Divine Card Creator

Chapter 34 - It Is My Turn Now

Chapter 34: It Is My Turn Now

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Lu Ming was a little baffled.

This tone…


He did not remember having an enemy in this place. Could it be someone from the loan company?

That was impossible. The loan company would not be so stupid to look for trouble in broad daylight in the most prosperous downtown area! They were obviously begging for death if they did so.

Who could it be?

Lu Ming did not know.

However, he was clear about one thing. This was such a big commotion and many people were watching the fun. The more onlookers there were, the safer he was.


Lu Ming opened the door.

True enough, there was a crowd surrounding the place because that person shouted and screamed so loudly.

“Who are you?”

Lu Ming looked at the man in front of him.

He had a little mustache.

He was about thirty years old.

Dressed in a flowery checkered shirt, he looked odd. He seemed to have misunderstood current trends. At this moment, he was glaring at him furiously with deep resentment.


Lu Ming was certain that he did not know him.

“My name is Jiang Yunshan.

Of course, you may not know this name.”

Little Mustache’s face dimmed. “But you should recognize this item?”


He threw out some cards.

Lu Ming took a closer look. They were actually the Fruit Ninja Cards!

“Who am I?”

“I am a parent!”

Jiang Yunshan said coldly. “My child was initially a good student who always came in top ten in his studies. We had high hopes that he can attend the top-tier key junior high school in the city. In the end, he failed his exams because he was too indulged in your… this Fruit Ninja Cards. Tell me. Why do you think I am here?”


This was actually a parent.

Lu Ming was shocked.

“I’ve waited for a few days and you did not open the door. When I saw you coming out in the morning, I found out that you were actually hiding inside and not daring to come out? You have to give me an explanation of this matter!”

Jiang Yunshan said loudly, “Well…”

Lu Ming was speechless. “I have not been selling cards for a long time.”

He glanced at those cards. Certainly, a few of them belonged to him but many more seemed to be from other shops?

“You are the one who created this plaything. Who else should I look for besides you?”

Jiang Yunshan was enraged.

“Wait a minute!”

Lu Ming rubbed his head. “Pardon me. May I ask… How many cards does your child use each day?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps about thirty to forty cards?”

Jiang Yunshan pondered for a while.


Lu Ming sighed. “See, if you eat three to four meals a day, you will surely stuff yourself to death?”

At the moment, some of the onlookers nearby laughed.

Wasn’t that so?

You did not raise your own child properly. Why are you blaming it on other people’s shops?

Weren’t the functionalities, uses and usage time of the card written clearly on it? You did not take your child in hand, and yet, you expect other people to help you do so?

If it was thirty to forty times a day, something would happen no matter what you did!

“You are twisting your words and forcing logic.”

Jiang Yunshan was enraged. “Clearly, your rubbish game is the cause of it!”

“Brother, you can’t behave in this way.”

Lu Ming sighed. “In terms of putting the blame on others, I am more skillful than you. One has to master the skill, intensity and speed. You’re doing it too outrightly!”

At this point of the conversation.

Lu Ming pressed the alarm button calmly. This guy was stirring up trouble in the downtown. He was playing with fire.

“Very good.”

Naturally, Jiang Yunshan saw his actions.

“Very good.

Do you think the law enforcers are omnipotent?”


“Since that is the case, let me teach you a lesson first.”


A surge of energy flowed through his body.

Lu Ming raised his brow. What a daring guy. He really dared to pick a fight here?!

“Businessmen like you who cause harm to children. You are a malignant tumor! If law enforcement comes, I will compensate with money. Prior to this, I must teach you a good lesson.”

Jiang Yunshan was surrounded by a murderous aura.

He definitely could not let these unscrupulous merchants harm the buds of the motherland.

“Cultivation Card… ”

What the hell was that? That was clearly a game card!

It was a malignant tumor!

Lu Ming was speechless.

What else could he say?

This was an addiction issue in the alternate world!

He remembered that there were similar occurrences in his previous life. As soon as games were launched in the country, they were vilified and labeled as ‘addiction’ because some parents stirred up trouble. That resulted in a gloomy era.

Even before he transmigrated, games were still classified as malignant tumor!

Playing games was still considered an indulgence!

Sales for the Monster Hunter game had already been halted. Higher-ups were not even approving its license anymore!

Many people were shouting: Take care of your child… Save the game!

He was also very curious. Why did the game have to become the scapegoat for the parents’ irresponsible actions and their relinquishing of duty in education?


What kind of card was the Fruit Ninja?

Cultivation Card!

Even the education authorities approved of it. What were all these clowns doing?


The energy around Jiang Yunshan was surging. He condensed a ball of fire with his hands and threw it at the shop.


There were flames and things shattered.

The glass cabinets in the shop were all shattered into pieces, falling onto the ground.

What lightning speed!


This guy was actually a three-star cultivator!

The surrounding onlookers jumped in shock and moved further away. No one was willing to become involved. They would be severely fined and punished if they fought or exchanged blows here!

“Why do you want to do that?”

Lu Ming shrugged.

You will lose everything, including your underpants, as compensation if you destroy things in this way.

As for the battle?


If he was outside, he would really have no solution.

He certainly could not oppose a three-star cultivator, but where was he right now?

In his shop!

Energy Card, Bulls Card, Demolition Card…

Lu Ming geared towards the Card Activator. He did not want to use certain things but since this guy was courting death. Hence, he could not blame for being impolite.


Just as he was prepared to take action…

“Who is so daring?!”

An angry shout could be heard.

He could only see a black and burly figure pouncing over, suppressing Jiang Yunshan on the ground directly. “You actually dared to mess around in my jurisdiction? Are you tired of living?”

“How dare you?”

Jiang Yunshan was exploding in anger. Flames were surging around him.


