Divine Card Creator

Chapter 33 - One Can Lose in Team Fights But One Cannot Be A Scapegoat!

Chapter 33: One Can Lose in Team Fights But One Cannot Be A Scapegoat!

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What could he do after demolishing the room in the Card Creators Association?

People were still around, he could not flee.

They were waiting for him anxiously.



Lu Ming felt slightly nervous.

Ten bulls had destroyed one testing passageway. One hundred bulls had occupied ten passageways and demolished the supporting walls of half of the testing area. The suspended ceiling crashed eventually, turning the entire one-star testing area into ruins!

If he had known that this was the effect of the card, he would never had tested it in the one-star testing area!

How could he demolish the place!

He was in deep trouble now.


Lu Ming looked at the novices who looked alarmed and were at a loss. It seemed to be too late to run away.

Sure enough.

The testing area manager of the Card Creators Association arrived hastily. There was a look of horror on his face as he stared at the one-star testing area that had turned into ruins.

“What has happened…”

He was about to ask when he was interrupted.

“What the hell is going on?!”

Lu Ming suddenly came to him and dominated the enemy by striking first.


“The Card Creators Association is too much!”

Lu Ming looked serious.”We come here to test a card and what happens in the end? Your testing wall could not withstand the attack of the card and collapsed!”

“Is this funny?

Aren’t the one-star Card Creators human?

Don’t you think that we might have more powerful cards?

What is the upper limit that you set for the damage threshold? Don’t tell me that the wall will crash if the attack is slightly stronger than normal? Do you know that it almost killed of us?!

All of you always disliked it when one-star Card Creators go to the two-star testing area!


Have you ever wondered why?

Because the setup at the one-star testing area sucks! It is terrible and dangerous! That is why one-star Card Creators keep going to the two-star testing area!

Why? Are you looking down on one-star Card Creators?”

Lu Ming kept complaining to the manager. The manager was dumbstruck.

How was he supposed to call the shots?

According to Lu Ming’s years of experience playing League of Legends, Overwatch and King of Glory, right at the moment when the team was annihilated, the first person to say “What was the matter” would be able to call the shots.

Those who were slower had to be the scapegoat!

The pair at the bottom was being ganged up on by others?

Never mind.

They must complain faster than ADC, otherwise they would definitely take the blame.

These days, it all came down to one’s actions per minute when it was about gaming or shifting the blame. You could lose in a team fight but avoid being the scapegoat!

Therefore… Lu Ming questioned them right away.

After all, he spent money to test the card. He was also a one-star Card Creator, and he used the card that he created by himself. He did not breach the testing rules!

It was their fault that the upper limit for the damage threshold was too low.


It had to be.


The manager was dumbstruck.

“Even if you want to cut costs, you should not do it in this way,” Lu Ming said earnestly. “A one-star Card Creator is a human being as well, isn’t that so?”

Goodness, was it that serious?

“Wait a minute.”

The manager wiped his cold sweat.

He went to find out what exactly happened. It seemed that the person in front of him tested a card and a herd of bulls came out from the card, destroying the entire testing area accidentally. This…

“I wanted to go to the two-star testing area, but it seems that I am not qualified.”

Lu Ming shrugged.


The manager gave Lu Ming the access to the two-star testing area. “In the future, you can test your cards over there. It is our fault for what happened today.”

“The one-star testing area will be temporarily closed today. Please come again a few days later.”

The manager was sorry.

As for those who did their testing today…

The manager thought for a moment, looking at the group of one-star novices who were scared out of their wits. “Give these kids ten Energy cards each as compensation.”

The one-star testing area was closed!

The novices collected the cards happily and left.

Lu Ming also went back.

Of course.

He collected ten Energy Cards as well.

After all…

He was a victim as well.

“Why did you go along with him?”

The manager’s assistant was unconvinced.

Although the upper limit set by the Card Creators Association did not take all of this into consideration, Lu Ming had to compensate them for the damages today! He demolished the entire testing area!

He was displeased with the way the manager had handled it.

Too cowardly!

How did he manage to become a manager?


The manager glanced at him without a word.

The person must not be a simple Card Creator to be able to create such a card at the one-star stage. The upper limit for the damage threshold of the one-star testing area was set at the two-star level under normal circumstances!

The Card Creator was no ordinary guy!

One must be out of one’s mind to provoke such a Card Creator!

Anyway, he could just report that the testing area had been old and run-down. He could get the testing area to be redone. He had nothing to lose.

“If I were you, I would definitely not take it lying down.”

The assistant was indignant.

“This is why you remain an assistant even though you are already thirty-six years old.”

The manager patted him on the shoulder and said earnestly, “Work harder.”

The assistant was confused.

Ten o’clock.

Lu Ming was in a trance when he returned to his shop.

He could not believe that a card was able to demolish the entire one-star testing area! The suspended ceiling had come crashing down as well!

It was not scientific!

He only wanted to gather a more powerful Attack Card!

He knew it very well.

This new card had not reached the upper damage limit of the testing area. The reason why it collapsed was because of the powerful impact and trampling caused by the herds of bulls!


He never heard that energy rendering would turn out to be in this manner.

Under normal circumstances, the card face should have a herd of bulls. Why would the card face display the collapse of the mountain range?

Lu Ming felt strange.

He thought about what it was like when the lines gathered and appeared… and the odd lightning crack…

Lu Ming went into his Sea of Consciousness.

“Brother cat?” Lu Ming greeted.

The black cat laid lazily on the mat. It was too lazy to open its eyes.


“Could the changes on the card face be related to the lightning crack?”

Lu Ming asked.

There was total silence in the Sea of Consciousness.


Lu Ming shrugged.


Brother cat was a lazy creature. Apart from grinding its teeth and sleeping, the rest of the time was its invaluable recovery period. It would not waste its energy on other things.

Lu Ming left the Sea of Consciousness.

Of course, he did not notice that right when he left the Sea of Consciousness, there was a mysterious smile on the lazy black cat’s face.

Back to reality.

Lu Ming created another integration card.

He pondered for a long time.

He looked very serious as he pasted a new name on the upper right corner—”Demolition Card”.

He had decided that he should only use this card as his Cultivation Card!

He should not mess with it!

It was fine as long as he could increase his cultivation speed!

When he had increased his energy level, he would have more powerful Attack Cards. The important thing right now was to prepare sufficient resources for him to increase his energy level!

It was just that…

Lu Ming looked at whatever resources that he had with him.

It was tragic.

He only had the one hundred thousand yuan from selling the certificate. It was after all a one-time guidance from someone of the principal level. He already had the highest amount that he could get from the students at the college!

What should he do with the one hundred thousand yuan?

Increase his energy?

Although his cultivation speed was very fast right now, he was very clear about one thing. If he used the money to cultivate and increase his energy level, he would have nothing left!

Furthermore, the lease of the shop would end soon.

“I must not waste the money.”

Lu Ming was deep in thoughts. He had to make good use of the money.

He was very short of money.

Desperately in need of money.

If he had sufficient resources, he would be able to increase his energy level to become a two-star cultivator!

Right now he had everything that a two-star cultivator would have. He had powerful Attack Card, fast cultivation speed…

Except for money.

“How do I make money?”

Lu Ming had been thinking about this all day.


In the afternoon, there was a loud bang at the door.



Someone was kicking the door.

“Lu Ming!

Open the door!

Don’t hide inside without making a sound. I know you are home!”

Loud and angry shouts were heard at the door.

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