one-star novice Card Creators had no idea how this happened!

And Lu Ming…

…was in a panic.

Now then he realized the one-star testing area that was demolished into ruins seemed to resemble the image that was rendered on the card.

Wait a minute…

Lu Ming widened his eyes.


Could it be that the image on the card was the scene after the demolition?!!

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