That black figure took out an electric baton and pointed it at Jiang Yunshan’s buttocks.


Electric lights were flashing.

Jiang Yunshan was on the ground, seemingly paralyzed.

There was pin-drop silence surrounding the place.

This was because the one who came was Zhang Wei, the law enforcer of the area.

He actually came over that quickly?

Lu Ming exclaimed in amazement.

Typically, shouldn’t he wait until he showed his prowess and beat up Jiang Yunshan before appearing to clean up the mess? True enough, movies were not real.


You all dare to arrest me?!

Damn you guys.

You should be arresting Lu Ming!

He is the mastermind who harm children’s growth and development.”

Jiang Yunshan was still struggling in fury. “Sss — Don’t mess with my butt… P—painful!”


Zhang Wei retracted his electric baton coldly.

The street next door had been robbed due to him neglecting his duty recently and his team had been given a thrashing by the higher-ups. As such, they had been nesting a load of anger during these few days. As soon as they sensed a fluctuation in energy, he dashed over immediately.

“Sorry, Boss Lu. I’m a little late,” Zhang Wei said to Lu Ming apologetically.

Due to the Fruit Ninja storm, the police knew who Lu Ming was. No matter what, Lu Ming was also considered a small ‘celebrity’ in the area.

If something were to happen to Lu Ming, they might not be able to bear the consequences.

“It’s no problem.”

Lu Ming waved his hands generously and pretended to forget that he did not open the shop for business today. “But I can’t do without any compensation… the impact on today’s business…”

“That… of course.”

Zhang Wei had a look of understanding.

“Take him away!”

Zhang Wei held onto Jiang Yunshan and left. The onlookers naturally dispersed.

“What is this… ”

Lu Ming looked inside the shop. It was in a big mess.



Tsk, this was exactly the same as his previous life.

Some people would not change over the course of his life. However, what baffled him was that this way of finding fault was a little too dumb.

Didn’t this kind of calefare usually come knocking on the door to be hit in the face?

What was the point?

He had a hunch..

Something did not seem quite right.

“Something fishy is happening?”

Lu Ming raised his eyebrow.

Lu Ming decided to be more vigilant and pay more attention at night. He had a sense of crisis now and dared not behave as casually as before.

He tidied and cleaned up the shop.

The glass cabinet had been shattered into half. Nevertheless, it was fine as he had no use for it anyway. This was what Little Lu Ming used to put on a show when his elder sister visited.

Now that it was broken, he could request some compensation.

That was what Lu Ming had in mind.


He did not know that that trouble-maker Jiang Yunshan had been released shortly after he was caught.

At night.

Jiang Yunshan was back at home.

A middle-aged man who bore some resemblance to him was creating cards on the table in the living room.

If there were students around, they would definitely recognize him. It was Jiang Feng, the principal of Lu Ming’s college. He was also Jiang Yunshan’s cousin.



His Card Creating Pen gradually penned.

Before him..

It was a Fruit Ninja Card!


Jiang Yunshan said in a low voice.

“The matter that I have asked you to do. How is it going?” Jiang Feng said calmly.

“I’ve done it.”

Jiang Yunshan sighed. “Just that it is a little embarrassing. Brother Feng, why do we have to use such a stupid method to stir up trouble? I have many other ways to cause trouble.”

“What do you know.”

Jiang Feng said calmly, “That child… is extraordinary.”


Jiang Yunshan gave two wry smiles.

He was just a one-star Card Creator. What was so extraordinary about him that his cousin had asked him to go into the shop to mess around and damage some items, not hurt anyone, and even wait for law enforcement to come?

Jiang Feng ignored him.



The hands that he was using to create the cards trembled slightly. He actually failed.

“Foundation… ”

Jiang Feng sighed.

Since Lu Ming had become famous, he bought some Fruit Ninja Cards and attempted to provide this child with some guidance. Thereafter, he saw the lines behind the cards. He was instantly stunned!

The lines were almost perfect!

In a rubbish card like the Fruit Ninja, the lines were actually near to perfect!

He tried to follow Lu Ming’s style and drew the lines but the failure rate was extremely high!

He could easily create this kind of card because he was very powerful and had mastered stronger techniques!

He could easily create better cards that were more effective and energy-saving. However, all these options entailed advanced technology!

To create something similar with basic drawing lines like Lu Ming?

It was very difficult!

He had to use his powerful control ability and energy that far exceeded that of a one-star level to forcefully control the Card Creating Pen before he could create such intricate lines.

Even this…

He would still fail!

And Lu Ming’s…

Were natural and unforced!

The most scary thing was Lu Ming had not even been involved in Fruit Ninja for too long.

These cards with differing drawing lines exhibited a process — After Lu Ming attained some wealth with the creation of Fruit Ninja, he purchased the tutorials and was self-taught. He then began to make tremendous progress!

This was innate talent.

It was unsurmountable talent!

Although he had argued with Old Man Jiang that having ordinary foundation would do, he was well aware that foundation did have a huge impact on the improvement of one’s capability.

Great oaks from little acorns grow. Of course, the foundation was the most important. Under permissible conditions, the more outstanding the foundation, the better!

Foundation and capability – which one was more important?


“Brother, what exactly are you trying to do?”

Jiang Yunshan was confused.

This elder brother of his had always been a homebody Card Creator. Most likely, he had been staying indoors for too long and his entire brain system was malfunctioning. Ever since he assumed the role of principal and increased his interaction with others, he had improved but his thoughts were still out of the world.

Otherwise, many years ago, it would not…


His brains were damaged again?

“Doing what I should be doing.”

Jiang Feng looked into the distance. “Old Man Jiang has done it… ”

“An Mufeng has done it… ”

“Now, it’s my turn.”

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